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Barn Raising

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Fbailey story number 205

Barn Raising

I had admired the barns that the Amish had built in the area and I really wanted one too. So I went to one of my Amish neighbors and asked him what I should do. He sent me to his Elder. His Elder suggested that I make the request to the Church Counsel.

About two weeks after I made my request to the Church Counsel and offered to pay for all of the lumber, labor, and incidentals they accepted the job. However it was going to take them a while to cut down the trees, shape them, and dry them for the job. I assured them that I was not in any hurry.

About two weeks after that a horse driven wagon came to drop off some lumber. A brother and a sister started unloading the lumber off the wagon so I went out to help them. The girl was about sixteen years old and very attractive even in her black and white clothing to her ankles.

About halfway through the unloading the girl asked me where my outhouse was. I told her to use the toilet in my house. She replied that she was not permitted to use modern day devices. So she walked behind a bush where her brother couldn?t see her but where I could and she knew it too. In fact she looked right at me as she lifted her dress up to her waist and squatted down. She was not wearing any panties and made sure to aim her pretty hairy pussy right at me as she peed. I smiled at her as I watched and she smiled back at me. When she was finished she stood up but kept her skirt up to her waist as she walked toward me. She kept a close eye on her brother as she got closer to me and then she quickly dropped her dress when her brother turned around so that he couldn?t see what she had been doing. She was certainly not like any other Amish girl I had ever met. Together we finished stacking the lumber in a pile and they left. For the first time in years I jerked off thinking about my little Amish beauty.

Each day after that the two of them would bring another load of lumber by at about the same time. Halfway through the unloading process she would go pee allowing me another good view of her pussy.

A week later the girl and her younger sister came to unload the lumber. Their younger brother was with them too because the Amish don?t like to send a girl out alone. I really can?t blame them. About halfway through the unloading the girls told the boy to keep going while they went behind a bush to pee. She looked at me and pointed toward my house then she and her sister walked up that way. She pointed for me to go one way while she and her sister went the other way. Then we met out back and out of sight of their younger brother.

The one that had been teasing me for a week was Mary and she was sixteen years old. Her sister Sarah was fifteen years old. Mary told me to sit down on my lowest step and then together they lifted up their dresses up to their waists and then they squatted down just two feet in front of me while they peed. I couldn?t help myself and leaned forward and grabbed a hold of each girl?s breast through her dress. They both giggled. As they peed Mary told me that every Elder in her church had watched them pee many times and that they had felt of their boobs and fingered their pussies too. Apparently it wasn?t much different than being a Catholic girl. When Mary finished peeing I reached down and slipped my middle finger up into her still wet hole. When Sarah finished I slipped my other middle finger up into her pussy too. I went right to their clits but Mary told me that girls were not to receive pleasure from sex. Screw that, I gave each girl an orgasm before I let them return to help their brother finish unloading the lumber.

For another week the timbers got bigger and both brothers and both sisters came to unload the bigger beams. Given the size of the timbers only one girl at a time would go out back to pee. However I got a real show and plenty of free feels. I also insisted that I give each girl one or two orgasms before allowing her to return to her work. Sarah was sweet but Mary was what I truly desired.

I was told that the men would be here on Saturday to start construction of my barn. Sure enough soon after sunrise a caravan of wagons with huge beams arrived. They were accompanied by women and children. I offered to help them but they wouldn?t let me so I sat on the porch and watched them work.

Some of those big beams took a dozen men to carry them into position. After about an hour of laying things out they started to put up the frame. When I saw Mary and Sarah heading my way I went into the house and kept an eye on them. I went out the back door but they told me to stay in the house so that no one would catch me looking at them or even talking to them. As I peeked out a window at them another girl joined them but faced away from me. As the day continued I saw several women and girls go out back to pee and even poop. Sometimes I could see their pussies and sometimes I couldn?t. They ranged from young girls to older women.

Those Amish worked from sunrise to sunset. They stopped twice to eat at noon and again at five o?clock. About an hour before they left Mary knocked on my backdoor. Sarah was standing guard at the corner of the house so that she could warn her sister if anyone was to come toward her. Mary asked me if I wanted to hold her breasts again as she peed and of course I did. I smiled at Sarah and she smiled at me. Mary lifted her dress all the way up above her breasts exposing them to me for the very first time as she squatted down. I squatted down with her and using both of my hands I held both of her breasts, thumbing her nipples as I did. As before when she was finished peeing I reached down and slipped my middle finger up into her pussy before slipping it up to her clit again. She closed her eyes and cooed as I brought her off one more time. She confessed to me that her mother had told her that she had never had an orgasm in her entire life. So I gave Mary a second orgasm right then. Sarah asked Mary to stand guard while she peed. Then Sarah lifted her dress up above her breasts too so that I could see them, fondle them, and thumb her nipples before reaching down and fingering hole while her pee was still flowing and then I went right for her clit. Sarah enjoyed two orgasms too before they headed back to their group.

