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Alka and her Bhabhi Rekha - Chapter 02

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Alka and her Bhabhi Rekha - Chapter 02Alka and her Bhabhi Rekha - Chapter 02 The next day the two guys arrived before Alka."Sit down. She will be here any moment.""I know. Alka told me. She is on her way." Rekha had worn a sari well below the navel. Chintu noticed that. He made it a point of staring at her navel. Soon Motu also joined him in staring at the navel."Bhabhi if you wear modern dresses like the other girls, you would look like a college girl.""What do you mean by that? Do I look like an old hag?" Rekha feigned anger in asking him. "Sorry Bhabhi. What I meant was that you are concealing your body in those loose dresses. It's not fair to have a body like what you have and conceal it."She felt very flattered. Though she knew she had a very sexy body, it was quiet some time that someone had told her. Deepak was not always liberal in showering praises. As he talked, he kept looking at her blouse. She had won a sari that day and had not yet changed. She pretended not to have noticed him staring at her blouse."At least you are not wearing a salwar kameez. You look sexy in this sari." He looked at her navel. Then he added, "Your tummy looks flat like you go to gym every day."She looked at her tummy. The sari was very low and the expanse of her midriff was smooth. Rekha had a deep navel the sari was some four or five fingers below the navel. Her pallu had moved way exposing one breast covered in a tight blouse. Her full breasts in the blouse pushed forward and spilled at the neck. The shape of her breasts showed in the blouse. They continued to chat for a long time.All the time they kept staring at her blouse and navel. After some feeble attempts to cover her blouse, Rekha just gave up trying to cover herself and decided to let them look at her.Alka arrived soon thereafter. They sat there for some time sipping coke. Today Alka danced with Motu. Chintu was telling them we to do some movements.Alka asked her, "Bhabhi why don't you join us today?"Instead of saying no she merely said, "You guys have been practicing for some time. I am not even a day old here. I don't want to look clumsy. I don't want to make you laugh at me.""I can teach you in a few days. In three days flat you will be as good as us. Please Bhabhi. You have a natural grace about you. Come on we won't laugh at you. There are some things in which you are more experienced.""Such as?""I don't know. You tell us what you have been doing since may be 15 or 16.""Nobody starts sex at that age stupid. It was much later." That was when she realized that she had volunteered the information. She sought to correct her folly. "I didn't have sex till I was married.""We don't want to make you a liar. What I was about to tell you was that you will be a good dancer in a matter of few days. Then you both can dance with both of us. That way you won't get bored with just one person.""Let me watch you for two days and if I like it I will tell you. Incidentally if yesterday what you did was all the dancing you learnt there I can do it sitting here.""Let us see you do it with me Bhabhi." She gave Chintu a stern look and then burst out laughing."Of course you know what I mean don't you?" Chintu gave her a sheepish smile. But Alka insisted on her giving a reply."Will you join us or no?""Let me think.""What is there to think?""Give me two days. I will stay here today. Do you mind? You can forget that I am here at all. Don't hold Alka like a baby when I am here and crush her as soon as I leave."Of course that was a blatant lie. He did not hold her like a baby when she was there. He had even thrust his crotch at hers. She was indirectly telling him to even more than the show they had put up for her rubbing their crotches."We have too practice some ballet movements I wish we had those dresses.""What are those dresses?" Rekha asked."It's like a two piece swimming costume for women and a close fitting outfit for men like a second skin."They were looking for excuses to do what they had done yesterday but without the nuisance of a dress."May be tomorrow I can wear my bra and panty and you can wear a shorts and vest, or even an undie and then we can dance," said Alka.Rekha was scandalized by the thought of Alka dancing with a bra and panty. It was even more exciting imaging him in an undie. Would his hardon show prominently? It would be good watching them hug dressed in such scanty dress. She was frustrated that they were doing nothing more than hugging.Today she hoped that they would take over from where they had left yesterday."I think you are shy because I am here. Would