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The Game

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The GameMy wife a tall slender, goddess looking kind of prude or so I thought. She has darkish, olive complexed skin, soft, smooth, without blemish. Her hair is jet black, it falls just below her sculptured jaw. She has dark thin eye brows that cap devilish hazel eyes that sing please fuck me. Her legs, long and slender, soft to touch but firm in physique. Her legs reach upward to a smallish, tight ass. She takes good care of herself, runs and plays tennis. She beautiful and doesn?t really know it, naïve but a bit prude, church going, God fearing. Her pussy is a mass of black curly hair, soft, and velvety. Lately I hardly ever get to see it. She as far as I know has never shaved it. We always have sex with the lights out at her request. She is naive but not really shy at least to me. She is direct, and carries herself well, focused, kind of stuck up. We had our own business but sold it a few months ago. We developed land but the market fell out and we took a new job 3 months ago. We now develop land with a larger firm, maybe 15 other people working there. My wife is one of 3 females, and works in the front offices, with the other women. She always wears very conservative clothing unlike the other 2 females. She covers everything, never cleavage or much leg ever shows. The boss, one night after we all worked our tails off, asked if I wanted to host the weekly poker game. It was a Tuesday night and the game was on Fridays. My wife Elena was standing next to me. I hadn?t been asked to even play as yet and it was really the first time I even heard of these poker game. The boss, Rick Lloyd owned the company, high strung and demanding at times. He was older than both Elena and I ;perhaps 50. Elena was 32 and I 37. He said Jeff it would be a word of the wise to host, get better acquainted and hang out with the boys, it would mean a lot to me. Before I could speak Elena said absolutely Mr. Lloyd, it will be our pleasure. Mr. Lloyd, Rick said ?Please Elena call me Rick.? She was staring at him, eyes fixed. Rick said great Jeff, we will see you and Elena at 8:00 sharp, myself and I think 3 or 4 of the guys can make it. See you both tomorrow for work. and Elena could you put something on a little bit sexy for the game and serve the drinks and be a good little hostess?for us?? Elena for some strange reason eagerly agreed to Mr. Lloyd?s, Rick?s demands. I never seen her like this, so submissive. She stared at Mr. Lloyd almost a lustful gaze. ?Yes Mr. Lloyd anything you want.? Rick smiled and said, ?Oh anything? I will like this Elena.?When we arrived home in our beautiful home. Elena started looking up on line just what she could wear for the game, naughty maid, naughty nurse, garters and stockings. She then decided these little skimpy outfits were way too costly and really fake looking. We were struggling with the bills, we had our own company but almost lost everything and we were lucky to keep the house. Elena decided she would look over what she had and would alter it throughout the week. I ended up making dinner that night. She was as it seemed to be studying. Elena stayed in the bedroom upstairs looking over the dresses and skirts she had. When I went up to ask her if she was ready for dinner, she was undressed in a pair of her panties and a bra. Her skin glowing. She look at me and said I just can?t decide. I asked her why she worried so much. She directly replied, it?s what Mr. Lloyd wants. I tried to kiss her but she just turned her head as she was in deep thought. She did come down stairs after a while and picked at the salad I made but that was all she would eat. Deep in thought about poker night. That was Tuesday night, Wednesday night the same?.preoccupied talked a bit about work. I didn?t get laid all week long. Thursday was no different except she made her mind up on an outfit. It was one of her white, silk dress shirt. It was very sheer, soft, and emphasized her dark skin. She tried it on for me. It was revealingly short, see through, and you could see the bottom of her beautiful round ass, here tight globes of flesh, her dark areolas could be plainly seen, her nipples poked through, teased by the soft fabric. The shirt is cut so you can see her shapely hips not quite to her panty elastic, the front covered just below her beautiful, dark, bushy pussy, the back covered her perfect ass if she stood still. When she walked her breasts would jiggle underneath the soft sheer fabric, my cock grew hard watching her. As she walked she hooked her thumbs in the thongs and down they fell, to her feet. She stepped out of them. She walked towards the closet door and reached out with both hands. She placed them on the wall in a seductive pose, the shirt lifted enough to reveal her sweet pussy. She stuck her ass out and slightly turned her head, I jumped towards her, my hand