At dusk several of the Elders came up to my door and knocked, to tell me that they would be back the following Saturday to finish the barn. I thanked them and watched as they left in the same wagon caravan that they had come in.

That Monday I was down checking out the barn again. I had been down a few times on Sunday too checking things over. They had done an excellent job as I had expected. The beams were all hand-cut, notched on the ends, and had wooden pegs driven through them to keep them in place. Technically the entire support structure was one big piece of wood. The roof rafters were installed and the roof had been covered with boards. It looked great. It was probably eighty percent done. However it was a pretty big barn.

While I was there Mary and Sarah came in. I was surprised to see them alone and without a brother to supervise them. They explained to me that everyone was busy preparing the rest of the siding for the barn and that they had been sent over to pick up any pieces of wood, big chips, and tools that they might have left behind in the dark. As I had been looking around I had actually done their work for them. They smiled and said that they could probably stay for an hour if I wanted to do something with them. Just what did they have in mind?

Mary told me that she and Sarah had been talking with their eighteen-year-old married sister and that Theresa had told them about sex. Theresa had told them that her husband puts his penis inside her pussy and that he keeps banging into her until he is finished. Their sister couldn?t believe that Mary and Sarah had both actually experienced an orgasm. Theresa was out in the wagon waiting for them to call to her.

The girls and I walked out to Theresa. I remembered her from the barn raising. I had watched her pee a couple of times and I had seen her pussy too. She explained to me that the Amish only had sex to have children, that they only did it after dark with the lights out, and that her husband would pull her nightgown up, poke her for a minute or two, and then pull her nightgown back down again.

I told Theresa and the girls about when my wife was alive and we would get naked and run around the house together, we would take baths together, and that we loved looking at each other?s naked body. I told them about masturbating each other, oral sex, and even anal sex. I told them about several different sexual positions that we had enjoyed too. Then I told them about giving my wife such tremendous orgasms that she would pass out from too much pleasure.

Theresa said that she was very curious, but that being a married woman she couldn?t think about having sex with another man. Mary volunteered to let me demonstrate on her. I had thought about Mary for several nights, she was sixteen years old, and she was certainly willing. I took the three girls into my house telling them that they could run out the backdoor if they needed too. I looked at the clock on my mantle and we still had about forty minutes left.

Mary thought nothing of removing her dress for me. I thought that it was funny that she wanted to keep her shoes on for a quick getaway. Apparently Amish women wore no underwear at all. I had already seen her pussy and her tits but she looked even better without that ugly dress on. When I removed my clothes they were all amazed. Even Theresa had never seen her husband naked. In fact their mother had never seen a naked man either other than her two sons when they were younger.

I kissed Mary, I sucked on her nipples, and I ate her pussy until she had an orgasm orally. She was very thankful and Theresa was simply amazed. Then Theresa told us about her wedding night when her husband lifted her nightgown, shoved his penis into her vagina breaking her hymen, and raped her. She said that it had hurt then and every time that they had gone to bed for a whole month. She said that it no longer hurts but that she gets no pleasure from it either.

I had Mary pretty wet down there and I asked her if she wanted to try having sex with me. Yes she did because everything else that I had done to her had felt so good that she could not deny me anything. With her two sisters watching us I gently placed her on the edge on the couch, leaned her back, and got between her legs. I parted her pussy lips and poked a finger into her. Then I poked two fingers into her breaking her hymen as gently as I could. I placed the head of my cock at her entrance and pushed slightly. There was just that momentary pain as I entered her stretching her hymen more in the process. I stopped to let her get used to the intrusion before continuing. Soon I was fully inserted and pumping into her as I massaged her breasts, her ass, and her legs. I couldn?t keep my hands off that young beauty. I kissed Mary and I told her how beautiful she was. Just before I climaxed Mary had an orgasm with my cock in her. When I finished cumming I stayed in her and cuddled as we kissed. Mary kept her arms and legs wrapped around me. When we finally parted Theresa was amazed to say the least. In her six months of marriage Theresa had never experienced anything like what I had just done to her sister. I took Mary to my bathroom and helped her wash up before helping her on with her dress and her bonnet. She kissed me goodbye and then the three sisters left.

I did not see Mary or Sarah that week at all. On Saturday the whole crew arrived shortly after dawn. Mary and Sarah were not among them. Theresa went out back and knocked on my door. Briefly she said that the shit had hit the fan. She had asked her husband to be more gentle with her. She told him that sex could be enjoyable for them both. He wanted to know where she had learned that and he beat her until she had told him. Her husband then told her father and then he beat Mary until she confessed too. She warned me that her father would demand that I marry Mary because no Amish man would have her now. She would be shunned for a period of time, maybe just a year if she were lucky. I told Theresa that I would love to marry Mary and she smiled. She said that her father and some of the Elders would talk to me after the barn was completed.