you like me to go away?""No Bhabhi stay here. You don't still believe that he is shy because of your presence do you?"Alka and Motu moved closer and hugged and moved aimlessly."Put your hands on her bum and you Alka put your arms around his neck."Chintu was giving the directions. That was when she noticed that Motu was also handsome and not that plump to warrant being called Motu.They did as told by Chintu."Here let me show you," he said as he moved close and put his hands on her ass and she put her arms around his neck. From the sides Rekha could see that her boobs were pressed flat against her chest. Starting with a mere hold on her bum he started moving his hands on them. It was erotic."Don't tell me you do that in the class Chintu," Rekha asked Chintu smiling."Of course not Bhabhi. It is our luck that you are kind enough to allow us to do all this. I am doing it because we are all alone here"As he talked he put his hands on her bum and gave it a gentle squeeze. Not satisfied with a mere squeeze he caught both the cheeks of her ass in his palms and moved his palms all over her ass.What kind of relationship they have, Rekha wondered. Yesterday she was with Chintu and now he was telling her to do the same with Motu.They had left the TV on but tuzla escort kept it in mute. There was an item number in the TV. The girl kept shaking her boobs. The dancer's breasts jiggled beneath the tee shirt. They stopped dancing and looked at the TV still holding on to each other. Motu turned the volume on. After the song Alka announced she had the CD."You should try that song," Chintu told her.Alka put on the CD. She tried to dance. But her breasts did not jiggle enough even though she tried to shake them because she was wearing a bra."You should get rid of your bra," Chintu suggested.Alka looked at Rekha who maintained a studied silence. Alka knew that it was the approval. She disappeared inside the bedroom and came back shortly."Now don't tell me to take off the top. I am not wearing my bra.""Let's see if the breasts jiggle," Chintu told her.Alka looked at Rekha who still remained silent. Alka raised herself on her toes and landed on her heel. The breasts jiggled inside. The top was not tight and was not of a body hugging type though it was tight. Her nipples protruded through the thin fabric of the tee shirt. All eyes in the room were now on her braless breasts with nippled peaks. The vest had a low neck and wide openings for the arms. Some of the flesh spilled out trough the neck and also through the opening for the arms.They played the song and Alka started dancing. She was a good dancer and way better than what Rekha had imagined."Shake your boobs," Chintu kept telling her.She lifted her arms up and shook her torso."Bend down more," Chintu suggested.She bent low and shook her breasts in rhythm. Her boobs shook and jiggled.She stopped and asked Chintu, "Is it okay?""Yes."She bent low and brought her shoulders close so that the breasts showed all the way as possible. The way she bent down, the breasts hung free pulled by their weight and jiggled freely."Is it sexy?""What? Your dancing or the way the boobs jiggle?""Both.""Yes.""You are just telling me to make me happy""No. I have a hardon and I bet so does Motu." Motu also agreed."You both always walk around with a hardon." Rekha could not help laughing out aloud."That's true Bhabhi. Don't know if all guys have such habits.""We can't help it. It does not ask our permission before it gets hard.""Tell me Bhabhi. Did your friends way back always have their dicks up as these desperate guys have theirs?""If Bhabhi had danced the way you danced then they would have had a hardon.""Leave me out of this discussion.""That's not fair at all Bhabhi. You don't trust us though we trust you so much.""Come on now. Let us dance for some time and then sit down and ask Bhabhi if her boyfriends always had a hardon when they were alone with her," Chintu winked at Rekha."Leave me and my boyfriends out of this stupid discussion.""How many were there?""How many of what?" Rekha asked puzzled."You said now to leave you and your boyfriends out of this discussion. So my question was how many of those lucky guys were your boyfriends."Rekha threw a magazine at him. His reflexes were quick.He caught it.They danced for some time. Now that she had removed her bra, the breasts seemed to behave differently. The cup of the bra, no longer confining the breasts, they seemed to have suddenly melted and become more fluid. Chintu was no longer pressing her ass. Instead, he was moving his torso against hers so that the breasts, free of the bra played on his chest. His arms wound around her body like creepers and tried to feel the opening for the