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Sub lara - chapter 4

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SUB LARA - CHAPTER 4CHAPTER 4Since the last time here when Jake introduced me to oral sex with King, I knew this was an inevitable outcome. I knew he would sooner or later suggest that I fuck King, too. I also knew he wouldn?t force me emotionally, psychologically, or physically. But, I knew, just like now, that he would want me to do it. And the way he introduced it seemed almost perfect. The three of us together was reinforcing and comforting.Because I knew this was eventually coming up to me, I did some research between visits to Florida. It was an awkward internet search for me, though. I wasn?t used to cruising porn sites in search of videos, photos, and graphic descriptions of dogs mounting human women. Much to my surprise, though, I encountered a plethora of information and depiction of exactly that. I was immediately taken by the energy and force of dogs fucking. I was also shocked by how many of the videos showed the dog climb onto the woman?s back, thrust almost uncontrollably, then seem to lose penetration, and wander around, sometimes remounting and other times not. I found videos of male partners assisting, holding the dog in place until the dog was capable of remaining penetrated in the woman. This all seemed weird to me. I had already sucked King and found his cock was substantial but he was a big dog. Dog cock seemed to be proportional to the size of the dog breed. Great Danes? were larger than the average human male. According to some sites, most medium to large dogs like German Shepherds had a cock closer to the size of a human male except for the knot which was always bigger in girth and formed the tie at the end of the mating. The tie was significant in the evolutionary process of canine breeding, but also something that many women commented was an especially enjoyable part of canine sex.As my search honed in on process and technique, I visited forums where I could have specific questions addressed. This was most helpful and I found several women who were very encouraging and supportive. Several of them, being regular enthusiasts of canine sex, highly recommended an approach that duplicated how a loving woman would approach her human partner. They suggested getting the dog hard and out of the sheath far enough to allow good initial penetration. Then, a helpful trick was to aid the dog in penetrating by guiding the cock with the hand. Almost universally, women negatively commented about the poking and probing of the hard penis bone into butt cheeks and the tender area around the pussy before penetration. That was one of the reasons for someone to assist, but if canine sex was going to ongoing, being able to make the assistance yourself was important. I had to agree with those women.I replayed all of that in my mind as I psychologically prepared myself for my first mounting. In my mind, an additional issue was the size of King. As I saw King standing, I was convinced that this wasn?t about me being on my hands and knees. Although it might be possible, King would be out of position and uncomfortable and deep penetration might not be achieved. I wanted this to be right, not just for me, but for King and in Jake?s eyes.I smiled and nodded my understanding. I went to the foot of the sun lounger he was on. His feet moved off the sides as if not even conscious of the action. His eyes were studying my action showing an element of intrigue. My impression was he was surprised how I accepted his suggestion. I patted the ground to have King lay on his side. I saw his cock tip was just showing. I went to my knees and didn?t hesitate in lowering my face to his belly and crotch. I licked the exposed tip, then put it between my lips, sucking out the precum that I knew would be there. I was rewarded with some and I sucked harder, more precum coming to me but more cock also exiting the sheath. I continued to greedily suck his cock, taking more into my mouth as I did, my tongue swirling around the tip inside my mouth. I was anxious and the level of my need to be doing this even surprised me.When I had four to five inches of cock out of the sheath, I rose from the ground and knelt on the foot of the lounge. This added another six inches to the height of my ass and I hoped it would be sufficient for King to make a good mount and penetration. I smacked my ass several times and King rose. He was confused. He had licked me several times and I had sucked him several times, but this was something new, again. He came up behind me and I felt his snout approaching my ass, first the air expelled from his nose, then his tongue coming out. This was familiar to him and my knees shifted to the edge of the lounger, opening myself up more to him. I allowed for him to lick me for a minute, not so much to prepare me, I was ready, but because I liked it and he seemed to, also. Then I moved a hand back and moved his snout, patting my