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The Succubus Chapters 3-4

Post #1

The Succubus Chapter 3
I enter into the demon world of Lilith, the half asian, half white, seemingly 10 year old demon goddess.. Like always, it is a blank room that seems to have no end, with a bathtub full of semen in the middle.
Lilith does not seem to notice me come in. This is understandable, seeing that she is in the semen bathtub with 2 5 year old girls, twisting their nipples. They are both short and thin, but one has brown hair, shoulder length, and the other one has long curly blonde hair that seems to tickle her nipples. The three of them are drenched in cum. When I finally empty the semen from fucking William into the tub, Lilith seems to notice my presence.
?Aah, welcome Chloe. These are my two lieutenants, Ashley (she points to the brown haired one) and Josephine (she points to the blonde). Don?t let their looks fool you, they are actually centuries old. Come, join us.?
I slide into the bathtub again, and it expands to a swimming pool. For a while, we play like 4 normal girls in the pool, ignoring the fact that its semen. Then, the blonde, I don?t remember her name, comes over and starts to lightly caress my nipple. The other one, the brunette, comes over and slides her tongue in my mouth. They push me back to the edge of the wall, covered in semen, writhing all over me. I?ve never felt anything so good. I moan and I push the brunettes face down into my tight pussy.
Her hot 5 year old tongue flits over my pussy, caressing my clit, mixing saliva into my cum drenched vagina. Then Lilith comes over, now 5 years old also, and starts licking my asshole. I reach over and twist the blonde?s puffy little nipples. To fit in, I quickly change myself into a five year old also, one of the little Chinese girls I saw at Williams house, with cute little erect nipples and a moist, pink pussy. Reaching over, I put my finger in Lilith?s tight 5 year old ass. She moans with pleasure and starts licking my asshole with renewed fervor. I reach down and I start caressing the blondes little clit with my index finger and thumb. She groans and rubs her tight pussy on my hand even harder. Smiling, I snap my fingers and get three dildos. Levitating them, I ram them into the three girl?s pussies very deep. They all have kept virgin form, and I break through their hymens, causing them to scream.
As I fuck them with my dildos, their cries of pain turn into cries of pleasure. I take the dildos out, causing the cry out for more fucking, but I smile, turn the dildos into anal beads, and shove the anal beads deep into their assholes, causing them to cry out in pain again. I reach over and shove my fists in the blonde and brunettes assholes, which have been stretched out enough from the anal bead, while Lilith shoves the cum and shit covered anal beads down their throats, forcing them to lick it off. When we are done in that position, Lilith smiles. ?Get out of the pool! I have a surprise for you girls.?
We get out of the pool and start licking the cum off each other while Lilith leaves the room, saying, ?Wait here.?
I jump on the blonde, biting her nipples while fingering her pussy at the same time, while the brunette pleasured my asshole with her fingers and tongue.
In about five minutes, Lilith walks in again, with a 3 headed elephant sized bull dog on a chain, cautiously entering, sniffing the air, then licking its snout.
?Lilith, what is that??
?Cerberus, my little pet. Cerberus, roll over.?
As Lilith said that, Cerberus rolled on its back, panting all three of its tongues.
?Ashley and Josephine know what to do. Have fun?
Oh yeah, that was their names
She sat down and started massaging her little 5 year old clit, rubbing up and down, sticking the occasional finger in her pussy.
Meanwhile, Josephine and Ashley with a knowing smile, went over and put their pussies in Cerberus? face. Cerberus shrunk to the size of a Doberman.
Oh this is going to fun! I thought. I walked over and sat on Cerberus? middle head. He immediately started lapping at my tight 5 year old pussy with his leathery tongue. Immediately, my pussy juices started flowing even more, causing him to lick with renewed fervor.
?Oh fuck! Fuck me harder! Lick my tight little pussy!? I shouted.
He immediately brought me to orgasm, but I regenerated and was ready for more. Suddenly, Ashley said something in a foreign language, and Cerberus pushed us off.
Josephine looked at me and said 2 words
?Doggy style.?
Smiling knowingly, I got in the position.
Cerberus inched over cautiously, shoving his wet nose in my pussy. I almost orgasmed there. Luckily, he stopped. Then suddenly, he jumped on me, impaling me with his doggy cock. Meanwhile, Ashley and Josephine were in the 69 position, licking each other?s sweet pussies, while Lilith was watching it all, shoving 2 fingers in her cute little pussy and asshole.
