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Jason the Intern

Post #1

Jason the InternWhile working with the corporation of Sexual Needs Inc., I?ve been working with a few of the new interns. Its fun watching the newbies learning how not to play with themselves, when they are doing research on the computers. I tell some of the heavier girls, they need to change out of their ?I can?t find a man? clothes. One girl asked me to go shopping with her. I agreed to go after work. One girl said to me that I dress like a slut. I told her that if she can?t handle the sexual ways, then she needs to find another job. She said something cocky as I turned to walk away.The girl?s name is Lucy. I told her to meet me in the conference room. She walked past a group of guys who looked at her and turned back to the computers. I closed the door after she walked in. I asked what her problem was. She explained to me, that she was raised to have her body covered and not to release any kind of sex until she was to get married.I listened to her explain her ways. Then she told me that this job was just for a semester. It?s the only job that was open for interns. She really wants to be in marketing. I told her I can see about getting her more involved with some of the folks who go from store to store to set up new products and to sell new products to businesses.?But first Lucy, you need to go shopping with me and Lindsey after work today. We need to get you out of your church going clothes and make you look hot.? I said to her. She agreed to the shopping trip. As the hours passed by, I seen a new intern struggling with getting comfortable at his booth. I walked over to see if he was alright.I asked his name. ?Jason,? he said with a shaky voice. He moved to be closer to his desk. I see what he was trying to hide. The poor thing had a hard on and didn?t want anyone to see him in that position. I smirked and asked if he needed any help. ?Nnoo, I I don?t think so? Jason said with him shaking. I rubbed his shoulder and said for him to ask for help if he needs it.The time is 3:30 and everyone is cleaning up for the day. Lucy and Lindsey are waiting for me in the break room. I tell them to meet me at 12578 Marketville Rd., as I check on last minute turn offs and that the office is clean. I stop by Jason?s desk to push his chair in. He had doodles on his note pad. It was funny to see the drawings of tits and dicks.On one piece of paper, Jason had drew a pic of a woman with perky tits and a trimmed pussy. Then next to her was a man with an enormous dick. His caption was, ?Hey Lori, come suck my rod, while I suck your pussy.? I smirked and took the pictures. I don?t need the cleaning crew seeing that an intern has the hots for me.When I got to the little boutique, the girls were looking at skirts. Lucy said she couldn?t wear something like this. She put her head down and said that the guys would just laugh at her, because she?s a bigger girl. ?Lucy, don?t think like that. There are so many guys out in the world that prefer to have a woman with meat on her bones.? I told her as I held up a black leather skirt in her size.Lindsey on the other hand was shaking as she looked at the same skirt in her size. ?Is everything okay?? I asked her. Lindsey said she?s never worn something this short. I found her size and a white fitted shirt for both the girls and sent them to the fitting rooms. Lucy came out first, she looked hot, but for the exception of her shoes. I asked if she ever wore heels. ?Yes, but not very often,? Lucy said as she admired herself in the 3 sided mirror. I got her shoe size and went for a pair of heels. She slipped them on and walked around the store.Two men that were shopping for their women, stopped in their tracks to stare at her shake her ass, when she walked. ?Lucy, you have an audience,? Lindsey said. Lucy turned around to see one guy lick his lips, then tell her to shake her ass some more. The other guy said that he?d love to slide his dick deep in between her thick legs.Lucy blushed, then walked back towards the skirts to find a few more. I looked at Lindsey to see how she looked. The poor girl needs to tan and to get some boobs. I told her we need to do something with her little tits. She told me her bra size was a 34B. I had the sales clerk get her a push up bra in white lace. Then I sent her back in to try the bra and the shirt on with the skirt.?How did you like the clothes?? I asked as she changed. ?They are very pretty, do you really think I can do this?? Lindsey asked me. ?Girl, if I can turn heads with my big ass, you can make any man drool with your skinny ass.? Lucy told her as she changed back into her frumpy clothes.Lindsey opened the door of her room, she walked out to the rest of the store. The bra made her tits look like she actually had something. The skirt was snug in all the right places. I had Lucy get her a pair of heels and to try them on. I then told her that she needs a tan, to show off those gorgeous legs. The guy that licked his lips before, told