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Fiona and her two lovers

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Fiona and her two loversFiona and her two loversRob and I had only been chatting to Steve for a few weeks but straight away we got on really well and it was really only a matter of time before we met. Rob and I both fancied Steve and he fancied both of us. We regularly played with each other while we looked at the photos and videos Steve had made for us where we saw him tributing both of us. In addition both Rob and I wanked ourselves privately without the other one knowing although we both admitted it afterwards.We knew that Steve was going to Amsterdam one weekend for work and we found out which hotel he was staying in and without him knowing booked a room ourselves there.Strolling round Amsterdam during the day we bought a number of sex toys and as I knew that both Steve and Rob liked wearing ladies undies we bought a selection of these two. I decided that they were going to be my sissy fuck slaves for the night.Rob and I got back to the hotel and emailed Steve who thought we were lying when we told him which room we were in. An hour or so later he knocked at the door and we let him in. Rob and I were so horny just thinking about what we wanted to happen. I kissed Steve passionately on the lips and I?m sure he liked the taste of my slutty red lipstick. I also had plans to use the lipstick elsewhere.I stood in the middle of the room and said, ?well are you two guys going to just stand there or undress me??Suddenly I had hands all over me as they undid my clothes. In under a minute I was totally naked. At first Steve stood back and admired my body but I didn?t want to looked at I wanted to be felt and groped and sucked and fucked.?Your turn,? I said to the guys.As they took their clothes I could see they were both rock hard. I was also pleased to see that Steve was larger than Rob as I really needed a good hard fucking. I walked over to the bed and picked up some tablets and handed one to each of them.?Viagra, I?m going to need some serious fucking tonight and one spunking from each of you is not going to be enough, this will ensure at least three cums from you both,? I said.They happily swallowed their pills.?Now my two sissies I need to dress you,? I said.I handed Rob a black suspender belt with he clipped round Steve?s waist and then a pair of open crotch panties and I loved the way Rob eased Steve?s cock through the hole in the middle. Then Steve sat on the bed and I watched as Rob slowly slid a pair of sheer black seemed stockings up his legs and then made sure that the seams were straight. He then reached for a pair of black 5 inch high heels sandals with ankle straps and buckled them up. Rob helped Steve to his feet and I said, ?parade for me.?We both watched as Steve with his 7 inch cock sticking straight out in front of him tottered up and down the room. I said to Rob, ?you know what?s missing, don?t you?? I handed him my crimson red lipstick and lipgloss and three hairbands. Rob buca escort knelt in front of Steve, his erect cock only inches from his face. Rob reached up and took hold of his balls and managed to squeeze them through the small cream hairband and then the other two he put under Steve?s balls and over his cock. Steve immediately loved the way his balls were pulled up tightly. Then Rob slowly eased Steve?s foreskin all the way back over the head. He took the lipstick and smothered the head of Steve?s cock with the lipstick and then took the lipgloss and did the same. Steve?s cock throbbed with anticipation, beads of precum started forming on the head. Rob looked at me and I nodded. He wiped the precum off with his finger and raised it to his lips and sucked it clean.I was sitting on the bed with my legs apart and slowly rubbing a finger up and down my slit. My cunt lips were soaking wet with my juices. I said to Steve, ?before you dress Rob like he has dressed me, come and lick me clean.?He tottered over on his heels and knelt on the floor and leaned forward. As his tongue rubbed against my slit I felt a shiver of lust in my cunt. I wanted to cum but I knew the more I delayed my climax the deeper it would be. I had to slow Steve down as I knew he would make me cum and eventually I made him stop.Rob came over and took hold on Steve?s cock. I knew what he had in mind and I held my cunt lips open for him. Rob started rubbing the head of Steve?s cock against my clit. The feelings were sensational as he slowly rubbed in all around my clit. All thoughts of me delaying cumming were soon forgotten as my body trembled and shook with an almighty climax.After I had stopped cumming I said, ?Dress Rob for me now, I need both of my sissies ready for me. I watched as Steve dressed my husband in the same way as he did. As I handed him the lipstick and lipgloss and hairbands I saw his hands trembling with sexual anticipation. They both stood in front of me. My two sissies, my two fuck and suck sluts.Steve still had the lipstick and I said to Rob, ?show him what to do with it.?Rob took the lipstick from Steve and drew a large red circle round my left nipple and then smothered the rest of it. As he rubbed it on I could feel my nipple growing. Oh how I adore the feel of that. Then he coated my erect red nipple with the lipgloss. I was in heaven and my cunt was even wetter. Now it was Steve?s turn and he did exactly the same as Rob. I stood up and admired my tits in the mirror.?Well done my little sissies, just how I like them, ? I said. ?Now there?s just one thing missing.?They both stood in front of her like naughty little boys about to be told off. Their erect lipstick coated cocks sticking out in front of them. Fiona reached behind her and picked up two nipple clamps. She stood up and clamped them tightly to their erect nipples. Rob was used to the pain as he knew that the pleasure would buca escort bayan soon outweigh the pain. Steve winced as the tight little