ass, again. Nothing happened for a moment, then I suddenly felt his weight on my back. When you suddenly have most of the 165 pounds of quickly humping dog on you, it takes your breath away. Despite all my preparation and intention, I was slow in getting my hand between my legs to assist him, something I decided I would get better at with practice. The thought made me giggle through the gasping coming from my mouth.As it happened, it took King five probes to sink into my pussy before my hand could be of any assistance. I cried out at the penetration and I felt Jake?s hand on my shoulder, which felt reassuring and supportive. At the touch, I looked up at him sitting right there. I know my eyes were glazed over in lust and my mouth hung open as I gasped and grunted, but I tried to give him a smile. What it projected, I couldn?t be sure. What I caught in his expression, though, was clear. I saw the look of respect and admiration. I almost came right there.From watching the videos online, I recognized the frantic, frenetic humping of dogs. But, this was more than I had imagined it might actually feel like in reality. It was totally a****listic and primal. And, King was a careful and loving pet. A stray or semi-wild dog might be frightening to experience.I felt pressure on the top of my head. I looked up and found Jake looking at me intently. He looked down and I followed his gaze to find his cock straining, fully erect and his hands holding it vertically before me. I smiled, not up at him but down at his cock. I opened my mouth, or rather, opened it more to accept his wonderful specimen into my mouth.I was being pounded by King?s cock into me with a fury I had never imagined. Jake?s cock spread me completely, but this was so different. But, when I felt a bumping of something on the outside of my pussy, I was initially confused, so intent was I to manage the thrusts into my pussy and the cock in my mouth. When it finally occurred to me that the knot was forming, I climaxed. It was a small one, but real. The mental image of being mated by this giant dog, not only fucked but his knot going inside me, it was too much. It wasn?t inside me, though. It was still bumping me.I had seen his knot and it looked huge. I researched it to find a Great Dane?s knot could be the size of a baseball. I actually went to a sports store to look. A baseball is just under three inches in diameter. Jake?s cock is three in wide, not circular, but ? if I can take Jake, I can take King?s knot. I think.I pressed back at King?s pounding as he pressed against me, our joint effort to get that knot inside me. That was his signal that the mating process was ready. I still felt stretched as it passed in, undoubtedly because of the more uniform shape. When it passed into me, I felt everything happen. His cock, his knot, my receding orgasm all working together. His cock and knot grew inside me, expanding more in length, but mostly in girth. His fucking stroke was constricted by the knot but it was forceful. At the moment when it happened, it happened to both of us. I felt him twitch inside me plainly, then his cumming, spurt after spurt of his cum into my pussy. I cried out, my mouth open and gasping as my body erupted into another orgasm, my head dropped, striking Jake?s cock, which I had neglected with everything else happening. One hand still gripping his cock, the other firmly braced on the cushion alongside his body. I rode out the orgasm, my face pressed into Jake?s abdomen, my pussy still feeling the throbbing of King?s climaxing cock, and my pussy clamped tightly around the canine cock and knot, which had just provided so much pleasure.I felt King move, pulling at his cock inside me, then he moved more dramatically, feeling one of the legs he had wrapped around me drop to the ground and my body being pressed down harder as his weight shifted and his other leg worked its way over my back, dragging his paw and claws across my back.?What?s he doing?? It was weak, the side of my face pressed into his body, my mouth, and nose into his erect cock.?I believe it is called ?turning?. You two are now tied and turning is an instinctual defensive posture in case of a threat or challenge coming while still tied.? It was quiet for a moment, then, as if he had been thinking about it, ?You said his knot is about the same as me. He may come out easier for you.?I pushed myself up into a hands and knees position, a smile spreading over my face. I reached forward, pulling at the dog behind me and I didn?t quite reach his face. He moved to me and we kissed, my hand on his cock now stroking him. I looked down at the cock in my hand, then glanced behind me to find King looking back wondering what I was doing. Perhaps he thought I was also testing the knot.?Mmmmmm ? yes ? slightly, but the shape is different and I am tied to him. But ?? I smiled, again, ?but, all those Kegels and the Ben Wa balls I have been doing at your request ? I can keep us tied for a while, maybe as long as I need to be.??Need to