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Used-Condom Drinking: Alley-sex Cuckold

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Used-Condom Drinking: Alley-sex CuckoldStory No. 3Used-Condom Drinking: Alley-Sex CuckoldThere is nothing more mouthwateringly-tantilizing than the thought of guzzling another man's sperm from a woman's pussy, that's true. However, nothing quite provides that feeling of downright-seediness, like guzzling another guy's spunk from a used-condom - NOTHING!!! And for me personally, the fact that I'm most definitely not even into guys, makes it even dirtier and even more depraved. Reducing your otherwise masculine-self to the level of a cum-swallowing slut, in such a fashion, is the ultimate way of rubbing your own nose in the fact, that another, more sexually dominant guy, got to fuck some girl and you didn't.******************************************* *******WARNING: This story incorporates strong cuckold themes, including swallowing the jizz from a used-condom after watching a couple having sex in an alleyway. Please don't read if squeamish.**************************************** **********In the past, I used to crave a bit of humiliation and would do some quite degrading things for kicks. I thought I'd compile a list of the 10 most depraved/pervy things I've done and write a short story about them each and post them on xhamster.The list:10. Drank a girl-racer's piss-puddle from the floor of the car park.9. Wanked off in a used-condom after watching couple fuck in same car park.8. Me and some mates took turns spunking into our friend's sister's dirty panties.7. Snogged a woman at a party after two guy's had spunked in her mouth.6. Had sloppy seconds with a woman at a party.5. Licked another guy's cum from girlfriend's pussy.4. Paid an escort to let me fuck her with one of her client's used condoms. > 3. Sucked a used-condom clean after watching a couple have sex in an alleyway. <2. Sucked ten used-condoms clean from a escort's bin in her bathroom.1. Paid an escort to save all her customer's spunk in a jam jar for a whole week for me to drink.This story is the 3rd on the list.Btw, please subscribe for more stories coming soon!!!!****************************************** *********************Ten Most Depraved:Used-Condom Drinking: Alley-Sex CuckoldTrue Story No. 3:************************************************ ************************************************** ************************************************** ******There is nothing more mouthwateringly-tantilizing than the thought of guzzling another man's sperm from a woman's pussy, that's true. However, nothing quite provides that feeling of downright-seediness, like guzzling another guy's spunk from a used-condom - NOTHING!!! And for me personally, the fact that I'm most definitely not even into guys, makes it even dirtier and even more depraved. Reducing your otherwise masculine-self to the level of a cum-swallowing slut, in such a fashion, is the ultimate way of rubbing your own nose in the fact, that another, more sexually dominant guy, got to fuck some girl and you didn't.So, when I just so happened to find myself spying on a couple fucking in an alleyway in the back-streets of Newcastle and then ended up swallowing the guy's freshly-spunked jizz from his discarded used-condom, it was at the time, THE MOST DIRTIEST AND DEPRAVED EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE!!! The only reason this incident sits at number three on my list and not higher, is that it has since been surpassed by a few even dirtier experiences, far more recently.To cut a long story short, I had gone out of town nightclubbing and ended up by myself at the end of the night, in a kebab-shop. As I stood and waited for my meat-feast pizza, a very good-looking, young couple were groping and snogging each other. His hands were all over her body, including up her skirt. She, it has to be said, was incredibly hot; a glamorous, tall, leggy-brunette, with very shapely-breasts, wearing a beautiful silky and incredibly revealing, purple-pink dress. My cock was getting quite hard, watching the way he was manhandling her so publicly. Somewhat intriguingly, she glanced over at me and whispered something in his ear and within a few seconds or so, they had both vanished, leaving the shop without having even been served their order. Of course, curiosity got the better of me, and I thought I'd go investigate.I called to the guy behind the counter that I would only be five-minutes or so and he assured me that he would not throw my pizza in the bin. I left the take-away and turned up the first side-street. Disappointed that I could not see them, I decided to pass the first alleyway on the left just to check it out and low and behold, there they where. Stood on the corner, just inside the first bit of the alleyway, was the couple snogging. As I passed, the girl appeared to notice me and withdrew around the corner, deeper into the alleyway, dragging him with her. Omg! I thought to myself, the dirty-fuckers have come out to have a sly-fuck whilst waiting for their order. The back-alley was sort of C-shaped. It's entrance was at the start of the back-street; it quickly turned and traced the terrace all the way along the back of the houses, then turned and abruptly turned and emerged at the other end of the street. As I continued walking up the street, it dawned on me that if I was quiet, I could sneak into the other end of the alley and peek around the corner-wall of the last house and see