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Jennifer, the Neighbor's Daughter

Post #1

Thank you for reading! If you want to read my other stories, they are found here:

Wednesday afternoon. Hump day was finally coming to a close. What a crappy day. What a crappy week. Only two more days until the weekend, but there was nothing to look forward to. Our separation had officially happened last Friday. Truth be told, it happened long before that, but Friday made it official. She?d taken our three year-old daughter, Abby, and moved in with her parents. I sighed as I checked my office planner one last time before leaving the office. Hmm?I?d forgotten to call the babysitter to cancel for this coming Friday night. Might as well delete her number from my phone list. With Abby gone, I?d never need to line up a babysitter again. I locked up my office and drove home to my empty house.

The week continued to creep by. Finally, Friday came and ended. Sitting in the afternoon traffic, I reflected on the past few years, and what had gone wrong. My wife had never been a wildcat in bed to begin with, but after Abby was born, her sex drive had gone from tolerant, to begrudging, to non-existent. She retreated into a shell of depression. Several times I had tried to find out why, and each time I was met with disdain and rejection. Soon after, I had just resigned myself to a life without sexual contact. Up to now, I?d never had an affair, and the idea of a soliciting a prostitute didn?t excite me all that much. I actually missed the romance more than the sex. Jack, I thought to myself, how did everything get so screwed up?

I continued, lost in thought, until I pulled into the driveway. I found a note on the counter, saying that my soon-to-be ex-wife had been there, taking some more of her things, but that she left some of Abby?s toys for when I would have her on the weekends. I felt sad that I wouldn?t be seeing Abby every day, but she would never benefit from her parents staying together under these circumstances.

I decided that maybe some activity might take my mind off things. It wasn?t helping things to sit around and mope all weekend. I made a decision that she wasn?t going to steal anything else away from me. I was twenty-seven, in decent shape, had been told by my buddy that a few of the girls at the office thought I was hot. I was going out tonight. I was going out, have some fun, damn it! I glanced at the clock: 5:45. I picked up the phone and made a reservation for my favorite restaurant down by the coast. I figured that I?d have a good meal, hit the bars, and see how lucky I might get. Hell, I grinned to myself, I might even get laid! With that decided, I went upstairs to get ready. I laid out some nice clothes, and jumped in the shower.

The hot water was a tonic for me, as I envisioned washing off the remains of a bad relationship. I lathered up my head with shampoo, and the massage from my fingers coupled with the steam did wonders for me. I began to fantasize what might happen later in the evening, and my cock began to harden. I hadn?t had sex for a long time. Standing there fondling my erection, I thought about jacking off, but decided to save my energy just in case I met someone. I turned off the water, pulled open the curtain, and reached for a towel.

?Oh, SHIT! I?m?I?m so sorry, Mr. J!?

My head swung around quickly. Our neighbors? sixteen year-old daughter Jennifer was standing in the doorway, her hand over her mouth, eyes the size of saucers. I quickly covered myself, but realized too late that she had already seen everything.

?I?I rang the doorbell three times, but no one came,? she stammered. ?I went around and knocked on the back door, but no one answered that either.? I noticed her cheeks flushing from embarrassment. ?You had asked Jessica to sit for Abby at 6:00, but she wanted to go to the lake with mom and dad. I told her I?d cover for her tonight.?

She kept on, nervously trying to explain away the awkward moment. ?The back door was unlocked, so I let myself in. I called out, but I only heard the water running. I thought something might be wrong, so I?but I never meant to?I?m so?so sorry!?

I wrapped the towel around me and cut her off gently. ?Don?t worry, it?s all my fault, Jennifer. I totally forgot to call Jessica to tell her we didn?t need a sitter tonight. The dinner party got cancelled, and?well, some other stuff happened this week, and like I said?I just plain forgot?

?Oh,? was all she said, her eyes still fixed on the area jutting out behind my towel. I suddenly took notice of my sixteen-year old neighbor. She had long, brown hair that had been highlighted nicely by the summer sun. Deep green eyes were enhanced by a minimal amount of makeup. She had also filled out quite nicely in the past couple of years. Her breasts had blossomed into softball-size globes that were barely contained by the tight fitting t-shirt she wore. Her cutoff jeans were very short, showing off her long, tanned legs to perfection. She had passed ?cute? long ago and went straight to ?knockout?.

