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black biker

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black bikerGoing out to clubs and bars with my girlfriends is one of my favorite things to do. We always have a really good time and we usually meet new people while we are out. One thing I love about as much as black guys is black guys on motorcycles. And when we saw a few guys on crotch rockets us drink girls couldn?t resist saying something. And I lead the way introducing myself and my friends. Right away I noticed Aaron took interest in me while the other two guys seemed annoyed with my friends. Aaron was not only black and cute he owned a hot bike and from what I could tell a hot black body. After talking we quickly had numbers exchanged and he let me up on his bike for a minute before he and his buddies left.After they left my two friends asked what was up with me and Aaron. These are two of my friends who have no idea about my love for black men and black cock.?He?s so black!? my friend Natalie joked.?You know what they say?? my other friend Debra joked.?Hey! I like black guys!? I said.?Does your Dad know?? joked Natalie.?Hell no.? I joked back.This is where the conversation took a life of it?s own and I found out that out of the 3 of us I was the only one who had gone black. And of course Natalie and Debra teased me and of course brought up the fact that I had a loving white boyfriend at home. In my drunken state I admitted to them that I was seriously considering hooking up with Aaron.?He is hot!? they both added.I didn?t let either of them in on how many black guys I had been with. And they were both kind of pissed that I never let them in on me going black. So of course I had to give them every detail over some more drinks. And after a couple more drinks I admitted hooking up with black guys behind with permission of my white boyfriends. This information shocked them and added a whole new line of questioning. kayseri escort They of course wanted to know which of my boyfriends let me hook up with black guys and I admitted it was my current one Joshua.Enough with the ladies for now. It didn?t take long before I was texting with Aaron back and forth. And soon found out he was only 22. And yes I am only 26 but still made me feel a bit old.?Are you the same as all the other white girls?? he sent me one day.?What do u mean?? I asked.?U know jungle fever??? he replied.?BUSTED!? I replied.?does your bf know about it?? he asked.?Yes and approves.? I replied.?Is he gonna be cool with us fucking all the time?? he boldly asked.?LMAO! He doesn?t have a choice!? I sent back.Yet another black guy who knows how to talk to a white woman honestly.?I?ll pick u up on my bike tomorrow, and get at that pussy.? he sent.?Sounds good to me! I can?t wait : )? I typed back to him.Soon enough I was on the back of his bike feeling the vibration from the ride in my thighs and pussy as I hung onto Aaron for dear life. I loved riding on his bike but I honestly couldn?t wait to be riding his black dick! We arrived at his place he said he shared with 3 other guys. Once inside he led me into his room. And then we were kissing. Pressing my white lips against his black juicy lips felt so natural. And sent chills up and down my spine! I literally had goosebumps as we kissed and embraced. Which led to our hands wandering all over each others bodies. Which led to me feeling up his black dick covered by his jeans.I had Aaron?s jeans unzipped with his cock hanging out with my small fingers tightly wrapped around the girth. Had his ebony hand buried in my white panties making me man and kiss his neck hard.?You white girls are too easy!? Aaron said.?Nope, we just know what we want!? I replied short of breath,I pressed my hands under Aaron?s shirt feeling up his tight black muscular body. As he kissed my neck hard. We both let each others hands explore freely as clothes slowly began to come off. I moved both of my hands down his hot black body. Stopping at his larger than normal black erection. I stroked it with both of my hands as we pressed our lips together once again. My jeans and panties were off and on the floor as I squatted down his black cock in my hands as I fed the tip into my warm mouth. I made eye contact with Aaron as I stretched my thick white lips around the girth of his black dick.?MMMMHHHHHHHHH!!!!? I let out as I covered his black cock with my spit while pressing my lips against the tip of his black dick.Aaron smiled at me as he moaned loudly placing his hand on the back of my head. Bobbing my head up and down I pleasured him while holding and playing with his smooth heavy black balls with my small white hands. Eventually he couldn?t take it any longer he had to have my warm white pussy hole. He had me stand up and then turned me around he had me bent over with my legs spread wide. He played with my wet cunt first fingering it preparing it for his black cock.?Your Dad doesn?t know you into black dick does he?? he joked,?Hell no!? I replied laughing a bit.?He would drop dead!? I added making him laugh.Aaron spread my lips wide pushing his head passed them. And within minutes he was just fucking me. Flat out fucking me fast and furious. Smacking my white booty while he thrust in and out of my horny white girl pussy. And I was cumming.?Ungh!!!? I let out and then a series of breaths in and out.I admit I was panting like a dog as Aaron fucked me with length of his black cock holding onto my big white booty as he did. After fucking in and out pleasing my wet pussy. He asked if I wanted to ride his black dick. Within moments I was climbing on top of him getting ready to ride his black dick at high speeds! Even though I enjoyed riding on the back of his bike. I knew I was going to enjoy riding his black shaft just a little bit better! He sat back on the couch and I straddled his body letting his black cock slide into my now wet and stretched out white pussy. I rode him hard and fast with his arm around my waist I pressed my juicy lips against his while his hand fondled my breasts playing with my rock hard erect nipples.I soon broke the kiss arching my back as he placed my titty nipples in his mouth causing me to moan louder and louder enjoying every second of it. Even though Aaron was young he knew exactly how to touch me, talk to me, and knew exactly when and what to do. And he did it exactly when I wanted it. He had my pussy cumming hard on his cock again.?I wanna nut on your face!? He said as I slowed downWithout hesitation I got down on my knees as he stood. I held his wet black cock in my little white hand squeezing and stroking aiming his cock at my pretty white freckled face. Just moments later my cute white face was being blasted with his thick cum. Thick gobs of warm black guy cum covered my face rolling down my cheeks some of it rolling right into my wide open mouth. My eyes closed knowing if I opened them cum would be in my eyes. I heard a click sounded like a camera phone taking a picture!?OMG! Did you just take a picture?? I asked.?It?s for my personal collection I promise.? Aaron responded handing me a towel.Maybe a half hour later we were back on his bike as he dropped me off at my door. I kissed him on the lips once again hugging him. Telling him we should do it again. Something you should never really say because then they know how bad you want them and they will string you out like you are a crackhead. But how could I not tell the truth I love black men and black cock too much not to.
11-06-2021, at 01:28 AM

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