brushed her sweet spot and she walked away, saying not yet dear. I relieved myself in the bathroom again that night. And I had a hard time thinking she would wear a little skimpy outfit with 6 guys watching her especially that we work with. Although She is not big in her chest, her breasts stood out, perky, capped by 2 luscious swelled areoles and hardened nipples. We went to bed soon after. I didn?t sleep well with the excitement brewing inside me. I finally did fall asleep, waiting for tomorrow night. We rode to work together like we always do. She didn?t mention the poker game nor did I. Conversation was sparse on the way in. Work was the usual. I didn?t see her all morning like normal. At noon we usually eat together but she had taken a cab home around 11. Rick approached me and told me. He said she had some stuff to do before tonight and I gave her permission to leave. He said, Jeff you have a great gal, so attractive, kind and follows orders to the tee. I asked her or told her no sex for the week. How did she do Jeff? He didn?t wait for an answer. If you both keep this up, I?m thinking of making you a partner. Work was completing for the day. Some of the guys said see you tonight. Rick approached me. He said can?t wait to see Elena tonight and win all of your money. I laughed and said maybe you?ll see Elena but ??he just smiled, patted my back and said see you at 8:00. It was 5:15 now a 45 minute drive home. I will stop and get some beer and pick up some mixers. I should get home around 6:30, than shower, set up the dining room table, make sure the bar looks good and be ready for the boys. When I arrived home Elena was in the master bath with the door locked. I said hi babe and she replied, getting ready dear, a little nervous. Could you pour me a short tequila and a drink and leave it on my dresser. She rarely drinks yet alone tequila straight up. I said sure. Off I went. I delivered them as she ordered, and placed them on her dresser. Everything in the dining room was set. We would play at the dining room table. Our house is set up where the kitchen and dining room are one big space. The dining room adjoins the living room. I took my shower in the spare bathroom. I was ready just before eight. Elena was not to be seen yet??but I couldn?t wait. The doorbell rang. There were 3 of the guys who rode together. These guys always seemed to hang out together. I knew them some and would get to know them better. They came in. I offered them a drink and showed them to the dining room. They got comfortable chatted and waited for the others but the doorbell would only ring 1 more time and it was Rick. They were all seated and had drinks. We made some small talk and cut the cards for the deal. 20 minutes passed and Rick asked about Elena. A few minutes before I heard Elena quietly descend the stairs. A few moments later Elena appeared at the far end of the kitchen, standing there in all her beauty. The men transfixed on her, cards put down. She looked stunningly beautiful, her white sheer blouse ,buttoned mid-way, just above her flat stomach. Her perky breasts poking the flimsy garment. My jaw dropped, I was speechless. Rick ordered her to come over, he pleasantly said Elena come. She approached, slowly, her gold stiletto heels striking the floor as she stepped, her shapely legs, naked to her hip. I was excited, transfixed as the others were. I had never seen my wife like this, a goddess, a jewel. Who would soon be servicing 5 men. I had difficulty wrapping my mind around this. The church goer, quiet, reserved. She was very obedient to her boss, submissive. I greatly jealous. She came to the table a little smirk on her lips. She walked between Rick and John. I was directly in front of them at the table. Rick wrapped an arm around Elena. And stated, what beauty. We are so lucky. Rick asked if anyone would like a refill, like Elena was his servant, his slave, Elena looking directly back at him as her master spoke. She slowly bent to retrieve the beer bottles, when she reached for mine her shirt opened letting the 2 other guys and myself view her breasts. The tequila must be running through her veins. The back of her shirt also rose upward exposing all of her beautiful firm ass. I watched as Rick rubbed her soft globs of flesh. She stayed bent for a long moment as Rick explored her ass. On her return trip she delivered the drinks from our side of the table. She gave Rick and John the view of her breasts. I looked at her ass. She wore a black thong and that was it. It barely covered anything. The string ran up her ass crack. My co-workers and I rubbed her ass cheeks this time. As the night continued she loosened up more and more, she was touched, rubbed, squeezed and stared at. The tequila she sipped certainly helped She followed Rick?s commands, the boss to a tee. She looked so sexy in her silk shirt and high heels. I was starting to feel the drinks and feel the pain of losing money. I