be???I want you to cum in my mouth while I am tied to him.? I stared up at him, a thought coming to my mind, ?I will get better at this. Someday,? I gave him a wicked smile, ?I will have you both cum in me at the same time.?He smiled back and stroked my cheek. I waited for the thought I could see behind his smile. ?That would be wonderful, my submissive Lara. Even better for all three of us to cum at the same time. Even better when it might be either of us in your pussy.?I shivered, my mouth dropped voraciously to engulf his cock. The image of Jake plowing into my pussy from behind as King had, my mouth on the dog?s cock. But the image that made me shiver was a shift in position. King wasn?t lying on the ground, he was standing and my mouth was turned up to accept his cock with my hands on the ground supporting me, his cock free to drive into my upturned mouth, his 8? cock free to plow at my mouth and throat. I shivered, again.* * * * *King and I just turned into the yard from our run, following the circular driveway but intending to go to the side gate and the backyard when King saw a strange car stopped near the front door. Getting out of a shiny white Lexus LS was a white man I hadn?t seen before. I called out to him and he turned around to the sight of me in my running outfit and King straining at the leash. My running outfit was a sports bra and modified running shorts with a high thigh cut for mobility. My shorts were modified by cutting out the built-in panty. I liked the feel of air against me as much as legally possible in the warm, humid Southern air.?Can I help you?? I stopped ten feet from him but still held onto King?s collar rather than the leash.He stared at King. He wanted to look at me, but King managed to hold his complete attention as he strained at my hold. I didn?t know this man and, from King?s reaction, he didn?t either. Just then, the front door opened and Jake stepped out, took in the situation, and laughed. He walked up to the man and threw an arm over his shoulder, giving him a man-hug, then stepped to King and me.?John, this is Lara, Lara Everly. I told you about Lara. And this is King. I guess I didn?t mention him.? He laughed again at the man?s expense.With me in his arm now, he gestured to the man, ?Honey, this is John Mason. He and I played with the Falcons during some of the same years. I wanted you to meet him professionally, but he is here today for us to plan a road trip some of us have been talking about doing. This might be the year with John?s pushing.? I raised my eyebrow at him. A road trip? I was within days of making the decision to move in with him and change my entire life for him and I never heard about a road trip? He saw on my face his mistake. ?Lara, it just kind of came up when John called yesterday. He was coming in to try to get the group together to finally do this thing. Actually, I was hoping you would come with, but the plans hadn?t gone far enough to discuss it.? I gave him a sweet, tolerant smile that told him to keep talking. ?Sturgis. We want to go to Sturgis. The question is how many road miles do we put on with the bikes.?I raised my eyebrows, ?You have a bike??The look that came over his face was one of deep pain. ?It?s in the garage ? behind the SUV I don?t use very much ??I turned into his arms and put my lips to his ear, ?Relax, Sir.? He looked at me as I smiled. I continued in a whisper so only he could hear, ?I?m the submissive, remember? But, thank you. The way you reacted means a lot to me. I love you.? I kissed him on the cheek. Jake nervously laughed. He had been caught expressing just how much he felt about me.We went inside. I learned a little more about John Mason. He was drafted by the same Atlanta Falcons after his graduation three years before Jake joined the team. He was a split end on the team and played a year longer (ten years total) until a year after a younger player took over the starting position. He felt the writing was on the wall and it was time to gracefully go. His skills were less aggressive than on the defensive side, which he always felt was a bonus for dealing with people in trying to get them to work with him. So, when he left, he accepted a position in sales and company image with a large car dealership. Like Jake, he took the position to keep himself active and involved. Also like Jake and because of Jake, he had saved and invested well before retirement, allowing him to be comfortable and secure. Jake quietly followed up on a comment in the driveway that John was one of the people he had targeted for client potential for Innovative Financial.John was 37 years old, 6? 