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"Goddess""Goddess" A Short StoryBy Gentile---------"From Dallas, Texas, the flash apparently official. President Kennedy died at 1 p.m. Central Standard Time, 2 o'clock Eastern Standard Time, some 38 minutes ago."---------He'd submitted his short story to her. No request for a picture. No request for the compulsory autograph. He'd not sullied his correspondence with such request. Just the manuscript he'd labored on in a plain manila envelope. He'd expected no response. The sending of "Goddess" was his reward. It took all he had to drop the envelope in the Post Office mail chute. He'd held the heavy steel louver open for the longest time, the precious cargo resting in bin's bottom. A rush of heated air stymied him as the automatic doors opened to the PO lobby and a horde of strangers appeared. He closed his eyes and the louver.Chapter 1."Mr. Smith? Mr. Rogue Smith.""Uh, yes, this is Rogue, how may, who is this?""Jason Robinson, Mr. Smith. I am a public relations secretary and I am calling at the request of Miss Scarlett Johansson.""Who, wha, who is this?" Rogue straightened immediately. 'Oh, my God.'"Mr. Smith, Miss Johansson was so impressed by your story "Goddess." She'd like to invite you to the premier of "Hitchcock" as her escort. This is not a lark, nor a stunt. Your city has been selected as one which will premier and screen this motion picture. Sir? Mr. Smith, are you still there?""Yes, I'm here, but, but, but, I don't know...."There was a rich, but sincere chuckle thru the line. "I can imagine, sir. If you'll stand by I will connect you with Miss Johansson. She'd so like to speak to you for a few moments and confirm your intention to attend. Afterward I will come back on the line and inform you as to how this will work logistics wise....stand by, sir, Miss Johansson will be on presently..."'Oh my God.' Rogue felt light-headed, near collapse and so wanted to end the call. He spied the red hang up button, his right finger making the trek. 'Don't Rogue, it'll be okay.Fine, please, please, please.'"Rogue?'............the voice he'd heard a thousand times thru his DVD player....."This is Scarlett, Rogue. I am so pleased to have made this contact with you. Your story touched me, Rogue, it has touched my heart. I cannot tell you how much it has meant to me. Thank you, ever so much for sending it to me, Rogue.""I, I, I........this is really you?"Her corresponding laughter was genuinely kind and caring. "Yes, Rogue, it is indeed Scarlett, it is your Goddess. Can you talk? Is this a good time?""Uh, well, I.......uh,,,,,,yes, I can talk." He felt the buzzing stop, his blood began to circulate once again. He caught a reflection of himself in the wall mirror and smiled the smile his mother had always so loved. 'I'll be damned.'"I am so glad you enjoyed it, uh, Miss, uh, Johan...""You may call me Scarlett, Rogue, I'd be so pleased." Her voice so feminine his heart halted, then caught once again."It is just for you, Miss Joha..., Scarlett." He'd said her name, aloud to her and he'd remember the moment forever."I have read it so many times and I've shown it to my father. I hope you don't mind. He loves it as well. It was his idea for me to try and meet with you. My secretary confirmed that the film does open there in your city next Thursday at midnight. Please say you'll escort me, Rogue. I so want to meet you and thank you personally. Please, Rogue?"Rogue's body shuddered. "Nothing could keep me from attending, Scarlett.""That is fantastic, Rogue. I shall put Jason back on the line. He is so adept at his job that you won't have a thing to worry about. He'll also give you a cell phone number to contact him with 24/7 should any problem arise. We will pick you up via limousine next Thursday evening. Jason will designate the time and the details. I'll bring along "Goddess." I hope you'll sign it for me and we can enjoy it together perhaps after the premier. Rogue, thank you so much for accepting my invite on such short notice. Now don't hang up. Jason will be on very shortly. Until next week, good night, Rogue.""Uh, uh, uh, goo,,,," The line went solid, and Rogue thought he'd been cut off, or worse."Jason Robinson again, Mr. Smith. Here is how it will work, sir." 