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Russian Shemales 3: The Revenge

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Russian Shemales 3: The RevengeI am asking the translator what that means: The Revenge. There is no revenge in my story! And she says it is a kind of joke. Like the Electric Boogaloo. I do not understand why that is funny, but she is telling me to trust her, and continue with my story.When we grew awake in the morning, Svetlana wanted more sexy sexy time, but I said to not. Because Mr. Aronoff would be there soon to pick us up for the bus ride back to home. Svetlana, who looked more like Serge in the morning, said quietly, he did not want to go back home. I pushed him into the shower to wash off the cosmetics from his face, and I started to clean up the room. I did not want anyone to know that we had the sex that night.For some reason to me, it was alright for us to be dressing as girls and posing for pictures, because we got paid. But it was not alright for us to be sucking each other's dicks.After I showered and put on my boy clothing again, Ana was looking at the room. I worried that she could smell the sex and that we had been caught. But she gave no indication. I asked why she was mad at us at the nightclub. She muttered, "You don't give it away, Kotyonok".Serge was outside talking with Mr. Aronoff, and his face lit up when I came outside. "Alexi!", he called me by my girl name, I noticed, "Mr. Aronoff says he can rent us an apartment in the city, and we don't have to go home! He says he will give us more work, better work, if we stay here!"I thought about it. What did I have waiting for me in the village? Nothing. There I would be lucky to work at a farm and stick my arm up a cow's arse. Here, at least, I could make money with Mr. Aronoff, and perhaps find a better job in the future. But, we would still have to go home today. My money from the last week was there, and I wanted to say goodbye to my family. Mr. Aronoff said the money we made for this weekend would cover the first two weeks rent, and after that, we would be making lots more money, with work on weekdays too. So, we made arrangements to go home and return to the city the next day to start our new lives.Serge was so happy. He did not want to go back to the village at all, but agreed, to get the rest of his money. I tell my parents we have found jobs in the city, and they ask where, and I say, "In a factory." It is not a lie.The next day, Mr. Aronoff was waiting for us at the bus stop, and took us to our little 2 bedroom apartment. There was no furniture, but Mr. Aronoff said he could get us beds and chairs and things, for a small price. "Not to worry," he said, as he had a job lined up for us on the Wednesday night. We spent the rest of the day moving the furniture into the rooms, and that night, Serge crawled into bed with me. I was tired but he said he wanted to "practice".He was wearing a bra and panty set he had taken from the warehouse, and he slipped his hand into my shorts to grab my member. "Mr. Aronoff hinted to me that some work, good paying, better paying that just posing, would mean being with other men. Let me practice on you," he whispered. "And I liked doing it. And I know you liked it too."I did like it, but I was uncomfortable with the idea of being with men. Serge's hand felt so good on me, I closed my eyes in the dark, and thought about what he looked like in the nightclub and in the shower when we were together. Serge wanted to kiss me, but I turned my head away. I was not fag.He scooted bornova escort down, kissing my chest and my belly before reaching my navel. Thinking about how beautiful Svetlana was made it easier to forget, and soon, his mouth took my penis. He was slower this time, not as hungry, kissing and licking the head of my dick, sliding his lips down to my testicles and teasing them with his tongue. Then, he pauses, lets me catch my breath, and then blows on my dick. And then he starts again. And I am feeling like I want to put his cock in my mouth again, but I cannot move, so I just rub my hand across his back, feeling the straps of his bra.For long time, he brings me close to cumming, but stops, and waits. Then he starts over, sucking my dick! It feels so good, I cannot think about anything else. Then, Serge stops teasing me, and starts sucking just the shaft, going faster and faster, up and down with his lips and his tongue, and then I feel a rush coming and I warn him but he doesn't stop until I feel the cum fly out of my dick and into his mouth.And the wave rushes over me, making me light-headed. Serge slowly pulls my penis from his mouth