what they were up to.I couldn't believe my luck when I got to the other end of the alleyway and peeked around the wall, because there she was, already down on her knees, in the process of unzipping his fly. A few seconds later and she had her lips around his thick meaty-cock, sliding up and down a good length of his shaft. Thankfully, not only was it fairly dark at my end of the alleyway, making me quite well hidden, but there was a streetlamp at their end. So they were fairly well lit-up. Unfortunately though, within about twenty seconds or so of her taking his cock into her mouth, the hot steamy-action was interrupted by a loud noise closer to my end, (either a door opening or closing) from the back-yard of one of the houses. Startled, the girl suddenly stopped sucking, looked-up and exclaimed:"Oh, my god! There's somebody there!"Immediately gripped with fear, I pulled my head back around the corner, out of sight. I froze for a moment and considered fleeing, but sort of figured that it was so dark at my end that it was highly unlikely that she had actually seen me. I gambled that if I just kept my head out of the way for a while and kept quiet, she might conclude that she'd been imagining things. There was a deadly silence for a few moments and just as I began to consider legging-it, the loud-noise happened again. This time it sounded more like one of the backdoors slamming-shut."It's just someone going into one of the houses." I heard the guy say.There were a few more unintelligible words, but then I heard her say something along the lines of: "I must just be seeing things."My heart thumping, I waited a few moments, giving them a chance to get back to what they were doing before peering back 'round and re-engaging with the action. So there they were; the glamorous young-lady, down on her knees, her lips around this guy's cock, giving him quite a sensuous and sloppy blow-job; going quite deep at times. Even from this end of the alley, I could see her gorgeous, plump-lips all puckered up around his shaft, travelling from his tip almost all the way down to his balls. The guy leaned back against the wall with his head looking up towards the sky, grabbing hold of her hair with one hand and slowly easing her mouth up and down the length of his cock. Not only was it incredibly horny watching them together, but it was also incredibly exciting doing it in such a covert fashion. My heart was beating like crazy as I stood there, hiding around the corner, feasting my eyes on their supposedly private, but admittedly, semi-public sex-act. At one point, he reached down to have a good grope at her tits and even managed to pull them out of her dress, so that they were both then on show. She must have sucked his prick for a good five minutes or so before she suddenly took his cock out of her mouth and asked him if he had a condom. There was some discussion about this, and he appeared not to be keen, claiming not to have one and so she reached to get one from inside of her handbag. It was at this point, I began to wonder if they were an actual couple or they had just met in one of the nightclubs. Either way, she wanted him rubbered-up before putting his cock inside of her.At first, I was a little dissappointed for the guy that he wasn't going to get to ride her bareback in the alleyway, but as she rolled the rubber tube down the full-length of his prick, it slowly dawned on me that his loss would be my gain, because her insistence that he use protection would mean that I finally get to fulfil my depraved sexual-urge to drink another guy's sperm from a used-condom (and a freshly-spunked one at that); something I had been dying to do for over ten years, ever since finding a used-condom in my then-girlfriend's apartment. This of course, was presuming that he came inside that condom and that they kindly thought to leave it for me. Strangely enough though, as soon as the thought hit my mind, I just knew it was going to happen; this was my moment to thoroughly degrade-myself by tasting and drinking another man's sperm and I was about to fulfil that destiny.Once she had eased the condom onto the full-length of his shaft, she stood back up and turned to face the wall, generously offering her ample-behind to him. He stood there with his cock in one-hand, wanking, as he groped her bare dangling-tits with the other. As he did this, a light came on in one of the bedroom windows right opposite from where they were standing. He clearly noticed, even looking up towards the source of the light. The fact that he might have an audience didn't put him off in the slightest though; he continued jerking his cork inside of the rubber-casing of the condom and even switched from groping the girl's tits to fingering her pussy with his free hand, something which caused her to groan, quite loudly. The young lady, of course, was none the wiser because about the on-looker as she was turned to face the wall, readying herself for a bit of doggystyle-sex and he quite wisely did not inform her.I, in the meantime, was so over-excited that I had unzipped my fly and had my own cock out, surreptitiously wanking, which in retrospect, was quite a risky thing to do (however hidden I was from the couple and the street, I suppose I was still in a public place, which anybody could enter at any time). The young-guy, lifted up her silky-dress and eased down her knickers, exposing a very nice-looking pair of plump-but-firm, arse-cheeks. He knelt down and started to feast on her bumhole, causing her to groan. That