'Thank you, God, thank you, God, thank you God, for not cutting this line.'Chapter 2.Rogue wrote down everything Jason Robinson informed him of. There wasn't as much as he thought there'd be. The PR firm would be taking care of everything. All Rogue had to do was be on his front porch stoop on Thursday at 8PM dressed "neatly casual." as Mr. Robinson put it. The phone number was given without Rogue prompting it."Sir, Miss Johansson is major international actor, but, she is the proverbial girl-next-door, I assure you. I work with many actors in the business, Mr. Smith, and there is none more down to earth than she. You'll do fine, sir. A confirmation of this event will arrive within the hour from Western Union. Again, please call if there is anything at all that needs to be addressed. I am here for you. Goodnight, sir, and congratulations." The line went dead.'Rogue, please don't dial that number. Please don't. He'll think you don't trust him. Just wait for Western Union. Don't do it, I beg you, don't.'.........Rogue's fingers punched the numbers-depressed the green key and recited the Lord's Prayer....'Our Father...'"HGI Entertainment, Jason Robinson speaking.""Uh, uh, uh,,,just checking, Mr. Robinson, this is Rogue Smith. I...""Understandable sir. Absolutely. Think nothing of it. I'm pleased to allay your concerns. And please sir, call me plain 'Robinson.' I'd appreciate that. I will be there at the event next Thursday and look forward to meeting you as well. Good night, sir.""Good night, Robinson." This time the line held until Rogue had finished.Rogue hustled and turned on the front porch light, then took station in his chair, retrieved his copy of "Goddess" and waited Western Union.The information packet was as precise and comprehensive as Rogue had been led to believe. Promotional materiel for "Hitchcock" dominated the contents, but, there was also a full itinerary of the evening commencing with the arrival of the limousine at 8PM sharp. There'd be a cocktail party at the Four Seasons at 9PM and then they'd "Scarlett/Rogue" leave the Hotel at 11PM for the premier. Afterward they'd return to the Hotel. No mention was made after that. 'How are you going to get back home? I don't know.'Rogue read the itinerary again, and then again, and then printed it just in case something befell the original. He thought about calling mother and father but it was late and he didn't want them to cast doubt and disbelief at what had transpired. They were aware of, what mother called his "fixation" with "this actress" but, he'd convinced them that it was just a fandom and not a case of fixation or stalking. "She is quite hot, my boy." His father had whispered conspiratorially. "George!" His mother had overheard, per the usual and admonished them both sternly.Rogue closed the packet and put it away in the desk drawer. As he reclined in his chair he once again read "Goddess." He was afraid of sleep for fear he'd waken and find the desk drawer empty--his life in ruin. "Please God, I need this. Please." He'd not extinguished the porch light after the delivery and white light shown thru the arc of six diminutive windows in the otherwise solid wooden door."Our Father, which art in heaven,..."Sleep came then with God as his sentinel.Chapter 3.Rogue decided to keep Scarlett and the movie premier secret. If it went well he'd tell his parents afterward, perhaps, but, not until. No, best to keep this to himself as long as possible or as long as he could hold out.He checked his wardrobe and found the ideal outfit, tried it on and it fit perfectly. He'd always kept himself in good shape. He ate healthy and his physique was pronounced though not chiseled. He was grateful for that. The thought of his Goddess seeing him otherwise made him cringe. 'She doesn't know you're celibate. Would that subject even come up? She wants to read Goddess with you after you return to the Four Seasons.'This was the first time Rogue had dared to recall Scarlett's intention to do exactly that. It had been in the back of his mind, but, he dared not venture an examination of such a scenario.'I can't think about it. It's too much. I'll just go along with the evening as far as I can, one step at a time. Right, Rogue? Right. Now, let's go and check the packet again and make sure it's real and still there. Right, Rogue.' Rogue chuckled at his deepening habit of talking to himself since "The Phone Call" as he'd so aptly named the occasion. Work kept him busy and his mind occupied. Mother called Monday afternoon at work inquiring as "why don't you call anymore? It's been almost a week. Your father is worried sick about you.""Sorry, mom, work has been a quite busy. Going crazy here. I'm sorry, mom.""Well, we want you to come for dinner Thursday evening." 