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ısabelle and the company party

Post #1

ISABELLE AND THE COMPANY PARTYISABELLE AND THE COMPANY PARTYby Isabelle VagabaNate looks adoringly at his beautiful wife. Isabelle is a petite bombshell, barely 5'2" tall she has an angelic face with straight blonde hair and a body to die for. Her skin is light and perfectly unblemished, with large DD cups that look huge on her tiny frame and a narrow waist that ends in a perfect bubble butt and legs that look out of proportion with her body. Nate knows he is very lucky to be married to one of the hottest women he ever seen in his life.Ok, she has a strong personality and, sometimes, an attitude problem. But she can also be smart and fun. Nate feels very submissive when near her. He knows he is not all that good looking, with his skinny body and plain face. He also knows Belle has been something of a wildcat during her college years and she had a reputation for hanging out with the hottest guys.Her girlfriends make sure to tell him lots of details about their 'college fun' that he'd rather not know about. Nate knows he is not well endowed and is not all that good in bed. In fact Belle excites him so much he usually cums a few minutes after they start to have sex. Belle doesn't hide the fact that she is not happy with their sex life and he knows it is his fault. Over all he feels not worthy of the sex goddess he married and could never understand how he managed to conquer her.Now that she started a career at a prestigious company and started to meet new people Nate feels very scared of loosing his beautiful wife. She has been eagerly talking about her girlfriends in the office, the bosses, career openings, some office mischief, mainly the girls having affairs with the guys, their happy hours and all the wildest stuff that happens there. Nate couldn't believe that a work place could be so full of lust and casual sex between coworkers. Now Belle told him the company has set a celebration for all employees in the next days and he is slightly scared of what he may find. Nate is deadly scared of loosing Belle to some stud or to piss her off hard enough for the hot woman to leave him."Ok Nate, this party is really important ok?" Isabelle says as she puts a see through with top in the bag of clothes she'll take to the club. "I am new at this company and I want to get to know everyone in it, I want to have a good personal relationship with them all.""Sure, honey. Am I invited, too? Or is this an employee's only sort of event?" Nate's eyes watch her hand as the lewd top slips into the bag."No, we are supposed to bring the family along." She smiles to her husband. "But please, don't embarrass me. I need to make new friends and I don't want your jealousy to prevent that ok? So far I've made a few girlfriends, but I need to have a good relationship with the guys too.""My jealousy? Honey, when have I ever been jealous?" Nate answers meekly. "And of course I won't embarrass you!""Ok ... I trust you not to embarrass me, sorry darling." Belle says soothing her submissive husband.He smiles sweetly, calmly. "What should I wear?""It is not a formal occasion." She shrugs. "You can dress on jeans and t-shirt.""Are you sure? I wouldn't want to under dress ... how nice is this party?""Don't worry dear, it'll be a very casual kind of party." Nate blushes as he realizes she is browsing her bathing suits. He bites his lips nervously. Nate realizes her coworkers are going to see his hot wife in a bathing suit."Wait, this is a beach party? I-I see..." His eyes widen a little."No, but the club has a pool." Belle zips up the bag with a big smile on her face. "And the drinks are free." She giggles, putting her daring red bikini in her bag."Belle!" Nate's eyes lower down from Belle's face to her neck, then over her shoulders and downwards. "A-are you really wearing that bikini?""Of course I am. I don't want to look stuck up or something." I answer. "I want them to know I'm all fun and cool, not a boring housewife."Isabelle gives her wimpy husband an evil stare and he coils. Nate knows better than piss her off. He knows how vicious she can be when angry. In their relationship she is always the one to yell and he is always the one to yield. The worst part of it is that he knows she can find a much better man than he any day of the week, while he will never be able to even kiss a girl half as hot as she."I ... I see." He smiles, pretending it is ok. "Well, I'm dressed alright? You're sure? Shouldn't I get a swimsuit too?""Trust me. I don't want