arms around the body. He repeatedly became free and made contact again with her breasts."That's a nice tee shirt you have," he said as he pulled away from her."Do you like it?" she asked as she looked down at her front. Her breasts seemed to have become bigger in size and the twin nipples poked through the front like two finger tips."Here let me feel the cloth," he said and without waiting for her answer, he inserted his four fingers of his right hand in the front and pulled the tee shirt out and away from her. Rekha knew that if he looked down as he kept the tee shirt forward, he could look down at her bare breasts."Is it nice?" she asked Chintu who kept gazing at her breasts pretending to look at the tee shirt."Yes. Very nice," he said. Then added, "Let me feel the fabric."He put his four fingers in and then ran his thumb against the index finger. Rekha saw him push the back of his four fingers which were inside on her breasts. Rekha was unsure but almost certain that Chintu had maneuvered to clasp her nipples between his to fingers. He knew that Rekha knew that he knew what was happening between them. This was the boldest thing he had done till now. It was a long way from a harmless hug with which they had started the dance practice only yesterday.Now he was tweaking her nipples and feeling her bare breasts with the back of his palm on the pretext of feeling the fabric. Rekha had to take a split second decision whether she should allow them to proceed or say no. If she did not object, then they would know that they could try more. Rekha kept silent and kept looking at them intently. Alka and Rekha locked their gazes. Rekha shifted her gaze from Alka's eyes to her breasts.It was embarrassing for them to remain silent any longer.Rekha decided to give her consent. But instead of merely giving her consent she walked to the door. She put her finger to her lips and made a "Shhhh" sound indicating them to remain silent. She opened the front door slowly and peeped outside. She put her head out and looked in both the directions. She pulled the door shut softly and latched it again."I wanted to make sure that there is no one lurking outside," she said as she walked to the sofa.Chintu and Alka had remained standing all the time with his fingers inside the front of her tee shirt."There's sancaktepe escort no one there?" asked Alka."No. I wanted to make sure that there s no one." The single seater was hardly two feet from the spot where they were standing. Rekha resumed watching them.Emboldened by her implicit consent, Chintu whispered to her, "You don't want the tee shirt to tear do you?""No," Alka whispered back as if in a trance."Then come closer," Chintu pulled her.She moved a step closer. He pulled the tee shirt forward."Do you think it will tear Bhabhi?" Alka asked Rekha."No I don't think it will tear just by being pulled," Rekha whispered.They all knew what the real translation of the word spoken by them just now. Rekha had given her permission for Chintu looking at Alka's breasts and may be even feeling them. Even in her wild days she had never done anything like letting a guy fondle her breasts in the vicinity of two others who were watching the action. She was getting wet and she faintly felt the cunt oozing wetness. He continued to push his hands around inside and she stood there. The three of them were whispering to each other as if it was a crowded place where they could be overheard. Chintu whispered something to her. Rekha was quick with her reprimand."How many times do I have to tell you that there should be no more secrets among us?""It's not really a secret Bhabhi. He wants to know if there is somebody expected at this time.""No. Not really unless it is somebody unexpected who you cannot predict."Chintu pulled his hand away. Rekha was quiet disappointed. But he had other plans in mind. As mentioned earlier, the tee shirt was a sleeveless one. He put his right hand in through the opening for the arm and pulled the tee shirt out forward. He pulled it forward exposing the side of her breast right up to her nipples. Alka shrank back saying no because unlike earlier now her breast was on display. Earlier when he pulled her tee shirt out only he could see her breasts.He would not take a no for an answer."Bhabhi said its okay, didn't you Bhabhi?""What?" Rekha asked him absent mindedly hoping that they would resume their show."You said it won't tear if I pull it. Alka is afraid that it may tear and says no. Tell her it won't tear Bhabhi.""It won't tear Alka," Rekha said almost whispering.Alka released Chintu's hand which she had kept pressed to her left breast. Chintu slowly pulled the tee shirt forward and while doing so he pulled it to the