'Of course you do, mom.'"No can do, mom. I have other plans.""You've met another girl." Not a question, but, a directive."No mom." He lied. "I have to go now, they're calling me. Say hello to father for me.""You should start dating aga..." Rogue hung up and went back to work.Wednesday night's highlight was Robinson calling to confirm the following night's festivities."Thomas will call for you precisely at 8PM, Mr. Smith. He's the limousine driver as well as Miss Johansson's bodyguard. She'll remain in the limousine, so please be ready as Thomas will be prompt. I'll be at the Four Seasons to receive you and we'll go from there. Any questions, sir?"Rogue wanted to ask about his ride home, but, couldn't find the words. He'd hoof it if need be. It was only 25 miles give or take 10 miles."No, Robinson, I'm all set." "Outstanding, sir. You'll have a fabulous time, I assure you. Until tomorrow night, Mr. Smith."Rogue lain awake long into that Wednesday night. "You should start dating again. You should start dating again. You should start dating again." His mother putting it to him again and again.Sleep finally came and his Goddess with it. Chapter 4.Rogue had arranged to take a day of vacation on Friday. He figured he wouldn't be getting home till the early hours if the picture didn't start till midnight.He was in the lunch room on Thursday when his cell phone went off. It was HGI. 'No please. Don't cancel. Please don't.' He decided to play ignorant as if Robinson wouldn't figure it out. "Hello?" His aloofness surprised himself."Rogue? It's Scarlett, Rogue." 'Oh, my God.' Her voice was bright and cheery. 'God bless her, she wasn't calling to cancel.'"I've landed in Dallas and am enroot to the Hotel. How are you, Rogue?"He closed his eyes and focused. "I'm eating lunch in the cafeteria."Her laughter was exquisite and sharp. "I'm so glad I caught you on your break. Just a short request that you bring your copy of "Goddess" tonight. I'd like us to each have a copy for later on. Would that be okay, Rogue?""Oh, sure, uh, uh, yes, Scarlett, I'll make sure to bring my copy along. I promise. Is there anything else I should bring?" 'What the Hell?' "I'm just so nervous, uh, Scarlett.""Don't you worry about a thing. We'll have a fantastic time. I won't leave your side for a moment. Tony will be there. Anthony Hopkins, as well as some local celebrities. Even some sports guys. Jason tells me a Dirk Cuban from your basketball team will be there with his big star, a German fellow, I believe, I can't pronounce his name. Do you know to whom I'm referring, Rogue?""Yes, it's Dirk Nowitski and the owner Mark Cuban." His heart leapt. They weren't on the level of his Goddess, but, they were on the next level down."Yes! Those are the names Jason briefed me on. Now, I'll see you at 8 sharp. Just relax and be yourself. These parties and premiers are quite fun and I'll take good care of my favorite author. I promise. Don't forget your "Goddess," Rogue. See you soon." 'How could I ever forget her? Oh, oh, yeah, my copy of "Goddess." I think that's what she was referring to.'The rest of the work day went by in a blur. He kept busy and left precisely at 4.He stopped by for a careful trim at his barber. "Don't mess this up, Giuseppe, I've got a date with an angel tonight.""What a you, a talking a bout? Me a not a fuck a thing a up. You a crazy tonight, uh Rogue. Giuseppe, he a good a barber.""Sorry, G, I'm a little off the kilter this evening." Giuseppe changed from the broken English to a spirited Italian, but, Rogue's ears burned nonetheless.7:30 found him situated in his chair staring at the front door, "Goddess" tucked away in a twin of the original manila envelope. 'Please God, no tricks now. I'm so close.' He checked himself in the bathroom mirror, then brushed his teeth for the third time and held the Listerine in his mouth as long as he dared, his hazel eyes watering with the effort.When he sat back down he was exhausted from the strain. 