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Taking the Plunge

Post #1

The taste of Paul's cum as it exploded from his cock into my mouth was intoxicating. I enjoyed the feel of his thick shaft throbbing in my hand and mouth as cum pumped from it. When he finished spurting cum I licked and sucked the head of his cock to get the last morsel before letting it slip from between my lips. I lay my head on Paul's hard abdomen and kissed the head of his cock as I slowly stroked it's semi- hardness. As I lay there catching my breath; watching the last milky bead of cum leak out of his beautiful cock I smiled. Six days ago I could not have imagined I would be laying here like this holding my friend's cock. Never in a million years would I have thought I would be sucking Paul's cock and swallowing his cum. Ever! Much less for a week straight.

This was the last night Paul and I would be out of town on this job. We had been sleeping together and having sex all week. I wondered just how different things would be once we got back home. I had a wife I loved waiting there and I was feeling guilty about cheating on her. On the other hand I knew I wanted to continue to have sex with Paul. It was a situation I never thought I would be in.

My mind flashed back to last Friday when my boss told Paul and me that we would be working out of town the following week. He had taken a job at an airport in a town several hours away and it would last a week, maybe 10 days. He expected us to drive up there Sunday, meet with the project manager on Monday and stay until the job was complete. The boss gave me the reservation information for the hotel he had booked us and a credit card for the room, gas and meals.

Working out of town was nothing out of the ordinary for the job, but it would be the first time Paul and I worked together out of town. We had been working companions for over a year but for one reason or another we had never been paired together when out of town work was scheduled. We had never really hung out together either. I was married and he single so our lifestyles didn't mesh very well. He was a fun guy though and was quite the character at the company picnic this past September. Everybody liked him. The women seemed to love him.

I took a company truck home with me Friday and picked Paul up Sunday morning for our trip to the job site. Paul and I got along great. We had good conversation on our trip and the miles rolled by quickly. We arrived at our hotel around 7 pm. We checked in and found our room on the fourth floor. It was pretty nice with two Queen beds and a huge walk-in shower in the bathroom. There was a coffee maker and small fridge. It would be perfect. It even had a small balcony with a view of the mountains in the distance. It would be a nice place to relax and have a beer after working 10 hour days.

We settled in and took showers before heading down stairs to find some food. The hotel restaurant was still open so we decided to eat there. Besides, neither one of us wanted to drive anywhere after a day on the road. The food in the hotel restaurant turned out to be very good.

On our way out of the restaurant Paul suggested we get a couple beers in the lounge before heading back upstairs. That sounded good to me so we found ourselves standing at a crowded bar trying to place our order. A cute waitress laid her hand softly on my arm and asked if we wanted to sit at a table. She had one open if we wanted it. I told her to lead on.

Nodding to Paul I followed her to the table. She had a beautiful ass wrapped in a tight black skirt that drew my attention as she walked ahead of us. Although I had never cheated on my wife I did enjoy looking and fantasizing. We sat down at the table and she leaned down to take our drink order.

Her ass was nice, but the cleavage she exposed as she bent at the waist was magnificent. I felt my dick stir in my pants. I had a hard time concentrating on ordering my beer. Her name was Amy and her smile was very warm. When she left to fill our order I noticed the place was filling up fast. When Amy brought our beers I asked her what was up with the crowd on a Sunday night.

?Oh, the band tonight is really good. They always pack em in when they play here. Are you guys from out of town??

?Yes we are. We'll be here all week working out at the airport.?

?Well good. I hope to see you in here often then.? She turned and walked toward the bar.

My eyes followed her swaying ass. I loved her walk away.

Paul looked at me and smiled. ?You hound dog you. Were you hitting on our waitress??

?Not really, but she sure has a fine ass don't you think?? I changed positions to relive the pressure my growing dick was creating between my legs.

?Hell yeah. Hey Tom, if you want to hit on some strange it's none of my business. With all these fine young women I see in here I think there's a possibility we just might get lucky tonight if we want. How about it? You up for something new to spice up your sex life??

I thought about what he was saying. I had been married to Marge for a decade and the sex had become pretty stale after the first couple of years. The zest had faded away. We still had great sex, but the frequency had dropped to once or twice a month over the years. I had not thought about cheating on her, ever, but the vibe in the lounge was intoxicating.

?Maybe just a little flirting wouldn't hurt, but that's as far I am willing to go. If you want to try and score we can work something out with the room. She just can't stay all night. Okay??

Paul agreed and we had a couple more beers. We ended up dancing with several ladies but none seemed interested in joining us. It was very arousing flirting and dancing with strange women. My dick was semi hard the whole evening. It got especially hard when I got Amy the waitress to dance with me. We danced to a rocker and before we left the dance floor the band started playing a slow tune.

I talked her into dancing to that too. I know she could feel my hardness pressing against her belly as we danced. I asked her to join us for a drink after she got off work. She was polite in her refusal, but refuse she did. I was secretly relived when she told me, ?No, I really can't. Besides, I don't think my boyfriend would approve.?