0? and 185 pounds. He was clearly, even in his clothes, still trim and muscular. His blondish hair was worn long, about shoulder length, but he had it in a ponytail. He lived in Tampa.I pulled together some munchies for them and a couple of beers. I told Jake I wanted to go for my swim. He nodded. I stood there waiting for more. He looked up from the map John had spread out on the coffee table. Then, ?Oh, right ? No, John isn?t just a guest. No reason for our NORMAL routine to change.?That was the signal I wanted. Jake like me naked and ready for sex. That was our NORMAL. Guests changed that and I would be dressed like normal people. That our NORMAL routine would be followed with John here, though, made me tingle as I walked to the bedroom. Jake?s testing of me had felt fast and furious on this visit. I knew what the end game was, he had explained it to me, his hopes, dreams, expectations, and desires and they all excited me to no end. I knew I was going to be continuously tested and challenged. And, I knew that the ?end game? wasn?t the end, not even close. It was only the end of the first stage. That understanding, that knowledge, that realization was what kept me wet whenever I was with him. I never knew when he would ask for something, anything, from me. And, I would give it to him. I knew it and he knew it.In the bedroom, I stripped off my sweaty running shorts and sports bra, tossed them into the sink in the bathroom, took my swimming goggles from the drawer, and padded barefoot and naked out of the bedroom. Normal routine. I stood in the kitchen at the entry to the family room, my goggles dangling from my fingers. The guys were huddled over the map.?Anything I can get you before I go out??Jake looked up and smiled his approval and blew me a kiss. John glanced up and declined, then did a double-take, staring in disbelief. John spoke, ?How about another couple beers while you?re there?? I smiled. They had barely touched the bottles they had. I turned to the kitchen refrigerator, retrieved two beers as requested then marched them in, handing one to each. I looked John in the eyes, ?Are you sure there isn?t anything else you would like, John?? He stammered and flushed. I winked at Jake and went out to the pool.* * * * *?Damn, Jake!?Jake smiled while watching her walk across the patio to the pool. ?I know. Why me, right? I mean, she is like some kind of angel sent down to grant my lusty dreams.?They both watched as she dove into the pool after adjusting the goggles over her eyes, the only thing she wore. When they sat back on the couch in front of the map, it was quiet for a moment. Then, John spoke, again. ?She?s amazing, Jake, but ?? he glanced at Jake, ?I thought this was going to be a ?guy?s trip?.?Jake smiled, then chuckled. ?So ? what exactly is a guy trip??John didn?t hesitate, ?We were going to let out hair down, so to speak. You know, try to hook up with some girls, certainly be able to leer at them without offending a partner, be lewd and just guys.??Okay, but what would you rather do, leer at some girls and try to hook up, or have one along that we all will hook up with? And, I mean all of us.? John looked at him in disbelief.* * * * *I had become quite proficient with my turns, even being able to spot the clock on the wall of the storage building as I flipped to turn. As my time in the pool would end with the return lap, I glided to the side of the pool, my arms resting on the edge as I removed the goggles. Next to the pool were the guys reclining on lounge chairs with their shirts off. It made for a good sight.?Well, hello handsome ?? Jake chuckled, inquiring if I meant him or John. ?You, Sir, though John is very handsome, too.? They both smiled. ?What?s happening? Finished with the trip planning??John smiled, ?Enough for me to bring Jake?s ideas to the others. I think they will definitely approve of his suggested change.? He glanced at Jake.Jake smiled, ?We?re just here to enjoy the view.?I gave him a doubtful look. ?There is no view. I have been in that exact spot many times. There is nothing to view except trees, shrubs, and fence. That makes it private, but not much for a view.? With that, I dropped underwater and pushed off the bottom, climbing over the edge. Water ran down my naked body, drops falling off my erect nipples.Jake nudged John with an elbow, ?There, see? I told you the view was spectacular.? I might have blushed, but under the bright sun, they might not have been able to tell.I stood before them, centered between their loungers that were separated by about three feet. I smiled at the playfulness, but my arousal was increasing as I felt and saw the appreciative inspection from the two men, especially John. He continued to look almost nervously at Jake as if to continue verifying that his open appraisal of me really was okay. Every time he glanced over, though, he only found Jake?s open appreciation of my body. John slowly relaxed.I noticed Jake?s outside hand drop to the surface of the lounger and his first two fingers spread into a ?V?. I gazed into his eyes to make sure I understood. He simply nodded. I separated my feet a foot, but his fingers duplicated the motion and I separated my feet an additional foot. Jake smiled and John gulped as I was very sure my pussy lips were now visible between my thighs. Under the increasingly intent gaze of John, my body flushed, a tingle raced through my