'I don't know if I can answer that door when he knocks.'At precisely 7:55 on the digital readout of his DVR a long flash of light and steel flashed in the small windows atop the front door. Rogue stood, squared his shoulders, locked his knees and caught his reflection in the wall mirror... "Let us proceed..."Chapter 5."Good evening, sir, I'm Thomas, if you'll follow me."The limousine was jet black, the windows under full blackout, the doors closed. It was impressive to say the least. Rogue noticed right off that Thomas seemed familiar. He'd seen the face before he was sure of that. He just didn't know from where. Thomas clutched the door handle, turned and spoke: "Miss Johansson is seated in the middle at all times. This is for her safety."The door opened and his Goddess spoke: "Rogue, come sit with me." Her voice stood a pitch of such deep resonance and cultured femininity that he couldn't remember getting in and actually sitting down. A few moments of actual life transpired without his knowledge or cognizant participation. "I just can't believe you're here with me." She offered her hand to him and he grasped it weakly. It was warm and as soft as cotton."And you remembered "Goddess" I see." Thomas had gotten in his driver seat and pulled out into the street. "Tommy, can you take this for safe keeping?" She leaned forward and handed the envelope to Thomas who reached back without taking his eyes from the street. "Have Jason take it up when we arrive." She sat back closer to Rogue and whispered: "Tommy is my brother. He keeps me safe and grounded. My pa, well our pa insisted. He's the twin, Rogue, like in "Goddess." See?" 'I knew I'd seen him somewhere.'"Oh, wow. Oh, my goodness.""Let me get a look at my date for the evening." Rogue finally had no other choice than to meet her gaze. He'd been able to avoid it to this point, concentrating instead on the back of Thomas's head and the soft gray leather interior.She was everything. No, she was more than he'd ever seen, more than he'd ever imagined, or put pen to paper over and about. She was perfect. Pink and white and soft curves everywhere."You are a most handsome man, Rogue." Her tone matter-a-fact. Her eyes were clear and bright and they considered him in kind curiosity. "Thank you again for accepting my invitation. We're going to have a fine evening, into the wee hours of the morning, aren't we?"Rogue was speechless. He remembered though to close his mouth so it wouldn't continually hang open. He'd begun to vibrate a little. He could feel it, he just silently prayed that Scarlett had not noticed."My pa is my business manager and he screens all my mail. He was so thrilled to discover your manuscript and he sent it Fed Ex the next morning." Her voice clutched then and she grasped his hand again, this time a measure tighter. "It's meant so much to my brother and I, Rogue, to our family." Her eyes sparkled as they misted ever so delicately."I was so shocked to get your phone call, uh, uh, Scarlett.""It was just meant to be, Rogue. We start a sixteen city tour tonight. How ironic that the premier takes place in the same city where you reside. I couldn't resist. I've read 'Goddess' countless times now. My copy is well worn. It's just so beautiful and real. We'll have plenty of time after the premier to go over it together. That will be my favorite part of our evening together, and of course meeting the author." She withdrew her hand and pressed back into her seat. Rogue did likewise."Now let me tell you how our arrival will be handled. Tommy will take us into the garage level where Jason will meet us and take us up to the party. Just stay close and enjoy yourself. Trust me, Rogue, you'll do fine. I'll excuse myself a little past 10 and we'll go up to the suite so I can collect myself and prep for the premier. I want to show you the view from the suite. You'll love it. Any questions so far, Rogue?" Her smile was radiant and sincere. He felt an out of body sense taking affect.She had not failed to sense his predicament."Here, hold my hand, Rogue." That's it." He came to, her touch like magic."This is quite a new experience for me.""Just remember, Rogue, I'll be at your side the entire night. I promise." She squeezed tighter."We're a couple minutes out, Jason." Thomas spoke into a head set."Two minutes, sis. Jason is there." They swung onto the access drive of the Four Seasons.Scarlett released his hand and sat stock straight."How do I look, Rogue?" Rogue, for the second time in less than an hour was equal to the task."Like my Goddess."Chapter 6.Robinson was waiting at the curb. A tall, thin young man. The limousine stopped even with him. Rogue reached for the door handle as Thomas reached for his."No, Rogue, let Tommy do it." She grasped his forearm. Her tone had become firm and directed. "You'll step out first then next to Jason." She released him with the smallest of squeezes."Mr. Smith so pleased to meet you." Rogue stepped out and started to raise his hand for the proverbial shake, but, somehow Robinson had taken possession of Scarlett's copy of "Goddess." His stoic nod to Rogue directed him precisely to where Scarlett had previously directed him seconds before.Scarlett stepped from the limousine as once again Rogue began to vibrate. In the garish illumination of the ceiling fluorescence she looked positively surreal. 