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Learning to Love Cum with Deb and Nikki

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Learning to Love Cum with Deb and NikkiIt was Friday night. I slammed the book shut and said to my girlfriend Deb, ?Why the hell did I take Marxist Thought as a senior year elective?? It was late April getting toward the end of my senior year. I?d been studying all week and had hardly spent time with Deb. My balls were blue and I was looking forward to unloading them with her couple of times that night.Deb?s roommate Nikki was out for the night, probably for the weekend the way Nikki worked. A couple of times Deb and I fooled around late with her in the room. I swear I could hear her mushing fingers into her pussy as we were playing on the other side of the room. Nikki was a sophomore. She was brilliant. She had 36 C perfect tits, rounded hips and a firm ass. She had the look of a cheerleader, but the dancing rhythm of a gerbil. And she seemed to go through a boyfriend every four to six weeks.I opened a bottle of wine and poured Deb a glass. She looked up at me with those eyes that said lick me, fuck me, suck me. I was ready. Suddenly the door burst open and it was Nikki. She was upset, crying and swearing all at the same time. ?That s***head Bryan!? she screamed.?? I get over to his frat house and go to surprise him and I find him with his dick in Jenny Anderson?s mouth.?Deb gave me a look that said ?Sorry, I?ve got to help her.? I poured the other glass of wine for Nikki and said, ?I could use a game of basketball and a shower. I?ll come back in an hour and a half.? I took my blue balls and headed for the gym. I thought there was no chance I was getting off tonight, but all that was about to change.I played some pick up ball and took a hot ataşehir escort shower trying to keep my mind on school instead of Deb?s eyes and Nikki?s body. I felt a woody coming on but turned the shower to cold, grabbed a towel, and covered up. I dressed and headed back to talk with Deb and Nikki and then figured I?d go home. When I got there, the wine bottle was empty and a second bottle was open. Deb was holding Nikki and she actually looked happy.?Nikki has a problem,? Deb slurred her speech a bit. ?She doesn?t like to give head.? I looked at Deb and said, ?Well sweetheart, you?re the best at it. You can tell her how to do it.? Nikki looked up at me and said, ?I want to learn how to suck cock, not talk about how it?s done.? The words came out as almost a guttural cry. She was ready and wanted to learn. And she pulled me toward her, undid my belt, ripped down my zipper, and started clawing at my pants. I looked at Deb thinking she might be upset. She looked at me and said, ?It?s okay as long as I get some of the first load of cum.? Nikki said, ?Hey I?m not tasting cum from anyone?s cock.? Deb said, ?That?s the best part? and I looked at Nikki and said, ?You don?t have to eat my cum unless I eat it as well.?She looked a little confused, but Deb went down on me. She took the shaft down her throat, lubed me up good and then took Nikki?s hand and put it on my shaft. ?Get in close? said Deb. Nikki moved in. I stood over the two of them and Deb worked the head and the slit. I moaned out loud and she passed my cock over to Nikki. Nikki just bobbed on it. She had a lot to learn. Deb talked to her softly, ümraniye escort telling her how to vary her movements. She took me in her mouth and I face forced her a little. Then she licked the head with Deb encouraging her. Finally she caught on. She took me all the way out of her mouth and licked the very tip while looking up at me. By this time the girls had gotten naked and I?d pulled my t-shirt off. Nikki?s tits were magnificent. I tweaked her nipples, and Deb even played with them a little. I looked at Deb thinking this may get a little crazy. She looked back and said ?hey I?m not going there. Just enjoy this and don?t think it?s going to turn into your lesbo fantasy.? Deb liked porn and we?d seen enough of it that she knew what I was thinking. I went back to concentrating on Nikki?s tits. By now I was on the bed kneeling back on my haunches. Nikki kept working me and when she started working over the head for the fourth time I could feel my blue balls tighten and get ready to explode. I moved up on my knees, Deb slid her hand around and massaged my ass with her finger. I moaned and said louder than I should have in a girl?s dorm, ?Gawddd, I?m cumming.? Nikki panicked and pulled off my cockhead. It didn?t matter. My cock was even with those gorgeous tits and I started shooting load after load all over Nikki?s 36 C?s, looking directly at her eyes and feeling Deb?s finger at my hole.Deb reached up with her right hand and stroked my cock. I continued cumming and she rubbed the cum alll along the shaft and head. I was squirming it felt so good. Nikki rolled back and laid kadıköy escort down. Her chest and neck were glazed with my cum. ?You should have kept him in your mouth,? Deb said. ?His cum always tastes great.? Nikki looked at Deb and said,? I?m not eating it until he eats it. That?s what he agreed to.? Deb just started to laugh. It had been a month before that she had shared my cum with me in a deep kiss and I was hooked. I smiled at Nikki and said, ?You?re going to learn a lesson tonight that will let you keep any man for life.? I moved forward and felt Deb?s hand guiding my head. I landed on those soft mounds of Nikki?s and began to lick. With a salty sweet load in my mouth, I came up and went directly to Nikki?s mouth. She hesitated at first, then opened and then swirled my tongue with hers and took the cum into her mouth. Deb ran two fingers up Nikki?s cleavage and brought another load of my cum to Nikki?s face. She pulled away from my mouth and licked Deb?s fingers clean. I nibbled one of Nikki?s nipples and she moaned out loud. I let my face run across her chest covering me in my own cum. I came up and both Nikki and Deb leaned forward and licked my face clean.Nikki rolled over and I looked at Deb. She rolled me on my back and noticed I was still rock hard. She jumped on and rode me reverse cowgirl to a screaming orgasm for herself and then I pulled out and shot another load all over her ass cheeks. She leaned straightforward and laid down facing away from Nikki and I. Then slowly Deb brought herself to her knees with my cum glazing her ass. I took one cheek and licked and Nikki took the other. We licked Deb?s ass clean. Nikki hadn?t cum yet so we all sat back up. She masturbated her beautiful pink cunny while Deb and I watched and shared a glass of wine.I didn?t know it at the time, but Deb and I were not going to last more than a couple more months as a couple. I?d keep contact with Nikki for a few more years and we?d have some adventures together. More to Cum!!
11-08-2021, at 10:54 AM

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