After a moment, I realized that she was still standing in the doorway, and I was still dripping wet, sporting the remains of an erection, with only a towel wrapped around me. I broke the awkward silence.

?Uh?Jennifer, could you excuse me while I get some clothes on?? That broke her spell, and her eyes jerked back up to meet mine.

?Oh, yeah?sure, Mr. J. I?m really sorry?? She gave me an embarrassed grin, and pulled the door closed. I heard her footsteps quickly retreating down the stairs. I finished toweling off, shaved, put on my clothes and went downstairs. I was surprised to see her still there, sitting at the kitchen counter. She looked up and blushed as I walked in.

?I hope you don?t mind?that is?that I?m still here?I just wanted to say again?I mean, I?m so sorry and all??

I grinned and held up my hand. ?Look, no harm done, and like I said, it was all my fault anyway. Let?s just forget it, ok??

She looked me over and said, ?Looks like you?re going out. Do you still need me to baby-sit??

I took a deep breath and stared out the back window. I saw Abby?s little swing set, and a few of her toys in the yard. In a shaky voice, I whispered, ?No, thanks anyway. Maybe some other time.? She must have sensed something in my voice, because she pressed the matter further.

?Hey, is anything wrong? You look really depressed or something.? I just shrugged, and shook my head, avoiding her gaze.

?You can tell me, if you want. Look, I know I?m just a teenager, but I really am a good listener.? My shoulders sagged a little, but I really DID need to talk to SOMEONE. Another deep sigh, then I relented and told her the whole story.

?Oh, I had no idea?I?m so sorry!? She put her hand on my shoulder. ?Is there anything I can do for you? You look like you could really use a friend.?

?Thanks, Jennifer. That?s really sweet of you. Actually, it?s the nicest thing anyone has said to me in quite a while.? Suddenly, I found myself venting, confessing, and bearing my soul to this teenaged girl. I poured out my heart, and Jennifer just listened. I finished, and we sat there in silence.

A few moments later, she spoke. ?If you don?t mind my asking, where were you going tonight??

?Oh, just out. I need a change of scenery, you know, to get out of this place.? I left out the part about trying to get laid. Another few moments of silence went passed.

?Were you?meeting anyone, or just going out alone?? she inquired quietly.

?Just by myself. I?ve been out of the dating scene for a while. My address book isn?t quite up to date.? I joked. She smiled, and looked like she wanted to say something, but decided not to. I could see a conflict on her face, then it appeared to resolve itself somehow. She looked up at me with a face full of innocent charm.

?Like I said, my parents decided to go up to the lake house for the weekend. They won?t be back until tomorrow night. So I?m by myself tonight as well. Look if you don?t want to, I?ll understand?but if you just need?you know?someone to?talk to?? Her voice trailed off. I grinned and looked down at her abruptly.

I grinned slightly. ?Jennifer, are you asking me to have dinner with you tonight? Look, I?ve got a reservation down the coast a really nice place, and well, if you want to??

She grabbed my arm with both hands, her green eyes dancing. ?I?d love to, Mr. J! I?ve got a new dress that I?ve been dying to?look, give me fifteen minutes to go home and change and I?ll be right back!?

I laughed at her eagerness, but held up my hand. ?Whoa, now. What will the neighbors think when they see you running over to my house in your fancy new dress? Better let me drive you over. We don?t want anyone getting the wrong idea.?

She looked embarrassed again. ?No problem, Mr. J. I?ve got our garage door opener in my purse. We could pull your car in and that would be a little more??

?Discreet.? I finished the thought for her.

She flashed me a bashful grin. ?Yeah?discreet.?

I finished getting ready, and we went into the garage to get into my car. As I got in, I stole a glance over at her long legs before catching myself. What was I thinking? I was so starved for female companionship; here I was ogling a sixteen year-old girl! We made the short drive to her house, and pulled into the garage. She invited me in, and I sat on the sofa while she went to change. I watched her perfect ass, barely confined by her short-shorts, swaying side to side as she ascended the stairs and disappeared.

