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my first cuckolding

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my first cuckoldingSo the night arrived and i found her getting ready for her young black stud. she is in her late thirties and a very hot woman. big boobs lovely legs a peach of a bum and a sexy gorgeous face. she has always liked black men and is a bit of a cougar for the young bulls in her area. when i got their she was getting ready for omar a mid twenties black guy who she had found very hot. she had met him the previous day and he had given her a good fucking. she had texted me after he had gone that he was very well endowed and that her pussy was sore from the good hard fucking Lol!. this got me hard and she had arranged for me to watch tonight. he had said that i could watch but not join in, she looked so hot it was a real turn on seeing the trouble she had taken to pepare for this bull. a basque and thong that i of course had bought her that day and fishnet stockings and heels. her sexy curves kayseri escort were accentuated by the outfit and her make up and hair made her look more than ever the sexy sluttish milf that any man black or white would relish. omar certainly did . he smiled wolfishly when she entered the room in her provocative lingerie. to reassure him i was not gay i told him i just wanted to see her being fucked properly and as i was over fifty she needed a younger bigger stud to stisfy her. well i had hoped to join in and have her give me a long hot kiss while he fucked her doggy style. when he led her to the bedroom she wiggled her hips and i foolowed behind them. in the room he quickly took of his clothes to reveal a very big hard black cock that was pointing upwards and verry ready. after very little foreplay as she was clearly very wet he pulled her on to his lap and that massive tool entered her in a single thrust that took her breath away. she started to ride him reverse cowgirl style and i had a mind blowing view of her pussy from behind being lowered up and down on to that rock hard cock. this guy really was a stud and fucked her long and hard . he had laughed when she put the condom on him as it was clearly too small. in the next half hour he went through 3 condoms with his size and hard fucking. she had come three times when again with a wolfish smile he said the last one was broken andned on she could not resist his bare black cock. she just lowered her cunt on to his cock. he sooned turned her on to her knees and with her thong pulled aside to accomodate his cock he took her doggy style hard and long. i was nearly coming myself as she always made me wear a condom. as she arched her bag to raise her gorgeous bum in the air he thrust into her . bareback and balls deep his long fat hard black cock really fucked her now varying his pace in short strokes followed by hard deep and powerful thrusts. she started to moan louder and squealed as she had a masssive orgasm. both her juices were sliding down that awesome black cock as he gave it to her and with a meaningful look at me he fucked her with all his might. she was loving it and was crying out for more of his cock. as he quickened his pace she cried out you can fuck me any time omar oh god i need this so bad. say your my slut and that i own you bitch!. tell him how your my slut now and love it! he gasped breathless. she screamed breathless too yes yes! i am your slut and you can fuck me whenever you want whether he likes it or not , i just love your body and your cock!. with a few rapid strokes he grunted and emptied his big balls into her pussy. after a minute he rose and proudly gestured to her gaping red pussy as a lake of black cum emerged. as he got his coat i started to lick his come and clean her pussy.
11-06-2021, at 01:55 AM

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