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Old couple took me to harmony

Post #1

Old couple took me to harmonyThis story is pure fiction from my perverted imaginationNot long after university, I went touring round America in the summer relying on getting lifts. When in Arizona I was thumbing for a lift in the middle of nowhere when a big old Buick stopped. He wound down the window and I clocked that they were an old couple, she was maybe in her late sixties and chubby, he was not much older. But what struck me as strange was that she wore a low-cut sleeveless shift short dress that hardly hid massive free-swinging tits. While he was wearing a pair of volumes shorts that clearly showed off the bulge of a very thick cock.Up till now, I would never in month of Sundays have the hots for old ladies, but I could not take my eyes of Grace?s titties.Trying to hide my growing dick, I asked where they were going and the guy said they would be happy to drop me off at the next small town where they lived.As I put my rucksack into the boot, the guy said his name was Bert and his wife?s Annie. ?You know boy, this is not something we do as a rule, but Annie said you looked cute and she just loves young men. And when she saw your pecker getting a stiffy, it was done deal. So why don?t you enjoy the ride?Instead of me sitting in the back seat, Bert told Annie to move over and let me sit in the middle ?nice and cosy? was his expression. It would be lie to say I was embarrassed, in fact, with being so close I could feel her tits with my arm. ?Now young man?, said Annie, ?what?s your name?? Charlie, I replied??Well Charlie, let me blunt. Me and Bert here are what you call, exhibitionists and are highly fucking sexed. So, if you have a problem with that, I?m sorry. But I don?t think you are, why your cock is really hard now. Look Bert, would you like to play with it??Now come here son and enjoy? Putting her arm around my neck, she began to kiss me passionately forcing her tongue halfway down my throat.By now my cock wanted out and it was, as Bert dragged it from my trousers and then put my hand on his thick pole. Both of us were oozing lots of pre cum and when we started to wank each other, Grace slipped her dress down and pushed my head to suck her tits. I was completely gone, sucked into their perverted world. Well, it didn?t take long for me to shoot wads of spunk over the dashboard and Bert?s went all over this chest. Coming up for air, Grace looked at Bert, and said, ?now honey, you won?t mind it our boy here gives your slut wife a good fingering. I?ll have him hard again in no time?. Hitching up her dress and opening her fat dimpled thighs she put my hand on what I had always dreamed of ? a lovely very hairy and wet sloppy and wide cunt. I inserted one finger then the second one in and out with both fingers soaking wet. ??I have given birth to five k**s sonny, put all your fingers in.Her body tensed up as I started frigging her and as I speeded up, she was moaning hard. I kissed her occasionally but she lifted her hips so much that I was literally pumping her cunt. Within 10 minutes she started shouting ? that?s it I?m cumming.We all calmed down and still there was 30 miles to their township called Harmony. As I had never even heard of it and it was not on any map of the area, I asked Bert why that was. ?Well, you won?t have because it was developed solely for the accommodation and pleasure of seniors with high sex drives and kinks. It came about because the developer was fed up with society treating us old folks as freaks if we still enjoyed sex in all its wonderful formats. In harmony there are absolutely no limits or taboos for us oldies.??So, you have to be a senior to live there? I asked.Well, yes at least over 55 but we have a lot of young house boys and girls as special guests ? those who get their rocks of playing with old cocks and cunts if you get my drift. I think you will fit right in, why not stay with us a couple of days and see it you like it?After an hour or so, we pulled off the road and onto a dirt track for a couple of miles into a small valley in which was Harmony. It had a gated entrance and we stopped at a diner on main street. It was called old fanny?s place. ?This is the place where us old exhibitionists like to hang out. Why not go in for a while and then go over to the information centre who will give you the lowdown on what Harmony offered? In Fanny?s my tongue was hanging out. All the customers had their dicks and cunts on partial display. All the old guys seem exceptionally well hung with their bell ends poking out from the end of their shorts. And all the old broads wore short