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The avengers Assemble!

Post #1

The avengers Assemble!''no he is not getting the captain marvel costume , its a girl hero Mary my son not going in this''''you such a douche its 2020 Josef grow up''cursing out o the storeangry at his wife , he went back to the car and waited''the only hero left is bullshit there can be 2 spiderman, whatts up wit the Muktiverse anywais ...''mumbling going out to the carThe next day on friday night he didnt want to see him go out like this , but his son came out in the tight vinyl costume he look away and tell him to have a good ''movie night''the wife driving him to the cinemaall the little Avengers cheering as she drop him spider man, thor , captain america and black panther welcome her cute Captain Marvelthe movie was a good 3 hrs so she went shopping before picking him back around midnightshe txt him twice and didnt get any reply she wait and waitworried she drive around the cinema and saw spider man''hey Sam...i mea Spiderman where is captain marvel''''oh he walked with the other to the acrade over there, wanted to play some air hocket they said''''thanks''she coudnt find him by car , she went inside and he wasnt there''maybe the bathoom''waiting to see if he would come outone black panther going out smilling at her on his way something was wrong, why so many black panther were here and went to the bathroom for a good 10 minute before leaving another one getting to the bathroomone then another then a third, it has been 30min her son not here....but she coudnt sgave off that feelingall black guy in panther costume , cheering when they get back together smiling chatting and laughingshe wanted to know and got closer to the small group''damn she was cute i never been sucked that deep''''yeah bro me too''gulping down trying to catch all their words''the costume was helping he really cute i was so hard watching him call me black panther''''yeah captain marvel a bitch i liked it too''her hearth was pounding they all chat casually about a cocksucker in the bathroomshe stayed until the last one was outher phone rangshe had a txt ''im playing with friends sorry ill walk home''she hide when she saw out of the toilett another smilling black pantherher little boy in the captain marvel costume following at his sodeher little hero had drained all of these teens black dicks, one after another in her captain marvel costume she help him choose''hey guys my mom is out tonight lets get condoms and go back to fuck Captain Marvel''''oh nice yes lets do this''her hearth sank her boy smiling following the panther pack , he was the girl and he wanted this it seems, he wanted to be fucked in his asscrawling in the night to a random house corner her mother instinct just wanting to make sure this was alright with her boycaptain marvel already ass up on a bed a panther on each end working the little hero full of bbc''damn she has a good pussy , i love white cunt''''ahhh ahhh yessss yessss fuck me''mommy walking away in confusion her son talking like a girl dress like one and getting fucked by 4 guysshe never told her nubby he was right to bee scared his boy endup ....gayno she didnt, nor the ritual happening around 1am in their backyard in the darklooking by the window discretely , hand in her panty watching her boy suck on 2 bbc relaxing sharing the weed cigarettethe smaller cute boy , her boy wearing panty and gulping down bbche was good and very cute , she coudnt help herself from seeing her boy doing a good job and be happy at how he smile when sucking one helping his way behind him , his faint moaning on the bbc made her wet and she cum againbut this time he made too much noises''what yo udoing honney''scared she went back to bed trying to seduce him''wait what you looking at masturbating?''he didnt say a wordhe close the lid better and reach for his beltand he smacked her hard pulling her ass on is lap''stupis wife, you fucking stupid wife wtf you did to my boy''''please stop aghhhh ahhhhh''in belt in her mouth he tied it up , leashig her ass up on the bed''you going to start to be a good wife now o fucking tired of your bullshit''he sppit on her ass and he punch his cock in her ass pulling on the leash gagging her hard pumping in her ass he never had been allowed to fuck beside those night with too much wine''you dont go anywhere stay down and take the dick''''stupid wife''''im so tired of you acting like your some queen or something, look at you now , way better and good for me, queen of the butt fuck''''like that bitch outside taking cocks''''in your ass slut , deep in your fucking ass ''he fucked his wife like in 10 yrs have never did''you fucking bitch i hate you''he pull her to the window open the curtain and made her look at what she did to her son''look stupid look , look at him taking 4 black cock like a wore''he open the window sliding it up in the backyard everyone stop watching the window open in the dark the mum face out window down on her back leashed gag by a belt and struggling to not fall downthe teens all went to her''fuck look at her tits she needs help''mummy grunted her mouth fuck inside his step dad fuckig her ass hard making her moan on bbc opening her slut mouth slpping her face calling her a bitch mommy hates me, she lost her bf and each night her strappn cock in my ass she yell at me its my fault
04-27-2021, at 11:04 AM

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