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Vacation With Teens - Episode 1 - The Meeting

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Vacation With Teens - Episode 1 - The MeetingBefore you read the story, here are the girls from this first episode.EmiliaJoanaAlexandraIvanaEpisode One - The MeetingIt was about 10am when Emilia left her room. Wearing her panties and her brother's shirt she slowly made her way to the bathroom, taking her towel from the clothes horse on the way. She found herself lucky that the bathroom wasn't being used, her house only had one bathroom for herself, her parents and 2 brothers. After a quick shower she felt livelier, she wrapped her teen body inside her towel and went back to her room. Her backpack stood at the edge of her bed. "It's not that much" she said to herself, looking at her self-packed bag "probably less then 25 pounds". She quickly dressed herself, took her bag and went downstairs. In the kitchen she found her parents. Her mother was baking something but she couldn't make out what it was, her dad was reading the newspaper. She gave them both a kiss and said she was leaving. Refusing her moms advice to take breakfast, she jumped on her bike and set off.Alexandra was already waiting for her when Emilia got to her place. Sitting on her bike, ready to set off."Wow, in a hurry?" Emilia shouted as she approached. Alexandra smiled. Emilia stopped her bike next to hers and gave Alexandra a kiss on the lips. A bit more passionate then what you would usually expect, but not enough to make out that they were lesbians or something like that. Alexandr was the prettiest girl Emilia had ever seen, and she still had to meet the person who disagreed with that. Her boobs might not have the same glory as Emilia's, but she had the cutest face and long hair. She was even more beautiful when she was smiling, which was most of the time."I'm so excited" Alexandra exclaimed with a grin. "I barely slept tonight"."Ouch, then you're going to be worn-out when we leave," Emilia responded with a laugh "you're not going to get much sleep tonight either."They both laughed and stepped on their pedals.When Alexandra and Emilia arrived at Ivana's place, she wasn't standing there ready as Alexandra was. But neither of the girls expected it."I'll get her" Alexandra said, as she stepped of her bike and went to ring the doorbell. She heard noise inside so she was certain somebody was home. She looked over her shoulder to see Emilia on her bike, with her hand on her hips. "You look like a model" Alexandra smilingly called at her brunette friend. Emilia was about to call something back, but the door opened. A beautiful Spanish girl stood there. "Hey Ivana"."Hey Babe," Ivana said as she flirtatiously put her hands around Alexandra's neck and kissed her. "What brings you here?" she said teasingly."Ivana... don't tell me you're not ready yet" Emilia said from afar with a glimpse of disappointment."Ok, then I won't tell you" she replied with a laugh.Alexandra put her hands around Ivana's waist and was looking into her eyes at this point. Their faces just inches away from each other from the kiss that had just taken place. "Are you ready?" she asked silently in her ear, almost a whisper."I just need to make my backpack" she answered with a smirk on her face. "You going to help me out?"Once again Alexandra looked over her shoulder at Emilia: "She just needs to pack."Emilia hopped off her bike, "I knew it" she said and let out a loud sigh.They both loved the playful Ivana and weren't actually bothered by her inattentiveness. But for some reason Emilia sometimes had the need to act as if it did.---Thirty minutes later when they had finally packed Ivana's bags, they were ready to go to Joana's."I can't believe it took us almost an hour to fill your bag, while I had mine ready in 10 minues." Emilia complained."Aw, c'mon I needed to make sure I didn't forget anything" Ivana said while she slapped Emilia on the butt "besides... you got to see my room again fethiye escort now.""Very interesting." Emilia replied with an ironical voice."C'mon girls." Alexandra grinned.---Arriving at Joana's place, Ivana was the one who was most relieved. As of the girls' bags, her backpack definitely weighed the most."Hey!!! Finally," Joana came running in at them, she shouted "Did Ivana keep you guys busy again?" No one bothered to answer that question and they greeted each other with kisses. Matthew, Joana's boyfriend was there too. He also got kisses, but only on the cheeks. Unlike the way the girls greeted each other."You girls ready to leave tomorrow?" he asked no one in particular."Yeah, totally ready." Alexandra answered with a smile. She was about to say something about their trip, but remembered that Matthew wasn't coming along since there wasn't any space. So she kept it for herself, not wanting to make him feel bad for not being allowed to come. "I wonder if he's okay with it, that Jo picked us over him," she thought to herself "I'll ask her tonight.""Dad is preparing the barbecue already," Joana said "are you all hungry yet?"They had to admit they weren't hungry yet, but Ivana said that swimming would probably encourage their appetite. So they ran into the backyard