skirts and skimpy tops showing wrinkly titties and very hairy fannies. They were all sizes and shapes. Not wanting to be too pushy, I sat at the counter between an old guy who was caressing his thick dick and a fat old woman with her old wrinkled tits virtually on display and her short dress pulled up to her waist.They were making my cock hard so I took it out and started slowly wanking. The old guy said I had a nice one and the old gal said she wouldn?t mind sucking it. In the end we settled for a nice three-way mutual wanking. I was very impressed with the guy?s cock. It was very thick and he shot loads of cum. Her hairy cunt hid a massive clit which was sensitive to say the least as she took all of minute for her to cum.With a smile on my face I went to the information centre and was met by a very young big busted pretty girl, no older than 19. ?Hi my name is Honey; how can I help you??I explained that I was staying at Bert and Grace and they said she would tell me all the activities in Harmony.Honey then went into details. The township was for sensuous over 50s and there was no censorship of any kind the only rule is that outside minimal dress is required ?only that it should reasonably cover breast and pubic areas. They had 200 residents who lived independently and about 20 or so mainly women who required light intimate personal domiciliary care living in block down the end of main street. ?All public toilets are unisex with no doors on the cubicles which can be used for any sexual purpose. We have a small theatre where residents who enjoy role playing sexual antics put on small shows once a week.?I asked her if she didn?t get fed up with mixing with all these old wrinklies. ?Are you shitting me? I prefer old guy?s cocks. They can last a long time before cumming, and for a place so small, I would say the length of the guy?s dicks averages out at between 7 and 10 inches. And what?s even better, they are more appreciative and love to please us young ones. Now, is there anything else?As I still had a couple of hours to kill before supper with my kinky couple, I made my way to what was called ?Personal care haven?.I rang the bell in reception and was approached by a buxom elderly lady wearing just a crop top that just covered her free-swinging drooping tits and below a pair of almost see thru skin tight leggings that made no attempt to cover her very prominent and protruding camel toed vulva.?Hi I?m Vera, the matron of this place. And your name is??Charlie, I replied.I told her about how I came to be here and how Honey described this place. ?Are you sexually attracted to old ladies, Charlie??After my car ride and activity in Fanny?s place, I was a convert and said ?very much, Vera?.?Well, here at heaven, we cater for our older residents who are not so active and require care with personal hygiene ? washing, dressing, etc. However, although older, they still want to fulfil their sexual needs albeit in a gentler manner. Maybe you would like to watch what it entails and see if you would enjoy such work?. Being very curious, I agreed and she showed me into her office where there was a bank of tv screens linked to cc cameras into each room of every resident. ?Bruce should be helping Alice about now?There was no sound. Vera said that Bruce was an 18-year-old stud with strong fetish for old ladies. Alice must have been around 80 plus and quite chubby. ?Alice complains that she has a problem peeing? said Vera, as a commentary, ?But all she likes is for Bruce to feel her up so she can cum and squirt herself?And sure enough, there is Bruce, with his fat fingers inside Alice?s cunt playing with clit while she is squirting. Vera added that after a couple of minutes she would take out her dentures and give Bruce?s thick cock a blow job. ?He does that every day so to speed things up, he wanks to cum quicker so she can swallow all his spunk.? Added Vera. And sure, enough that?s what was happening on the screen. As it was, Vera was rubbing my erection.?I can see that you really do like us oldies, Charlie?.I could not believe that my balls were ready to shoot more cum into Vera?s? obviously big sloppy fanny. Following her into her room I asked why they preferred very young men to any other. ?Well, the plain truth is that old guys over 30 can only fuck once a day whereas youngers get virtually instant hard ons, and can stay hard for hours and can fuck up to 5 times a day. If like me you are virtually horny all the time, which would you prefer?Vera pulled his chinos down and as Charlie stepped out of his she slid her hand over his impressive now extremely hard cock which was at twelve o'clock with its circumcised head an