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Watching a redhead enjoy my boyfriend?s massive co

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Watching a redhead enjoy my boyfriend?s massive coMy boyfriend (J) and I (S) are into ffm threesomes and on the weekend we were lucky enough to find a sexy little redhead (F) to come an join us.When she arrived at my flat, she was visibly nervous so we offered her a glass of Prosecco and sat together on the sofa. We chatted briefly before J instructed me and F to start kissing. I placed my hand around the back of her neck and pulled her in to slowly and softly kiss her. As I did, I felt J move closer in from behind F to kiss her neck and begin to undress her. F let out a small moan and placed her arm around the small of my back to pull me in closer and grab my ass. After some back and forth kissing and groping between the three of us, J suggested we move to the bedroom. I could feel my pussy getting wetter with excitement and couldn?t help but think about how hard Js massive cock would be at the sight of me and F playing with each other.We all moved to the bedroom and I instructed F to undress J. She knelt in front of him and lowered his jeans. I couldn?t wait for her to lay eyes on J?s thick 7.5 inch cock. When I told her to suck it- I knew she wouldn?t be able to take him all the way back her throat. I struggle at the best of times- the poor girl had no chance with the rock hard erection he had from the threesome underway. I knew that J has always had a fantasy about having a double blow job so I joined F to help her suck his cock. I let her slip her tongue around his head whilst I teased and licked his balls. From my position I had a great angle to watch her working his incredible cock with her sexy lips and tongue.After pleasuring J for a while I couldn?t wait any longer to taste F?s pretty pussy. She carried on hungrily sucking J?s cock as I used my tongue to suck her clit. I slipped a single finger into her creamy pussy and to my delight, I felt her pussy grip tightly to my finger. I knew J was going to love how tight this little pussy was going to feel around him. I flicked my tongue back and forth across her clit; hearing her moan with a mouth full of J?s cock was incredible.After this, J laid on his back and F climbed on top of him to ride. His thick cock stretched her tight fuck hole and as she rode him her moans got louder and louder. The neighbours most definitely heard her enjoying herself- she seemed absolutely overwhelmed by the size and girth of his cock. She has warned us before that she doesn?t cum from sex and J and I welcomed the challenge. J pulled her into towards him whilst she was still on top and he started thrusting to fuck her from underneath. I had a front row seat from the end of the bed as her pussy juices ran down his cock and balls.As she got louder and louder, J put her on her side with her legs wrapped around him so that he could fill her even more deeply. She was moaning and telling him how good his cock felt. It was so hot to see this girl enjoying the incredible cock that I get to have every day. It would be criminal not to share a dick this good. My only rule was that J couldn?t cum in her pussy. Everything else was fair game.I grabbed my little bullet and pressed it firmly against the side of her clit as J drilled her harder and harder. Her pussy sounded so wet as he pounded away. He was determined to make her cum. The thickness of J?s cock and the bullet pressed against her was getting her closer and closer. She was writhing against J, pressing her hips towards him. I hoped he had remembered not to cum in her pussy but I don?t think I could have blamed him at this point. The moaning turned into F crying out my name as she locked eyes with me. She wanted me to watch as she came all over my boyfriends dick. J held her firmly into position fucking her harder and harder.... until his cock finally completely overwhelmed her and her tight little pussy came.The two of them pulled apart as she lay by his side, out of breath, whilst I got to work licking her pussy juice off his thick, solid cock. After watching something so hot, I absolutely needed his cum in me.So many other things happened and this is such a condensed version of events. I can?t stop replaying the evening. Incredible night!
04-04-2021, at 08:22 AM

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