where the swimming pool was.Joana was already in her bikini, her breast were slightly smaller than Emilia's. But she was certainly chestier then Alexandra and Ivana. Her blonde-brown hair was still wet from the swimming she had just done and stuck to her skin all around her face. "Have you seen my hair band," she asked Matthew as the other girls went into the house to change into their bikinis.He let his index finger stroke her cheek."No I haven't." He whispered, while looking closely into her eyes. He used his finger to sweet her hair behind her ears, bringing his face closer to hers. They had been together for quite some time, but looking into her eyes like this still gave him that feeling. That feeling of excitement, passion...She could feel his breath on her lips. Soon their lips touched and not long thereafter their tongues. Joana's teenage boobs were pressed against his chest her nipples hardening under the soft fabric. She felt his cock do the same, she moved her hand towards his crotch to take him, to hold him. But before she got to that point she realized they were practically standing in public. At the front of her house.She untangled herself from his hands, moved back from his mouth, and smiled at him. "Not here." she whispered.He moved his head closer again: "Let's go upstairs."She wanted to. But not right now, the girls are changing inside. "Later." she whispered back at him."Later? Tomorrow you're leaving me for a week?" he did his best to sound as desperate as possible. This wasn't hard, because he was really going to miss her. "I want you now.""You'll have me later. Today. I promise." she quickly kissed the top of his nose and took his hand to lead him into the backyard.---Meanwhile the other girls had run into the large backyard to reach the living room where they would change into their bikinis. Joana's dad, Robert, had indeed already started the barbecue when they saw him. Alexandra remembered the first time she saw Robert."Hey girls" he called when he saw the three girls run into the backyard."Hi" Emilia and Ivana called back. They both walked up to him to greet him with a kiss on the cheek. Alexandra was more hesitating, Robert wasn't wearing a shirt, because of the hot weather. She came closer as the other girls were already going inside."Hey, Alexandra, right?" He said as she approached."Yeah", she answered with a smile, he knew her name! "Hi Robert." She gave him a quick kiss. "Mmmh, stubble is kinda nice," she thought as she moved her head back "If I have a boyfriend, I'll make him have stubble.""The barbecue smells nice," escort fethiye she said, trying to say something positive."Thanks," he said clearly appreciating the compliment "Let's hope it tastes as good."In the mean time her eyes had to gone all over his chest and arms. "Does he works out a lot," she wondered, not daring to ask him. Instead she took her eyes of his chest and replied: "I'm sure it'll taste delicious.""Such a handsome face." she thought and smiled at him. He smiled back and looked into her eyes. Only for a second perhabs, but it felt like a lot longer. She knew she was going to blush if this held on any longer and quickly turned her head away. Then made a run for it to the living room.---Emilia had only just passed the sliding glass door, which provides passage from the living room to the backyard, when she felt hand at her waist tickling her. "Ivana!" she shouted out in laughter "Please, no!"Ivana stopped the tickling, but she didn't remove her hands. Emilia turned around with Ivana's hands still around her waist. Ivana tried to kiss her, but with a smile on her face Emilia slowly walked backwards to avoid her kiss. Soon the hands around her waist became arms. This dance continued until Emilia couldn't move back anymore and plopped into a sofa. Immediately Ivana climbed on top of her with her legs spread and her friend tapped in between them. She moved her fingers to Emilia's belly to threaten a new round of tickling coming up. Unwilling to suffer, she eagerly gave in to Ivana and brought her face forward. The fingers that were just used to threaten Emilia now found themselves under the fabric of her top stroking her soft belly, whilst the lips of the two teenagers made contact. Emilia's hands weren't idle either as they went over the skinny back of her spanish friend. Ivana was the first to open her mouth and let her tongue forced Emilia to open her mouth even further. Making room for Ivana's tongue to explore the inside of her friend's mouth."Mmmm... Ivana..." Emilia moaned in excitement.Ivana's hands moved even higher underneath the top of the brunette. Until they reached her bra. She used the tips of her fingers to pick the fabric. The bra moved downwards, but only a small amount. When she tried to tighten her grip on the fringe it slipped loose from her fingers. Emilia's young boobs didn't leave any room for their casing to sk**.This was when Alexandra entered the living room. She saw her two friends in the couch, watching them she got a bit excited too. Or was it Robert that had excited her? She wasn't sure.The girls had noticed Alexandra had entered the room and Ivana let herself slip off Emilia, into the couch. "You want to join?" Ivana asked with a devilish