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Hotel surprise

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Hotel surpriseIt's been awhile since the adult theater incident and I've not stopped hearing about it. My little slut became a full-blown whore in there and her pussy has been dripping with thoughts of me taking her to the theater once more.But she should know that Masters don't give into whims, in fact, we prefer to be creative. Which leads me to our casino getaway. My wife and I often go to the casinos near where we live -- I enjoy the gambling, she enjoys the free hotel room and all the toys I bring along.But this weekend, she was in for a surprise...We both packed light -- most of the room in my overnight bag was filled with rope and a few toys -- a riding crop, a paddle, a nice leather flogger, a butt plug and other fun treats. My girl dressed nicely, though I knew she wore no panties on this trip, and from the obviously perky nipples launching straight out from the smooth curve of her dress, I could tell she wore no bra either.And her overnight bag held only toiletries and her lingerie. Perfect for my plan.We got checked in, relaxed in the hotel room for a bit, unpacked our bags and I could feel her peeking around me to see what was in mine. I grinned to myself and purposefully laid out each toy, feeling her petite hands gripping my arm over every new one I set on the table.When I finished, I casually reached behind me and slipped my fingers between her legs -- this was far easier than I had anticipated as she'd already stripped down to nothing and was eagerly awaiting my orders. My fingers found her perfectly smooth pussy already dripping upon her thighs. Excellent.I instructed her to get into her corset (one of my favorites) and present herself to me.She giggled and gave me a quick "Yes Master!" as she headed into the bathroom to get dressed. I knew she wasn't just getting the corset on, but was making sure she was properly dolled up as well. She does love to please -- and impress!I was certainly not disappointed when a half hour later, she came out with red corset on, black stockings, her beautiful tits exposed, no panties and her face made up to look like a model. Stunning. I nodded and said, "That will suffice, girl." (I don't like to give her too much praise, I prefer she always strive for excellence.)I instructed her to get on her back, arms and legs in the air. I then tied her wrists to her ankles and wound the ropes up her forearms and calves slightly. Now, her arms and legs were joined together on each side, leaving her pussy to be openly displayed. Nice.I slipped on a blindfold and rolled her over onto her knees -- now her ass stuck straight up, her shoulders on the bed, her pussy and ass wide open and inviting. Better and better.I took my time teasing her already soaked pussy, bringing her to the brink of orgasm a few times. I also teased her tight little asshole, poking and probing fingers inside of her, not really to turn her on more (although it definitely had that effect) but rather to make sure she was well lubed back there. As a finishing touch, I took a butt plug from the toy section and slipped it all the way in."Oh my, you look delightful my little fucktoy. Be a good girl and stay wet for me while I go downstairs and gamble a bit. Oh, I do hope I remember to lock the door on the way out..."She gasped and squirmed, "Master!" she whined and I could see the butt plug being pulled in and out as her ass twitched against it."Be a good whore for your Master girl and I'll be back later." With that, I took both sets of room keys and headed downstairs. As the door closed, I heard her whine and saw her squirm some more. She really wanted to get fucked tonight! Well, I would be remiss if I didn't help make her desires come my own way.Downstairs I played the tables, I'm a fan of Blackjack and often win more than I lose at the game. So it was no surprise that an hour had passed and I was up quite a bit. There were a few players sitting at the table with me, one of them was a gentleman who looked like your typical corporate salesman. Off the rack suit, clean shaven, decent looking. He was staring at the stack of chips in front of me shaking his head."Man, I can't believe anyone is that lucky. What is that now, six hands in a row?" I smiled at him and said, "Seven, actually. And although luck has a fair amount to do with any game, Blackjack requires a certain minimum of skill to supplement that luck." He laughed and said he'd love to have some of my luck rub off on him and I offered some advice during the game.Unfortunately, he didn't have luck with him and despite the best advice, he wound up without any chips after a few more hands. "Ah well, I guess my luck's run out for the evening. Good luck to you sir..." I stopped him as he was getting up. "Were you hoping to get lucky this evening? I think I can arrange for that, even though you've lost at this game."He looked at me confused and started to stammer excuses of how he wasn't interested in me when I stopped him again with a laugh, "You misunderstand me. You