Lindsey she looked yummy.Lindsey bursa escort blushed and walked around the room. I walked over to where she was looking. She looked at some of the tops and bottoms. She found a couple pairs of leggings. I told her she would look great in those along with the tops she had in her hands. Lindsey went to change back to her church clothes and came out with a smile on her face.I grabbed one of the white fitted shirts that the girls had tried on and some new lacey undies. The three of us checked out and went on our merry way. When I got home, I pulled out the drawing again. I imagined Jason having a big dick. I licked my lips and walked to my bedroom. Laying on my bed is my newest boy toy, Jake.Jake was watching the video we made over the weekend. He was stroking his 10? cock. I watched him and the video as I crawled on the bed to lean over him and begin to suck his cock. When his breath got faster, I raised my skirt above my hips, pulled my panties to the side and slid over him. His cock sank deep in my hungry pussy. I rode my new toy, until he filled my pussy with his load of cum. Jake had unbutton my shirt and was massaging my tits. When I laid on his chest, he rubbed my backside. I told him about my day with the interns and the shopping trip. With laughter he asked,? What are you going to do with the new guy?Jay?? ?Jason? I?m going to watch him again tomorrow. If he has another hard on, I?m going to take him into my office.? I said as I kissed Jake?s lips. I lifted from our kissing and stroked my hands over his washboard chest. Jake moaned and said, ?You?re going to get me hard again, baby.? I giggled and said that was the whole point. With that, Jake rolled me over and began to finger my wet sloppy pussy.?Jake, please take me like you did the first time we met,? I begged. Jake kissed my forehead on down to the tip of my clit. He kissed and lapped at my clit, then on down to lick at his own cum that still lingered inside me. We both moaned loudly as he traced my pussy with his strong tongue, then back to flicking my nub, until I gasped with excitement.?Oh baby, make me cum again with your tongue,? I cried out as I held his head in between my thighs. Jake spread my legs wide and continued with his licking, sucking and fingering both of my holes. He lifted my ass from the bed to lick and finger my ass. I watched as he glowed from having what he wanted.When I moaned that he pulled his fingers from my ass, Jake stood on my bed, held my ankles, and then squatted to insert his cock into my ass. It was tight for just a minute or two, then I could feel every vein and the top of his cock. When he pulled all the way out, I could feel the suction holding onto the head of his cock. I sure didn?t want him anywhere but in me.Jake fucked both my holes, then fed me his cock after I came. I enjoyed sucking my cum from his big cock. Jake turned himself around for us to 69. I love when he licks my holes for me to relax, before him fucking me again. Jake was about ready to cum again with me sucking, that he hurried and pulled from my mouth to insert his cock back into my ass.His cock was slick from being in my mouth that he slid in with ease. ?Fuck my hole, harder baby! I want you to cum inside me again. Fill my ass and have your cum dribble to my pussy,? I screamed with another orgasm. Jake fucked both my holes, then once again in my ass. This time he fucked me hard and fast until he filled my hole.His cum dribbled in my pussy and down my back. Jake had my legs d****d over his shoulders when he came. After he filled my ass, Jake began to play with his cum. He played in the pool of white goo, then he let me lick his fingers. ?Do you want some more, babe?? Jake asked as he fiddled around in my ass filled with his cum.?Yes, please,? I said with a smile. Jake fed me some more of his cum, then lay next to me under the sheet. Jake held me in his arms as we kissed and chatted. My stomach started to growl, when I told Jake I was hungry. The two of us got dressed and headed out the door to go to the little diner down the street from my apartment. We sat at a table towards the back of the room, when a tall slender man came to take our order. When I looked up, my face was full of surprise when I saw that Jason was our waiter. I introduced him to Jake then gave him our order. Jake held my hand and said he looks like a virgin. ?I?m not sure on that. But there again, virgins do get hard ones.? I said with a giggle.Jason returned shortly later with our food. ?Can I get you anything else?? Jason asked. ?No, thank you,? Jake said politely. When Jason walked away, Jake finished with saying, ?An empty table for me to lay my hot girlfriend on so I can eat her pussy instead of having this food.? I busted out laughing and then leaned over for a kiss. Jake kissed me with hot passion and said that he can?t wait to get me back to bed to eat my pussy.Jason cleared our plates and then brought me a piece of cheesecake covered in cherries. bursa escort bayan ?I didn?t order this.? I said to Jason. ?It?s on