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Mind Fuck

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Mind FuckIt was around 8 P. M. and we were gathered around my friends kitchen table. There were five of us in total. The four of them had been out the night before still somewhat recovering from the nights adventure. My good friend Chris had just celebrated his birthday. He also was still recovering from the fuck he had too. There was some generic rock music playing on the stereo and my other friend Tom offed up some drinks. It was his house and being a proud Irish man he had quite the selection of alcohol to choose from. I scanned the bar and came across Jameson '12. After all of us had a drink in hand the four of them reminisced about the previous night. Scott, my other friend was a bit older, around 45, began talking about how the party was great and how the lesbians were getting it on the night before. Interestingly enough, my ex-girlfriend was one of the lesbians unaware of her the actions she was involved with would come back to me. I found it amusing, yet when you are still involved with a circle of friends, the information does not stay secret for long. I didn't involve myself with the conversation and kept relatively quite about the knowledge knowing there was nothing I could do about it or her. Yes, it did sting, but it also gave me a fit of anger that kayseri escort I hadn't been with anyone since we separated. Finding this knowledge almost freed me of this and I felt it was almost a mission to fuck that night.Eventually, the conversation would be directed to my friends sexual exploits from the night before. Again, Chris was celebrating his birthday when Tom helped hook him up with a female friend of his that he had known for a few years. They had pretty rough sex from Chris' account and he stated how much of a slut she was.We were just about ready to go and just around the time the cab showed up Tom got a call from the same girl. She wanted to know if Chris was going to be out and Tom said, "Of course". She said she would would meet us where ever we were going. Upon hearing this, Chris was not thrilled conceding that he didn't want to be with her again.We arrived at the bar and sure enough she was there waiting for us. She gravitated toward Chis and gave him a hug. He proceeded to rub her clit and tease her. She then locked eyes with me. Unphased by her "fuck me" eyes, I looked straight into her then walked past to the bar.Knowing she did not receive the full attention she so desired she broke from Chris and after me. She was about to introduce herself when Chris came up and said to her, "You need to take him to the bathroom and suck his cock". She didn't, however at that moment she did press her D tits up against me and slowly work her way down my body and push her face into my cock. The patrons who were watching were frozen in amazement of what had just transpired.I knew she was going to want me more than anything at this point. I also knew she was going to be to easy. I wanted more than just a one night stand. I wanted her to feel something she feared more than anything, something.Giving her minimal attention throughout the night and teasing her subtlety kept her pining for more. She and I both knew we were going to fuck, but how and why was more valuable to me than just the cock in the pussy. Owning a woman's mind is much more powerful than their pussy alone. That is what I get off on. The perpetual lust. The need, the want, the insatiability of more.The night speed on and she was at the point of near agony in need of me. Eventually, I conceded and joined her at her home. Admitting she was a player, I told her "What does it matter, what matters is that you are honest about who you are and what you want, it's the freedom to let go that will make you feel things you never thought possible".After caressing each other and her breaking her rule of "no kissing on the lips" we came together. Her pussy clamped down hard on my cock. It sent a shock-wave throughout my body. I hadn't felt something so warm and so tight in a long time. It was almost as if I were fucking anally. The pleasure began to mount as our bodies grew hotter and hotter. Moaning out my name she turned over and thrust her ass up in the air for me to do her doggy. Pounding away I kept smacking her ass and her moans intensified. I then grabbed her and we fell to our side and kept thrusting away. At this point her body was as if it was on fire. Her soft, perfectly shaped round ass cushioned each thrust and I held tight to her bountiful tits. Eventually, I could take no more and pulled out and sprayed my cum all over her body.Exhausted, we laid there caressing each other saying naughty things of how nasty and slutty we were wading in our sexual lust. It was nothing less than pure sex.She turned to me and kissed me. It didn't matter, she was too much for me mentally, she couldn't know more of what I was capable of giving her, and more importantly what she was willing to give herself.As she lead me out she said something interesting, "I need a picture of you so I remember your handsome face and those lips I once refused to kiss. We need to do things backwards and go on a date now".
11-06-2021, at 01:31 AM

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