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A terrible doubt about my mature wife Rossella

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A terrible doubt about my mature wife RossellaMy wife Rossella is a gourgeous woman and is almost 50 yo, even if she seems 35.She?s tall and slim even with the years her ass have grown up.Her tits are small but still firm with adorable nipples.She?s very shy and doesn?t like to exhibit herself and neither speak about sex.But when in bed she totally changes: she likes so much to be rough fucked in doggystyle and she always come two or three times moaning aloud.It is a lot of time that I? d like to see her face when she get the climax.I often propose to film our performances but she doesn?t want.During an hot intercourse I tell her that I imagine to allow a young stud fucking her in front of me while watching her tits bouncing: she stop fucking and go away from bedroom.After some time during another sex session I made her admit that she?d like to be fucked by George Clooney (that is her idol), astonished for the confession I asked her if I could watch them and she answer ?maybe?.Two month ago during our winter vacation in gaziantep escort Cuba we were in the beach and she asked to me to put sun lotion on her back.I hate to have oiled hands and joking I propose to pay the beachboy to do this job.Since she doesn?t say no I call Julio, a young mulatto about 20 yo, and give him 10 dollars.Watching his hands going up and down on tanned Rossella was so exciting!I tell him to move her swimsuit to avoid white sign and he rolls the panties showing her sweet big ass. I was risking to come in my pants!She does?t say a word and seems to appreciate the long massage, but when I tell her to turn on her back for creaming also her front side she was?t agree.The last day before our return home, late in the afternoon, after the shower Rossella called to me for rubbing her after sun cream.?You know that I hate it, if you agree I can call to Julio??I don?t mind who do it, I only need cream?I found Julio near the pool and ask him to come in our bungalow, he smiled and declared to be very happy because my wife is so sexy for him.We arrived in our room and Rossella was lying on the stomach over the bed, naked with only a small towel across her ass.A beautiful vision for both.Julio gulped a couple of times, looked at me waiting for my okWithout saying a word I give him the cream and immediately he keep his t-shirt off remaining only with his long swimsuit.He sit on Rossella?s legs and start to massage her neck.He slowly go down and when he arrived to her hips my wife spontaneously get off the towel from her ass.It seems to be an invite for Julio that start to put the cream onto her ass.He go down massaging the high part of her left thigh, and spread a little her legs.When Julio passed to other leg my wife spread them a little bit more, so from my position on a chair I can catch a glimpse of her trimmed pubic hair.The room was too dark to see her snatch but I bet it was a little wet.That brown hands were dangerously near her pussy.I cannot resist and had to go outside.I was upside down and really confused: it was the chance I wait for years, but the reality is different from dreams.I took a decision: holding my breath I came in the room, get a condom from my beauty case and put it into Rossella?s handI whisper in her ear ?Behave yourself, I go to drink a beer? and without wait for an answer I run outside.I spend about twenty minutes in the bar drinking three o four beers, feeling nervous as never been in all my life.Cannot resist anymore so I go back to our bungalow.The door was open, I take a look inside fearing of what I would see.Rossella was alone on the bed, still naked but partially covered by a sheet, maybe sleeping.She was splendid, with her tanned body all shimmering of cream.Her face was a little reddish, maybe for the sun.Immediately I searched for the condom but cannot find it, it wasn?t on the cushion, neither on the floor or in the basket.I had to run in bath and as long as I get my cock in hand I immediately sprayed a huge load of sperm on the floor.Three weeks are passed since that afternoon and we never speak about what really happened and I still do not know if that condom was used or not.
11-06-2021, at 12:46 AM

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