Cerberus slowly started humping me with his huge doggy cock, slipping out and slipping back in. suddenly, I felt his cock intruding into my tight little asshole. Before I could expand it and save me some pain, he thrust in, ripping my asshole, a feeling I was getting too used to, and started humping me ferociously. Seeing this, the three other girls started moaning even louder.
Cerberus? giant monster doggy cock was so big that I felt it was going to tear right through my 5 year old body and come out of my mouth. Using some of my magic, I tried to shrink it down to a more manageable size, but my magic wouldn?t affect it. I looked over and I saw Lilith, Josephine and Ashley in a chain, fist fucking each other, their little naked 5 year old bodies writhing in pussy juice together, with little erect nipples.
Suddenly, I felt Cerberus shoot his hot cum, feeling like it went straight to my stomach. At the same time, I orgasmed, my mind exploding with pleasure. When I tried to pull him out, it wouldn?t come out.
Lilith looked up from her masturbation and said, ?He?s knotted in you. Give it a while and he?ll slide right out.?
But he had different plans. Suddenly, he started humping my ass again. My ass was bleeding freely; my 5 year old body couldn?t handle it. Screaming with pain, I forced myself out of the knot, stretching my asshole into a sloppy mess. With my powers, I quickly healed it. I panted from the pain, but I quickly recovered. I was ready to fuck again. This time, I licked my blood and shit off his doggy cock, lubricating it with my hot young mouth. I told him, ?Roll over,? and he quickly complied. I put my asshole on his face while sucking his dick.
?Ha. That?s something I?ve never seen before. 69 with a dog,? someone said.
I was moaning from all the pleasure to even notice who it was.
I shoved his monster dick deep into my throat, encouraged by the leathery lapping of my bald little tight pussy. He cummed in my mouth with his hot sperm. It was so delicious. I savored it in my mouth for a while, and swallowed. The semen seemed to give me energy. I looked over at Cerberus, who looked tired and petted his head while he gave my little pussy a reassuring lick and went to sleep.
I looked over at the three girls and Josephine and Ashley were tonguing each other, licking sperm off of each other while Lilith had a thumb in their asses. I smiled and quickly joined in, licking Lilith?s ass. She turned around licked my ass, sucking out Cerberus? hot doggy cum from my now tight asshole. I screamed in pleasure and orgasmed again, spraying pussy juice all over Lilith?s face and nipples. I kissed her body down to her little pink erect nipples and licked my pussy juice off of them. She wiped her face with her hand and shoved it in my mouth. I sucked my own sweet pussy juice from her fingers. Josephine and Ashley came over, covered in cum, pussy juice and cum. Ashley went over to fuck Cerberus, who immediately complied. She did not seem to care as he ripped her little 5 year old asshole opened, only moaning in pleasure.
I must ask her how to do that. Meanwhile, Josephine came and pinched my nipples and pulled as hard as she could. Then she lightly caressed them with her fingertips, causing them to be erect. She said, ?This time I have a present too.? She looked at Lilith, who nodded. Because you have gained the semen of more than three men from Williams house, you will get your guaranteed revenge.
Finally. Lilith snapped her fingers, and John Greene appeared, tied to a chair. She snapped her fingers again and a little 10 year old girl with the faintest accent of a breast, completely naked, with peach fuzz on her pussy appeared, strapped to a wall. They were both unconscious.
?Let me explain,? Lilith said. ?This is John Greene?s daughter, or at least that?s what it looks like. She is fake, since we cannot harm the innocent. But he doesn?t know that. What better way to get revenge than to torture his daughter in front of his eyes before you send him to hell?? Genius. I only nodded, snapped my fingers, and shook them awake. I quickly reverted to my 14 year old form so that John would recognize me. When he saw me, he paled. ?Where am I? I thought I killed you? What?s happening??
I turned around, and Lilith and her lieutenants were gone.
I replied. ?Yes, you killed me. This is kind of like hell. I sold my soul to get revenge, and that?s what I?m planning on doing.?
?Daddy? What?s happening??
?Jenny? No. Not her! I beg you! Do anything you like to me!?
I had no compassion. Without a word, I walked over to phantom Jenny and slapped her in the face, who immediately started crying.
?Please! Stop hurting her!?
?Shut up, or I?ll burn her alive.?
He shut up.
I pulled out a long needle, and pricked Jenny in random places. Then, I poked it right through her nipples, piercing them, causing her to scream out loud. Does the phantom feel pain? It doesn?t matter. It at least pretends to be, which is all I need.
I snapped my fingers and muted him.
I pulled the needle out of her nipples and attached nipple rings on them.
?Lets see how strong these little nipples are, shall we?