'Oh, my God.'"Thank you, Tommy." Thomas released her hand and closed the door."Good luck, sis." Tommy leaned close and whispered ever so softly."You are fashionably late, Scarlett." Robinson beamed."For sure." She teased with the slightest of winks."We'll go." Robinson did an abrupt about face and stepped quickly away. Rogue froze. He felt Scarlett knit her hand and arm thru his left arm. "I'm going to so enjoy our night, Rogue.""They've all arrived.""Tony didn't mind arriving first?""Not at all. Mr. Hopkins smiled nicely when he came thru a few minutes ago.""I'll thank him again, right?""For sure."The elevator car was fully paneled in mirrors. Rogue felt dwarfed like the incredible shrinking man. He was grateful for the sensation as once again he'd begun to softly shake. She felt it and pulled him a little closer. Their eyes meeting in the reflection, her slightest wink making a return engagement. He countered with his best boyish grin. The elevator ring brought Rogue into the here and now. 'We've landed.' He smiled to himself as Robinson stepped severely to the side and away from the doors.She released his arm and ran her finger tips lightly up his spine thru his personally starched and pressed cotton shirt. He wanted to witness and gauge her gaze again, but, the mirrors parted and it began.Chapter 7.He recognized the beat, the deep pounding. It was Jackie-O and her treatment of "Breakfast at Tiffany's.""Stay close, baby." 'Did she call me "baby?" I think she did.' Must have, he turned to see the elevator doors begin to slowly close on Robinson, a comforting slice of his right hand thru Texas air, James Dean style as the doors shut. He wanted her to take his arm, his hand again, but, an instinct told him "no."There were large video screens displaying movie clips of Hitchcock's work, the track lighting dimmed, but, directed nonetheless to the floor. The sensation of shrinkage held and he was ever so grateful, but, not as thankful as he once had been. 'I could do this.' Miss Johansson had begun to make the rounds and the going was difficult as her attendance had become knowledge. He recognized no one. But, she knew them all, or, portended such. No, she knew them. Her sincerity was apparent and appreciated by the endless string of men and women who genteelly shook her hand and/or air kissed and briefly chatted before giving way to the next and then the next. He may as well been invisible. There were a couple of quick glances, but, no inquiring looks, or, quizzical stars."Coke Zero, Miss Johansson." A waiter appeared up thru the floor and served Scarlett."Sir?" 'He's speaking to you, dude.'"Oh, a Fireball,,,,,,double, please." 'Hell, I can do this.'"At once, sir."The crowd began to thin as he took the first half of the double. The force settled him and he felt the warmth radiate to his heart."Just a sip, Rogue. I don't drink, but, please, just for your Goddess?"She'd not spoken to him since they left the elevator in what seemed like 2 hours ago."Rogue?""Of course." She leaned close as he held the glass for her, nary a tremor in the vicinity."Oh, my goodness, that's so delicious and special. Now don't tell Tommy. He'll tell our parents and then I'll get it." She giggled heartily."There's Tony. I'd like you to meet him, Rogue. He's so sweet."As they made they way into the corner where Anthony Hopkins had taken station the small crowd around him immediate dispersed as if on some silent command. "Ah, Miss Johansson, how are you this evening, darling girl?" His Welsh accent razor sharp. "Tony, thank you ever so much for the advantage.""You Americans." He playfully shook his index finger at Scarlett. A devilish smile in response a change. They hugged closely, then separated as he planted a kiss on the center of her forehead."Anthony, I want you to introduce you to my escort for the evening. This is Rogue Smith, he's a very promising writer. Rogue, Sir Anthony Hopkins."'Lord, this girl......firm, Rogue, do it.'They met on the square, the handshake full. He'd hit it. 'I'll do this.'The next day, heck five minutes later as he stood at the iced urinals Rogue could not for the life of him remember much after that handshake. Just the honest smile of his Goddess over his left shoulder and Sir Hopkins listening carefully as Rogue, at the insistence of Miss Johansson imparted the plot
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