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ı wısh ı turned myself sssy when ı was younger

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I WISH I TURNED MYSELF SSSY WHEN I WAS YOUNGERSo the other day a perfectly normal conversation triggered the memory of when I was in early 20s and at the time didn?t even realise that I was starting my journey to becoming the sissy faggot I have turned myself into now because I would go swimming alone and even though I was very self conscious about my tiny dick I would enjoy having a shower after and back then you only communal shower one male and one female and I would also go naked even though most men would keep there swimming trunks on and I would always take my time and hang around till someone else went nude and I would have a good look and sometimes I would see some look at mine and I would turn around and try and hide or get myself out of thereSo had I turned myself back then I think that would be a little different and been something like thisSo I would have picked a leisure centre that black men went I would be smooth all over and a pair of speedo that were to small so anyone that took notice would be under no illusion I had a really tiny dick and I would get an incredible trill when I would see someone notice and they couldn?t hide there reaction the thill would be a millions time better so I would always make sure I got out of the pool when a black man did this way I would know at least 1 black man would seem me but hopefully more wouldSo one time I noticed three very well built and very dark black man in there 30s seemed to be friends would all leave together so I waited and got out at the same timeAnd I followed them into shower and I was the only one naked when one of them saw my hairless body and tiny little dick he was laughing and shouting loudly telling everyone to get s look at this white dude with a micro dick of course anyone that heard that came and had a look I was so embarrassed ashamedAnd it was just getting started and then the one standing closest said hay sissy you what see what real men have between there legs and when I answer I would love to see they roared with laughter and I then realised that not only had I just ask them to show there cocks I also by simply just answering him I was admitting and agreeing with him that I was a sissy and not a real man and I have a pathetic little tiny dickI was so incredibly humiliating then one of the said I would have to one by one beg each of them to show me there real man meat and until I showed each of them just how desperate I was to see all three of those black cocks I would have to continue to beg them Until they where convincedSo totally emaciated I proceeded to humiliate myself even further if that was even possible. (Yes it was possible) as I started to to beg the first black man I noticed that a few more people were enjoying the show and there were Evan 2 women that must have heard him shouting as they were getting out of the pool and instead of going into the female changing room they were standing in here still in there wet swimming costumes and laughing and I heard one saying see I told you he would have a little one as I could tell when he walked to the pool on his Speedo?s they were totally flat like a women?s wouldSo father several minutes of begging to see them and all the sniggering and comments I was hearing from everyone around to my absolute shame I was beyond desperate if that possible I also noticed that the three of them were really getting off over this because I could see the bulges in there shorts getting bigger and biggerSo I thought fuck it and I asked them if they showed me I would go straight to the closet posh hotel and rent a room no actually I would get the honeymoon suite for the weekend and I would be there complete sissy slut for them to use me and humiliate me anyway they wanted as long as you three are ok with it then everyone that is here right now Is also invitedAlmost instantly three huge black cocks were flapping around in front of my faceSo should I spend a shit load of money and put myself in a possible dangerous positionPlease comment belo
05-07-2021, at 10:30 PM

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