couldn?t get a decent poker hand. Elena came over between me and my neighbor. She leaned down, elbow on the table, one breasts exposed for everyone to see and looking directly at me. My hand went between her legs. I was in shock to find her pussy lips on each side of her thong, her meaty lips hanging out on each side of the thong, I gently pulled on one of her labia, a murmur escaped her lips, her panties were drenched, she bit on her lip. At that point I noticed she was bald between her legs, she had shaven her thick pubic hair. She spoke as she got up, Rick, my boss asked me to wax, do you like? I was a little angered at this, Rick smiled.I was losing in poker, Rick had my 600 bucks. He waited for Elena to get us another round. He looked at me and asked if I would like a chance to win it all back. I said sure would. We have a beautiful house and nice things but always lives above out means, and since we sold the business we struggled more. It was Ok for a while but now..600 bucks is a lot of cash. This is the deal he said, when Elena gets back, first I will ask her if I can remove her panties, if she says no I will stop and give you the 600 dollars, if yes I continue taking them off her, at any time she asks me to stop I stop and you get the money, that simple. I thought for sure I would win, no way would Elena will let Rick take off her wet panties in front of the guys. The next piece of this if she begs for my cock, I fuck her right here in front of you and everyone. Rick went on and said , ?of course I will pay you for her services.? I thought for a moment and said no way she will and agreed. When Elena returned with the drinks, the room was so she could easily stand at the table next to Rick. At that point Rick stood and got behind Elena. Elena looked back at the boss and smiled. Rick reached around and started rubbing her, first the front of her thighs, I could tell Elena was enjoying and could tell she had a buzz on. Rick whispered something in here ear, she shook her head and her mouth slightly parted, her tongue moistened her lips. Rick took his time. He rubbed her thighs, massaging, gently kneading, her hips involuntarily started to respond and she swayed back and forth against Rick, her head rested on Ricks shoulder. Rick?s hands roamed over Elena, her thighs, stomach, raising Elena?s shirt up. She didn't seem to mind, her head still on his shoulder, allowing her body to be moved in front of everyone, she was oblivious. Rick started to enjoy Elena?s neck and ears, kissing and gently sucking while stroking her stomach and mid section just below her breasts. I watched the Rick?s hands moving in slow circles about my wife's flat, muscled abdomen. Her shirt had risen above her black thing. Elena turned in Rick?s arms. She was swaying back and forth not caring we were watching. Rick?s hands were now on my wife's naked ass. He quickly worked the back of her shirt up to her waist where it joined the front of the dress as she leaned into Rick?s groin. Her entire ass was exposed. The sting on her panties was tucked between her ass cheeks. She looked naked. Rick would take her ass cheeks in each of his hands and spread her wide open her brown hole puckered for all of us. She in turn would through her head back and rub her pelvis up and down against Rick?s thigh. The sheer black bikini panties, and the five-inch heels were all she had on below the waist, and they didn?t conceal any of her legs, thighs, or ass. I looked around the table everyone was staring at the show including me. Rick was really working on my wife. I also realized that the men all wanted to fuck Elena. I wanted to see it happen.?Elena seemed not to care or may have liked that she was being exposed in front of everyone or a lot of both. There was no way she still be unaware of what he was doing. Elena moved her body back against him. I had a raging hard-on as I think everyone at the table did. Rick again turned Elena so she was facing the guys, her eyes shut, her shirt wide open, swaying to the back ground music and against Rick?s raging hard-on.??"Oh look at that. Isn't this just incredibly hot" John said.??Rick's hands rotated on my wife's ass and gently pulled it back and forth against what I knew must be a large dick. You could see a huge bulge in Rick?s pants. Like a whore, my wife was helping him, grinding her ass against the big shaft poking into her. I didn't see how Rick could get my wife any hotter and just to slip her panties down. Everyone could plainly see Rick?s hands playing with her naked ass. Elena threw her head back, her eyes closed, her mouth wide open, breathing heavily. Elena began to gasp, her tongue flew out and licked around and around the lips of her wide open mouth. Everyone could her moaning. Her hips were now thrusting back and forth, helplessly. I thought she was coming, she began to beg... "Ooooohhh Please... oohhhhh...gawd...aaahhhhhhh... take me somewhere...OOOOOHHHH... UUNNGGHHH...PLEASE!!"