inch above his belly button. Charlie then peeled off her leggings and could not resist sticking his tongue into her sweet-smelling fanny.?My old ladies love long cocks especially really thick one like this as they like to feel it fill them up, but first Charlie, you can service me. By the way, I prefer it up my shit hole whilst you play with my thick clit. Moving onto the bed, her fat round dimpled and cellulite riddled arse just made him rampant. Leaning over her and cupping her massive breasts as he rubbed his thumbs over her hard nipples. He whispered in her ear ?I am now going to give you the fuck of your life." Vera replied ?I'm so hot and horny, my juices are dripping. Wet your cock and fuck me deep and hard. Don't hold back. Fuck me now?He sodomized her hard and started wanking her thick clit. She loved it as his cock felt like a telephone pole. "Ahhhhhh! Ahhhhhh! Ahhhhhh! Ahhhhhh! I am cuuuuummmmm iiinnnnggg. Hearing that Charlie grunted shooting fountains of hot sticky cum up her arsehole.After they cleaned up Charlie agreed to work a short morning shift for the next few days. Walking around the main street, he was amazed at the variety of small specialist shops. The was a bdsm emporium which held no interest for him at all. Alongside that was a place called Make it bigger which had all types of strap on dicks for both sexes. Inside were a selection of slide on extenders which we slipped on an erect dick extended it up to an extra three inches. Lingerie shops all seemed to highlight ways to makes cunts very attractive and alluring. Making his way to Bert?s home, he walked along pleasant streets. All the homes were bungalows and all looked very conservative. However, up ahead he saw an old couple sitting on a swing seat going very heavy into kissing and petting. Not wanting to seem nosey, he stopped briefly and then started to walk on. ?Hey young man? shouted the old lady who was fat and well into her seventies. ?You don?t have to be shy, we like an audience, don?t we Fred? Come on in and sit yourself down?.She was wearing a simple shift dress to hide her obese tummy and Fred still had his long fat cock dangling from his shorts.Then they went back to work on each other. Parting her fat legs wide apart she said. ?About this time, we just love to talk dirty and play with each other?. By the time he had his hand right up her hole and she had got him hard, they came very quickly. But it held no interest for Charlie. First day at the Haven HomeWalking into the home he was looking forward to what he might encounter. Vera met him and gave him a uniform. It consisted of a vest, baggy trousers and slip on trainers ?Now you don?t wear under-ware and are to make a point of tenting your cock in your trousers to show you are ready for action. I?ll get you started? as she rubbed his dick into a nice thick state.He had three ladies to wash and dress and they were all in their late seventies. First up was Monica. Sitting up in bed, the first noticeable thing Charlie saw was her lusciously sagging wrinkled breasts through a see thru nightdress.?Well, I understand you are Charlie, and working here for a few days??Yes Mam??No need for formality Charlie, just call me Monica?. Moving over she invited him to sit next to her.?Now Charlie, I am an old bird, tell me why old ladies turn you on??Well Monica, everything really. Most of you have really lovely big floppy titties like yours for example.? Leaning over he began feeling them. Not one to miss something she pulled them out and pushed his head down on them.?That?s its Charlie boy, give them a good sucking? This time she slipped her tongue into my mouth as we started snogging hard, my fingers rolling her nipples. As I moved off her lips onto her neck, she put her head back as I kissed her, moving down it wasn?t long before I was kissing, licking and sucking each nipple, her hand was on the back of my head as she moaned.God, she smelled so good, like lavender talcum powder. I stroked her side, fondled the folds of loose skin and slowly worked my way south, kissing her neck and tonguing her nipples. She gasped and pulled me to her. My free hand sought her out her pussy, teasing the lips with my fingers, seeking her clit, stroking to the tune of her moaning.?Fuck me now Charlie?As she moved across the bed Charlie slid in beside her and pulled up her leg over his giving him access to her wet cunt. Sliding in his raging hard dick, he fucked her slowly and kissing her titties. ?Oh Charlie, you do really us oldies don?t you. Oh yes, you do. Part 2 to follow.Some of the nice ladies living in Harmony
04-04-2021, at 08:22 AM

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