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Table top striptease and more

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Table top striptease and moreAs you will know, my wife was very promiscuous when she was younger, having sexy sessions with lots of lads, and other men when she was married to her first husband. When she was still single, she and a few friends went to a party; Carole had a sexy friend called Delphine, who part way through the evening, having had a few drinks, climbed up onto a round table and began stripping; she had removed her dress and was making to unhook her bra, when Carole reached up to help her come down off the table. However, a couple of lads pushed Carole from behind, and Delphine pulled her up to join her ! Before Carole could regain her composure, Delphine had unzipped Carole's dress, and let it fall. The lads present were all gathered round the table, shouting things like " Get 'em off " and " Give us a show, girls ." Delphine proceeded to take her bra off and was walking around on the table, cheered on by the boys. She told Carole it was her turn, and not wanting to be a spoilsport, Carole says she removed her bra. Apparently Delphine had only small breasts, but my wife has always had ample breasts ---- she says that at that time she had a 36B bust, with large nipples. As the lads cheered for her, Carole says she shook her tits for them and bent over to let them dangle and swing in front of their faces. Perhaps feeling outdone, or even more horny, Delphine then took off her tights and danced around in just her knickers. As the men now called for Carole to make the next move, all she could do was take off HER tights as her friend had done. Unfortunately for Carole, some time before this, she had taken to wearing her knickers OVER her tights, as she thought that if she bent over in a short skirt, men would prefer to get a flash of her panties rather than her tights over her knickers. She had no option but to comply, and so she slipped he knickers off-----all very well, but whereas Delphine was covered by her knickers, Carole was fully exposed as the tights she had on were thin ones without a reinforced gusset. She said she could see all the eyes focused on her crotch as she tried to dace round on the table; she KNEW that they could all clearly see her buttocks through her sheer tights, and realised blushing, that all the lads there were enjoying an intimate close up view of her slit as well. Delphine did not take her knickers off, but got down from the table; as Carole followed her, she says several lads reached out to her and touched her all over her body, notably between her thighs and her buttocks. AS she was struggling to get free, one lad got a firm grip on her arm and led her away from the table, and before she realised it, he was leading her up the stairs. She was so relieved to be free from all the groping hands and probing fingers, that she gladly let him take her into one of the bedrooms. He laid her on the bed, and got on top of her. By now of course, she was turned on by what she had done, and the appreciation shown to her by all the lads; she says she willingly let him peel off her tights, and shag her. As she too, had had quite a few drinks, she says she dozed off, only to waken up with him doing her again. Eagerly, she wrapped her legs around his body, and then suddenly realised that this was a DIFFERENT MAN ! The first bloke had obviously gone, and this second guy had seen his chance ! Now he was making the most of it as she felt his cock thrusting in and out of her cunt. When he had cum inside her, he just said : " Thanks for the show and the fuck, Carole " and walked out of the room. She heard him talking briefly to another lad who then came in and asked her : " Can I have a go with you as well ? " Not giving her time to reply, he dived on the bed beside her, and began roughly fingering her sodden fanny. She says she was on a high, and without thinking or caring, she just opened her legs for him and told him to give her a good time ----- which he did. So, what a great night for Carole; she had shown her body off to every lad present, been touched up, groped and fingered by who knows how many, and well fucked by three virtual strangers. AND she never did get her tights, bra or her knickers back, and had to go home in a taxi naked but for her shoes and a flimsy summer dress.
04-30-2021, at 04:11 PM

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