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One Hot Bath time

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One Hot Bath timeOne day,back in the late 1980's ,Lita not her real name,was running some errands,in a very fine day .she finally done, and was heading her way to the bathroom to take her shower.Hanging her towel off the peg.She then remove her dress and undies wet and smelled from the sweat from the morning's work.Turning the shower on,she got busy with her hair, untying the rubber bond been clinging on.She wet her hair first and applied ample amount of shampoo,massaging her hair with the shampoo,she then rinsed it with the running shower beneath her.She bent her body onward to reach for the bath soap,she now applying the soap all over her body and fondling her seemingly soaped wet body and underarms.,and shoulders,tilting her head sideways, with her eyes closed,she seemed heard some rustling noise outside her window.And suddenly stopped from what she was doing and took a full examination regarding with the rustling outside. ,with her mouth gaping,she checked and moved herself closer to the window upon checking.To her surprise she caught a glimpse of a man,leaning his back on a tree,with his right hand gripping around the tree's trunk while his other hand was under his shorts.She was unable to scream for she was still got lost of words to want to shout at the man's unpleasant act of voyeurism in front of her.,when she finally able to get full clarity of who exactly it was,and what exactly he was doing out there up fethiye escort the tree on her bathroom window.Momentarily, she was able to realize the man was enjoying a perfect view of herself in complete sight of nudity of her 19 year old virgin body.She hurried her bath and took the towel off the peg,wrapped it around her body and ran out the bathroom.Panting, she stopped as she gasped for some fresh air. She met her big brother Terry, in the hallway,with a surprised look registered all over his face." What gotten into you?"he asked in more curious manner." You seemed like running away from a bunch of ghosts following after you.And yet still clad in towel wrap.She tried to calm down herself.gathering her breath, I've. been sneaked off by our pervert neighbor she said....outside my bathroom, up there in the tree.He what? he exclaimed. Stammering,,,she told her the unpleasant incident in detail.What the fuck?Terry was so angry and clenching his fists ,ready to beat Jerry(the pervert neighbor not his real name too.Yeah,the pervert,he must be stopped from his pervert act.Later, she got dressed, she was now back on her sobriety state. She was forming a naughty smile on her face, she shared her sudden formed plan to her big brother. "B**, I have some plan to get even on him and beat him hard as we could and be taught him a lesson he would never forget and regret later. "What is it>? Terry queried. Well,she came forward escort fethiye and whispered into his ear,the plan she had ,grinning that naughty smile.Well, sounds good,I will have my cooperation with your bright idea,"Hahaha.."he laughed out loud.Okay,let's do it!! he said.The next morning, she gathered her things for bath.And talked to her brother if the guy was in his favourite spot of the tree. He winked at her,Yes, I saw him passing the backyard.I tried to play in great pretence.Showing his victorious smile .Okay then s*s."take your bath now ,while i wait ,downstairs,when he positioned himself there,to get a perfect view of yourself.In the bathroom. She started the shower,removed her dress slowly ,erotically, with a sweet wicked smile slowly curling on her lips.She heard some rustling noise again outside.She believes the guy was already prepared for the next scene of her.She washed her hair,slowly wetting it,applying an ample amount of shampoo.Then slowly rinsed it w/ an erotic movement of her body.She got it finally rinsed at last and applied a conditioner,leaving the conditioner on,She wet her body, slowly by slowly,same thing with the rest of her legs, and arms, bending her body upward near the window where the man was positioning himself, She caught a glimpse of him, in progress in what she seemed it was,he was now massaging his loins,his erecting manhood to full.She was giggling not letting know the man fethiye escort bayan she was giggling.Slowly,erotically,she busied her hands soaping her damp and wet skin,fondling her tits, she again caught the man outside, almost feeling the lust crawling all over him,slowly she spread out her legs open wide, and touching her soapy skin,fondling the apex of her vagina, and let some moans...out enough to be heard by the man outside on a semi arousal..She was in progress in what she was doing ,luring the pervert man out from his sanity,stealing it away from him,touching her clitoris gently,showing it off to him.And playing herself, feigning herself to come.......and finally she reached orgasm.The man felt his full arousal this time has strike in. He let go of his hold of his other hand, who once holding his grip around the tree.And was about to come, when he lost his balance seconds later she heard a big blast of his fall off the ground. Baaaaaaaaannngggggggggg!!!She ran downstairs clad only with a towel,she asked for her big brother Terry? What is happening down there? He broke his ribs I guess,he shoutedback.And they beat him in unison with a pipe and a piece of 2x2x2x4 piece of log.Until the pervert man lost consciousness,They poured him a bucket of water, the he regained consciousness,he manage to get up ran his butt out the house for an escape..Shouting at his back "It serves you right, you pervert!!!!!!!she yelled.Then she laughed out loud wincing her her body and head from laughing...with that victorious laugh worn all over her face, her brother Terry too.It sounds so good, Because this is really happened.Hope you guys had fun reading,Enjoy!!
11-07-2021, at 05:19 PM

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