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Lisa experience 6 final

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Lisa experience 6 finalSince the last experience Lisa and I had been ok but things were not great. I found out that there was a band coming on tour to the UK, unfortunately I could not get the local concert so had to drive 8 hours for the concert after doing a 3 hour shift by the time we got to the hotel we were staying at and got some food, the concert had started. When we got to the concert, the support band was just finishing. We got a drink and headed into the arena. It was a rugby stadium which was bigger than most football stadiums. The band came on and we were jumping and dancing around enjoying ourselves. Then a slow song came on and I wasn't to sure what Lisa would do but she took my hands and wrapped them around her waist. She kissed me then we cuddled before singing along to the song. When the concert was over we headed back to the hotel room. I had got some cans of beer and we opened them, Lisa coughed a bit after the first gulp and I rubbed her back which did help. She looked at one and kisses me, we talked for some time before heading off to bed.I tried to cuddle in next to her but she slapped me away, so I moved away. We had been sleeping for an hour when Lisa cuddled into to me and said "Sorry and thank you such a wonderful time". I could feel her legs wrap around my body and I put my arms around her, we kissed and Lisa started to rub her pussy up and down my leg which not only was turning her on but me also. I managed to place my knee so she could place her clit on and then began rubbing herself on my knee. We were kissing and I was squeezing her breasts while she stroke my cock, she turned and offered her ass to me so I gently moved to it and licked it in and out, she let out a moan. I then had 2 fingers in her pussy to help lubricate her ass before I rubbed the 2 fingers around the her hole and the eased my cock into her, we had sex for about half an hour, I came in her ass while I rubbed her clit and fingered her pussy, she came at least twice. We fell asleep again. When the alarm went off we got washed and dressed and went for breakfast, Then we drove the 8 hours back home. By the time we got home I was knackered so Lisa treated me to an Indian before we headed back to her place. When we walked into Lisa, her Mum said "Think you too should just go straight to up", so we did. I feel straight asleep but Lisa did the same as the night before and started to move up and down my leg. Next she took of what clothes I had on and as well as undressing herself. I woke to find her pussy and ass above my head as she was sucking and licking my cock. She was gently massaging my balls and I began to lick from her pussy to her ass, which seemed to excite her more as she gobbled my cock in her mouth. I then put my arms around her thighs and brought her pussy and clit to my mouth while I stuck a finger up her ass. We came at the same time before cuddling in together till morning.It was about a month after the concert and it was my birthday so I was headed down to Lisa's, when I got there she was in the bath so I helped to wash her back before I headed into her room. She came in with a towel wrapped around her body and opened it up and wrapped the towel around my back so that my head was next to her sweet smelling pussy. I licked the outer lips a couple of times and found her clit. I started to lick and suck it her clit that she began to moan, I spun her around so she was on her back but the towel was between her and the bed. Her body was still slightly wet from the bath as I moved from her pussy and up towards her breasts, neck and mouth. She could feel my cock in my jeans was wanting out so while we kissed she released my cock and it rested just at her pussy lips and clit, Lisa moved an inch and suddenly my cock entered her pussy, she then whispered to me "Happy birthday" as we slowly ground our bodies together. Her pussy was nice and relaxed also very wet as I moved in and out of her. I began to thrust harder as we kissed again then she stiffened up as the orgasm went through her body, she then pushed me over so she was now riding my cock and grinding our bodies together. She could feel my cock as it erupted up her love tunnel as her second orgasm hit and I could feel our combined juice slowly leaking from her pussy and onto my thighs. She went and cleaned herself up then got dressed while I cleaned myself up. We went out for a lovely Italian before returning to Lisa's. Not long after this Lisa went off to University and we broke up. Although we broke up, I am still friends with most of her family and have seen Lisa with her Husband and daughter on a couple of occasions. She still looks good and have all the good memories together.
05-05-2021, at 08:28 PM

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