?I have never seen her act this way, a wonton whore. In front of the guys where we all work.Rick reached around Elena and unfastened another button and another until her silk shirt was completely open. Rick grabbed her breasts and gently squeezed them, her nipples were rigid. I had a twinge of jealousy and thought why Rick just didn?t yank her panties free of her. Rick cupped them, kneaded them, squeezed them, pinched the erect nipples causing Elena to grunt and moan like an a****l. Rick slotted her bikini panties between her swollen cunt lips. Her lips hung there on display. He turned her away from him, facing us at the table. His hands opened her ass cheeks and then pressed them shut...over and he pulled my wife against his thrusting rigid cock. I heard her moaning and gasping,?"OOOHHHHHHHHHHhhhh..Stop..STOP...You're driving me crazy". Her body thrashed and arched; one grunt of female passion followed another: Ugh..Ugh..Ohh..Aahh..Aahh..Ah...Ugh..Oouuuu..!!" As he pumped against her. John was sitting right next to all this action. He finally said shit I can?t stand this anymore. John is a tall well built black man. He stood and stepped closer to my wife. She was startled when she felt a second man pressing against her. When she turned her head to see who it was, John held her chin and kissed her full on the mouth. They held the kiss for a long time as John fitted his body against my wife. ??It was now harder to see Rick's hands, but I could still see enough to? know that he now had them in between her legs stroking her labia and touching her pink gash. John's hands circled my wife's shoulders and closed over her perky tits. John moved in front of Elena, the men sandwiched her. They humped her, front and back, their cocks thrusting against her belly and her ass, back and forth. Elena threw her head back, her eyes closed, her mouth wide open, breathing heavily.??Rick's hands moved to the top of Elena?s silk shirt cupping and?squeezing both her perky sensitive boobs. With one smooth motion, he pulled the shirt from her leaving her nearly naked in her thongs. She was so slutty and sexy. Her large nipples, fully erect, being squeezed by John and Rick?s large fingers. ??My wife began to gasp, her tongue flew out from between her moist lips and licked around and around the lips of her wide open mouth. I could hear her deeply moaning. Her hips were now thrusting back and forth, helplessly between the two men working on her. ?Then she began to beg... "Ooooohhh Please... ?oohhhhh...gawd...aaahhhhhhh... take me somewhere...OOOOOHHHH... ?UUNNGGHHH...PLEASE!!"??The other men watched in disbelief as my beautiful wife was being turned into a cock craved slut, right in front of all our eyes. John started to deeply kiss her again, tongues meeting tongue. Rick didn?t give her a moment's respite. His hands caressed her tits. She fell back onto his shoulder. When Rick started her breathing started to quicken, her chest rose and fell noticeably, transfixed on the massage her breasts nipples and mid section was receiving. She sank back against Rick, one of his arms held her up while the other tormented her, massaged her. John also stroked Elena?s belly in slow, sensuous circles then let he is fingers move downward underneath her small triangle patch of fabric. Elena faced the other men at the table. While Rick held her tight with one arm wrapped around her, with his other hand he stroked and pinched her nipples. Both men?s hands were driving my wife wild with desire. This increased even more when the John moved her fingers to my wife?s throbbing, erect clitoris. John flicked his fingers over her erect nub, a wild shriek of pleasure escaped Elena. Her hips pumped back and forth uncontrollably against the hand in her panties. She was rubbing hard against John?s hand and just before she exploded in climax, John stopped, he withdrew her hand. She begged "NOOoooo...please..don't stop... do me... please... more.. more..", my wife pleaded.Honey, you really don't need your panties any longer do you?", Rick? asked in a voice loud enough for everyone to hear. I grimasped. Rick let go of her and Elena, John held her, nearly nude body, her hips continuing to thrust back and forth in hot, female fuck motions. Rick reached to her hips, to each side of her the string that held her panties in place. He found the thin elastic band. Rick started slowly pulling downward, Elena gasps, her hips involuntarily gyrated, she bit her lip, little murmurs escaped her lips, her chest rose and fell, her breathing quickened, her upper body fell flat to the table, murmuring, transfixed. Her ass is totally exposed. She felt the thong being slowly pulled from her wetness, she gyrates, she sticks her ass out to Rick, ever so slightly she parts her legs, Rick slowly pulling her wet panties down. She?s breathing heavy, it?s all I can hear. The string being pulled from her ass crack, slowly he pulls, Elena babbles in