you to show your body on the pool." She says looking gaziantep escort bayan down at him. "You're not in good enough shape for that." She says mocking him. "But I am sure you'll enjoy all the drinks there and the nice talk to my coworkers.""I-I..." He thinks about complaining, but gives up at her no nonsense face. "Sure, baby. Of course." He nods, blushing a little as he realizes he really is really pretty skinny."Ok. I'm ready, let's go!" Belle says in an enthusiastic voice. She is dressed in a daring miniskirt and a top, Nate can see she is braless, but he doesn't even try to complain. Her sandals are also a little too high, looking sexy but slightly vulgar."Of course, honey." He smiles sweetly. As his wife turns, Nate's eyes drop down her body, over the curve of her delightful ass. He stares in awe at the little skirt, down her legs to the naughty looking shoes. 'She is HOT' he smiles proudly 'and she is my wife'.Nate can feel a heat, a sudden pressure between his legs. He stares at Belle as she walks to the door. His boringly average-length cock starts to swell a little."And remember be nice to all the other guys at the party!" Isabelle says as they leave.The road is long and tiresome, Nate drives all the way. He is not very comfortable with the idea of attending a party that has the fame of becoming wild at its end. Specially since Belle took so long to wake up and doll up herself they are arriving quite late already, just when most families with k**s are supposed to leave it.Part 2One hour later the couple is at the remote club. It is quite cool a place, large, classy and far from the city. It has lots of rooms, a table with snacks and an open bar where two bartenders create all kinds of drinks for the crowd who eagerly grab them.There is a bar stool, looking old fashioned, almost saloon style. It is tall, large enough to cover most of Isabelle's body, if she was to stand behind it, about from half her tits down. Behind the bar stool there are several bottles of beers of different countries, also free for the employs.Nate and Isabelle can see there are already dozens of company families here, and the pool area is filled with the secretaries in bikinis and the guys ogling them, already half drunk. Most of the families are already leaving for the gardens and other parts of the club more suited to c***dren. They know that things can get a little too naughty in these parties. Every year the single employees get bolder at the pool and dance floor."Are the drinks free for spouses too?" Nate smiles, surveying the crowd, wondering if he can take some of the free beverages.The wimpy looking husband notices several guys checking Isabelle out, smiling her way. The guys don't even try to hide it, their eyes survey her hot body in the little skirt and top."Yes, I think so!" Isabelle giggles. She looks very excited to be in this party, the first of her career, in such a prestigious firm. "Oh! There comes one of my co-workers! Let me introduce you to him. He is the manager in my office; even the bosses listen to this guy!" Isabelle grabs Nate's hand and drags him along before he has a chance to get his drink. "Hi Jeff!" Belle waves him, her braless tits sway with it."Hi there, Isabelle!" Jeff smiles, stepping closer. "Wow, you look amazing ... too bad they don't let you dress that way at work, huh?" The muscular man winks, as if he doesn't even see Nate there."Thanks Jeff!" Isabelle giggles like a sluttish schoolgirl. "Oh, this is my husband, Nate.""Hi" He extends his hand to shake, barely moving his eyes away from the curvy blonde. "So ... got a swimsuit under that? Ready to check out the pool?" Jeff grins. "I bet you look even better in a bikini than you do in a mini-skirt."Jeff's look turn a little sly, as Nate starts to blush. The strong man's eyes drop to check out Belle's firm, large breasts. Nate knows he should do something, say something. But he doesn't want to annoy his beautiful wife and she told him she didn't want to see him acting like some possessive jealous husband."Hey do you think I have a bikini under here?" Isabelle asks mocking Jeff's lack of perception. "Hu?" She moves her shoulders playfully, making her jugs sway to show him she's braless."Guess not." Jeff grins happily. His eyes light up as he watches her nipples firm up, as they slip against the fabric of her top. Isabelle's breasts bounce delightfully."No I don't. I'm braless ... but I'll change into a bikini as soon as I can!""Can I watch?" Jeff jokes, grinning. His eyes never leave Belle's breasts, as if her man wasn't standing right