clamps dug into his nipple flesh.Fiona lay back on the bed, her legs wide apart, both of the guys could already moisture round her pussy lips. She reached down and held her cunt lips open and said,? Come on Steve, are you going to fuck me or have I got to do it myself??They both moved towards the bed and Rob took hold of Steve?s cock and rubbed the head against his wife?s wet cunt lips. Ever slowly he started easing it in her and then slowly withdrew it. Fiona and Steve both loved what Rob was doing. Eventually he let Steve?s cock go and he plunged it all the way in. Fiona gasped with pleasure as it filled her hole. Rob moved round to the side of the bed and Fiona turned her face towards him. She opened her mouth and took Rob?s lipstick coated cock into her mouth, clamped her lips tight and started sucking her husband as her lover carried on fucking her.Both Fiona and Steve were quickly on the point of cumming, he reached forward and grabbed her erect lipstick coated nipples and started squeezing and pulling them. This was all Fiona needed and she was soon throbbing all over as she had the climax she needed. Steve loved the look of utter pleasure on her face as she cum. His climax followed shortly afterwards as he pumped his hot spunk deep into her cunt. He slowly withdrew and Rob took his place. He loved how wet his wife?s cunt was as he fucked her through Steve?s spunk. Steve knelt on the bed and sucked Fiona?s nipples. He loved the taste of the lipstick on them. Although he had just cum Fiona soon had her hand wrapped round his cock coaxing it to get hard again. Fiona hadn?t cum when she felt Rob depositing his seed inside her. She said to Steve,? lick me clean.?Steve replaced Rob and was soon licking up and down her soaking wet slit. He took his face away for a moment and held her cunt lips open and could see the two lots of spunk start dribbling out. He buried his face tightly against her and took the spunk mixture in his mouth. This licking was arousing Fiona and she knew she wanted to cum again.She said, ?I want to spurt, finger fuck me, use two or three fingers.?Steve easily slid three fingers inside and started fucking her. Rob stood beside and rubbed her clit. The look of absolute pleasure on her face was incredible and after a minute or so of this she cried out, ?I?m cumming.?Steve removed his fingers and put his face inches from Fiona?s cunt, suddenly her cunt juices shot out all over Steve?s face, spurt after spurt after spurt splattered against him, he opened his mouth and some went in. He loved the smell and taste of it but most of it just soaked his face and hair. After a few minutes when Fiona had stopped cumming she pulled Steve?s face down to her and kissed and licked him clean. If there was one thing Fiona escort buca absolutely adored it was the smell and taste of her own cum.The three of them relaxed with a glass of wine for a few minutes. Fiona said, ?You two need to get each other hard, I need some dp now.?Rob reached over to Steve and started rubbing his cock and then Steve did the same to Rob. The sight of this soon had Fiona getting even more aroused and when Rob leant over took Steve?s cock in his mouth this was almost too much for her.Soon they were both rock hard again and Rob lay down on his back on the bed and Fiona straddled him and Steve held Rob?s cock and guided it into her soaking wet slit. She plunged all the way down on it and was soon riding her husband, but of course this was only part of what she wanted. Steve knelt behind and first of all slid a finger inside her arse and finger fucked her for a while and when he felt she was lubricated enough he replaced it with his cock.He was amazed how easily she took the whole length of it. As he fucked her arse and Rob fucked her cunt they could each feel the other cock through the thin walls of her cunt and arse. The rubbing of the two cocks together soon had them about to cum but they managed to hold back until Fiona had climaxed another twice and then they both shot spurt after spurt of their hot cum inside her.They both slid out and relaxed. As the two lots of spunk trickled out of her she told Steve to clean her. His face was absolutely saturated as the double helping of spunk soaked him. Another glass of wine and Fiona took charge. She made them both lie on their backs at either end of the bend and then she shuffled them towards each other so that their cocks were getting closer to each other. Eventually she managed to get them so their cocks were next to each other, then she took a stocking and tied their balls together and then the base of the cocks together. Then she put two of her hairbands round their cocks so that they were totally tied and bound together. They were both semi hard and Fiona knelt down to them and started licking and sucking them until they were both rock hard.She opened her mouth as wide as she could and somehow manageed two get both of the cocks inside and she sucked them. Rob and Steve were in heaven. But this was not what Fiona wanted. She then sat up and straddled the two bound cock and she rubbed her cunt lips of the tip of the cocks. She held her cunt lips open and gradually eased herself down on the two cocks. When they were all the way in she started riding up and down on them. Almost withdrawing and then plunging all the way down. She knew the guys had already cum plenty of times so she knew they would last quite a while now so this was for her pleasure as she fucked herself senseless, Climax followed climax as she feasted on the two cocks inside her. Of course they eventually got aroused enough and first one and then the other cock exploded inside her.She lifted herself off and straddled Steve?s face and holding her cunt lips open allowed the double helping of spunk to trickle out into his mouth.She eventually untied the two guys and they sat and recovered and agreed to do it again as soon as possible.
10-31-2021, at 07:59 AM

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