helpless heat. "OOhhh AAAAHHHH... UUGGH... OOHH AAAHHHH...MMMMMM..DO IT..OOOHH NOOOO DO IT...STOP.. OOOOHHH. Rick keeps pulling downward. The bikini patch pulled from its wet spot. Her pussy exposed in front of Rick?s face. He smiles. He keeps pulling down around her knees then her ankles, over her spiked heels, she pushes her ass out a bit more as an invitation, and steps one foot out, then the other, whimpering, her legs are shaking a bit, she spreads them more in front of Ricks face, the boss. She wants to be touched, now silently pleading , slightly bouncing up and down, soft murmurs escape her lips, her ass and pussy totally exposed in front of RIck?s face, she is reduced to a wanton whore, my wife.?She sticks her ass out again towards Rick, he doesn?t react but the guy sitting next to her does and starts to rub her ass in a circular motion, her mouth falls open, her chest rises and falls and her breathing quickens as her ass pushes towards the strokes, she spreads her legs, her pussy has taken over, it begs to be touched, caressed. I move for a better view. Rick moves to the side and has the wet panties in his hand. He reaches and stuffs the panties into her open mouth. With that the gentlemen stroking her ass, he pulls back, hand comes forward and spanks her open gash, she brings a knee to the table top, allowing herself more exposer, she wants more, she begs, she is wide open, OOOOOHHHH? ?UUNNGGHHH...PLEASE!!" he obliges and again spanks her wet cunt, I can hear the slap against her wetness. He does it again, and again, over and over, he spanks her newly shaved pussy and she loves it. She whimpers in front of the card players, her gash swells and turns red. She gyrates her hips and ass as she meets his slaps, she is wide open, oozing , she moves her knee further up onto the table to spread her horny cunt, and leans all the way down offering herself to whom ever, she has lost all modesty. She begs "OOhhh AAAAHHHH... UUGGH... OOHH AAAHHHH...MMMMMM..DO IT..faster faster, don?t stop OOOHH NOOOO DO IT...STOP.. OOOOHHH. She is naked except her heels, half on the table, meeting the slaps on her pussy, she starts to shake as he continues punishing her wet gash. He spanks her, smack, on her pussy. She loves it, the men love it. The 5 other men including me look on in amazement, she starts to buck and gasp with the panties clenched in her teeth, my wife starts to cum in front of everyone, she losses all her decency, her modesty I never seen a women cum like this, fluid flies everywhere as he slaps her cunt. She screams in ecstasy, muffled by the panties Ooooohhh ..oohhhhh...gawd...aaahhhhhhh... ..OOOOOHHHH... UUNNGGHHH...!!"?Her head lays on the table, she deeply growls into the panties, a truly b**stly sound from this tender little vixen. Her eyes shut, she quivers as she is getting off, pussy gaped, pulsating clear fluid ooze to the table. Rick approaches me and whispers, I will give you back all your money plus a bunch if you say yes we can fuck her, but you need to say it out loud so everyone can hear you. We? I asked. Rick says yea all these guys. All your co-workers Jeff? What do you say? Elena, my wife is now getting fingered, she?s meeting the fingers that are entering her from behind. Grunting with the panties still in her mouth. Elena now is on the table, kneeling. Two of the guys have hold of her spikes to her high heels and are spreading her. I say what ever you want to do Rick. Why don?t you ask Elena? No Jeff you need to ask her, I do. I get down to look her in her wild eyes and say baby do you want the guys to fuck you, She blurts out , Ooooohhh Please... ?oohhhhh...gawd...Please... take me somewhere...OOOOOHHHH... ?UUNNGGHHH...PLEASE!!"?She is now kneeling in front of Rick who was now naked. ?For the first time I saw his cock. I couldn't believe it. He was BIG! ?Just fucking HUGE! His throbbing, erect shaft was almost twice the size of mine. My wife couldn't get her hands around it. The head was a?swollen big purple knob atop an equally large shaft. It looked to be at?least 9 inches long. And he was hard. I mean incredibly HARD! His weapon stood almost straight up against his hard belly.??Rick thrust his cock toward my wife and said, "Suck?it, Slut...Get your mouth hole over my cock and suck me. Hurry up!" My?wife couldn't do it fast enough. She bowed in front of him and crawled towards his waiting monster, she took his huge cock in her hand Slut...?Suck it!" She did as told. She held his balls with one hand, and with the?other guided his pulsing cock into her mouth hole. She took his large cock head and twirled her tongue around it. She licked the entire length of his shaft up and down. His fuck pole glistened with her saliva. She tried to take as many inches 5 or 6 as she could but gagged on the?immense cock.??Everyone watched in facination, Four inches..five inches..six inches. My wife's eyes bulged. Again, she gagged. Rick held her head in place. Her nose