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A death starts a new life!

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A death starts a new life!Sue and I Mark have been friends with Claire and Steven for years and Ste's sudden death was hard for us all but Claire was hurting so much cos she didn't have k**s or family close to her so she was all alone except for us, Claire come to us after weeks of being alone and talked about how she was hurting we tried to comfort her with stories and pictures of Ste but the memory was still raw, I said to her it will always be there the pain but you must move on with life, get back to work and come out to the pub with us and it will get a little easier? Sue would go round every night after work and see if she was ok, I would sometimes cook her tea and we would go round and have a laugh, but Sue and I had to have our life as well so I said to Sue we need to ween off her a bit or she will depend on us to much, ok she said we will.for a few weeks we started to miss nights and it finally became once a week we would go round but we always text her to make sure she was fine. one weekend Sue said she was going round Claire's for a sleep over and have a few bottles! ok i'll be fine watching the footy and porn, lol. Sue said don't I know. the weekend came round and Sue packed her night bag and said see ya i'll ring you. that weekend flew by and Sue came home suffering she said they had a great time and they were mortal and they can't remember what happened but they had so much fun, I said Claire needed that, too right Sue said she deserves to be happy. during the week Sue was at work and I was home alone waiting to go back off shore so I had time to kill, I was in the garden and Claire walked in the gate, hi Mark can I come in, yes come in have a seat i'm just doing the plants, Claire sat down and she was talking away to me, it was great to see her smiling, Claire said Mark I replied yes Claire, she said out of the blue you know when you and Sue go out and do what you do doesn't it hurt you seeing it? see what? Claire said seeing Sue with another man! I said what do you mean, Sue told me the other day when she stopped over, I didn't know what to say.I said Sue told you what Claire, well she said when Sue had finished her 2nd bottle she started to open up about your relationship and how good it was and how you love each other so much but yous doing something so different it makes it even better? i asked her to tell me more and she told me everything and i thought wow. so after she left i was sat at home and i stuck the laptop on and i watched what she said she did yous did, share your wife with a black man a big black cock and God was i shocked i had never seen a penis so big, i couldn't stop watching it and i had to come over and ask you how yous do it? i could never see Ste ever doing that so i needed to know if you ever told him what yous did? i replied well i'm shocked she told you but yes we do it and its unreal seeing your wife hit pleasures she's never hit before cos of the thrill of it and knowing i'm there with her and for her and i join in the fun as well so it goes both ways and yes i told Ste about us and he said he liked the idea but always thought you would be to shy and kick off on him so he never asked you!Claire sat there and said to me well if he had showed me it 1st and told me that yous did it we could have talked about it and we could have tried at least once together but i will never know now will i? i didn't know what to say back i was still in shock that she came out with but i said talk to Sue if you need to know more, she stood up and said thanks and walked away! i was gobsmacked. i text Sue and said we need talk when you come home. Sue walked through the door and said i know Claire text me and told me she had spoke to you i was pissing myself at work imagining your face. we both laughed and i said i know. Sue said i will go round and speak to her after tea.a few weeks went by and we had a meet this weekend coming with a lad we know off a website and we had been sending pics and talking and Sue was excited by the look of him and the size of his cock, he was 25 6'2 10 inch fat black cock, Sue and i were buzzing to meet Bez that's what he called himself. Claire text Sue and said could she come over at the weekend for a meal she was going to cook she had bought some food to say thanks for the help and our friendship, what do we say to her i said? Sue said i will tell her the truth she knows and we can't lie can we, ok then. Sue messaged her back and told her, Claire replied ok send a picture of what he looks like that's all of him! so she did. the reply back was JESUS. It was Friday night and Sue was getting her stuff together for the meet ready for Sat night, the door bell goes and its Claire, come in Sue is upstairs go up. Claire went up and i could hear them laughing and Sue said go and tell Mark what you want to do and he will sort it. Claire came running down and said I've decided im coming with yous, WHAT. yes i want to come and watch Sue said its ok so now its up to you, what do you say. ok then! she hugged me and said see you tomorrow morning im off to pack my bag. i went upstairs and Sue said it can't hurt can it you said she needs to get out.Saturday came and we all set off for Manchester, i hadn't even text Bez to say Claire was coming to watch but what could he say he will be to bizzy making mad love to my wife. we arrived and boked in Claire was in her own room down the corridor from us, Sue and i got into our room and Sue got her stuff out of her bag she had bought a new sexy outfit for him, she tried it on and God did she look good, her massive tits popping up in the tight top showing her cleavage and her stockings gripping her thick thighs and the crothless pants showing her pussy lips, i said nice. lets get changed and have some food and drink before it all starts. we knocked on Claire's door and she opened the door for us and she said