there.And rather than make a challenge, Nate just takes it, silently, blushing. Nate feels uncomfortable with the situation. There is another man checking out his wife, enjoying the sight of her sexy body. Yet he doesn't dare to complain and, in fact, he feels strangely proud of her.He feels good to be the husband of such a hottie, even if she is exposing too much of her body, even if he knows the guy in front of him would love to fuck her. The shy and skinny husband sees several guys from her office looking at his wife. Some of them actually point at her while they mutter things to their friends."Of course NOT!" Isabelle says fake enraged. "Well, I think I'm gona change, you can go get us a couple of drinks honey?" She asks her husband."Honey I ah ... sure thing" Nate smiles, walking towards the bar, with a nod to your work friend. The poor husband knows Jeff will stare at Belle's ass when she walks towards the restrooms. But he doesn't want to see it, so he turns his back and leave the two of them alone."Hey Jeff." Isabelle turns to her co-worker. "Do you know where the changing rooms are?" She winks and giggles. "I don't want to get lost in this huge club!""Sure, I'll show you""Please, lead me!" The blonde beauty giggles and follows Jeff."My pleasure!" The tall and muscular man opens a wide smile.He puts an arm around her waist and pulls her closer. Isabelle looks over her shoulder, worried about what her husband might see. But he is still trying to get a drink, with his back to the scene. Soon they turn around the corner to the corridor where the restrooms are located. This art of the building is basically empty, a waiter occasionally passes by, but otherwise it is not as crowded as the main room or the pool area."Oh, here we are!" Belle says as she sees the door with a sign indicating it is a changing room. It is, in fact a group of five different rooms, all rather small. They are individual rooms, not common bathrooms for lots of people."I told you I'd lead you safely." Jeff smiles."Thanks!" Isabelle licks her lips. "I guess it is time to take off my clothes and put that bikini on!""Hey Belle." Jeff grins and leans towards the short girl, still holding her, now with his two large hands on her hips. "Do you think your husband would mind if I help you out?" He whispers, standing close to the married hottie."Not if he doesn't see." Isabelle enters the small room and opens the door wide for Jeff.The strong man slips in, pushing the petite girl up against the wall suddenly, passionately. The door swings shut at the same time Nate takes a sip from the beer at the bar, not aware of what is happening in the far changing rooms. Meanwhile, Jeff's lips are tightly pressing against Isabelle's and his hands slip up under the little mini-skirt."Hey!" Belle purrs. "I have to change!" She feels horny. Her husband hasn't lasted more than five minutes for the last several times they've had sex and left Belle unsatisfied. Of course, he's just not good at sex, so the last time was over a week ago. The petite blonde feels justified to have Jeff make out with her, as a kind of revenge against her sexually incompetent hubby."I'm just helping you out of this skirt." Grins Jeff, his hands tugging at the fabric, feeling her smooth thighs."Ok then." She giggles, taking off her top. "The more help I get, the sooner I'll be in the pool!" Belle is almost nude now, just in her panty and the sandals."Maybe you'll need a swim by the time I finish with you..." Jeff smiles. His hand slips from the skirt to his own pants. His fingers against the zipper, tugging down. The big man is grinning, as his eyes linger on the hot blonde's bare, firm breasts."Jeff!" Her hand grabs his cock. "My husband will get suspicious if we take too long!" She starts to jerk him off. "And anyway, you are my superior in the company, I'm not sure this is proper!" As if to contradict her words, Isabelle cups his balls with the other hand as she keeps pumping his shaft."Better tug fast then, honey ... and maybe I'll put in a good word with management." He winks. Eight stiff and thick inches are wrapped by Belle's soft hand. Two inches longer than Isabelle's husband's boring dick and much fatter."Would you?" She asks wide eyed and masturbates him faster."I'll think about it." He smiles. "Tug me this good every day, and you'll soon be promoted...""I love these company parties. It is such a good place to make contacts!" Belle giggles and presses her large tits to Jeff's chest while wanking him eagerly. "Your cock is so BIG!""Bigger than that little bitch of a