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Freshman year, third quarter

Post #1

Much like how the blow jobs became a frequent occurance for me and Mark during the first quarter, our new endeavor into sex took on a more consistent schedule once he returned from break. Mark came back all jerry'd up from getting a blow job from Caroline, only to get dumped halfway through the month. He was not as happy of a guy after that and came back for third quarter a practical zombie. All he did was eat, drink, work out, and once a week, ask to fuck me.

His fucking got to be somewhat painful and demanding too. Last week, he had gone out drinking with his ROTC friends and came back extremely wasted. I was reading in bed when he walked through the door.

"Bro, want to fuck around? I'm feeling lit right now!" he growled in his husky boy-man voice. The ROTC men were always so funny to me. They were everything resembling a rugged Brawny man, but so boyish and sophomoric, barely mature beyond a high-schooler.

"I don't know man, I'm a bit tired."

"Fuck, whatever, I know you want it." He laughed at this and whipped out his dick, semi-hard, and began to flail it near my face.

"It's really a nice penis dude but you are pretty wrecked. Sleep it off."

He didn't seem to like that answer and kept begging till I caved.

In a flash at my approval, he had slipped on a condom and dropped his shorts. He came up to my bed and grabbed my lanky body by the waist. His strong muscular arms ripped me from my bed.

"I'm gonna take you on the desk like a Mad Man bitch." Mark dragged my body across the dorm to his deskn, swept off some papers and a book and set me on the edge. He pulled off my underwear, the only thing I was wearing in bed.

I got on my back on the cold desk and slung each leg over one of Mark's shoulders. He grabbed my torso till it was on the edge of the desk and slipped his dick and the condom inside.

He started to go at it, when, pausing for a moment, he slipped his dick out and ripped off the condom.

"What are you doing bro?"

"No worries, I'm a virgin except for your ass"

"Mark I don't know..." I began.

He ignored me and shoved his dick right back in and began to go to work. Bareback was great, but something in the back of my head was telling me that something was seriously fucking this kid's brain. God damn Caroline! Why couldn't you have just spread your legs for this little queer?

As much as is was pleasurable, I was glad when Mark finished in my ass and I could go get the whole frosty turn business over with.

As the weeks went on, his blatant demands for sex failed to cease and I became more of a sex toy than fuck buddy.

One week, Mark brought a ROTC buddy by the dorm on a Friday night, His name was Austin and we had met before a few times. He was a cool guy from the little I had been around him and we were having a good time hanging out. For the first time in a while, Mark had seemed to level out a bit.

Then Austin spoke up. "So I didn't know you were gay Scott"

"Oh yeah, I'm not too crazy about it." I said cooly. "I just am what I am."

Austin looked down at the floor, nodded his head and mumbled "so I hear." I noticed Mark was also looking off in another direction. The mood in the room quieted down any talk for a moment. I looked at both guys quizzingly.

"How about the weather?" I loved to say stupid things at awkward times.

Austin picked up his head and smiled. Mark laughed shortly.

"I told Austin about what you do, you know..."

"What I do?"

Mark hesitated for a moment. "Yes, you know, being cool about sex."

I put the pieces together...

"We were wondering if you wouldn't be down for a little play tonight?"

I was somewhat shocked by Mark telling Austin about him fucking me, but I secrectly had wondered if Austin were gay the first time I met him so thought that maybe I would let this play out.

"What were you thinking?" I aksed.

"Could we fuck you at the same time?" Austin looked serious when he asked the question.

"Yeah" I said standing up from my chair and starting to unbuckle my pants belt. "Why the fuck not"

I stripped down bare and leaned on the edge of my desk and Mark and Austin both grabbed condoms and began taking theirs off. Mark was still his usual muscular self, but Austin was much taller, maybe 6'5 and skinny. When he pulled down his pants, I could see a nice, hard cock. There was not a lot of girth but it was easily 9 inches long.

Mark approached me first and started to fuck my ass. He moved in and out at a brisk pace. Austin stood aside, looking at Mark's dick puncture my anus and rubbing his cock. It seriously grew to at least 10 inches. Like I said, it was not thick, but was I eager as ever to have him fuck me with it.

After a few moments, Marks rhythm began to increase and I laid my head back on the table to catch my breath and enjoy the ride. I had my eyes closed when I felt the plasticky taste of a rubber slip through my half closed lips. I opened my eyes to see Austin above me, guiding his dick around the edge of my mouth. He was so tall and from below on the desk, he was a long, tall giant with soft hazel eyes and short, fuzzy, blonde hair.

Mark was still fucking me. I grabbed the base of Austin's long penis and ripped off the condom. He looked down with a smile. I placed the tip in my mouth and began to suck on it. He slowly began to move his hips back and forth. For all of Mark's hard and heavy pounding with his thick cock, I could only seem to sense Austin, his long, soft penis in my mouth, and the faint beat of his heart. It was absolutely euphoric. We were in rhythm together. I had only ever felt this sort of thing with Will or Colt...

Mark eventually finished and the two switched roles. As Austin pounded me, i lazily sucked on Marks cock. I could tell I wasn't doing a good job on the oral front because Mark started to mumble and cuss under his breath. But I couldn't help it. I was engrossed in Austin being inside me. Rhythmically slapping his long skinny cock and hard hip bones against my pelvis. When he came, the warmth of his cum spread all over inside me since I had ripped off the condom. I was happy to have done so.. He held inside of me ever so long.

Then Mark interrupted our orgy.

"Shit Austin, we have a meeting for our philosophy class,"

"Fuck!" The two of them haphazardly cleaned themselves from the lone sink in my dorm rooom and got dressed. I just laid on the desk, exhausted and thinking about Austin. They grabbed their bags and headed out, but just before they had completely gone, Austin turned to me.

"Hey, umm... thanks man. That was what I needed"

08-04-2022, at 01:14 AM

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