flared. Elena?s saliva ran down the cock shaft, coating his balls, and dripping from her chin onto the table.??Suddenly, Rick pulled his cock out of her mouth. "I could see the wetness of her pussy, her cunt lips swollen around the waiting hole. Her pussy was throbbing, opening... closing...opening.. closing. He walked behind my wife and dragged her to the other side of the table, half on, half off. She reached around and grabbed Rick?s massive meat pole and placed it at the entrance of her waiting gash. Rick grabbed his cock and rubbed it up and down her long her wet gash. He mashed her clit and spread her lips with the monster sized head. His cock found her cunt hole and he slowly started to stretch her, his large plum sized head disappeared first. He held himself there completely still until Elena started to plead?OH Please?more Rick?Please?she started to sway back and forth and take more and more of the massive pole. His cock glistened with her juices as she bounced and became accustomed to his girth. Finally Rick grabbed her waist and pushed his huge member to his balls, again he held that position. Elena grunted, Ooooohhh ..oohhhhh...gawd...aaahhhhhhh... ..OOOOOHHHH... UUNNGGHHH?!!" She tried to buck but he held her tight. Rick started to bang into her over and over she started to cum, you could hear the juicy sounds swish from with her although the tight fit prevented any fluid to escape, until he pulled from her and a spatter of fluid hit the table. Rick grabbed Elena and quickly turned her, she took him in her mouth as much as she could, he burst, cum escaped her mouth but very little, she swallowed most of it. John finished undressing ?He stepped up to her head, pushed his cock downward until it was? aligned with her mouth. I watched, waited, my cock throbbing in the? woman's hand. She felt it jerking, knew I was about to shoot, so she? slowed and squeezed the head to prevent my orgasm. With one smooth stroke,?John drove his cock straight into my wife's mouth... ?until I saw her throat swell out as the head entered. My wife's neck?bulged as the cock continued down toward her belly. With her mouth and?throat forming a continuous tube, John was filling it with the entire?length of his huge cock. The woman jacked my cock harder. John's balls?were now resting on my wife's nose, her mouth hole forming a big oval?around the embedded shaft.??As my wife's cunt throbbed in hard spasms, John moved up between her?wide open thighs, his thick 10" black cock rigid with lust. His body?blocked my view of the cunt hole, but I could tell that he was swabbing the?head up and down the wet slit. Each time the head slid over the 's?hard, erect clit, her hips thrust upward. I could hear her moan around the? cock embedded in her throat. John thrust his hips at the spread V of her?thighs. The scream of passion told me that he had speared her completely.?He moved upward, and as his legs spread, I could see the thick phallus sunk?all the way to the hilt into my wife's waiting cunt.??Her opening was stretched into a huge oval, the pink cunt lips clinging?tightly to the black shaft in her. Shoving his hands underneath my wife's?ass, he began fucking her. Hard, driving strokes into her widely stretched? cunt hole. She began to babble; incoherent gasps and grunts of a female?receiving a hard fucking from a dominant male intent on planting his seed?deep inside her.??At the other end of the bed, the mouth fucking continued. 's eyes?bulged as the big cock was slowly pulled outward until only the bloated?head was still inside...then it again started its inward journey into the?depths of her throat, his ball sac slapping my wife's face and nose. John?held her big tits as the mouth fucking gained speed. The huge cock?jackhammered in and out of 's mouth. When he wanted her to open wider,?he would pinch her nose shut so she would have to stretch her mouth wider?to be able to breathe. He would allow her one or two breaths before?slamming back into her throat.??A man on the other side of the bed, who had a woman bent over fucking?her doggie, screamed, "Suck it! Suck it all you hot whore!" After a few of?minutes of hard fucking, John's cock was pumping easily back and forth in?my wife's mouth.??'s 5" heels were pointed straight at the ceiling as they jerked back?and forth in response to John's hard fuck strokes. Her legs rose up and?wrapped around her lover's back, trying to pull him even deeper into her?sex pit, if that were possible. Her big tits were being jarred back and?forth. John's buttocks rippled each time he drove his cock into my wife.?He had managed to sink 8 inches of cock into her cunt. It looked like she?had a baseball bat buried in her. She screeched as she convulsed in?orgasm.????Unable to escape her tightly plugged hole, her sex juices pooled in the?bottom of her cunt where John's steel-hard piston churned them into a white?froth that clung to his cock as he pulled 7 inches out of her on