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My secret sissy life exposed Pt. 3

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My secret sissy life exposed Pt. 3I felt lightheaded as i laid on my hip facing Nick. The excitement had reached a level I?d never experienced before. I had to stop myself and try and control my breathing as I was afraid I was going to pass out from the anticipation.A zing of electricity rushed through my body from head to toe as Nick gently touched my shoulder and our eyes met.Nick took control and pressed against my shoulder thrown his leg over my waist as I fell onto my back. He grasped each wrist and slowly moved them up above my head until he was holding each hand with just one of his own above my head. With his free hand he grabbed my chin and pushed it away so that I could no longer see him. I felt his hot breath on my neck and then again felt the bristle of his facial hair touch against me.His warm tongue began to swirl around just below my ear, filled with yet another rush of endorphins, I let out a long slow sigh signaling my pleasure with his progress.I could tell Nick was working himself up at the same time. His warm cock was pressing into my thigh and his hips were beginning to rock rhythmically as he kissed on my neck.He pulled his lips from my skin and turned to look at him. I was desperate to fulfill his needs at this point. I had lost all track of my old life and could focus on one thing and one thing only, and that was Nick and his cock. As I looked into his eyes I pressed my head forward until both our eyes closed and our lips met.His lips still moist from kissing my neck were warm and soft, and much more plump than what I was used to kissing. To feel a strong man on the other side of a kiss was mesmerizing. I opened my mouth and felt his tongue touch mine. My cock tensed as I felt another rush of pleasure run through me.Playfully he continued to hold my hands above my head, which I happily obliged to. I felt powerless to him, anything he wanted he would get. I was under a hypnotic trance again revealed by my regular moaning.He released my hands and rocked back onto his knees, kissing my chest as he moved lower. Slowly and methodically he softly brought his lips to my skin, swirling his tongue over and over, briefly stopping at each nipple and giving them some attention.He continued moving toward my hips kissing me as i felt his hands press on the insides of my knees. Reflexes told me to let my legs fall open, displaying my rock hard cock as openly as one could.I could feel his breath quickening as he kiss down neck to my cock. I was desperate to repay the ecstasy that Nick was providing me but I followed his lead and threw my head back with another loud sigh.His tongue emerged and pressed against my shaft. He pinned my cock against my body and slowly moved his mouth toward the head. In one swift motion he took my cock in his mouth and almost caused me to cum.His mouth felt hot as he began to work his tongue over the head of my dick. No sudden movement thankfully as this would have surely resulted in a mouthful for him.He hummed with a low note, stimulating me to an even higher level. Just as I was about to explode, he left my cock dripping and pushed my knees toward my head, gaining access to my ass.Having someone explore my backside was completely new to me and my mind was instantly blown. I almost wanted to cry I felt so much pleasure as Nick swept his tongue around my hole. Taking long firm licks across my crack stopping briefly to apply pressure over my hole, dipping his tongue into me.I felt my cock oozing pre cum onto my chest as I completely gave control to him. I reached down and ran my fingers through his short hair, pulling on the back of his head as I ached for him to be deep inside of me.Nick lifted the pressure that was bending my legs up over my head and let my legs rest on the bed again. I was ravenous for his body at this point, luckily for me he was ready for some reciprocation.He moved up my body until his legs straddled my chest. This left that gorgeous cock of his in front of my face. A large drip of pre cum collected on the tip practically was pulled my mouth toward it.As Nick leaned forward and head the wall my head lunged into his lap and swallowed him as deep as I could. I had practiced deep throating with toys many times before, and knew that I wanted to feel him down my throat.My hand pulling his hips into my face, I slowly pressed the head of his dick against the back of my throat. I felt his ass tighten as he bucked his hips back driving his cock even deeper into my mouth.I could feel the tears starting to form in my eyes as I kept his cock inside of my throat. He was fucking my face at a nice slow pace, allowing me to swallow every inch without gagging. I pulled harder and harder against his back, I could force him deep enough.My cock pulsed with every movement, I couldn?t believe how sexy it felt to pleasure another man. We both had worked up a bit of a lather at this point which I took as a sign of Nicks arousal and approval.With both his his hands Nick grabbed the sides of my head and removed his cock from my face. Stringy saliva still connecting my mouth to his dick, I craved for more of it.?You ready?? Nick posed as looked longingly up at him. ?Fuck yes? I exclaimed as he moved off of my chest. I eagerly rolled off of my back and positioned my ass in front of him, arching my back like I had always practiced.?I want it Nick? I moaned ?Please babe?. Did I really just say that?! I just begged for my lifelong friend and neighbor to bury his cock inside of me! Whatever buttons Nick had pushed up to this point had transitioned me from a reserved ?normal? guy to a cock hungry slut desperate for a load.Nick chuckled at the sight of it, My ass still wet from his mouth, my drool hanging from his cock. My head pressed against the bed turned back looking at him anxiously.?Okay? Nick said with a grin ?If you really want it that bad?.His head pressed against my hole, the heat of him again sticking out in my head as the cool air had been hitting my open ass. I took a deep breath and relaxed as I knew my life was about to change forever..Like and comment if you want to read chapter 4!
05-17-2021, at 05:29 PM

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