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The weekend part 5

Post #1

The weekend part 5Know been awhile but back now with part 5. It's the next day. Everyone seems to be still asleep as I awake. My girl Heather sounds asleep beside me fully naked, while I was tempted to go after her I started to smell some food, like someone else is awake and is cooking. I carefully got out of the bed and threw on a robe and slowly made my way down to see who was awake. I didn't make a sound going down the stairs and I turned the corner and there was Mickie is just her bra and panties. I licked my lips and stayed out of sight watching her. Making sure she was awake and not sleep walking. Then I heard her hmm a song and watched her face as she faced in my view. She was awake. So then I knew had 2 options. 1 go and announce I was and maybe help her cook or 2 what I decided to do. I waited for the right time, her bad to me. I had rubbed my cock as I waited just to make it semi hard so she would be happy with I had ready for her. She turned her back and was mixing something, my shot was now. I came into the kitchen, robe still closed, as I approached her I wrapped my arms around her placing my left hand right under her chin to turn her head to open her neck to me and my right hand onto her breast. With her neck fully open to me I leaned my head in and opened my mouth and then bite down slowly in a nibble like but hard enough that she wouldn't move. I pressed my body against hers so she could feel my semi hard cock right up against her ass. She moaned as I then started to suck on her neck. "I was hoping you would be the one to wake up first. I didn't feel...." she reached behind her, in between us, going right into the opening of my robe and grabbing my bare cock. "....this last night." She started to stroke my cock as then tighten my grip on her breast and my sucking on her neck intensified. Her moaning grew as I slowly the sucking and squeezing of her breast. I released her neck. She leaned forward since and shook her head some as to snap out of it some. She then turned off the shove and moved to the counter. As she did that I pushed on her back and making her bend over, I then swung my hand to her ass to smack it. It made her jump and moan as I then dropped down to my knees and placed my hands on her ass and pulled her cheeks apart and then pushed my face in and slide my tongue out and rubbed it against her soaked pussy. I then used a finger to move her panty to the side and moved my tongue over her bare pussy. She gave out another moan as she also moved her ass to grind on my face. I gripped her ass some more as I moaned in her pussy. "Cum on my tongue." With that she reached behind her and pressed my face more into her and replied. "Eat that pussy more and I will." I moved my tongue faster on her pussy and then flicked it on her clit as I then gave her ass a smack. Judging by her body reaction and her moaning I knew she was right there. I gave her ass one more smack and that was it. She then moaned out "yes yes oohhhh fuck I'm cumming " I moved my tongue more and then felt her juices pour down and out onto my tongue. I moaned in her pussy as I licked up every drop. Once I had finished licking her pussy clean I backed away slowly and then stood up behind her. She exhausted some from the orgasm she just had. I took this shot open my robe, grabbing ahold of my now fully hard cock and stepping close to you. Using my other hand to open her checks up again as I guided my cock into her pussy. Her head looked back as she let out a moan. "Mmmm god yes. Give my pussy a good pounding it didn't get last night." Knowing she didn't get fucked in her pussy knew she was ready to be fucked. Once I had the tip in her I let go of my cock and then held onto her hips and started pulling her at me and pushing my hips at her. She backed up into me some but I had a good grip on her hips her attempts wasnt much. One of her hands went up and she started to rub on her tit while her other hand went to cover her mouth. That was the sign she was going to have a big orgasm to which she had told me I'm the only one to have given her. I started to go harder with the pounding I was giving her as she then screamed in her hand and then I felt her juices poured all over the cock. Her legs almost dropped from under her but I quickly scooped a hand down from under her waist and held her there. Till she was able to stand on her own. Then when she was able to stand on her own she moved sliding my cock out of her and then turned around and planted a deep hard kiss as I know she gives once she has a big release. Her hand down on my cock stroking hard as she then squatted down and took my cock in her mouth. It didn't take long before she had my cock clean from all her juices. Her sucking hard and gagging made her salvia go everywhere