she is ready for it. we went out for a meal and Claire wouldn't stop asking questions she was excited for it, Sue said just be calm and Mark will hold your hand. ok she said. i text Bez and said room 211 door will be open and Sue will be ready for you do you want to shower 1st or coming ready? he text back just out the shower now and all fresh. it was happening.Sue got a quick was and changed for him, she sat on the bed ready, Claire and i sat on the chairs in the corner Claire was whispered im nervous, i said you don't have to whisper and we started laughing, Sue said stop laughing you 2 im bloody nervous now you are here Claire. the door opened and he walked in, i stood up and shook his hand and i said you know the rules mate, he said deffo mate, he looked to his left and said who is that, its a long story mate but she want's to watch and we said ok, that won't bother you will it, no he said and walked over to Sue, he held his hand out and she stood up and he started to kiss her, for me that's the sexiest part seeing her kiss him, they were kissing for ages and his hand wondered down and started to stroke her pussy, he was fingering her lips rubbing her clit, Sue undid his jeans with both hands whilst still kissing and she released his floppy cock, Claire gasped and gripped my hand and whispered OMG. Sue went down onto her knees and started to suck his cock, Bez was pulling her hair and pushing her head so she was deep throating it, he then said to Sue lay on the bed.Bez opened her legs and went down eating her pussy out, he pulled her top down and was pulling her nipples whilst still nose deep in her pussy, Claire and i could see from where we were sat his balls and cock swinging Claire said to me that is huge, Ste was tiny he was only 5.5 fully on, that would hurt, i said when you are in the heat of the moment and soaking wet with cum it will feel like heaven, well that's what she tells me! Bez was getting there he was pulling his cock whilst eating out and it was sort of hard, he went between her legs and hit her pussy with it rubbing his head in her lips getting herder, Claire said i can't see, i said go look, she walked over and Bez said hello, hi she said back. Sue said to her watch it go in it feels so good. Bez was looking into Claire's eyes as he was pushing his head into Sue's pussy, Claire was transfixed on his cock, Bez was now in full motion and Sue was screaming with pleasure, Claire said come see Mark, i said its ok i am enjoying watching you watch, Sue grabbed Claire's hand and pulled her towards her and whispered something to her, Claire looked shocked, Sue said do it. Claire went to the bathroom and i could hear the tap running and then she walked out naked, i gulped, she looked unreal, i have always wondered what she looked like naked but fuck me. she was a size 16 i would say but she has nice big tits but firm and a pussy shaven to the bone it was gleaming, she walked past me and smiled, my cock was now hard and i mean hard, it always gets hard seeing Sue get fucked but seeing my mates wife naked and going to take some Black cock, wow. Sue said come here and she held her hand again and said to Bez this is Claire our best friend be gentle its her 1st tie and it's a long time since she's had sex. Bez pulled out of Sue and he stood up and started to kiss Claire, i went straight over to Sue and i by the time i had reached the bed i was naked, i was ball deep in my wife watching Claire kiss him, she went down on his black cock and she started to suck him off, her eyes were shut, i said Claire look into his eyes, she looked up and he smiled and said lay down. Sue and i had gone side on so they were next to us, Claire was dripping wet already from watching them now the thought of his bbc going inside her she was wet i mean wet, Bez parted her lips and he slowly slid his head in, she sighed loud, he went further and it was a gasp and he then shoved it ball deep and she screamed YES.Bez was hitting her hard and she screamed like i had never heard, i had to put my hand on her mouth and say sush, but no she was telling him fuck me fuck me, Claire screamed she was cumming and it was a squirter, it went all over, Sue and i both said wow. Bez was still hitting it but she had gone, she said no more please no more, Bez pulled out and said do you want me to finish Sue off, ok go on then. Claire was still laid there flat out legs open and i said do you want me to help you up and get you to the shower Claire, no she said leave me to soak this all in, ok. i stood back and watched Bez finish Sue off whilst i wanked off looking at Claire's body and open pussy stretched by his big cock, i was ready to cum and i said to Sue did she want it on her tits or on her face, Claire said to me bring it here you can cum on my tits if you want, i looked at Sue and she smiled, i shot the biggest load i have had for years, i was crouched over her face so all she could see was my balls and i shot my load on her tits and she laid there and rubbed it in, Sue said why don't you 2 go get a shower whilst Bez goes to town on me, Claire said ok, she grabbed my hand and we showered together and all i could think of was Ste my mate, i said sorry in my head but Claire was happy. Sue and Bez had finished and Sue walked into the shower room dripping cum from her pussy and Bez followed swinging his monster cock, we stepped out the bathroom and then they showered together and Bez was kissing Sue again whilst she washed his dripping cock, we all sat on the bed saying nothing and Claire said do we do this again now! Bez said he could go again if she wanted to do it, so it was an all nighter i even ended up kissing Claire and getting a wank off her, Claire was on a mission that night and now she's tasted the BBC she wants to be part of our meets or for me to set her up her own. so to the next one. Pics, Claire taking the BBC and the others are the wife before the action.
04-04-2021, at 08:22 AM

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