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It's an Ill Wind

Post #1

It's an Ill WindAnother sexy little story I wrote as a turn on for my wife.IT'S AN ILL WINDThere's an old saying ?It's an ill wind that blows nobody any good,? well this ill wind certainly blew me plenty of good. I recently moved into a small sheltered accommodation complex in North Wales which was made up of a small estate of bungalows, some of which backed onto a field leading down the Menai Straits and mine was that did so it was perfect for me to pursue my hobby of fishing. My neighbours were a mixed bunch comprising of retired people like me and people with disabilities and I made friends with most of them during the first couple of weeks after I moved in. The most interesting as far I was concerned though, was the lady who lived next door to me. Her name was Hazel and I knew she was in her late sixties, but if I hadn't been told that I would have put her at least ten years younger. She wasn't exactly what you'd call beautiful but there was just something about her that grabbed my attention. She was on the short side, compared to my six feet, with shoulder length blonde hair, a decent figure and she always seemed to have a cheerful smile on her face. One afternoon when I'd given up on fishing, a storm had blown up and it just got too windy. I was walking up across the field, heading home, when I noticed something blowing down the hill towards me. As it got closer I could see it was a pair of knickers and I guessed they'd blown of someone's washing line so, as they blew past me, I trapped them under my foot and picked them up. It's not often, at my age, that I get to handle a lady's underwear and as I held the silky material in my hand, I felt my cock begin to stiffen in my pants. As I got closer to my back gate, I noticed Hazel peering over the hedge and thinking the knickers might be hers, I called over to her. ?Looking for these Hazel?? I laughed, waving the knickers in the air. ?Oh yes Mike,? she replied, blushing profusely. As I walked through the gate, she held her hand out and I gave her the knickers. ?Oh thank you Mike,? she said, taking hold of the knickers, ?I thought I'd lost them. I was getting my washing in and they blew away.? For a moment we stood there, both of us with a hand on the knickers. ?Do you like them Mike?? she suddenly said, ?I think the colour really suits me?? The knickers were made of some sort of red, silky material with a black lace trim and I stood there, hardly able to speak. ?Yes,? I finally said, ?they look very nice, very sexy.? ?Do you like red Mike?? she asked as she stood there, the knickers in her hand. Again I was lost for words but eventually managed a reply. ?Yes Hazel I do, it's my favourite colour.? By now the bulge in my pants was unmistakeable and I knew I had to cut and run before she noticed it. ?I'll have to go Hazel, I need a shower,? I said as I turned and walked towards my back door. ?Okay Mike,? Hazel said, ?and thanks for bringing these back for me.? I unlocked the back door and went inside and when I looked through the kitchen window, Hazel was still standing in her back yard and she gave me a wave and a big smile before walking back into her own home. After I'd got out of my fishing clothes, I took a shower, not because I needed one but because I had to relieve the massive erection my conversation with Hazel had caused. Later that evening, I was watching TV in the lounge, when I heard a knock on my back door and when I went to see who it was, I found Hazel standing there in her dressing gown. ?Hello Hazel,? I said, ?is anything wrong?? ?No,? she said, ?I thought I'd just come round and thank for rescuing my knickers. Is it alright if I come in? It's a bit nippy out here.? ?Yes of course,? I said, standing to one side, ?but you've already thanked me.? ?Ah but not properly,? she said as she walked down the hallway towards the lounge. I we were there, she stood in the middle of the floor smiling. ?Sit down Mike,? she said, ?so I can really thank you.? I did as she asked and sat down on the couch, looking up at her, not knowing what to expect.After pausing for a moment, Hazel smiled again. ?You remember I told you red suited me? Well I thought you might like to judge for yourself,? she said as she tugged at the belt on her dressing gown. As it fell open, my jaw dropped as Hazel revealed that under the dressing gown she was wearing the knickers I'd rescued, together with a matching bra. ?Well,? she said, now with a really sexy smile on her face, ?do you think red does suit me?? I just sat there, totally gob-smacked as Hazel slowly spun round, giving me an all round view of her outfit. I'd always thought she had a decent bust but now, with just her bra on I was sure of it. The cups pushed her breasts upwards and inwards, creating a near perfect cleavage and down below, the knickers were pulled tightly over her mound. As she turned round, I could see the rear view was a good as the front with the knickers stretched tightly over her full, mature backside. ?I think it's a lovely outfit don't you Mike,? she said as she took a step towards me. ?It's real silk, she said, ?I love the way it feels on my skin, it's so soft. Here, you try,? As she reached down and grabbed my wrist, pressing my hand against her silk covered tummy. I thought my cock was going to burst out of my pants as she held it there for a while. ?It feels lovely doesn't it Mike,? she said as she pushed my hand lower until it was resting on her mound. After holding it there for a minute or two, she pulled her hand off mine, obviously waiting to see what I'd do next. Now it might have been some time since I'd been with a woman but I still knew the signs, and the signs Hazel was giving out, left me in no doubt what she wanted and I moved my hand lower and slid it between her legs. She groaned softly as I cupped her silk covered cunt in the palm of my hand and pressed the heel of it against where I knew her clit was hidden. As well as her groans, there was also the unmistakeable aroma of a woman in arousal and the moisture I felt on the area where the knickers covered the entrance to her cock tunnel left me in no doubt that Hazel was aroused, very aroused. Removing my hand from between her legs, I stood up and, taking her by the upper arm, led her out of the lounge and into