clit and nipples, and my heart began to pound.I collected myself to speak the words I guessed intended. ?There must be something I can do for you, Sir. You and John, maybe??Jake smiled. He was very pleased. I could read it on his face, eyes, and smile. ?Yes, there is, my dear. Are you ready to take the next step??I smiled, nervously perhaps, but I did. I knew this was coming. John?s arrival might not have been planned prior to my coming for this visit, but once he arrived I could see it. As Jake spoke, John?s eyes were riveted to my pussy. He self-consciously shifted his eyes up to mine, but they fell back to my pussy.When I stepped forward between their chairs, he may have flinched slightly. When I knelt onto the patio surface and put my hand on his bare stomach and slid it down to the top of his slacks, he sucked in his breath so hard his stomach collapse in on itself. I loosened the belt, stopped, and looked at him. His gaze was focused on my hands at his belt until my voice broke through to him.?I would like to do this for you, John. Is that okay?? He numbly nodded. I felt Jake?s hand on my bare back press me slightly toward his friend in encouragement and support. I turned more to John, bent over and kissed his chest, each nipple, then down his stomach as my hands continued with his slacks. I had them unzipped by the time my lips descended to the region just exposed by my opening his fly. He must have breathed in there somewhere because as my hand grazed over his undershorts and his rising cock, he audibly sucking in air, again.I lifted the waist of this underwear, pushing it down. He lifted his butt off the chair, whether consciously or by a natural reaction, and I cleared his shorts below his cock. My hands transferred from the waist band to his cock and my mouth quickly kissed the head, my tongue coming out to lick the slit at the end, another kiss, then my mouth engulfed the head of his cock. I could feel his cock growing as I gently sucked on the head, but my mouth moved down, back and further down. Pulling back with my mouth, I sucked hard, his cock being pulled, stretched by the suction as I pulled my head back.I pulled my mouth off his cock and turned my gaze to his face, ?I like your cock, John. Would you let me make you cum?? He looked at his cock enclosed in my hand, slowly stroking him, then at my face. He nodded, again numbly. ?Where would you like to cum, John? In me or on me? If in me, which hole?? He just stared at me, then turned self-consciously to Jake who didn?t utter a sound, but I was sure he would have nodded.?Um, in you?? He looked at Jake, again.I put my other hand on the side of his face and turned it to me. ?Don?t look at him, John. Answer me. He has already given me to you.? I kissed his cock head, gently biting it this time. He was very hard, already. It was a nice cock, too. Maybe eight or nine inches. Not close to Jake, but much bigger than average. I moved both hands to his cock, transferring some saliva to my palms to ease the pumping of my hands over his cock. Without looking at John, ?I could even go into the house and get some lubrication if you wanted to ?? I said this to tease Jake. We hadn?t even discussed anal with him, yet.?I ? I would like to be ? in your pussy, please.?I smiled and looked up at him. Please. His friend had just given me to him to fuck. He says, please. I liked him. I wondered if all of Jake?s friends would be like this.I stood up and took his hand and put it between my legs. I pressed his hand onto my pussy and released it. His hand and fingers moved on their own, a finger venturing into my pussy. When he brought his finger out, I leaned forward and took it in the mouth, sucking off my own juices as my eyes locked on his. I smiled, then swung one leg over the lounge chair and straddled his midsection. I found his cock and held it vertical as I moved my pussy over the head until I found my opening. I descended a few inches, rose an inch, then descended more, up and down until I was sitting on his hips.I leaned forward, my hands pressed into the slanted cushion behind him, my breast closer to him. He leaned forward and captured one of my bouncing breasts, the nipple firmly in his mouth. I gasped as I more actively rose and dropped on his cock. I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned to find a nearly erect monster cock inches from my face. I opened my mouth and Jake guided it inside. As I leaned forward, I had shifted my fucking motion to a downward angle. That worked well for having a cock in my mouth, it pushing in as I pulled up on the cock in my pussy.John was moaning and groaning and grunting underneath me. I looked up at Jake as I continued with his cock in mouth. I tried to indicate John with my eyes and restricted head movement. He caught on and announced it was time for a shift. Jake pulled out of my mouth and reclined on his lounge chair. I kissed John on the lips and pulled my pussy up and off his cock. He grunted, but it may have been relief. I felt he was