After about twenty minutes, I heard her bedroom door open, and footsteps on the stairs. Then first thing I saw were two black satin pumps, followed by the curve of two tanned bare calves. I didn?t see the hemline of the black dress come into view until several inches above her knees were visible. The dress clung tightly to her hips, and then I saw the rest of her body come into view. The dress had a fairly low neckline, not too severe, but enough to compliment her firm breasts to the fullest. Two thin spaghetti-straps held the entire ensemble up, and around her neck was a string of pearls that had probably been robbed from her mother?s jewelry box. She suddenly looked much older than sixteen.

?Wow!? was all I could muster.

She stopped on the stairs and flashed me a dazzling smile. I got up off the sofa, and came to the foot of the steps.

? look beautiful.?

Blushing again, she led me out the back door, into the garage. I walked around to her side and opened her door for her. Her legs parted as she got in the car. She did her best to keep the dress from riding up her thighs, but it was in vain. Despite my feeble attempt to avert my gaze, I caught a wisp of black lace between her legs. She looked up at me shyly, and it took all my will power to look her in the eyes and smile.

The drive down the coast would be about forty-five minutes. I worried that someone might see us, but I told myself that we were unlikely to run into anyone I knew. We chatted as we drove, talking about my work, her school, new movies, favorite music, and basically everything but my marital troubles. I could tell that she was doing her best to keep my mind off that subject by her upbeat and enthusiastic banter. What was really keeping my mind occupied was the ever-creeping hemline of her dress. It had worked its way almost six inches above her knees, and every time she would turn and face me, I could almost catch a glimpse of her crotch. If she noticed, she didn?t let on, and just kept on talking.

We pulled into the driveway of the restaurant. Again, I moved around to open her door, extended my hand to her, and again was rewarded with a flash of black lace. The valet approached us from behind, and as I turned to hand him the keys, I caught a sly glance from him. I gave him an embarrassed smile. Once again, Jennifer seemed oblivious, and we walked to the entrance. We were seated in one of the darker corner booths. We sat opposite each other, separated by a lone candle burning in the middle of the table. Jennifer looked around in wonderment.

?Wow! This place is so NICE! I feel just like Julia Roberts in ?Pretty Woman?. Thanks again for asking me to dinner.?

?Well, I?m no Richard Gere, but I still appreciate you going with me. It?s been?well, really good?just to be able to talk to someone.?

?Yeah, I guess things have been really hard for you lately.?

I cracked a wry grin. ?No, not lately,?

Blushing, she stammered ?Oh, shit?I?m sorry! I didn?t mean it to sound like that?I meant??

I laughed, and held up my hand. ?I knew what you meant, and I really shouldn?t have said that to you. It wasn?t something?appropriate?to say to a young lady.?

She grinned. ?That?s ok, Mr. J. It was nice to see you smile. It?s a nice one?

?Look, since we ARE having dinner together, I think you should drop the ?Mr. J?, and just call me Jack, ok? That?s what my friends call me.?

?Okay?Jack?all my friends call me Jen. And you DO have a great smile.?

?Well, Jen, it seems the longer I hang out with you, the more I smile,? I said, breaking into another grin.

?In that case, stick with me and by morning, I?ll have you laughing uncontrollably?? and then she stopped suddenly. The implication, if there was one, hung in the air between us. She flushed slightly, and quickly out the window. I couldn?t read her face to see if she had just made an offhand joke, or?

The waiter appeared and broke the spell. He took our orders, and Jen allowed me to order for her. I chose a nice Napa Valley wine I liked, and he clicked his pen approvingly and moved on. It wasn?t until then that it hit me that she was underage, although it occurred to me that the waiter hadn?t even asked Jen for ID. I looked across at her apologetically.

?Jen, I?m really sorry. I didn?t even think about you being sixteen. I?ll get him back and order you something else??

She quickly interrupted. ?Don?t be silly! Do you think I?ve never had a drink before?? I flashed her a disapproving look, and she responded with an impish grin.

?I?ve raided the bar a time or two when mom and dad have been gone.? Then giggling, she said, ?I just think it?s so cool that he didn?t even card me??

?Well, it probably didn?t cross his mind that he needed to. Speaking strictly as a man, I would have never believed you were only sixteen.? I saw that the compliment struck home, and she beamed a dazzling smile in my direction.