the hallway. Hazel must have known where we were heading and there was no resistance as I led along it towards the bedroom. Once inside, I closed the door behind us and steered her backwards towards the bed, halting when the back of her knees were pressed against it. Apart from her groans, neither of us had made a sound since she'd put my hand on her knickers and it was the same when I eased down onto the bed and dropped to my knees infront of her. There was no need for words, Hazel knew what was coming next and slowly parted her legs. Now with a clear view up to her knickers I could clearly see how aroused she was, the wet patch on them was a dead give away.I shuffled forwards and placed a hand on each of her upper thighs then lowered my head towards the aromatic, wet silk and poked my tongue out, running it over it. Hazel groaned softly again and reached down with both hands and pulled my face against her, filling my senses with the sweet aroma of her juices. I'm a sucker, in more ways than one, for a lady in knickers and moved my face lower to cover the silk covered swell of her pussy lips. As I sucked, I could feel her sweet nectar being drawn through the thin fabric and into mouth and swallowed it down eagerly. This was just a taster but what I wanted more and slid my hand into her knickers then slid a finger into the top of the cleft between her pussy lips, searching for her ultimate trigger. I exactly when I'd found it, Hazel gasped loudly as I ran the tip of the finger down over her clit and felt her knickers moisten even more under my lips. This was what I'd been waiting for and pulled my face away slightly, moving the crotch of her knickers to one side. Now the source of her sweet nectar was fully available to me and once again, I pressed my lips against her, sliding my tongue into her. Hazel's groans grew louder as she gripped my head tighter and pulled me onto her. Still massaging her clit with the tip of my finger, I tongue fucked her until my jaw was aching. I didn't know how long I could keep this treatment up but suddenly Hazel cried out above me, as a literal torrent of her sweet juices flowed over my tongue and into my mouth. Her hips rose sharply and she cried out, as wave after wave of them poured down my throat and I swallowed as hard as I could, not wanting to waste a single drop of her sweetness. It soon became clear that Hazel was a squirter and flow seemed endless but eventually it slowed to a trickle and then stopped completely. Getting to my feet, I looked down at her. Her eyes were closed and soft whimpering sounds were escaping her lips. As I stood there, her eyes flickered open and she smiled up at me and spoke for the first time since we'd left the lounge. ?That was wonderful Mike,? she whispered, ?it's been so long since anyone did that to me. It was amazing. Thank you.? Without saying a word, I unbuttoned my shirt, slipped it off and let it drop to the floor. Hazel was watching every move as I unclipped the top of my pants, and let them drop around my ankles. I saw and heard her gasp when the outline of my swollen cock inside my boxers became visible to her and another low groan escaped her lips. After I'd kicked off my shoes and stepped out of my pants I leant over her and kissed her, giving her a taste of her juices on my lips. She'd been right, the feeling of her pure silk knickers on the underside of my cock was amazing and as she wriggled about under me it took all my self control to prevent myself from coming there and then so reluctantly I stood up again. Hazel must have been reading my mind, because she smiled up at me and looked directly at the bulge in my boxers. ?Yes Mike,? she said softly, ?I want it. I want to feel it inside me.? I didn't need further encouragement and pushed my boxers down and Hazel gasped again, as my eight inch weapon sprang free.Reaching down I took hold of each side of the top of her knickers and Hazel was more than happy to raise her hips, allowing me to slide them down her legs and off over her feet. Now I could see her pussy in it's true glory. The light covering of greying blonde hair on her mound above the beginning of the cleft between her swollen outer lips and as she opened her legs again, the glistening pink of her inner ones. Moving forwards with my fingers wrapped around my cock, I aimed the tip at the perfect pink petals and Hazel gasped as it nudged them apart before I slowly slid it into her. Her response was instantaneous as she sat up and grabbed me around the waist, pulling me deep inside her. I was amazed at the control she had over her vaginal muscles as I felt them gripping and releasing my throbbing cock. It felt as though I was being jerked off by a warm, wet velvet glove and I just stood there, revelling in the unreal feelings she was sending through my body. After I'd stood as much of this as I could, I slowly pulled out of her until just the tips of my knob was nestled in her pussy lips then started a slow sawing motion, easing my full length in and out of her until I felt her whole body tense up seconds before she cried out. ?I'm coming Mike,? she groaned, ?Yes, Oh God yes, I'm coming.The feeling of her hot, thick juices around my cock tipped me over the edge and my own climax hit me as I pumped wad after wad of my seed into her, coming harder and longer than I'd come for a long time. Eventually though the well ran dry for both of us and I felt my cock softening in its velvet prison and when it finally slipped out and I stood back, I could see the remnants of my climax dripping off the tip. Hazel saw it and reached out and a hand on each of my hips and pulled me towards her and smiled up at me as she slid her lips over the tip of my cock and proceeded to suck the remains of our combined climaxes off it before she patted the beside her. I accepted her invitation and we lay and cuddled before we both drifted off to sleep. It was morning when we woke and Hazel made good use of my early morning erection before I got up and fixed us both breakfast. I didn't spend so much time on the foreshore after that. I'd found something that was much more fun and I didn't have to walk half a mile to enjoy it. It was right next door to me. That windy afternoon certainly blew me a hell of a lot of good times!!!
05-17-2021, at 05:29 PM

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