close to cumming but the intention was for this to indoctrinate me into sharing, but also his friend and what better way of doing both than to prolong it.I moved over to Jake and sank down on his monster, gasping and sighing as my body took more and more of his cock until I was sitting on his hips. I looked at him with wild lust in my eyes. It was the same look I always got when I had him fully inside my body. I couldn?t even envision what anal with him would be like, but I didn?t question that it was in my future.John struggled up and stood, more like leaned, against the chair we were now fucking on. I took his cock deep into my mouth and after a few strokes of my head, he started flexing his hips, gently fucking his cock into my mouth. I tried to concentrate on the action in my mouth, relaxing my throat so his cock could just enter it on his thrust, but it was difficult to concentrate on anything beyond the cock filling and stretching my pussy.After more time, I felt a sharp bite on a nipple. I glanced down and found Jake giving me a questioning look. John was again, moaning heavily and tensing in my mouth. I nodded at Jake, then announced after pulling mouth off John?s cock, ?Switch?.John moved quickly back to his lounge chair and I pulled, disappointedly, off Jake and remounted John, sinking completely down in one motion. He gasped. My head was turned and my mouth opened to retake Jake?s cock. I worked doubly hard, using my pussy muscles and suction in my effort to bring both men to a climax. John tensed rigid quickly and I ground my pussy onto his body, mashing our pubic bones together, which mashed my clit hard. I gasped around Jake?s cock, I squeezed his balls, pulled my lips back and attached the head with lips, sucking and swirling tongue.Within a minute, we all orgasmed.I went to the kennel building to feed King. He initially seemed more interested in the scent at my pussy than the food. I didn?t normally do this with a pussy full of cum. After, I got him eating, though, I returned to the house and found the guys with towels wrapped around them milling around in the kitchen.Jake turned at my entrance. ?John is going to stay for dinner.?I turned to John and wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. ?Excellent!? I turned to Jake, ?There are some steaks defrosted in the frig, some potato salad, and corn-on-the-cob.?He returned the look back to me. ?So ? you?re saying I am cooking tonight.? I smiled, leaning a naked hip into the counter. Then he got a glint in his eyes and I knew there was something else coming. Perhaps another step. ?John ?? he glanced at me, his smile getting bigger, ?have you ever seen a woman being fucked by a dog??He had just taken a good pull on his beer and nearly spurted it out. He looked at Jake, then at me. He shook his head, another numb reaction to something he never expected.Jake smiled at me, ?Lara, while John and I slave over the grill preparing dinner, how about you show John what a human bitch looks like.?John said, ?You?re serious? Her and that dog? He must weigh more than she does.?Jake chuckled, ?OH, yes. By a fair amount, too.?I looked at Jake. Yes, another step, indeed. Now, I show my bestial side to someone besides us. I smiled at them both and turned on my heels. Arriving at the door, I called for King. I heard Jake behind me instructing John what was needed from the frig so they wouldn?t miss anything.* * * * *John couldn?t believe what he was experiencing. First, this woman he only just met was told to love him and had very well. Then, he watched her be mounted and tied to his friend?s Great Dane, which was a very large dog, anyway, much less compared to her. She knelt on one of the lounge chairs and the dog mounted her, his front legs wrapping around her small body as he frantically thrust into her. Her cries and deep, soulful moans told him all he needed to know able the enjoyment she was deriving from the experience. But, even after the mutual climax, the dog turned on her so they were ass-to-ass but still connected. Jake called it the knot, which held him to the female. As he watched this portion of the mating, he saw her climax, again. Jake casually explained to him as he watched the steaks and corn cooking on the grill how the process of canine mating worked. He also just as casually explained the relationship he and the woman had. With a little more excitement in his voice, he then ventured to speculate what he hoped might come of the relationship and how their experiences could be ever evolving, though he didn?t venture a guess what those experiences might be. But, they both agreed, Sturgis sounded like a great one.