Dinner came, and conversation was light. The food was delicious, as it always was here. The young waiter made several return trips to check on us, although I don?t know if it was to refill our glasses or just to steal glances at Jen. If possible, she looked even more radiant. I was surprised to see her maturely impose a two-glass limit on herself, as did I. We continued chatting, and I was surprised to find how easy it was to talk to her, and how intently she listened. A couple of times I caught myself just gazing at her while she ate. In no time at all, we found that we were finishing dessert.

?Did you have other plans for tonight?? Jen asked tentatively. ?You can take me back home if you want. I don?t want to spoil the rest of your evening.?

I dismissed that thought with a wave of my hand. ?Forget it,? I chuckled. ?I was just going to have dinner here, and maybe hit a club afterwards, but I really don?t feel like that much noise tonight. Actually, if you aren?t in a hurry, I?d?I?d rather just drive around.?

She beamed a smile at me, and then her smile sobered just a little. ?Listen?Jack?I really do appreciate the way you?ve treated me tonight. You?re the first grownup to ever talk to me like I?m grownup too, rather than just a kid.?

?Jen, please take this as the compliment it?s meant to be, but it?s really hard for me to remember that you ARE only sixteen. I haven?t enjoyed talking to a woman like this in?well, for a very long time. It?s been very therapeutic for me.?

?Well, in that case, Dr. Jen says she?s full, and we can leave anytime you are ready!? With that, we stood to leave. She excused herself for a trip to the ladies room while I settled the bill. As I finished, she reappeared, and we walked to the door. Snaking her arm around mine, she leaned in and whispered, ?Thank you for dinner. It was lovely.?

The valet brought the car around, and I opened the door for her. Again her skirt hiked up, but in the dim light and shadows of the restaurant entrance, I couldn?t quite get another glimpse of black lace. She seemed oblivious to my stare, however, and I closed the door and walked around to the driver?s side. We drove back along the coast towards the main road. Looking down from the highway, we could see the beach and the ocean waves illuminated by the full moon. It was a gorgeous view, made all the more so by the profile of Jen?s face against the moonlight. She stared out the window for several minutes.

?Oh, isn?t the view just LOVELY?? she gushed.

?It sure is,? although I knew that we were talking about two different views.

Jen broke my reverie. ?Can we stop? I mean?can we go down there? I?d love to take a moonlight walk on the beach.?

?Sure thing.? I pulled over at the next beach access, and drove down the winding road toward the ocean. We found a small parking area and pulled in. I was surprised to see that there weren?t very many cars, as it was a perfect night for an ocean-side stroll. I parked the car, and glanced over as Jen was removing her heels. I removed my socks and shoes, and rolled my cuffs up a little. We got out of the car, and walked towards the path that wound through the trees and down to the sand. We were about halfway down when our hands brushed against each other. She looked over at me shyly, and again reached out hers for mine. I took it, and we resumed walking. I hadn?t felt a moment this magic in a long time. We walked along the surf, warm water lapping at our bare feet. No words were said; none were needed. I suppose we were both enjoying the moment. I have no idea how far we had walked, but eventually Jen spoke up.

?Do you think we should maybe turn back?? I could have walked all night, but I realized that she must be getting tired. We turned and started back, walking even slower, as if prolonging the moment. About halfway back, Jen broke the silence again.

?How long has it been for you??

I frowned thoughtfully. ?Oh, officially it was Sunday, but she?s been living at her mom?s for about??

Jen stopped and turned to me. She gazed up at me, eyes shining in the moonlight. She took my hand in both of hers. ?That?s not what I meant, Jack. I meant, how long has it been since you were?with someone??

That startled me. ?I?that is?I haven?t?I mean, other than my wife?? I stuttered. ?Jen, I really don?t think I should be talking about things like that with you??

She reached a soft hand to my cheek. ?You are SO sweet. I know it?s none of my business, but you are such a nice guy. It doesn?t seem fair that she treated you that way.? She turned, and we started to walk again. After a while, she spoke again.

?I?m sorry if I?m so nosy. I just think you are too good a man to sit around and mope. I don?t think?well?I mean?you shouldn?t have any problem finding a girlfriend.?

Without thinking, I found the words escaping my lips. ?I doubt that I would find one that I could talk to as easily as you.?

?Oh, Jack??