center of her chest exposing her left breast.That was the first time Rekha was looking at Alka's breast. It stood proudly up as if a very large orange had been cut into two and stuck to her torso. It seemed to defy gravity. It was peaked by a nipple which stood out like the tip of the little finger. It was surrounded by a light brown circle which was nearly honey colored. For a brief moment Rekha caught sight of the bare breast and it was over. Chintu kept pinching the fabric between his thumb and the index finger while at the same time managing to press her boob with the back of his palm."Why don't they stop pretending to be feeling the tee shirt," Rekha wondered.His hand moved all over her boob, now and then stopping to feel her nipple. The breast changed shape as he pressed his palm over it. Rekha could feel the hand over her breast. Her nipple stiffened and she could feel her cunt getting moist. He shifted his hand to the other breast and repeated the maneuver all over again. Alka just stood there letting him explore the breast. Motu who was sitting in a sofa was lost to the world. He did not even wink as if he was afraid of losing even a fraction of the drama.Chintu spun her around so that her ass was in front of his crotch and put his hand inside her tee shirt through the arm opening. His crotch was against her ass. He kept nudging her ass while his hands were busy inside the tee shirt. He was kneading her breast inside the tee shirt. His movement became frantic as if he was fucking her ass. All the time his hands were busy on her breasts. Both her breasts were being mauled and squeezed as if he was kneading dough or squeezing out the juice from an orange. It was getting exciting.Rekha suddenly remembered the time. It was very late and her husband would be on the way."You have to leave immediately Chintu," she seemed genuinely sorry for him. "It is time for them to leave now. I don't want your Bhaiya to come a bit early and catch us with his hand inside your tee shirt and you bra less. He won't believe if you tell him that he is examining your tee shirt.""We have some time Bhabhi," pleaded Alka."No we don't and that is final. What if the traffic is not heavy and he come here some time earlier. Anyway this is not your last day. Come here tomorrow and admire her tee shirt as much as possible."Motu coughed attracting attention. Then Chintu asked Motu if he wanted to dance.Motu and Alka hung around hugging."You are very unfair to Motu. You always dance with Chintu.""That's why I asked you to join us. That way we can take care of both of them and their needs." Hesitatingly she added, "And also ours."Motu got bolder today and he hugged her. Chintu begged Alka to give him another five minutes and pulled Alka for another round of dance. As he was leading her he whispered something in her ears."That's not allowed. There are no secrets between us anymore," Rekha said."What if what we say makes you angry?""Have I got angry with any of you?" "He told me that he is very horny today and I asked him if his girlfriend refused to blow him.""Now that you mention it, I am also curious. Did she?" asked Rekha."You have to tell us now. Even Bhabhi wants to know if your girlfriend sucked you off.""Don't make it sound so crude.""He doesn't mind. And his girlfriend is a great blower, or so he tells me.""Good üsküdar escort boys don't get their girlfriends to do something and tell everyone.""He refused to tell me. But I persuaded him to tell me. Anyway she tells her friend who tells me.""Chintu tell me. Did she?" asked Rekha."Did she what?" asked Chintu as if he did not understand."Did she blow you?""Blow what?"Rekha walked to him and hit his head playfully."You know what I mean.""No. I don't. Come on Bhabhi don't tell me you are shy to mention it."'"I am not shy but I don't want to corrupt you k**s.""Then how corrupted you were when you did what you did with your boyfriends.""I never admitted that I did.""As if you didn't do anything in school and college.""Technically I never did much when I was in school.""Why are you qualifying it as technically?""I will elaborate that later sometime.""Okay not in school but in college." Rekha kept quiet this time. Technically she had not had sex when she was in school. The kissing and hand jobs could not be seriously taken as sex. Then there had been two boys who would shag as she showed her budding boobs. It was then that she realized the power she had over men."What thoughts are you lost in Bhabhi?"She could not help blushing as she faced the three of them. Alka was trustworthy. If she had merely wanted to dig into her past she would not have done what ever she did yesterday and today. She could take the risks. She gathered