the menu for free dessert with today?s specials.? He answered quickly. I slowly ate the dessert, making sure to tease Jake with the cherries. When I looked up from flirting, I saw Jason watching me from a distance. Jake paid our bill, then led me to the door. Jason came up next to me and said he would see me tomorrow, then turned to go back to work. I went to grab Jake?s hand, but grabbed his thick cock. I stood with my chest next to his, one hand on his chest, the other stroking his cock thru his jeans. We kissed just outside the diner?s door.Jake and I took the long way back to my place. We walked thru the city garden, checking out the dancers dancing on the sidewalks, the k**s playing tag in the field and watching a couple make out on a bench. The girl had her hand on the guy?s crotch and he had his hands down her shirt playing with her tits. The two laughed and kissed and fondled each other some more.We finally made it back to my place; I don?t know how with Jake constantly grabbing my ass or my tits as often as he could. Once in the door, Jake picked me up and set me on the kitchen counter. He lifted my skirt high and spread my legs for more of his dining pleasure. I let him take full advantage of my pussy, I so enjoy his tongue.After a strong orgasm from Jake?s tongue, he carried me to the couch. There we had another round of hot sex, before collapsing to sleep. The next morning we woke to still laying on the couch. Jake?s hard cock made me hungry. I got up to get on my knees and began to suck his morning wood. Jake woke as soon as I put my hot mouth on his shaft. ?Ah yes, suck me,? Jake moaned as I sucked him hard. I stroked his nut sack, toying with a nut. Jake was finally to the breaking point, when he held my head to fuck my mouth faster. Within a few minutes, Jake was shooting his hot cum into the back of my throat.The day progressed with me helping the interns with their work. Jason tried not to bother me with the questions the others asked. Until I walked over to him and stooped forward. My blouse had opened just enough for him to see right down my shirt. I felt his eyes checking out my breasts. When he looked up to me, his face was a bright red. I asked if he had any questions.?Not at the moment, ma?am,? Jason said with a shaky voice. I patted him on the shoulder and walked away. Lucy and Lindsey both had on a new outfit. I told the girls how nice they looked. Jimmy, another intern had told Lucy how hot she looked. Lucy smiled and began to blush.Here again, the time of the day is 3:15 and it?s time to clean up for the day. I was busy sitting at my desk, when the interns walked passed and said good night. All but one, Jason. He waited until everyone had left the office, then got up to walk to my office. He knocked, then came in to sit in the oversized chair.?What can I help you with, Jason?? I looked up from my work and said. ?I know that you are busy, but I really wanted to tell you, that the dessert you ate last night? was really on me. I wanted to see how you would react to eating the cherries. I like the way you twirled them around on your tongue. I can?t help but wonder how your tongue would feel twirling around on the head of my dick.? He said with his red cheeks.?Close my door and shut the blinds, please.? I said to Jason. When he stood to close everything, I repositioned myself to be turned away from my desk. Jason went to sit back down, but I told him to walk over towards me. He did just so, then stood looking at me as I touched his crotch. Jason gasped then held his breath as I stroked him. I know my face grew red when I felt how big he grew.Jason grabbed my hand and helped me unzip his zipper. I reached in to get a hold of him. I was astonished to see his big dick. He was much bigger than Jake, by at least 2 inches in girth. I pulled him closer to me as I licked his big head. I just licked his head, while I stroked his length. I was thinking that I wasn?t sure if I could get my mouth open that much to suck him.Jason finished undoing his pants and let them fall to his knees. I opened my mouth to take his big head. I was able to do that, then was able to take more and more of him. I could feel how wet I was getting. I imagined how good he would feel buried inside me.Jason just stood there watching me suck his dick. When I pulled off of him and looked up to him, he was stunned. He bent forward to help me to stand. His big hands cupped my tits and teased my nipples thru my clothing. I continued with stroking him. I looked up to him and said, ?Do you want to feel how wet, you have made me?? Jason?s mouth fell open and he nodded his head. I lifted my skirt above my hips and pulled my panties off. I sat on the edge of my desk and propped a leg up, for his adventure. Jason cupped my pussy and twitched his thumb on my clit. I cooed and began to pant. I stroked escort bursa him faster as he fingered me faster. When he would pull his finger from my wetness, he would suck the cum from himself, then insert himself again. ?I want to feel your hot cunt on my dick,? he said as he fingered me faster. Jason pulled me to straddle his waist as he lowered me down on his dick. