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3-some Anniversary Present for my Wife

Post #1

3-some Anniversary Present for my WifeAs you may guess Pon and I receive many requests from single males that want to party with us. Most of the time we go with couples or single females only, but on occasion if the timing is right and the guy seems nice we at least agree to meet with them. This blog is about one recently lucky guy we meet on that had a very good time with us. He helped us celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary. This year on February 24th we will be celebrating our first date 7 years ago. I am looking for a couple, single guy or gal to help us celebrate this occasion with us.Randal contacted us about a month ago through an adult site we belong to. He was coming to Pattaya for the first time and had many questions about what he would find here and if he could possibly meet us. Both Pon and I like introducing couples, single females and single males to the lifestyle here in Pattaya. We enjoy taking them around to our favorite places and watching them becoming part of the party.We met Randal for lunch at his hotel restaurant. His picture on his profile did not really do him justice. Randal is a tall muscular man with salt and pepper hair. Very good looking and you could tell immediately confident in himself, which both Pon and I found appealing. At lunch after the preliminary conversations about his background and ours we suggested taking a walk over to a Go-Go bar (Club Nevada) that opens early in the afternoon on Soi Post Office.The ladies on stage were all very beautiful, very sexy and in some cases very naked which helped with Randal?s first impressions of Pattaya. Having a few drinks and more conversations about the Pattaya lifestyle, Randal excused himself to go to the toilet. While he was gone I asked Pon if she was happy and if she would like to party with him. She was impressed, but was concerned about the potential size of his cock. She asked if I had seen any pictures of it on his profile. I told her no and that the best way to find out was to reach over and give his crotch a squeeze when he came back to the table.When Randal returned I told him that Pon wanted to know how big his dick was. Without hesitation he said large and then let Pon give him a little massage. Pon was now very concerned that he was too big. For those that have not yet had the pleasure, Pon and most Thai women have very tight pussies. Both Randal and I assured her that he would take it easy and let Pon set the pace. I also let Pon know that I had put some lubrication in her purse in case it was needed. (Kind of the Boy Scout thing to do).After finishing our drinks we headed back to Randal?s hotel room. To prevent any awkward moments and not being a shy guy, I stripped and said I would take the first round in the shower. Coming back into the room Pon and Randal were sitting on the bed still just talking with all of their clothes on. I said Randal your turn. As Randal stripped and dropped his underwear, I could noticeably hear Pon take her breath in at the first sight of his long and thick cock. It was at least 8 inches long and very thick. The head was smooth and large. I could tell she was getting worried. While Randal showered I again talked to her about how we would take care so she would not be hurt when penetrated by his monster dick.It was then Pon?s turn to shower and while she was gone I told Randal of her concerns and how we needed to take it easy and make sure she was well lubricated. That by the way was lots of fun.Returning to the room after her shower covered in a towel, I pulled Pon over to the bed between Randal and myself. After pulling off the towel I began licking and sucking on Pon?s left nipple and offered up her other breast to Randal. Soon after we were all laying on the bed with Pon on her back. Randal kneeled in front of her offering his ample throbbing member up to Pon?s lips and tongue. As Pon held it and began licking the head and shaft it became obvious that that it was very large as her hand would not fit around the shaft. While Pon continued to lick his cockhead and shaft Randal and I took turns massaging Pon?s clit and pussy lips. I slowly inserted first one then two fingers into Pon?s pussy. She was very wet which I knew would be required shortly. I watched as Randal?s hard dick throbbed and twitched at Pon?s expert manipulations with her tongue. I pulled my sopping fingers out of Pon?s pussy and Randal replaced them with his large fingers into her now wet and dripping pussy. He commented on her wetness and tightness. By the smile on his face I could tell he was thinking of how good his dick would soon feel when he entered her.At this point I got up and retrieved an extra large condom and the tube of lubricant while Pon continued to suck and lick him. She tried to get his large mushroomed dickhead into her wanton mouth, but her lips would only stretch wide enough to let part of it in. When Randal withdrew I handed him the condom which he immediately put on. In the meantime I lathered up my fingers with the lube and spread it around and in Pon?s still wet and slippery pussy. Not wanting to take a chance on hurting her I spread another large gob of lube on my hands and rubbed it over Randal?s condom covered dick. I could feel his hardness as his dick throbbed in my hand.Randal moved down and gently opened Pon?s legs and began stroking his hard thick member around her pussy lips. Slowly he entered her. Watching this violation of my wife?s tight pussy made me hard as a rock as well. As he continued to enter her it was like watching a flower open as the morning sun was rising. Slowly and patiently he worked his dick in an out, each time thrusting a little more into Pon?s opening flower. Soon he was fully in and began slowly working his manhood in and out of her. I could see the wetness of Pon?s pussy leaking out of her lips around Randal?s dick and slowing dribbling down to her ass cheeks.While he continued to pummel Pon, she began to not only meet his thrusts, but by arcing her back she allowed him even further penetration in her cunt. His pelvis and dick making was continuous contact with her engorged clit. See photo # 4. Soon Pon began moaning and I could tell coming all over his dick that was buried deep within her. Randal though was not finished. He continued to slowly move within her. He then moved back a bit and raised her legs holding them tightly together and began thrusting into her again and again. This increased the pressure on Pon?s clit and Randal?s dick. In a few minutes Randal announced his cuming with a groan. Looking at Pon?s contorted face; I could tell she was also having her own orgasm. After a few minutes rest with Randal lying on top of my still panting wife, he withdrew and removed his cum filled condom. Moving up the bed he offered his wet, dripping dick to her open and waiting mouth. I watched her squeezing out the last drops of his cum while I moved between her legs and placed my mouth on her wet and slippery pussy. I began licking out the frothy mixture of her cum, and the strawberry tasting lubricant from her hot cunt. After a few minutes I was rewarded with a heavy measure of these juices from the depths of her pussy.Moving up I began kissing Pon?s wet mouth tasting his cock and the remnants of his cum. While embraced in a deep tongue sucking kiss, I stroked my raging dick. Meanwhile Randal placed his fingers back inside of Pon?s pussy bringing her to another orgasm. As she was coming for the 4th time my load exploded onto her thigh. Randal was the biggest cock Pon had ever had. However she likes all sizes and of course women, so if you are ever in Pattaya as a single or couple please look us up. We would be happy to share some good times together.
04-30-2021, at 04:10 PM

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