She moved to embrace me, pressing her body against me. I tilted her head up gently, and kissed her. Lightly at first, then with mounting intensity, our lips danced together. Her tongue parted my lips, and began to snake its way around mine. Water washed around our ankles, and a soft breeze blew through our hair. She pressed her hips against me a little harder, and my cock began to swell against her belly. I wondered for a moment if she could feel it, and as if to answer my question, she reached behind me and grabbed my ass, pulling me harder against her.

After a few minutes, we broke the kiss, totally out of breath. Jen looked around, and seeing no one in sight, took my hand and led me to the tree line. Once there, she turned back to me. Looking up into my eyes, she began to unbuckle my belt. I knew this was wrong, but made no attempt to stop her. I simply ran my hands along her cheek and through her long hair. Once the belt was taken care of, she unbuttoned my pants, and pulled the zipper down. My dick strained against my briefs for release. She placed her fingers on the outside of my shorts, slowly tracing the outline of my manhood. Her eyes never left mine.

?Wow. It?s really hard,? as she continued to stroke me. She hooked her fingers into the waistband of my briefs, and pulled them down. My cock caught on the waistband, and popped back up like a diving board once it cleared. That elicited a giggle from Jen. The moonlight fully illuminated my erection, and she moved her hand to touch it. My breathing became ragged as her cool fingertips brushed the hot flesh of my dick. I had never been so hard in my life. She seemed fascinated by the sight, and closing her hand around it, began to stroke me. My head lolled back as I enjoyed the sensation. A drop of precum oozed out, lubricating her hand all the more. I gasped a little, and she grinned at me. She stood, turned away from me, and pulled her dress up over her thighs. She bent over, leaning out to grab a tree in front of her for support. She reached back between her legs and grasped my cock, pulling me gently toward her. There was just enough moonlight to tell that she was no longer wearing panties.

?When did you?uhh?I mean, where did you??? I stuttered.

?Back at the restaurant, when I went to the ladies room?while you were paying.? She grinned back at me over her shoulder, and opened her legs a little wider.

?You mean you were EXPECTING me to try to??

She cut me off with her sweet look. ?No, Jack...not expecting, more like?hoping.? She wiggled her hips at me. ?Fuck me, Jack. I know you need to, I know you want to. It?s ok?I?m not a virgin, you know. I want you to?I really do. I promise I won?t tell anyone. Nobody will ever know??

I moved forward, grasped her hips with my hands, as she guided my swollen knob between the moist lips of her teenage pussy. Slowly, I impaled myself inside of her, her tight cunt gripping my throbbing member like a moistened vice.

?Oh...oh my?mmm...that?s really nice?? she cooed, and began to slowly hump my dick. I let her set the pace, but soon I began to piston in and out of her. She let out a series of soft moans, and I looked around to make sure we were still alone. I could just make out someone walking on the beach about 50 yards away, but the noise of the waves, coupled with our position in the tree line, made it unlikely that we would be heard or spotted. I picked up the pace of my thrusts, and judging by her noises, she wouldn?t last long. Jen began to pant, slowly at first, then gaining in intensity. My own orgasm began to build, but before I reached the point of no return, she stiffened suddenly, and then her body was racked with shudders. Her pussy spasmed around my cock, and I heard her straining to hold back a cry. She finally went limp in my hands with a strangled moan. I continued a slow attack on her twitching cunt, and was rewarded with a few more small shudders.

?Mmmmmmmm?that was SO good! I?ve never had a?I mean, it?s not my first time, but I never had a boy make me cum??

I pumped a few more times, and felt my balls tighten, signaling that my orgasm was near. My breathing became ragged. Suddenly, it occurred to me what was about to happen.

?Uhh, Jen?I?m almost there. I didn?t bring a?that is?I don?t have any??

She moved forward, allowing my cock to slide out of her cunt. Turning around to face me, she sank to her knees. She took my stiff, wet dick in her hand and smiled up at me.

?Don?t worry, Dr. Jen?s gonna take good care of you??

I looked down, saw her lips part, and she moved forward slightly and engulfed my cock with her mouth. My head swam with the sensation, as her velvety tongue traced patterns on the underside of my dick, while her soft lips sucked me slowly. Her head bobbed slowly up and down my manhood, pausing to lick the tip before plunging back down the shaft with wet sucking noises. I knew that I couldn?t last long; I?d gone too long without sex. I felt the pressure building in my balls, as they ached for release.