precise moment, is when a fairly dowdly-dressed, but not unattractive, blonde, plump, mature-lady, with quite large breasty-dumplings, suddenly appeared in the bedroom window opposite; looking straight at them. She looked horrified, but at the same time, very intrigued. In fact, once she'd gotten over the shock, she continued watching for a good thirty-seconds or so; smiling smugly to herself. It was a bit of a weird experience for me, to be now spying on her spying on them.By this time, the guy was really devouring the young-lady's arse. His face was wedged right between her juicy bum-cheeks. I tried to imagine just how far his tongue was up her bumhole, wishing so much that it was my tongue up her bottom. The mature-lady who was also spying on them, seemed just as entranced as I was. After about a minute-or-two of snogging her bumhole, the guy decided it was time to mount this delectable-slut from behind. He pulled his face out of her arse and stood back up again. Wasting no more time, he grabbed hold of his prick and inserted it into her pussy and began pounding her arse-meat for all he was worth. He did start off slowly, but very quickly built it up to a brisk-pace. Then, within a good few minutes, he was going like the clappers! It was like watching a freight-train thundering down the alleyway. Her arse-flesh was bouncing all over, her dangling-breasts were jutting back and forth and twirling-around and huge shock-waves rippled through the visible flesh on her body, with each and every thrust. They were both making a considerable amount of noise, too. I remember feeling so turned on by this, that I stopped wanking, flattened myself against the wall and starting rubbing my cock against the cool-surface of the brick-wall, imagining that I was fucking her myself.The mature-lady, appeared one or two more times at the window, during this. Apparently fascinated by this couple's a****listic-antics. I only hoped that she didn't interfere with my ravishing of the used-condom afterwards! The guy continued slamming into the young-lady's arse-meat from behind, and my fears about the condom were pretty much put to rest as the bedroom curtains were closed and the light was switched off. To be honest, it wasn't a moment too soon, because within twenty-seconds or so of her doing so, the guy reached a thundering-climax; ejaculating squirt after squirt of molten love-piss inside of her; grunting and groaning as his train finally pulled into the station, before virtually collapsing on top her her, puffing and panting.She turned her head round and attempted to snog him, whilst he still had his cock inside of her, which quite a horny sight. After he withdrew, she pulled up her knickers from around her ankles, giving me a very nice glimpse of her smoothly-shaven snatch and he pulled the condom off his cock and dropped it on the floor, as I expected he might. Feeling one-step closer to fulfilling my hottest-fantasy, I put my own cock back inside of my underpants and waited patiently, ready to pounce on the used-condom and ravish it with my tongue. They had another snog and chatted for a few moments, before leaving to collect their food. The second they stepped out of sight however, I made my move.After checking the coast was clear, I made my way down the back-alley to where they had been fucking and...there it was; lying on the floor: the used-condom; brimming with warm, freshly-spunked jizz; just there for the taking. I picked it up and held it in my hand, gasping at the weight of it. I stood there for a few moments, wondering what to do with it. Should I take it away with me, get a taxi and enjoy it at home? Should I go get my pizza and tip the contents onto that, then eat it as I walk down the high-street looking for a taxi, offering unsuspecting ladies a slice or two as I go? After weighing up my options, I decided that it was just way too tempting to get my cock out and do the dirty-deed, right there in the alleyway. I looked up at the bedroom window, to check that I didn't have any spectators and noticed that the curtains were tight-shut. I turned sideways-on, against the wall, so that if anybody did suddenly come out from one of the doors in the backyards, I would see them coming and could make my escape. I lifted the condom up to my mouth, shaking almost uncontrollably as I contemplated what I was about to do."Oh, my fucking god!" I remember gasping out loud, I was really going to do it.My heart was beating fast and my breath was heavy. I had waited ten years to humiliate myself in such a deliciously-degrading fashion. If I didn't do it now, the chance may never come up again. I put the base of the condom up to my lips and started to tip it's contents into my mouth. Oh, fuck! -- Oh, fuck! -- Oh, fuck! I thought, as my mouth filled-up with sperm. I was actually doing it! I was actually tasting another man's sperm!I couldn't believe how revolting and yet at the same time how delicious it tasted. It was just so creamy and heavenly and yet, so vile. I so wanted to swallow all his creamy, yummy-jizz, right there and then, but realised that the moment was just too exquisitely-depraved to let it pass-by so quickly. So, I carefully drooled the semen back into the condom and pulled my cock out of my jeans and and started wanking right there in the alleyway. I resolved to swallow his spunk, but I just quickly wanted slip my cock inside of the condom and feel it squirming all over my massive-erection, first.By this time, I didn't care if I got caught; I had slipped into my