see, my wife is upstairs and she is insatiable. I'm enjoying my card game and as you can see, I'm doing quite well. It's bad luck to walk away from a winning streak. We could do each other a favor. I give you my hotel key, you go upstairs and give my wife the fucking she deserves. In return, I get to stay here and play my game. It's a win-win. What do you say?"His mind was rolling over thinking of the possibilities. Before he thought too long and hard about it, I pulled out my phone and brought up a photo of her and showed it to him. That was all it took, and he happily agreed. I handed him one of the hotel keys and bid him a fun evening. Then I turned my attentions to my game again.About half an hour later, I saw him walking around on the casino floor. I assumed he was looking for me and didn't remember which table I was at. I was tempted to go over and meet him to see how his evening had gone, when to my surprise, he made a beeline for the bar. Curious, I watched and waited, as he spoke with another man, middle-aged and a bit tired looking.After a few moments he pulled out his phone and showed the man something on the screen. The man nodded eagerly and slipped him cash -- it looked like a hundred dollar bill. In exchange, the young salesman handed the older man a hotel room key.My key.Interesting.The middle-aged man went up, the salesman paid his tab at the bar with the hundred he had just received and left with a smile on his face. Well, I suppose his luck had changed for this evening.I was torn at this point. Part of me was annoyed that things were not going as I had planned -- I had planned on giving the key to certain individuals throughout the evening, allowing those I deemed worthy to go upstairs and pound my wife's tight pussy and even tighter asshole. To let them torment her with riding crop, flogger, clamps, and whatever else they found laying around.But now, it seemed that Lady Luck was in charge of who was to fuck, use and abuse my wife tonight. Looking down at my current winnings, I laughed. Perhaps that is exactly as it should be then. Perhaps she was giving me the best hands I had ever had, in exchange for her to pick the next sad-sack to dump his cum deep into my slut's fertile cunt.Very well, who was I to argue with that?This went on throughout the night, each time I would spy someone coming down, going to the bar, picking another out, money exchanging hands, a hotel key offered, and another horny patron going up to have his luck changed for the better. I lost count after the tenth man had gone up. I could imagine my sweet girl, no longer innocent after the intense gangbang she had at the adult theater, being fucked by all these random strangers. No clue who they were, where they were coming from, just knowing that every fifteen minutes or so would go by, and there'd be another hard cock ready to use her cunt or her ass until they were satisfied.After another hour or so, my winning streak started to wain and I felt it was time to cash in my winnings while they were still fat and go check on the condition of my (by this point I had assumed) very well used wife.I took my chips to the cashier and exchanged them for cash - $2,500 not a bad haul at all. One of the best I'd ever had. My little slut's cunt had definitely brought me luck and a few strangers some joy tonight!I headed up to the hotel room which was at the far end of the hall. As I neared it, I could hear loud music playing and voices. Several male voices. As I got near, a black man stepped out of the room, nodded and headed down the hallway. I noticed the door wasn't closed, the security bar kept it propped open.From here, I could hear the slapping of skin and the muffled gurgling of someone slobbering on a cock, periodically punctuated with moans and cries of extasy. Opening the door, I saw a group of black men in the room, at least five of them. I saw a pair of legs dangling over the edge of the bed, a lovely white ass, and another man behind her...apparently she was taking on three at a time!I opened the door wider and discovered I was correct, and then some! She had a large black member in her tight little cunt, her puckered ass was stretched out by another and her mouth and throat were bulging by a third -- and yet she had two more, one in each hand, being serviced at the same time!My little slut was freed, although the blindfold was still on, I saw and she was being a complete and total whore for these men! I saw two others with their phones out, filming the action from various angles. I could only imagine what those videos would be used for, what website they might end up on...oh well, my sweet little one, act like a whore, and you'll be branded one for all the world to see!Speaking of being seen, it was at this point that the one who had left came back in, "Who the fuck are you?" I looked at him and said, "The door was open." "Nah man, this is our room, we paid for this bitch and the room for the weekend. Fuck off." "I have a better idea. I'll pay for her right now, you guys take the money and go." "You want this bitch after we've been runnin' a train on her for