his?outstroke. When he hammered it back into my wife's wide open vagina, the?froth was scrapped off by her widely stretched lips. After a few fuck?strokes, her cunt, her pubic hair, her inner thighs were coated with the?churned sex froth.??"FUCK ALL OF IT INTO THE BITCH!", someone yelled. With a shock, I?realized that it was me. John liked my command. He hooked my wife's legs?over his arms so she couldn't lower them or bring them together. Then he?pressed them up and back until her knees were touching her big tits. The?position tilted her vagina upward, turning it into a perfect target for?John's huge cock. It rammed straight down into the waiting hole. The?steel hard shaft sank easily and smoothly all the way to her cervix. The?huge cockhead thudded into the bottom of her cunt pushing her womb out of?the way. The final two inches of cock sank out of sight into my wife's?dilated pussy. All she could do was groan and grunt and take the hard?fucking he was giving her. Her heels began to jerk wildly in midair as she?exploded into another orgasm.??A moment after John's cock had disappeared into the my wife's cunt, John?exploded down my wife's throat. "AH FUCK! TAKE IT YOU HOT BITCH. I'M?CUMMING..OOHHHH SHITTTT." There was no way could do anything but take?it. His cock was all way down her throat and the load was shooting? straight into her belly. Both men were pounding my wife's holes at both?ends. She had 19 inches of cock in her. As John pulled his cock out of my?wife's mouth, the semen formed a long strand from the cock tip to her lips.?As he backed away, it broke and fell to the floor.??Again, I looked between John's legs to where his massive organ was? relentlessly fucking in and out of my wife's cunt John was driving it into?the depths of her sex channel. He spread even wider and rammed? himself into the wet, froth-covered hole hard and fast. It stretched?around his girth. All 10 inches of cock were f***ed into my wife again and?again. Her tongue lolled out of her wide open mouth. I could hear the?dull thud of his cock hitting my wife's cervix on every stroke. She ?grunted continuously in response to the male organ nailing her to the bed.??Suddenly John stopped pumping. He let his cock soak in my wife's juices ?for a moment, the head buried deep, rammed up against her womb. Her held?it there. Not moving. began to moan. Then her hips began humping?against her lover's body. She urged him to fuck her. He just smiled down?at her and flexed his cock making her moan even louder. She begged him. ?"Please do it to me... oohhh gawd... let me cum..PLEASE.. FUCK ME.. ?MAKE ME CUM... I CAN'T STAND THIS.. PLEASE FUCK IT HARD."??Finally, he took pity on the begging slut. He fucked her harder than?ever, ramming in hard, driving strokes that slammed into the very bottom of?her cunt. My wife's high heels were now above his head jerking back and?forth as he pounded her hips into the bed. John started to grunt. He?planted himself all the way into my wife on every thrust. I wanted him to?cum in her, to empty himself into her cunthole.??"CUM IN ME. OH PLEASE. IN ME. SHOOT IN ME. FILL ME WITH IT. USE ME,?JOHN. USE MEEEEEEEE.", my wife screamed.??He did. A minute later I saw his buttocks contracting. His strokes? shortened and he rammed in deep, held it, pulled back slightly, rammed in?deep again, over and over. I knew his cock was expanding inside my wife's? sex hole, jerking and throbbing. Everyone heard John grunt as he unloaded?into the female hole.??"FUCK HER..CUM IN THE WHORE", a woman yelled. The first gush of semen? probably filled what empty space there was inside Elena?s pussy because the? excess spewed out of her tightly plugged vagina.?Again, I saw John?s ass muscles clench as he pumped more cum into the? waiting, open hole. Semen was running down my wife's ass crack and pooling?on the bed. I saw tighten her thighs about her lover and knew she was?squeezing her cunt around his cock to milk more of his load. It was John's?turn to moan at the intense sensation this created. In response, his butt?clenched several more times ejecting more cum into my wife. He continued?to shoot for almost 30 seconds. Then his fuck motions slowed and finally?stopped.??When John dismounted from my wife, her legs fell to the bed. She lay?there unmoving, her legs spread wide open. John and John were apparently?f inished using my wife. Both of them put on their pants and wandered out?of the room. I followed them out as did a few of the others. At the door,?I looked back at the bed where another guy was mounting my wife. When she?felt his weight on her, she steepled her knees and raised her feet off the?bed. I watched as he got into position between her thighs. She moaned ?loudly when the cock entered her pussy. He slid his hands under my wife's?ass to get her into better position and began to fuck her in smooth steady?strokes. I needed a drink.
04-04-2021, at 08:22 AM

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