cuck-space and I was going to enjoy this moment, no matter what the costs. In fact, I was totally revelling in the risk-factor of being caught. I even pushed my jeans and underpants down to my ankles, to increase my feeling of vulnerability and enhance the erotic-sensations even more. Having done that, I slipped the jizz-filled rubber over my cock and started easing it up and down. It felt incredible, just sliding the cream-filled tube along the full-length of my throbbing-shaft. Still able to taste the sperm in my mouth; I was in self-cuckolding nirvana. And it didn't stop there. Just as I removed the condom from my cock and placed the base between my lips, I could see in my peripheral vision, the bedroom curtains opening; just a tiny bit, but enough to make it clear that I now had an audience. My heart almost stopped-dead!The next few moments were just a blur. I pushed my tongue inside of the condom and tipped it upwards, so that the semen was momentarily trapped inside and then, turning myself slightly towards the window (so that the plump-blonde could get a better view), I grabbed hold of my cock and started wanking furiously. I used the sperm that was still coating the surface of my cock as lube and wanked it bare-handed. The sensations were so intense and the whole situation so overwhelming that I began to climax in around ten-seconds flat. Knowing I was about to cum, I slowly-but-surely, started easing my tongue out of the condom and allowed it's contents to ooze-out into my mouth. The trickle soon turned into a flood and as the deluge came, I relaxed my throat and let all that yummy-sperm dribble down into my waiting oesophagus. As I swallowed his spunk, I was engulfed in a broiling sea of shame, as a squalidly-delicious, tidal-wave of self-loathing and humiliation washed over me; it was truly exquisite! Within seconds, I was squirting white hot-jets of molten spunk all over the place, which I aimed at the brick-wall of the house, fully revelling in the fact that my perverse actions were being observed by someone else.I spurted over and over and over again, plastering the wall with spunk. I remember my knees buckling and almost collapsing at the intensity of my climax. After I came, I turned to face the wall to admire my handy-work and pulled up my jeans and underpants, still with the condom hanging off my tongue. As I zipped up and was about to scarper, I thought I'd just have a quick look up at the window and give the plump old-lady a sly little wink, but to my horror, when I looked up she wasn't alone! Instead of seeing only one face peering through the window, there were two faces!!! Her's and a younger lady's; much younger; probably in her early twenties. They were both hiding at the bottom of the window with the curtain over their heads, open-mouthed with shock.Pulling the now-empty condom off my tongue, I gave them a huge grin and a wink and evacuated the alleyway in double-quick time. As I made my way down the back-street onto the main-road, I got an image of their faces in my mind and just couldn't stop laughing. I was almost pissing myself, I found it so funny. I tidied myself-up and nipped back into the kebab-shop. It was now getting quite full, but I just ignored everyone and confidently strode up to the counter to get my pizza. Strangely enough, when I opened it to check it was the right one, I couldn't see any meat on it. I asked him what it was and he said it was a vegetarian pizza. I told him that I had ordered a meat-feast. He looked a bit shocked and said that he had given the meat-feast to the couple that had been in. "Oh, don't worry." I said to him. "I'll just take the vegetarian." He offered me a partial refund and I said that it was fine. I was just so amused that the couple had gotten my pizza by mistake and it was absolutely covered in pepperoni and spicy-beef and she was probably a veggie! Plus, I didn't want them to walk back in, having just realised and cop me. I walked up the road and after eating most of their pizza, I got in a taxi and started making my way home. A bit further up the street I saw a pizza dumped on the ground, topping-first and wondered if it was my meat-feast. A few blocks further up, I spotted the couple walking together without a pizza and her looking incredibly pissed-off. I wound down the window and shouted out of the taxi: "Did you enjoy snogging her bumhole?" He looked up, a bit annoyed and shouted something after me and she looked a bit shocked."Nice shaven pussy, by the way!" I added, as the taxi sped off.To be honest, I'm not even sure if either of them had actually heard what I said, but it appealed to that slightly darker-side of my nature, that they may well have done.When I got home I remember being on a massive-high, but then sunk into something of an unexplainable-downer. On the one hand, I was truly mortified that I had sunk so low as to drink the freshly-spunked jizz of another man from his discarded used-condom, just for kicks. On the other, that feeling of nihilistic futility, was tinged with an incredibly deep and deliciously-warped feeling of self-satisfaction in having accomplished my long-held goal and having been spotted doing so, by the plump mature-lady and what was possibly a younger relative of hers. This moment was so base and yet so enjoyable, it has stayed with me for for the last twenty-years and has only been recently eclipsed by the even dirtier escapades in my next two stories.The End.
04-30-2021, at 04:11 PM

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