husband you showed up here with?" He smiles, pushing against her hand. The tall man feels her firm breasts on his chest and his hands slip up, to cup Isabelle's firm, full breasts. Soon he is squeezing, rubbing and cupping them as he grins happily."Yes, at least two inches!" Belle nods enthusiastically. "Will you cum for me Jeff?" She purrs."Maybe I will." He grins. He winks feeling the blonde's soft hand stroke his solid cock. Jeff puts his hands on her shoulders and presses her lightly to knee down. "We wouldn't want this to take too long and have your husband figure things out, would we?" Feeling little resistance as she starts to bend over, he gets bolder and jokes. "And I do cum quite a lot. I could end up staining your clothes, so you better put your lips to work.""I'd not want Nate to think we are doing anything inappropriate ... and I wouldn't like you to spoil my top!" Belle reasons and gets on her knees in front of Jeff, taking the cock tip into her mouth and slurping over it."Ohhh, yeah. That's it." He grunts smiling down at Isabelle eagerly. "That new girl in accounting gave me a good tug yesterday ... but now that you're on your knees, I think it shows you're more dedicated. The next promotion is yours Isabelle."Belle looks up still with her mouth full of cock and winks to her superior. She starts to bob her head fast and hard, swallowing the large pole with easy, showing she is not new to giving head.He grins, happily. Jeff is actually amazed since it is the first time in a year that he's had a deep throat suck like this, belle is really able to swallow the shaft to the hilt and suck all the way back without gagging. She had a lot of practice in her college years, sometimes she spent hours at frat parties giving head to dozen of guys."That's it ... oh, fuck! Another one of these this week and you'll be on the fast track for sure." He moans, eagerly pushing his hips to sink the stiff eight incher pole deeper. Isabelle presses down until she feels her cute nose pressed to Jeff's pubes and his balls slapping her chin."Fuck, you're GOOD at it!" He grunts, his hands slipping to Isabelle's hair, holding her and guiding the rhythm of her sucking."Gonna be my cumslut in the office now, Belle?" Jeff's firm stiff meat wedged fully in the blonde's throat.Isabelle doesn't let the cock go as she nods slowly. Jeff grins and starts to throb hard, pumping suddenly. This was too much for the hunky man. A sticky and heavy gush of semen flows down Isabelle's throat. While his balls tighten against her chin, his hands release her hair. The hot blonde opens her throat and let the first shot go down the hatch.She moves her head to start bobbing it again. Jeff's hips start to buck, thrusting wildly as he drives his cumming, fat cock, into her throat again and again, squirting deep. Suddenly he pulls back, letting the last spurts of semen gush across Belle's tongue. Wet and thick ropes of semen fill her mouth. The pole never stops throbbing between her lips."Does your hubby give you that much?" Jeff grins, watching Isabelle swallow again. He knows her tongue is smeared with semen, with his heavy thick load.Isabelle does her best not to gag as she shakes her head 'no'. Before she married, Belle had a very wild sex life, especially during her college years. Only now she realizes how much she misses it! Belle keeps the last drops of cum in her mouth and quickly puts her bikini, putting the skirt and top into her bag."Got to go, exit the changing room in a minute!" She speaks, trying not to spill the cum.She winks and exits the small changing room. Isabelle walks swiftly back to the main room, back to her hubby. She finds him sitting there at the bar, sipping his beer. Nate can't help but wonder how long it takes to change out of a little top and mini skirt into a bikini!"Honey ... that took a while!" He grins, watching her strut over to him in those hot sandals and tiny red bikini.Belle grabs the drink on his left hand and drinks it in one single gulp, along the rest of the cum. She notices Nate had more than a few beers in the time she sucked off Jeff. He is not drunk, but is positively more relaxed and has a silly smile on his face."Oh, it wasn't easy to tie the bikini in my back!" She says casually."Worth the wait, though. You look great." Nate smiles, unaware of what was in his wife's mouth before the drink."Thank you, you are a sweet!" Isabelle kisses him lightly on the lips as she takes her husband's hand and guides him to the pool area. "Let's have some fun!"
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