an hour?" "She looks like just my type." As I said that, the man being sucked off by my talented little tart exploded down her throat. She choked, gagged and swallowed the whole load. The men cheered and one of them that she had been stroking took his place. "Weeellll...we ain't exactly done with her, y'know?" "I can see that. Okay, you guys finish up, I'll wait here and enjoy the show, then you head out and I get to have her for the rest of the time. Deal?" "Man, we'd have to have double what we paid for the bitch. Only way it's fair." "I can understand that, what did you pay for her?" "We paid fiv....a thousand bucks, man." "A thousand for her? Well now, she must be well worth it then..." At this point, the man pounding her tight pink ass began to hammer away hard enough that my sweet little whore screamed. Her eyes bulged and as she tried to put her hands behind her to push him off, the guy fucking her face jammed his cock down her throat to silence her and grabbed her arms. "Don't interrupt the man when he's about to cum, whore." With that the man in her ass bellowed and shot his load in twitching spurts. His member throbbed so hard, I could see it lift her slightly off the cock buried in her cunt with each twitch. He slowly pulled out, his massive member still twitching and drips of white pearly cum falling to the ground. My wife's asshole was gaping wide open and was spasming, trying to close up once more -- and failing to do so. Her ass was definitely used up for the night. " then, what, you guys want two grand for this tramp?" "Yeah, yeah. Two grand man." A few of the others had overheard the conversation and agreed. The one pumping down her throat said, "She's definitely worth it...uuuugggghhhhh!!!! FUUUCCCKKKK!!!" and with that he shot his load into her mouth, making sure she swallowed every drop. My sweet whore is a pro -- of course she did.I nodded and said, "Fair enough. Two grand. When you guys are ready to leave, you'll get the money."The last man who was being stroked was now being sucked eagerly by my beautiful fucktoy, as the one beneath her pounded away at her pussy. From the size of him, I assumed he wasn't able to get in very deep, but as I walked into the room to get a better angle, I noticed he was plunging about a full twelve inches right into her tight little cunt. I also noticed the cum foam.Wow. There was so much cum dumped into her pussy tonight, she was constantly leaking. Half of it was probably still buried inside her womb. I was mesmerized by the rhythmic pounding her pussy was taking by this well-endowed man, stretching her out almost as bad as that b**st had at the adult theater. Unlike that time however, my little fucktoy seemed to take this large cock in stride. I guess she was finally getting broken in. At least, I hoped she was broken in and not just broken. Time would tell.After awhile, the two spit-roasting my wife built up a faster and harder rhythm. It was obvious they were getting ready to cum, and both of them seemed to want to go in unison. I knew that would set my little whore over the edge and if she hadn't cum much tonight, this would definitely have her eyes rolling into the back of her head.Sure enough, a few moments later and they both cried out as they pumped and dumped their cum into her for what seemed like an eternity. Even after they had finished, neither looked like they wanted to pull out of her. I didn't blame them, I knew the feeling. My little slut could feel like heaven on earth when you had your dick buried inside of any of her holes.Finally, they rolled her onto the bed, where she laid there, limp as a ragdoll, pussy twitching, asshole gaping, and thin reedy whimpers and moans escaping her lips with every breath.The guys got up, cleaned up and got dressed. While this was going on, I talked to the guys who had their phones out. One of them copied the video he had and sent it directly to my phone, the other gave me a website address with a grin and told me to look for it next week, it would be a featured video.Once they were cleaned up and ready to head out, I paid them the agreed upon two thousand dollars -- for my own wife and my own room. Making sure I had the key back from them, I closed and locked the door.Ah, Lady Luck, you do have a sense of humor, don't you?Ah well, I was still five hundred dollars ahead and had a well-used and abused fucktoy laying helpless on the bed. From the looks of it, various "patrons" had used a variety of toys on her, as I noted red stripes across her ass and tits, the tell-tale pattern of red splotches with jagged edges from the flogger, and apparently one of them really didn't like her left breast -- it had been paddled beyond red and showed signs of bruising and swelling.Poor girl. I reached out and pinched her left nipple. Her body twitched, but barely a sound escaped her."Wow girl, I think you've been properly broken in as a fucktoy tonight. Sorry to say though, you still have to service Me..."I watched her breathing quicken and was impressed when she managed to whisper, "Oh yes, Master..."
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