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Glory Be

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Glory BeJan placed the candle on her dresser and stood over it to measure the height. It was perfect. She could feel her heart pounding as she took a match, struckit, and lit the candle standing in it's holder. She could feel her nipplesstiffening. "Oh God..." she whispered. This was going to be the night.Jan caught sight of herself in the mirror, lit by the flame of the candle. Notquite yet a woman, the teen was still 'petite' (although it was almost true thatshe was becoming statuesque). She liked her curves, accentuated now by thefeeble light, and she liked her shoulder length hair. It was soft, brunette andjust shoulder length.She stared at the flame as if transfixed. It was time. The girl remembered theday, only a few years ago, when she saw a lit cigar tossed carelessly from a carwindow, and remembered how she slowly slipped her tiny foot from her shoe totouch the lit ember. She recalled how it felt, and how exciting it was to seeher pretty toes touching the glow. Was that when all this started?Jan leaned forward, slowly, deliberately and began to recite:"Glory Be...", her nipple touched the flame. " the Father AAAHHH!!!" Theflame was stunningly hot as it kissed her nipple. Jan forced herself to put itback there in the flame."...and to thesonandtotheHolySpiritOHMYGOD!!!". She gasped and jerked backslightly, shaking her head. "No!" she told herself firmly. Jan bit her lip,determined to do her penance this time. She quickly placed her nipple back inthe flame."asitwasinthebeginningOHGOD!HURRY!" it hurt."isnowandevershallbeworldWITHOUTENDAMENAAAHHH H!!!" Jan jerked her right nipplefrom the flame. Her breathing came heavy and her pulse was racing, but Janforced herself to examine her nipple. No damage! At least, none that she couldsee. Oh God, this was hard, she thought to herself. The girl tried to remaincalm and prepared to continue her penance."Lean forward." she thought, slowly positioning her left nipple over theflame..."Glory be" the flame kissed her nipple. "to the Father and OHGOD!totheSonandtotheAAHH!!HOLYSPIRITASITWASINOHM YGOD!!!THEBEGINNINGISNOWANDHURRY!HURRY!HURRY!EVERS HALLBEWORLDWITHOUTOHMYGOD!!!!END." "AMEN" she almost shouted asshe threw her head back. Oh god, her nipple was on fire! No, it wasn't, sherealized. She must endure her penance. Without thinking, Jan immediatelyplunged her right nipple again into the flame. It was so important that shefinish her penance."GlorybetotheFatherandtotheSonSLOW-DOWN!" she ordered herself."Son and to the Holy Spirit." Jan wanted to scream from the agony."As it was... in t-the beginning... is now and" trembling, she forced herself tohold her nipple to the flame."and bornova escort e-ever shall be, world without end, AMEN!" "OH GOD!" she whispered, nearlydoubled over in pain. It was awful. She just knew that her poor nipple wasburned off. But it wasn't.It was getting harder. Jan placed her hands behind her head and leaned forward,trembling. She lowered herself to the flame - her left nipple again. "Glory Bet-to the Father, and-and t-to the Son, and to the-the Holy Spirit." Janwhispered. "As-as it was in the b-beginning" she was shaking in pain. "is-isnow and ever s-shall be, world without end." stammering."AMEN" she said aloud.Nearly crying now, she brought her right nipple to the flame once again. "G-glory Be to the F-father," Jan thought of St. Agatha, who was martyred by thetorturing of her nipples and breasts. "and-and t-to the S-son, and to theH-holy S-spirit."Jan was just a girl when she read how Agatha, just a girl herself, smiled as thehot tongs grasped and twisted her nipples. "A-as it was - was in the - thebeginning""How must it feel to have your nipples squeezed and twisted brutally bytorturers using hot tools like that?" Jan wondered."is - is n-now and ever - ever s-shall be""How could such a young girl smile when her nipples were tortured?""w-world without e-end," the teen stammered through her prayer."Amen" she said aloud. Pain overwhelmed her senses. Jan wanted to scream inagony!Determined to experience every second of her penance, she brought her her leftnipple to the flame. It was red and so very, very tender, but eager for it'sturn. Jan vowed to say her prayer as slowly and deliberately as she could. "G-glory Be to the Father, and t-to the Son, and to...""Jan, is everything alright?" Came a voice from downstairs."Oh, uh yes, mom. I'm-I'm just saying my prayers!" she answered."Ok. sleep well."Jan continued: "and to the Holy Spirit. As it was in the beginning" "SLOWLY!"she ordered herself. "is... now... and... ever... shall... end... AMEN!" Pause. "Amen", she whispered aloud, and Jan slowlyremoved her nipple from the kiss of the flame.The girl wanted to collapse. Oh God, it burned so much. Her nipples were longand aching and felt like they were just ruined, but she could see no damage. Could they take more of her penance? - even more punishment?Jan was determined to do this right, so with an inner strength that she did notunderstand, she decided to keep the rest of the promise to God for this evening. From the dresser in front of her, Jan plucked a long sewing needle from acushion, and placed a thimble on her finger. With her left hand she bornova escort bayan soothed andsecured her right nipple, noticing the tiny fleck of blood and the raw skin shehad