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True wife shared MMF

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True wife shared MMFMy first wife and I hadn't been married long, 6 months, and had talked quite openly about sex and sexuality. My best friend and I had talked quite a bit about how hot my wife was, and he claimed that he had been in a porno. I was a heavy drinker at the time, as was my best friend.One night, the 3 of us, my wife, my friend, and I, went out to the bar. We had far too many drinks, and talked about how amazing that would be to have a threesome. We went back to our place, it was close to the bar.My ex started with some light rubbing, pleasuring herself with her fingers. Then she really started working herself up, and her natural lubrication started flowing and her pussy was so shiny and pink. The lights were on, and we started in the living room, on the couch. She was really putting on a show. She was totally uninhibited, laying there completely naked in the well lit room. Things got out of hand fast. She quickly moved to a large rubber dong and all three of us were very excited by it. She was plunging it deep inside her pussy and stimulating her clit with her fingers at the same time. My friend and I were both rock hard, I noticed his bulge through his pants. She was really turning us on.Suddenly we ended up in the bedroom. We all got naked, and that's when I could tell for certain that my best friend was quite a bit bigger than I. My best friend was huge! I'm an average size white guy, 6-7 inches. He was nearly double my length. I had a girth advantage. I insisted on my friend wearing a condom the entire time. That turned out to be the only rule that night. I didn't want him to creampie her, because she had already proven once that she can get pregnant. The 2 of us penetrated her in every which way. I came in her at least 5 times. My friend fucked her quite a bit but he couldn't cum with the condom on. I watched closely, and sure enough, no cum.We tried DVP but that particular move is much more difficult than one would think. The DVP movies make it look easy, and we didn't have the internet back then for instructions. Every time we tried it he started inside her and then I would enter her and push him out. I wish we would have been successful in this because I now know that it's the only chance I had at it.Come to find out, she was more into him than she had let on. He was very big around, like me, but much longer. Next morning, I went into the living room for a smoke and the 2 of them took a shower together. I knew there was no condom in there. I knew that my best friend was barebacking my wife and cumming inside of her. She did not get pregnant that night, nor soon after. I should have joined them in the shower, I think that if he and I were both not wearing a condom the DVP might have worked. I wish that I had not insisted on him wearing a condom, I was just afraid of the idea of her getting pregnant and not knowing who the father was. As it was, I ended up leaving her shortly afterward anyway, so I might as well have gotten my kicks.
04-30-2021, at 04:10 PM

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