smile on her face "Or are we getting changed?""Help me get changed, Ivana." Emilia mumbled, still unable to get up with Ivana's right leg on her lap.Soon both girls were naked in the couch. Ivana stood up and started to look inside the bags for their bikinis. Meanwhile Alexandra had set herself down in the couch next to Emilia. Alexandra still had her clothes, but Emilia was naked."Your boobs are so pretty," she said smilingly to Emilia as she took one into the palm of her hand and started to play with it. Her nipples were still hard from the make-out session with Ivana, so she used her fingers to play with Emilia's nipple. The bodies of the girls were free game for each other, and Emilia just enjoyed the hand of Alexandra and let her do. It didn't take long before Alexandra had the idea to lick her own fingers and smear the saliva out all around her friends' nipple."I found them," Ivana interrupted. Proudly presenting a bikini set in each hand. They quickly put them on and in the mean time Alexandra had found her own bikini. Her bad wasn't such a mess as Ivana's, making her search considerably shorter than her spanish friend's bikini-search."C'mon fethiye escort bayan Alex," Emilia said, clearly eager to get back outside in the sun again. "Get changed."Although her friends were comfortably getting naked in someone else's living room, this didn't mean Alexandra was. What if Matthew comes in? Or Robert? "I'm going upstairs to change." she timidly announced."Why?" Emilia had expected Alexandra wouldn't dare changing here. Seeing how she kept her clothes on while both other girls were naked."I don't want Matthew to see me." she explained and left the room, before her friends could say anything more.Ivana and Emilia looked at each other. "No wonder she's still a virgin," Emilia jokingly remarked.---By the time Alexandra came back outside, Matthew had just finished helping Ivana rub on her suntan. Joana was face down on a big towel clearly trying to get a tan. The top of her bikini was lying open, to avoid tan lines. In the swimming pool she found Emilia, swimming like a dolphin from one side to the other and back. As she moved her arms there were almost no wrinkles to be found in the crystal-clear water. Next to the barbecue stood Robert, still grilling the meat. Instead of going to her friends Alexandra walked over to him. As she came closer she noticed the sweat dripping down his back. She was now almost directly behind him, but he hadn't notice her yet. Too concentrated on flipping over some pork chops. "When do we get to taste?" Alexandra asked in a friendly way.Robert, a bit startled: "Oh, hey Alexandra. Euhm..." He pointed to some burned sausages and pieces of chicken. "I'm sorry, some go burned... Joana asked me to help her with her suntan.""Huh,... why didn't Matthew help Jo with that?" the pretty Alexandra asked "He's helping Ivana too.""Well Matthew helped Emilia and Ivana, I helped Joana," he said with a smile "I think Joana was more comfortable with her boyfriend helping her friends, instead of her dad."Alexandra giggled and smiled back at him: "I'm gonna need some help too," she looked over her shoulders: "And it seems like Matthew and the girls are busy." Emilia was indeed still in the pool, Ivana had positioned herself face down next to Joana and Matthew was sitting on Joana's back with his legs to either side of her, giving her a massage.""And let these burn again?..." he looked at Alexandra and started to notice how beautiful she was. He had only seen her once before today, and a curiosity took him, he wanted to touch her smooth teen body. It took him a few seconds to finish his answer, not wanting to sound provocative. "Uh... I guess I can help you out after these are done." he said, surprising himself by how insecure he sounded.A last glimpse on her face as she turned around revealed a smile. "What a beauty." He thought, as Alexandra walked back over to the other teens.---Suddenly she felt something blocking the sun on her back. She knew it was Matthew as he sat himself down on her ass."Need a massage Jo?" he asked her, knowing what the answer would be.A happy "Mmmmmh" escaped her mouth. She knew Matthews massages were actually just him stroking her back, but she still enjoyed it. And her bikini-top being open gave him access to her naked back. "Is he doing this because of my promise?" she wondered. Her answer was partially answered by the feeling of his cock on her right butt cheek. "A semi." She thought, not erect, but not limp either.As he leaned more forward to reach her shoulders, Joana could feel him even better through the two layers of cloth. At a point he was leaning so far, his body almost touched her spine and he was nearly laying down on her. "The house is empty now." He whispered into her ear. His hands had gone down from her back, to the sides of her chest. Since her top was still open, he could stroke the onset of her boobs from the side."After dinner." Was her reply.If she gave into him now, her massage would be over."It's better to keep him waiting a little longer." She thought to herself, feeling somewhat naughty and guilty about her thoughts at the same time.To be continued...
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