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he held my ass cheeks and lifted me up and down on him. When his head hit the back of my pussy, I moaned with great delight. Jason unbuttoned my shirt and took it off, before taking the cups of my bra and pushing them down to get a better view of my erect nipples.I began to pump his thick cock with my very wet pussy. I held him tightly inside me. His thickness was stretching my walls. I looked down to watch Jason suck my nipples. He?d flick them with his tongue, then nibble to give me a rise then he?d take as much of my tit into his mouth and suck. I gasped each time he did just so. After a short time, Jason held onto my waist and helped me fuck him faster. I knelt on the sides of the chair while he fucked me senseless. I told Jason that I was cumming, then he began to cum. Our love juices blended together, then oozed from me and on down to his balls. I sat on his lap for a short bit, while Jason licked my nipples some more.We were interrupted by my office phone. I lifted from his dick and our goo gushed from my hole. Jason watched me stagger to my desk. I was trying not to pant when I answered. I was glad to hear that it was Jake on the other end. I told him I was finishing up with work and would meet him at the diner, shortly. I hung up and turned to look at Jason.Here sat one of the interns in my office with his pants around his ankles and his semi hard dick in his hands. I smiled as I seen him stroking our goo all over his dick and balls. I walked over to him, bent forward and gave him a passionate kiss. I held his face as we were making love with our tongues. I moved my left hand down his chest, until I reached his dick.Jason helped my hand stroke him. I smiled as we kissed and worked my kisses towards his dick. It didn?t take much time, when I filled my mouth with his gooey dick. ?Mm you taste so good,? I moaned and continued sucking him. I so badly wanted to feel him inside me again. ?I really want you to fuck me once more, before we have to leave, Jason.? I begged. Jason didn?t take long jumping to his feet, then watching me get on my knees for him to take me from behind. He rubbed his dick up and down my back seam, then found the opening that was hungry for him. One fast thrust and he was deep inside. I panted as Jason fucked me harder and faster. I came multiple more times as he continued sliding in and out of my hole. ?Damn woman, you are so nice and tight. I just love fucking you.? Jason said while gasping for air. ?I can?t wait until I get to fuck your ass. I bet it?s even tighter than your sweet pussy.? He said with a hungry grin.?We don?t really have time for you to fuck my ass tonight,? I said. ?We can fuck at my house this weekend if you?d like. My new boy toy won?t mind us fucking. He might even watch and jerk himself.?Jason fucked my pussy until I was screaming with joy of having a major orgasm. ?Yesss,? he cried. ?Don?t stop, fuck me? Fuck Me,? I screamed. Jason reached around to my clit and played in the goo and teased my clit some more. I could feel Jason?s dick grow harder as he was ready to fill me a second time.The clapping of our bodies hitting each other got faster and louder, until Jason moaned loudly as his cum shot and filled me. He continued flicking me until he knew he was done. I collapsed from holding my body up with my arms. Jason followed me to the floor. We just laid there panting, hard. I rolled over to see the smile on Jason?s face.?Did you like that?? I asked. He didn?t answer me at first, then came back with, ?OMG, I?ve never fucked an older woman, much less fuck my boss.? I smiled and giggled as I reached for him to kiss me some more. ?We will continue with more of this on Saturday, that is if you don?t have any plans,? I said. ?We can fuck as much as you?d like, and you can fuck my ass. I can hardly wait.??I?ve never been with another man, or had one watch me fuck before,? Jason said. ?Everything will be ok. I met Jason while fucking an ex-boyfriend at a party. Jake stood in a corner and watched us fuck and suck. When I realized he was watching and stroking, I motioned for him to join us. I sucked his cock as my ex fucked my ass. The two guys got off pretty much at the same time.? I told Jason.I know Jake won?t mind me having another man. He?d enjoy having me suck his dick and possibly getting the chance for him and Jason to fuck me at the same time. ?I?ll talk with you on Friday about this weekend,? Jason said as we got dressed. ?I can hardly wait to have your thick cock buried in my ass,? I said as I turned to kiss him good bye.My office has this awesome aroma of sex. I wish I could bottle it and keep it forever. In my thoughts as I drove to the diner, I was thinking that I hope Jake can smell Jason on me. I know it will make him hungry for more. He?ll get more of this smell on Saturday. Tbc?.
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