including her tits. She looked up at me with begging eyes. "Put my cock between those tits and fuck this cock till cums." Ans without a bit of a fight he pulled my cock out of her mouth and then wrapped my cock with her amazing tits. Pressing her tits hard and tight as she then made them go up and down on my cock. I moaned. "Yea like that. Been saving for this."when she heard that she went faster and harder on my cock and without much warning I couldnt hold back and shot my load on her tits. She moaned at me. "Mmm yes cover up these.big tits with your cum." I kept going at her tits a bit longer and then was done. She released her tits and stood up. She went to the sink and did some cleaning of her tits. I then gave her ass a smack. "I'll go check on the others, you go ahead and finish breakfast." I went to check on the others. I make my way upstairs to hear some noises coming from Trish and Steve room. I had to see. I opened the door carefully and saw Trish awake pleasing her pussy as Steve was still asleep beside her. Trish didn't see me as she had her eyes closed and was lost in her own pleasure world. So I closed the door and headed to my room. As I entered my girl rolled over seeing me enter the room and smiled. "Hey babe." She says "how was Mickie this morning?" I shook my head in surprise. How she know? She saw us? We wasnt to loud to really wake anyone up so had to ask but before I could ask she spoke again. "Mickie told me that our first morning she was going to make everyone breakfast so I know she would already be up. So seeing you wasnt here when I woke I thought you was playing with her. So let you have your play time with her alone." I grinned. "Yea she was happy with the surprise. I came up behind her and gave her a good morning fuck." She smiled at me. "All your fucks are good. And plus for me. While you was playing with Mickie. I can hear Trish and right now sexting with her which is making both of us horny." I laughed. "Love you lil bitch and love how your always in the mood like me. But when you are done. Food is ready downstairs." I walk over to her and give her a deep kiss as I slip on some lounge pants with no boxers and make my way downstairs to Mickie. I reenter the kitchen seeing that Mickie now has some Pj pants and a loose shirt on. "Hey girl. The rest should be joining us soon." I walk over to her and give her a quick kiss as I sit down at the bar counter and watches as she dishes out my plate for me. "Bacon or sausage or both?" I grin at her. "Both of course " Mickie always made a damn good breakfast. I guess it was just her way of saying thank you for whatever kind of fun we would have had the night before. She gave me my plate and then she started doing some tidying up. "Get yourself a plate and eat with me." Mickie didn't want to argue with me, not that she would but if others was up she would be the last to eat. She dished herself a plate and then sat with me. We made simple small talk for a while. Then we heard foot steps and waited to see who it was. Heather walked around the corner and smiled at us. "Morning." She said. Mickie replies. "Morning, breakfast?" Heather nodded her head. "Yea, it smells good." Mickie starts to move but then Heather spoke. "No you stay there and finish your plate I can get my own." Mickie sat back down then I spoke up. "We appreciate that you want to cook us a good breakfast. But dont have to cook and serve us also. Just cook it and leave it out." I smiled at her. Mickie nodded her head. "Alright. I got it." Heather got her plate and sat beside me. Now me being in between the girls. I finished my plate and pushed off to the side and the Mickie finished hers and got up and grabbed her and my plate and took it the sink. "Thank you. It was very good."The girls went to the living room and watched some tv and I had gone outside to get the view of the water. Seeing there was a hot tub on the deck, a beach just down the stairway to my right. I just had thoughts of how the day and night will go. Who would get the most excited being in which area. I paid attention to the ladies on what they liked and where they liked to played with and course how. After a small bit i went back inside to see Trish eating. "Morning Sweetie." I walked up to and gave her a kiss on the cheek. She replied "hey hotness." I sat beside her and made small talk. After another short time Steve made his way down and joined in on Trish and I conversation and got himself a plate. Then I went and checked up on the other 2. Walking into the room I saw Mickie napping on Heather. "Must had a rough morning.' I have heather a wink as I then sat beside Mickie as she was laying on Heather. I rubbed my hand on Mickie leg and which made her sigh in her sleep. Then i........Continue to part 6
04-04-2021, at 08:22 AM

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