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How my fetish with panties got started with the Ex

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How my fetish with panties got started with the ExWhen I first met my ex, she lived in another state...We carried on phone conversations for quit awhile b4 I actually went to see her or before she actually came and stayed with me...Even then it was 3 months before we finally had sex on January 12th, 1994 when she came to stay with me one weekend...I'll never forget, because when I went to go down on her she didnt know what to do...When I started licking her pussy she at first tried to pull me up, but I wouldnt stop...That was the first pussy I had in three years, and I love licking pussy, probably more than actually fucking it...It wasnt long though I thought maybe I should stop so I started to quit, but then she pushed me back down...I made her cum in no time...I later found out that was the first sex she had had in about three years and the first time someone ate her pussy and it felt good...Gene Simmons has nothing on my tongue...Anyway, that finally set up what would be the best sex night of my life...About a month after that I went to see her...I picked her up and we got a Hotel room...We had a quickie, after that first licking, every time I seen her the first thing she made me do was lick her pussy real quick...No complaints though cause she kept it shaved and always wore a sexy pair of panties...There was an adult store a few doors down from the hotel and we decided we would just go in and look...She had never been in one b4 she said and I said the same...It was amazing when we went in...They had clothing, toys, videos, you name it...Nothing like the ones Ive seen...We looked around and we went to the clothing section and I talked her into getting this very sexy, skimpy, royal blue outfit...Royal blue on a blonde just turns me on to no end...And to know there was a shaved pussy, pretty pink nipples underneath, I was ready to blow right there...She was really shy and had never wore this type of clothing before...She was actually a rough edged girl who didnt show her feminine side at all but I knew she had one, I just had to get it out...The outfit was a pair on nylons, a bra, panties,
11-07-2021, at 05:11 PM

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