I added a weight to the wring, dragging down the nipples.
I added another weight.
After 3 weights, the nipples looked like they were about to rip. They were bleeding like crazy, and John was fighting against his bonds. Finally, I added another weight and the ring ripped right through her little nipples, causing her to scream out. John broke the spell and shouted, ?Please!?
That little son of a bitch. I ignored him again and replaced the spell. I healed Jenny?s nipples and pierced them again. I added three weights again, lightly tugging on them and licked Jenny?s bloody, erect nipple.
What should I do next? I thought. I got a good idea. I unstrapped Jenny, knocked her unconscious and threw her in the pool of semen. Right before she drowned, I lifted her back out, her 10 year old body drenched in semen.
I whistled and called, ?Cerberus!?
Cerberus came over and immediately started to fuck Jenny.
At this point, John was watching silently with pure hate in his eyes.
Her asshole started bleed and she woke up, screaming in pain. He continued to ravage her little asshole until he slowed down and the knot slid out with a pop. I got a fire and burned Jenny?s nipples, then healed it again. I repeated this process several times, then looked over at John Greene.
?I will do it again, but not heal her if you don?t do as I say.?
He nodded.
I untied his bonds, warning him I could tie him back up just as easily. Suddenly, he jumped toward me. I froze him in mid air and made him watch as I burned his daughter?s pussy while she screamed to him for help. I unfroze him and said, ?Try that again. I dare you.? I healed Jenny?s pussy. Then he said, ?What do you want me to do?? I replied, ?Lick the blood from your daughter?s asshole. I snapped my fingers and a flame appeared as a warning. ?Sucks to be forced to perform sexual acts, doesn?t it?? I said to taunt him. He said, ?Look, I?m really sorry. I know I can?t undo what I did, but I can promise I won?t do it to anyone else. I?ll even turn myself in.?
I said two words. ?Asshole. Now.?
He sighed and went over. He flitted his tongue out over his daughter?s ass, licking the blood off. I made the phantom groan in pleasure, much to his displeasure. Just what I wanted. When he finished licking the blood off his tight tween daughters ass, I said. ?Poke needles through her nipples like I did.? I quickly took out her rings and healed her, handing him a needle.? If you don?t do it, I?ll do it with these infected needles.?
He paled at that thought, and went over and pierced his daughter, who was crying for him to stop. Tears ran down his cheeks as he pierced through her nipples. ?Now take out the needles, lick her nipples till their hard, and attach these rings,? I said as I handed him the rings. He pulled out the needles as she screamed in pain, and slowly bent over and caressed and soothed her little nipples with his tongue and teeth. I made her enjoy it and made the phantom say, ?I love it when you lick my nipples, daddy. I want to get them all hard for you. Please, lick them harder.? I controlled her nipples to make sure they wouldn?t get hard, forcing him to continue to lick them while his daughter dirty talked him. ?Oh god daddy, my nipples want to get so hard. I want you to lick my pussy too. My pussy is so wet for you, daddy. Please daddy, just fuck me in the ass, daddy!? At this, he sobbed even harder.
Finally, I allowed her nipples to get erect, and he quickly put the rings through her nipples.
?Now pull them until they rip. Or I?ll do something worse.?
He complied.
I slowed his body down, making him pull excruciatingly slowly. The phantom screamed, ?It hurts so bad! Why are you doing this to me dad! Please stop!? He pulled so slowly that the nipples finally ripped through after an hour of pulling. At this point, he was on the verge of a break down. Now for the finale, I thought. I healed her nipples and said, ?Fuck her.? He knew there was no point in arguing, so he impaled her on his dick, popping her cherry. However, every time he thrust back as he fucked her, I caused her hymen to reform, making sex extremely painful for her. ?Daddy! It hurts but I don?t care. Fuck me hard daddy!? He continues to break her hymen over and over while she screams until he finally cummed in her, to his shame.
I control the phantom to lick the blood and jizz off his dick. He doesn?t even fight.
I make the phantom say, ?Oh daddy, I love the taste of your hot cum in my little mouth! Let me milk your cock and give me some more.? At that moment, I force him to spurt cum all over her, and made the phantom scoop it up and swallow it, saying, ?Thank you daddy. You?re the best!? Then, I snapped my fingers and the phantom disappeared. He shouted, ?Where is she!?
I laughed and replied, ?You will never know. Now as you burn for eternity, you can remember how you raped and tortured your own daughter. Have fun.? I snapped my finger again and banished him to a pit of fire, where he will never die but forever live in pain, thirst and hunger.