* * * * *The guys remained wrapped in towels while I remained naked during dinner. This evening was over for us and I found that my body lost little of the excitement and anticipation as a result. I glanced frequently at Jake as the discussion carried on around me. He returned glances, giving me smiles and nods of recognition. Perhaps my eyes and face were sending him messages of what my mind was thinking. I was sure he recognized how my nipples remained erect throughout dinner and they would certainly recognize the cum dripping from my pussy, through the wrought iron chair seat onto to the patio surface. I was excited. I recognized in myself how good that felt and how much I relished the feeling. Jake had pushed me of late, maybe faster than he originally might have intended. Maybe. But, each one, each push, each new step challenged, accepted, and conquered was a new thrill added to my experience with him. It was like each new thrill of achievement, each time of pleasing him, each time of serving him as he directed, each time was like a higher water mark on the shore that marked what I was capable of, each was a mantle of achievement, of service, and each mark, each mantle was etched in my brain and my loins that I would forever immediately associate to something coming. Each time of anticipation had all those from the past coursing through my brain and my body. My body reacted with stimulation fired from those previous experiences like some Pavlovian training of my body. My work with Dr. Jenna had shown me what and who I was as well as recognizing what and who in terms of types of someone that I needed to be full. My time with Jake, from the first saving grace to now, had shown me what I can be by being released. That was why, around Jake, I seemed to always be wet and anxious to be asked to please or serve him. It was becoming a desire that burned in my brain and in my body. And, it couldn?t be extinguished or tempered, only fed. I was his and that was all that mattered.My hunk of steak was only half consumed and my wine glass was the same. The table was quiet. I looked up at Jake across from me. He was watching me with a sly smile on his face. ?Where were you? Someplace pleasant, I hope.? I smiled my embarrassment and apologized to both. ?Tell you what, John and I will clean up. You relax.?I laughed and stood up, scooping up John?s plate with mine as I moved to Jake. I kissed him as I piled his on top of the others. ?No, you two relax and talk. Pour me a drink of whatever you are going to be drinking and I will clean up. It won?t take long.? I stood between them. ?I hope the evening isn?t coming to an end.?Jake laughed, ?That was what I was asking you, but you didn?t respond.? I shook my head and went into the kitchen.When we resumed the second phase of sex, we moved it to the bedroom. There was no rush this time and I knew both men would last longer. From start to finish, it took us nearly an hour and a half. The entire time I had one or the other cock in my pussy and often the other in my mouth, but not always. There was a period of time when the men lay on the bed side by side and I moved from one to the other, fucking one for several minutes before rising up, shifting the few feet to the side and sitting down on the other cock. It was wonderfully filling and exciting for me while effectively prolonging the experience for them. I orgasmed on Jake?s cock as I descended onto him after a longer time on John. The change in size and depth pushed me over the edge. Both men started stroking my body, John rising to hug me from the side. I think that simple act of loving care peaked my orgasm higher. We used every position one of us could think of, even double penetration. We tried that and I honestly and earnestly did try, but it was impossible at that moment with Jake in my pussy to take another largish cock in my ass. When I put my hand behind me for John to stop, I looked down at Jake underneath me, ?I will do this someday. I promise you. You are just so big, my wonderful man.? He only smiled and kissed me before rolling us to the side to continue fucking me missionary.At the end, both men had cum in my pussy and I orgasmed three times. Instead of exhaustion or being limp, I was tingling with an afterglow of arousal and sexual electricity that charged through my body.We sent John to the shower, Jake put on boxers, and we went to make the last drink for the evening before John left. When we walked John to his car in the front drive circle, it was late and dark. At his car, Jake gave him one of those shoulder bump moves athletes like, then told him to watch his mail. I stepped up to him still naked and hugged him deeply before kissing him on the mouth deeply.?John, I am really glad I met you.? He chuckled and said he was pretty glad himself. He smiled at Jake and got in the car. I stood next to Jake, his arm around my naked body, his hand sliding from the side of my breast to my hip as he pulled me into him.?You know, you are standing in the front drive completely naked.?I turned into him and looked up, ?I?d walk down that street right now if you wanted me to.??So much for don?t do anything to get arrested, huh??I laughed, ?Okay, maybe I?d dash through the more lit sections.?* * * CHAPTER 5 to follow * * * Thanks for reading.
04-04-2021, at 08:22 AM

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