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Stewardess And Her Daughter

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Stewardess And Her DaughterThe Stewardess And Her Daughter: A Bangkok Slaver StoryBy Marlissa an225040@anon.penet.fiCandyland as crowded as ever at five minutes of eleven -- the hottest go-go bar in Joytown, which was Bangkok's most depraved sex-bar complex. Vopat, the proprietor, gave me that fat, oily grin of his as he raced backstage to prepare for the next act. A minute later, a gorgeous s*******n year old Thai bargirl appeared. I thought her name was Chani, but wasn't sure. Not that it mattered. Her marvelously tight and trim little body was clad only in a red, white and blue bikini and heels slid underneathe my table and began to do what she did best. A gift from Vopat -- in appreciation for my recent services.The show didn't begin for a few minutes, so I pulled out the mail I had picked up from my club a couple of days ago. Setting the bills aside, I scanned through the remainder. After pulling out the junk mail, there was only one letter of interest -- post-dated some six months or older. Mail took so long to reach me and if it wasn't for the club, I'd be completely isolated. I opened it, recognizing the return address at once. Donald Linsky, Cosmopolitan Fire Surety, Boston, Massachussetts. A polaroid fell from the folded corporate letterhead."Dear Mr. Jackson,As you can see from the enclosed, I am enjoying the 'merchandise' I purchased from you some time ago. I am thoroughly satisfied and wished to thank you again for your services."I looked at the photo. It was a picture of Meganne Ryan, the pretty blonde newlywed I had transformed into a bar whore/sex act for Vopat and then sold her back to her husband for a tidy profit -- after enjoying her myself for six months. By that time, the 'husband' -- who had married her under the false assumption she was pregnant -- had covered up the elopement. He was happy to take charge of the young woman now, though she would not be experiencing the marital bliss she originally had in mind. The photograph was evidence of that. The former Boston College career gal's blonde hair, formerly smartly cut and on the short side, was down to her ass and teased to the heavens. The expression on her face was one of pure bliss, but I was sure this was for the camera only. How comfortable could she have really been in that pair of latex panties -- they were so tight you could make out the mounds of the lips between her legs. And the matching bra looked fairly unplesant too -- the thick rubber straps were pulled up as far as the metal buckle would allow."I am also interested in determining if you would be interested in some referrals. I have several colleagues who would be interested in your services..."I pulled out a pen, made a note at the bottom of the letter. It was a name and a number -- Dr. Jaqueline Astor. I couldn't be sure the number was right, but I'd give it a shot and fax her the letter tomorrow. If she wanted the business, she'd respond herself. Jackie and I had an understanding that any Stateside biz of this nature was her's and I wasn't anxious to cross her. The one time we had wasn't pleasant for any of the parties concerned -- especially me. The customer, a millionaire with a hard-on for heavy s
05-10-2021, at 08:28 PM

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