Lilith walked in at that moment, clapping with a smile on her face and said, ?I have chosen you to be my successor. I am retiring. You will be granted all my powers. Be warned: You will have to drink some semen every day, or you will become very weak and vulnerable enough for other demons to attack you and take your powers.?
?Really, me?? I say, ?Why not one of your lieutenants??
?My lieutenants are followers, not leaders. They know that just as well as I do, and they wouldn?t accept the job even if I asked them. They will be good advisors, listen to them. Anyways, not only do they have good advice, but they are good fuck toys.?
?Thanks Lilith,? I say, and I put a tongue in her mouth.
?My pleasure,? she responds, and we jump in the pool, caressing each other?s nipples with our tongues while lapping up hot cum off of each other?s bodies. In between moans she says, ?When you bring me to orgasm- AAH FUCK! HARDER!- quickly cut my hand and drink my blood- HOLY SHIT! SO FUCKING GOOD! OH SUCK THAT CUM OFF MY ERECT LITTLE NIPPLES! I will go live with Lucifer, and you will be granted my powers.? I reached down and started rubbing her clit. As she climaxed, I bit her with my sharp teeth and sucked her blood. She disappeared. I felt very weak. I went over and took a long drink of cum from the pool. I felt so strong, stronger than I?ve ever felt before. I called all of my succubi. The pool expanded to an ocean of semen, and there were thousands of succubi all inside. I called to them, ?I am you?re new queen! Together, we shall prosper above all!? They shouted in response. Good. I sent them away to bring me my cum.

Chapter 4
10 years later.
I was relaxing in my bathtub of cum, caressing my two favorite toys, Ashley and Josephine, both in 5 year old form. I took my scrying bowl of cum and searched around the world. I focus in on a 16 year old girl, Jenny (oh the irony), being raped. Perfect. As soon as she dies, I call her to my domain.
At first, she looks apprehensive, ?Who are you?? she asks.
?I am Lilith, the queen of demons. To answer all your questions, you?re about to be a succubi if you accept, you will get revenge on the man who killed you, and you will collect cum for me so you can live.? I spray the answers out at her. I?m in a hurry.
?Right now, it is urgent you collect the semen of this man.? I show her the picture and tell her the location. It is urgent that I get the semen of this man because the incubi are waging war and this man?s semen seems to be more powerful than most. I teach her the basics of teleporting and she quickly leaves.
Then I shove my finger deep inside Ashley and Josephine?s asses while they orgasm in unison.
?My pets, I need you to kill this woman. Her pussy juice will give the king of the Incubi enough power to overrun our forces and kill us all.?
They nod and vanish.
I wait one day and Ashley and Josephine return. ?Is it done??
They nod.
?Good. Now come back in here.?
This time, I let them caress my 14 year old body, licking the semen off my hard nipples.
In 10 minutes, Jenny reappears. Without a word, she empties out the semen into my bathtub. I quickly draw it out before it mixes with the other semen and put it in a glass cup. ?Bottoms up!? I drain the glass. My power seems to magnify. Power crackles through my fingertips. ?Excellent! You have done well. Come in here with me.?
She slides in.
I ask her, ?Just wondering, what do I look like to you??
She looks confused and says, ?Age 14, curly blond hair.?
She?ll figure it out soon enough.
I laugh and splash her with semen. She laughs and splashes back and Ashley and Josephine join in. Suddenly, they walk over and start caressing Jenny, who seems to have changed to a 5 year old.
I stop them.
I say, ?Girls, I just got a brilliant plan. To get the semen I need, we can make a brothel. I can pick some other succubi, and we will get all the semen we need.?
They smile at the idea, agree, then continue to fuck
I swim over to Jenny and bend over to caress her nipples, I lightly rub the tips of them with my fingers until they become hard. She goes down in the semen and starts nibbling my clit. I cry out in pleasure and shove my fists in Josephine and Ashley?s tight little assholes. They cry out in pleasure and tongue each other. Jenny comes up for air and kisses me deeply, mixing semen into my mouth as our 5 year old tongues twist together. I swallow the semen, pick up Jenny, and draw the semen out of her asshole and vagina. She orgasms and I touch her labia with my lips, and she cries out in pleasure. Meanwhile, Josephine and Ashley are rubbing clits together, moaning in pleasure, until they scream out in pleasure too, and we all go to sleep in the pool of cum.
When I wake up, I immediately teleport us to Earth. I call up one of my slaves, who happens to be very rich, and he gives us 1 million dollars. I buy a house in Vietnam. The word spreads about the new whorehouse. This is going to be great, I think.
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