her courage. There was no need for her to take any initiatives. It was adequate if she led them to open up more and more. She could make it look like they had seduced her into having given her consent if that happened. It was ages since she had discussed with anyone about getting his cock sucked."You are diverting the conversation. Did your girlfriend give you a blow job or not?""Last week. We hardly get a chance to be alone.""Where?""In my garage. We have a closed garage. But it does not have windows. So it is very hot. We just go there finish and come out.""What about her? Does she not want to get something done in return?""Sometimes yes. She is shy. Unlike me she can go on and on when I go down on her.""Bhabhi, is oral sex technically sex? What I mean is, does a girl lose her virginity if she gets oral sex?""No."Rekha knew about Alka's fixation about her desire to remain a virgin till marriage.That night Alka showed Rekha some books which she said they had given."You are too young to see them.""Bhabhi don't tell me that you didn't see such books before marriage.""I must confess that I did.""Who gave them Bhabhi?""You are very inquisitive these days.""Batao na please, Bhabhi.""How would you know if I told you so and so gave it?""I don't want names. Was he your classmate?""Some were and some were close friends." The first time she had confessed to having male friends who were close."How old were you when you saw such books Bhabhi?""You will be surprised. I was fifteen.""And how old was your friend?""Same age.""Was he your classmate?""Neighbour.""You saw them together?""I was afraid. I did not want to see it there after but he persuaded me.""Bhabhi you won't get angry if I tell you something they told me?""I won't get angry.""It's really crude.""It can't be worse than let's say their wanting to have sex with me. Is it worse than that?""I don't know.""Okay tell me.""I teased them about getting sexually aroused and shagging.""You discuss such things with them?""Come on we even discuss it in the class openly before the lecturer comes. It's different these days.""Go on.""We discussed it when we were having ice cream. They confessed that they do it nearly every day. So I asked them what they fantasized when they do it."Rekha was listening."They both said that they fantasize about you more then they did anyone these days.""Badmash log.""Seriously Bhabhi. I hope you are not angry.""Even if I said no they will do it anyway. We can't help it.""Bhabhi even I started touching myself. I am addicted to it. I fantasize about many people. You are lucky you can do it every day. Sometimes I am jealous of you.""You will also do it some day."They looked at the books."Do you do it everyday?""I stopped touching myself a long time ago.""I am not that stupid Bhabhi. I know that. What I meant was if you and Bhaiya do it everyday?""You really are the limit Alka.""Yes or no.""If you must know the truth, then I must tell you that your Bhaiya is not as horny as you are. Not even a fraction of the horniness you show.""It really must be very frustrating then.""Sometimes it is very.""Very frustrating or very horny?""Both."They both burst out laughing.When they come the next day, she knew that she would feel strange looking at them knowing that they felt that way about her. Do they really fantasize minute details of their fucking, she wondered.Alka asked her, "Bhabhi you don't fantasize about them do you?""Why should I fantasize about that when I do it really?""You can imagine that you are with them when you are doing it.""You mean I should let your brother do it and imagine that it is Chintu and Motu doing me?""It's only a fantasy Bhabhi.""It's not fair.""It is only in your mind. You are not letting them do it."Rekha did not reply. She realized that she was pushing her to them."I want to some day watch someone doing it. It should be very exciting to be near two people who are doing it. Have you seen people doing it?"After some silence she said, "Yes.""Have people seen you fucking from close by?""Now you are getting vulgar."They were more open these days. The curtain was no longer there between them.That night she was very wild and pretended that she was getting fucked by Chintu. She came very intensely. The next day Alka asked her before they had come, if she wanted Chintu to teach her some basic movements. She did not reply.The silence was a yes."Of course you can always stop if you don't like it. And poor guy I hope he doesn't bunk classes tomorrow.""Why would he?""I am sure he will masturbate twice or even thrice today if you let him hold you.""You are too much," Rekha told Alka. She was blushing and could not hide it.
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