and moves back up to my face. My thought about sucking his dick has passed, and now I am filled with shame.Shame for sucking him. Shame for wanting to suck him again. Shame for dressing up as a girl, and showing my penis, and shame for dancing with men. But all is forgotten as Serge puts his mouth on mine to kiss me, and I taste my own cum, and feel his tongue on mine. I am too tired and too weak to protest, but not too weak to think it is not such a bad feeling.We sleep.Mr. Aronoff returns in the morning and takes us to a café for where he buys us breakfast! And he has come with a gift! Cellular mobile telephones! One of each of us! Only, it is not so much a gift, as he will take it out of our future pay. But, they are brand new, with games on them, and we are not to worry as we will soon be making too much money to spend!He also has an order for us. We must learn to do our own makeup. It is not cost efficient to hire Ana and Tanya for every job. He says they would be willing to teach us, if we pay them. He gives us their numbers and has us call them to negotiate the price. It will use up the last of our money for lessons today, but he wants us also to have lessons tomorrow before our job, and he says he will reimburse Ana and Tanya from that pay. "Please," I am curious, "What is this... job tomorrow night?"His mood darkens. "Nothing you cannot handle." He says for wardrobe, we can use the clothing in the factory. And we can use that clothing any time we have a job for him, but we are not to damage it, or wear it elsewhere, because it is expensive.We spend the afternoon with Ana and Tanya teaching us about putting on cosmetics, and fixing our hair to look pretty and girl-like. Svetlana is clearly enjoying it, and I too have to admit it is kind of fun.Ana is very businesslike, and but does warm up after a bit. But she will not answer any questions about herself put to her. Tanya is stern and unhappy, and when Ana is not nearby, tells me about both of them.They both were like us once. Country boys. Looking at Tanya, I can believe. She has masculine features about her, but Ana is so beautiful, I cannot see it. Ana, Tanya whispers, went "all the way with the surgery" after she found a man. She saved money for breast bornova escort bayan implants, and a wealthy man paid to have her penis turned into a vagina. I cannot believe such a thing exists, but Tanya swears it is so. Ana stopped modeling and moved in with the wealthy man, but he grew tired of her and kicked her out. "It seems the penis was the part of her that he wanted to most," Tanya growls. Ana now works for Mr. Aronoff, but does not pose or anything any more."And you? What is your story?""I got old. No-one wanted an old hag like me. Mr. Aronoff gives me work every now and then, but not enough to do much good with. And you mark my words, the same thing will happen to you!" She stops talking and it is obvious she will not speak again about the subject.Which is fine, as I do not want to hear it. This will not happen to me. Or Serge. We are both prettier than Tanya, and smarter. I know I will only do this for so long, and then find work as a real model in Paris or Italy, and live as a man. This I do not say to her, because she has a hot curling iron in her hand.That night, Svetlana comes to bed looking beautiful, still with makeup, wearing a nightgown she has again borrowed from the wardrobe. Again, she wants to practice on me. Only this time, she insists I practice on her. And as I kiss the head of her penis, I think it is not so bad. That I kind of like the way the weight of his penis feels on my tongue, and the way my lips stretch slightly as I take the cockhead between them, and then snap back to engulf the rod. Svetlana insists I swallow it all so I do not get any cum on the nightgown. He tastes different than my cum, and I wonder if all men have different flavors.Wednesday, again, we learn to do our makeup, painting our faces to make us pretty. Ana and Tanya also give us lecture on how to walk, and sit, and carry ourselves, and how to smile, and talk and flirt. I am nervous about the job tonight, because it is obvious we are not just posing for more pictures.Mr. Aronoff's car, with his driver, not him, comes to pick us up in the evening. We must first drop off Tanya and Ana at their homes, and Tanya gives me a peck on the cheek as she leaves, saying, "Good luck. You'll do fine. Be not afraid."My cellular telephone rings. It is Mr. Aronoff with instructions. They are short and too the point. When I am dropped off, go to room number 477, and do nothing until I am given an envelope with money. Count the money in the bathroom, and