?Jen, I can?t hold it much longer?? I gasped.

?Mmm?? was her only reply, but she continued her oral assault.

I felt the sperm racing up my shaft, felt my shaft begin to swell. My chest heaved, and I began to see stars.

?Jen, honey, I mean it?if you don?t stop, I?ll cum in your mouth!?

?Mmm hmm?? she countered, but continued sucking.

At that point, I lost it. My cock twitched, then began to explode in her mouth. My dick sent rope after rope of semen into her warm mouth. I heard a guttural squeal from Jen as the first squirt hit her throat, but her lips never lost their lock on my manhood, nor did her tongue ever stop its erotic dance around my cockhead. I lost count of how many times my dick convulsed, sending wave after wave of sexual pleasure through my body, and spurt after spurt of my semen into her mouth. I came like I had never cum before. I felt my legs grow weak, as my orgasm slowly subsided. Jen continued to slowly fuck my cock with her mouth, until the pleasure was too much for me. I put my hands on her head to stop her. She stopped her motion, but continued to hold my cock head in her mouth, tickling the underside of my glans with her tongue. After a few moments, she looked up at me sweetly. I heard her swallow, and my dick slipped wetly from her lips.

?Oh, god Jen, I shouldn?t have?I mean we??

She put a finger to my lips, then bent down and carefully pulled my briefs back up. Next she returned my trousers to their original position, albeit with a little sand trapped in them here and there. She took my hand and we started for the car. I opened the door for her again, and she got in. However, this time when her skirt rode up, she paused for a moment, her legs spread for my eyes only. I drank in the sight of her exposed pussy as she reached under the seat for her handbag. Opening it, she reached in and handed me the tiny wisp of black lace.

Jen winked slyly. ?I saw you admiring them earlier, so I thought you might like to keep them.?

She moved her other leg into the car, and I closed her door. We drove back home, most of the way in silence. Jen leaned over and put her head on my shoulder. Her hand found its way to my thigh, and she began to trace ever-broadening circular patterns with her fingers. I began to get hard again. She noticed the lump growing in my trousers, and grinned over at me.

?Wow, looks like somebody is ready for more action!?

I smiled sheepishly at her. ?Jen, I?m sorry. I can?t help it. It?s been so long for me??

?I know,? she grinned sweetly. ?Really, I don?t mind a bit?I wanted it as bad as you did.?

Suddenly, we were home. I pulled into her driveway, and Jen opened the garage door remotely. I pulled the car in quickly, just in case anyone was out walking and might take notice of us. She closed the garage door behind us, and we just sat in the car, neither wanting the night to be over. She glanced sideways at me in the darkness, a sly smile on her face. ?Look, I don?t really want to be here all alone tonight??

I sighed. ?Jen, I?d like nothing better. But you know you can?t stay over at my place. What if your parents called to check on you, but you?re not here to answer the phone? You?d be in BIG trouble??

She placed her hand on my throbbing erection, and leaned over towards me.

?I wasn?t talking about YOUR place, silly.?

She grabbed the keys from the ignition, and jumped out of the car. She giggled as she walked toward the door. I just sat there in the dark, with a bemused grin on my face. Opening the door to the house, she paused and looked over her shoulder at me, dangling the keys in a taunting fashion. When she saw that I had still not exited the car, she threw the keys into the house and turned to face me with a mock pout on her face. Slipping the thin spaghetti straps of her dress off her shoulders, she let her dress flutter to the floor. She stood there in the doorway totally nude; her pearls and heels the only surviving articles of clothing. She ran her hands over her breasts, down her flat stomach, and over her pussy. She looked at me demurely.

She giggled again. ?Do you think you?ll get in too much trouble if YOUR parents call YOUR house and YOU aren?t there? I mean?I don?t want to get you grounded or anything?? Her eyes danced with mirth. ??but if you want your keys back, you?ll have to come look for them.? She spread her legs slightly and slipped her middle finger into her pussy, grinning at me lustfully.

?If I were you, a good place to start looking for them would probably be upstairs?in my bedroom.? She turned and walked inside, leaving the door wide open. I sat there for a moment, looking at my reflection in the rear-view mirror. Then, with a deep sigh, I got out of the car and followed her inside.

The End
08-04-2022, at 01:14 AM

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