I was sitting out on my front porch with a pitcher of iced tea and several glasses waiting for them. Just before dinnertime they finished. They sent the women and children home with the boys and some of the men. I watched as about ten bearded men held a short prayer meeting and then walked toward me.

Mary?s father told me what he knew and asked my intentions. I immediately told him that I wanted to marry his daughter Mary as soon as possible. Mary was sixteen and I was forty years her senior but to an Amish man that was not a problem. He suggested that the wedding take place the next day at their Sunday services. I agreed. He was concerned about her getting pregnant and I just wanted to get her away from her father.

The next day Theresa and her husband escorted me to their religious services. Theresa never looked at me nor said a single word. It was four hours of torture. Every Elder gave a long sermon that I hardly paid any attention too. We had a very nice lunch that the women had prepared. That was when I first saw Mary. She smiled at me but then the smile faded quickly.

After lunch they announced that Mary and I would be getting married. That took another two hours but it was worth it. At the appropriate time I slipped my dead wife?s diamond rings on Mary?s left ring finger. She was absolutely thrilled. Later I found out that Amish women did not wear anything flashy. Boy was she in for a surprise. I was going to spoil Mary. After all she deserved it.

Theresa and her husband drove us back to my home after the ceremony was over. I invited them in and surprisingly they came in. Theresa looked at her husband and I saw him nod at her. Then Theresa asked me if her husband could watch me make love to Mary like she had. She said that he would like to learn how to please his wife but that no one had ever taught him before. She said that none of the men not even the Elders knew how to please a woman or even themselves. I told them it was my wedding night and that it was up to my new bride. Mary smiled and said that she would do anything that I wanted her to, anything. No, I wanted her to want to do it. Mary understood and said that she had enjoyed it the last time when Sarah and Theresa had watched us and that she would like to have Theresa and her husband watch us do it again.

So I took Mary?s hand and asked them to follow us up to my bedroom. Once in there I undressed Mary including her bonnet, dress, and her boots. Then I undressed and took her into my bathroom. I gave Mary her very first bubble bath. I washed every inch of her body and then I helped her wash her hair. The Amish didn?t have such luxuries. I joined my young bride in the water and we embraced and kissed for a while. Afterwards I dried her off and let her dry me off.

Then Mary leaned in close to my ear and asked, ?Would you like to fuck my sister??

I smiled at her, kissed her, and shook my head yes.

Mary told Theresa that she should get undress and get in the water so that her husband could give her a bubble bath too. Theresa looked at her husband first for permission and received it so she then proceeded to undress in front of me. He helped his wife like I had. Soon I was seeing much more than just Theresa?s hairy pussy. I was seeing her big firm tits and her slightly rounded belly. It was the first time that he had ever seen his wife naked. Mary watched as her brother-in-law undressed and climbed into the bathtub with his wife. While I watched Theresa?s tits getting manhandled by her husband?s rough hands I softly massaged my new wife?s tender breasts.

When we finally went back to the bedroom Mary and Theresa both got on the bed on their backs. I got between my wife?s legs and my new brother-in-law got between his wife?s legs too. Together we husbands ate their pussies. After a few minutes Mary asked me to trade places with him so that the girls would have something to compare us too. So to my delight I got to eat Theresa?s pussy and give her, her very first orgasm. We traded back for the actual penetration. My brother-in-law watched me and tried to be gentle as he fucked his wife. Then once again Mary suggested the exchange so I got to fuck her sister and cum in her. It was fair because he came in my wife too.

I taught Mary to suck my cock hard and got Theresa to suck my cock too. That did it. Next we fucked the girls while they were in the doggy position and they fucked us while we were on our backs. They each faced or heads and they faced our feet. Just to see what would happen I looked right at him, wet my finger, and slipped it up into his wife?s asshole while he did the same thing to my wife. Theresa loved it. Then I explained anal sex to her and her husband but I suggested that they try that some other time.

Every Sunday after a four-hour church service Mary would invite another young married couple home for dinner and sex. Over the next three months we taught all of the young people all that they needed to know about sex and how to allow the woman to finally enjoy it. That next Spring there were a lot of births including my own daughter. The Elders were shocked and couldn?t remember when so many births had happened at nearly the same time before. Mary pinched my hand while Theresa and many of the other girls smiled at me. I still remember that first time that I had attended their religious service right before I married Mary and I don?t remember any of the women smiling then.

Many women approached Mary about coming over for Sunday dinner again?meaning that they wanted to have sex with us again. Mary started a list. I smiled when I saw her mother?s name on that list.

The End
Barn Raising
04-30-2021, at 04:38 PM

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