then do as I am told. When it is finished, I am to return to the lobby, and call this number back and wait for my ride. If I do a good job, there will be very good paying work and a lot of it in the future.Then he tells me to give the phone to Svetlana. She gets similar instructions.The car stops before a hotel, and the driver indicates that I am to get out, that Svetlana is to wait. I panic a little inside, but Svetlana gives me a reassuring nod. The driver hands me something. A small blue pill, and tells me to swallow it. Then, he closes the door and drives off.It is cold outside, so I cannot delay on the sidewalk. There are not many people outside, but those who are, are staring at me. My dark brown hair teased up to the heaven, the short dress, the black stockings, the high heels. I am uncomfortable, but I have agreed to do this.I knock on the door of #477, and an old man opens. He is wearing a silken escort bornova komono robe, and smiles toothily at me. He is old. Very old and wrinkled, and I do not want to be here, but he beckons me in. He indicates he does not speak Russian, and I do not speak whatever language he does know. He hands me an envelope, and as instructed I go into the bathroom to count it. It is more than I have seen ever! More than the two weekends of modeling! And most importantly, it is how much Mr. Aronoff said it would be.I return to the bedroom, and the old man is naked. His withered erection standing before him. He offers me some vodka, and I gulp it down. Standing there petrified, I know not what to do. I was told to obey orders, but he has not given me any!The man seems content to stare at me for a while, before slowly moving behind me. I am still frozen, unsure what to do. He lifts my skirt, and pulls my panties down. Then he looks at my soft cock, and smiles. At least one of us is pleased.He leads me to the bed and has me get on all fours, with my arse in the air. Then, to my shock, he starts licking my butthole! I am scared. No-one has touched me there! I don't even touch me there, but the man does not hesistate! He is licking and kissing me there! I am disgusted, but at the same time, I feel my erection growing! I do not want this, but I do not know what else to do! Then the wrinkly old man stops eating me, and lays down on the bed beneath me so he can suck my cock. And I don't want this either, but it does feel good. He is making noises, grunting and groaning, and I feel like he wants me to do the same, so I answer each of his noises with a noise of my own, and it seems to encourage him. Soon, I am out of breath and getting light headed, but the old man keeps sucking on my cock. I cum in his mouth, but not very much. I did not like this at all, but I think of the money and I think I must make the man and Mr. Aronoff happy, so I cry out as if it were the best thing in the world! Maybe, I think he too will be satisfied and I can go. The man shifts from beneath me, and gets us both another shot of vodka. His erection is still there, but I see on the bed cover that he too has cum. He smiles wide, and gives me another bill. Not as much as in the envelope, and not as much as for modeling, but he reaches in and tucks it in my bra, signaling that it is for me to keep. He then goes to the bathroom, and locks the door behind him.After I hear the shower turn on, I think that this is my chance to go. I put my panties back on, and tuck my cock, still sticky with his saliva and my cum, back between my legs, as Ana has taught me. Then I go. Standing in the hallway for a moment, I think, that could have been worse. It was not so difficult! The work for Mr. Aronoff is just to let a man suck me off and that is easy! I am thinking that some of the money in the envelope is for me, and will go toward paying my bills, and the money in my bra is just for me! I wonder how Svetlana got on.When Mr. Aronoff's car returns, we drive around for nearly half an hour before Svetlana calls. We go to a different hotel, and pick her up. Her lipstick is smudged, but she is giddy. We are silent until we return to our little home, as I do not want the driver overhearing our conversations.When we are alone, and undressing for bed, I tell my story, and press Svetlana for details of her night. But, she will not tell! "I do not kiss and tell!" she smiles. And I think she did more than kissing.She does say she was glad we "practiced". And for tonight, she doesn't want to practice. Not with me anyway. She sleeps in her own bed this night. This gives me time to lie awake and think. This wasn't so bad. I can do this.
10-29-2021, at 07:23 PM

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