left. Jan started the process of pushing the needle straight in - rightinto her milk-duct, so that it would go through the nipple deep into her breast. She had to push hard, much harder than she thought possible, and it hurtviolently, causing tears to come to her eyes. But finally, the needle slippedin, deep into her body until about an inch was left exposed.It was more difficult for her to pin her left nipple the same way with a longneedle. Jan prayed through tears as she did so, for the strength to continueand finish her penance. She succeeded after several painful minutes in pushingthe needle deep within her. It was time again, for the flame."Oh God, this will hurt." she knew. The whole idea was for the flame to burnher nipple and heat the needle deep within her breast. The fact that the needlewould also torture the entire length of her throbbing nipple was just icing onthe cake as far as she was concerned. Jan took a deep, sighing breath. It wastime.She leaned forward once again to wash her nipple in the flame of the candle. Starting again with the right nipple, she began "Glory Be to the Father,". Janrecited deliberately. "and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit." She could feelthe heat burning in her nipple. She could feel it rising in her breast. "As itwas in the beginning," She was trembing in agony. "Is - is now, and... andever shall b-be," she stuttered in a whisper. "W-world without end. Amen."AAAAHHHH!!!! she nearly screamed. The end of the needle was glowing. She hadtaken her nipple from the flame, but it still burned! IT STILL BURNED!!! "OhGod!" she cried. "OH GOD!!!"Jan saw herself in the mirror, as if in the hands of her interrogators, holdingher as the flame was applied to her nipple. They wanted to know if she wouldrenounce, and she resolutely said no. "Let the torture continue", the torturessaid.Jan stood up, weak and shaking with exhaustion. Once again she leaned forwardand dipped her left nipple into the flame. "Glory Be to the Father, and to theSon (SLOWLY!) and. to. the. Holy Spirit. as. it. was. in. the. beginning. and. ever. shall. be. world. without. end. Amen." "Oh. My. God!!!" "Oh myGod." "OHMYGOD!" the pain would not stop! It travelled from her poor nippledeep within her breast and caused her to want to jump and thrash. But Jan didnot want to disturb the household. She had to be quiet!And yet she was not done. This was supposed to be five times for each of herpoor nipples escort bornova to complete her penance, and so far, it was only four."Once more for each." she thought in a panic. How to make this hurt better? Alonger prayer!With a glorious resolve, Jan once more lowered her right nipple to the flame. "Hail Mary" she whispered aloud. "full of grace, the Lord is with Thee." Theagony in her nipple was like a piercing scream. "Blessed are you amonst womenand blessed is the Fruit of thy Womb, Jesus." The needle glowed red just beyondthe flame burning her. Could it be glowing red inside her nipple also? "HolyMary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now, and at the hour of our death,Amen." The flame filled her sight. "Amen." and it filled her being. "Amen." Jan slowly withdrew from the candle, and let the agony wash over her rightbreast, emenating from deep inside.The girl was beyond pain. She stood, trembling, for a full minute, before shecould calm herself, but then Jan felt an inner peace and strength coming fromdeep within her body. She stood up once again and focused on the flame. Shewould watch it every second this time as she said her prayer, every second thatshe held herself to it. Slowly, she lowered her breast so her nipple would kissthe flame one last time. Jan recited slowly: "Hail Mary, full of grace, theLord is with thee. Blessed are you amonst women, and blessed is the fruit ofthy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at thehour of our death. Amen." No! It was done? She didn't want her cleansing toend! She was so close. Jan held her nipple to the flame and continued to pray. "Thank you, Lord, for these gifts, which I offer freely." She shuddered in herorgasm.It had been - thrilling. Spent and exhausted, Jan collapsed into her bed withher nipples throbbing in agony, the hot needles still embedded in them. She laythere thinking how beautiful it looked in the mirror as she did her penance, andfell deep asleep wondering what other tortured girls looked like. Did theysmile as they lay tied to the rack, with the expanding pear filling their secretplaces? Did they cry as the red hot iron kissed the tender souls of their feet? She slept deeply, dreaming of whips and their kiss between a girl's legs.Jan's mother entered the darkened room quietly, carefully, (so as to not disturbher daughter) not long after. In the candle light she could see the needlesstill sticking out from the girl's beautiful nipples, raw, red and still erectfrom the burns, and she knew that Jan had completed her penance. Jan's motherwas so proud, she just wanted to kiss the gorgeous teen! After all, not oncedid she have to force her daughter to submit to the penances given her. Neverdid she fight or resist, and that was such a blessing! It was important for Janto experience these tortures, she knew, if the girl was going to be ready forher passion and crucifixion next month. That moment was coming quickly.
10-31-2021, at 08:06 AM

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