Paul wasn't having any luck scoring so about eleven o'clock we decided to call it a night and went up to our room. I went in the bathroom to relieve myself and change for bed. When I came out I was stunned by what I saw.

Paul was laying on his bed naked watching a porn flick. He was idly stroking his hard dick. The head was swollen and a deep purple color. I stopped dead still in the bathroom doorway. The actors on the TV were engaged in full on hot sex. As I stood there watching the scene before me I realized it was Paul I was staring at.

I was watching his hand slide up and down his shaft as he slowly masturbated. It made me think back to when I was a young teenager and my buddies and I sitting around in a circle in the woods comparing dick size as we shared our newly discovered sexual pleasure of jacking off.

I shook myself out of my reverie when I realized my dick was expanding in my shorts from watching Paul. Trying to cover my arousal I exclaimed, ?Paul! What are you doing man??

He continued to stroke himself. Without apparent embarrassment he looked over at me and said, ?Oh man, I am so horny after the lounge. I just thought I would throw on a porn flick and get off real quick to relieve the pressure. Come on man. I saw the bulge in your pants down stairs when you were dancing with that waitress.

And look at that boner tenting your shorts right now. Looks like you could use some relief too. Why don't you get naked and we'll get off together. We'll both sleep better after.?

Watching Paul masturbate had gotten my dick completely hard. What harm could it do to relive the sexual tension that had built up. It wasn't like I had never jacked off in front of another guy before; although that was a long time ago.

I became aware of my hand squeezing my hard-on through my shorts. ?Oh what the fuck. Can you start the video over?? I started stripping out of my shorts and shirt.

?Nah, it's streaming on cable so we have to take what we get.?

When I straightened up with my shorts in hand my hard cock seemed swollen beyond it's normal size. The skin felt unusually tight. Before I could lay on my bed Paul exclaimed, ?Whoa. That's a pretty nice cock you got there Tom.?

His comment took me by surprise. I felt a moment of pride listening to his compliment. My dick was about seven inches long and a little over an inch thick. The women I had been with all commented on how nice my cock was, but Paul was the first guy to ever compliment me. Paul's dick looked like it was a little longer than mine and much thicker. I thought his dick was the better looking of the two.

I held my dick at the base and let it stick straight out, then fell onto my back on the bed and spread my legs. To ease the tension I said, ?Thank you Paul. You got a pretty nice one too, man.?

?Thanks buddy. Everybody that has ever had it likes it. No complaints yet.?

What he said didn't register with me at the time. I think I was too busy watching him stroke his cock to pay attention to what he was saying. We were silent as we watched the porno and masturbated. Or I should say while Paul watched the porno because I was watching him.

It was intriguing watching him lazily stroke himself. It was like he was in no hurry. I got the feeling that he liked being watched while he masturbated. It was like he was putting himself on display for me. That feeling turned out to be correct.

My dick was as hard as it ever had been as I stroked it. I tried to control my rhythm so the build up to my orgasm would last longer. At one point I quit focusing on Paul's cock and looked at him in totality.

He was really a very handsome guy. I could see why the women were attracted to him. With brown hair and blue eyes. A strong jaw line that held a killer smile only enhanced his good looks.

I let my eyes roam over his body. His physique was striking. His hairless chest bulged above a flat washboard abdomen. He obviously had shaved his pubic hair and it made his cock seem longer. His biceps flexed as he stroked his cock. His legs looked very muscular. He even had good looking feet.

I was spellbound. Watching porn aroused me, but I was getting aroused now just watching Paul masturbate; the porno forgotten. Watching him masturbate had my mind reeling with wild thoughts. I vaguely wondered why watching him was making me so aroused.

The sight of the head of his cock disappearing and appearing as he stroked himself was mesmerizing. I found myself wondering what it would be like to stroke his cock. To feel it's girth as it slid through my hand. My heart raced when I thought about watching his cock spewing cum when he got off. That thought made my dick throb in my hand and increased my arousal.

My mind wandered back to my youth and the night one of my buddies and I experimented on a sleep over. That night we stroked each other until we came. I had long forgotten how his dick felt in my hand, but I did remember how sensuous it was watching his cum shoot out when he ejaculated. I also remembered how it felt to cum with his hand stroking me. That was the first time someone else had brought me to orgasm and it felt awesome.

That thought gave me pause and brought me up short. Here I was, in a hotel room masturbating with my buddy and my mind was flooding with thoughts of stroking his dick. I didn't know where all this was coming from, but the mental image had me on the edge of cumming.

Suddenly my concentration was broken by Paul getting up from his bed. My first thought was he's going to the bathroom to ejaculate. I was disappointed that I wouldn't be able to watch him cum. I quit stroking my dick and just held it, my eyes locked on his cock as he stood up. I could see his balls now. The sack was hanging low between his legs. I tore my gaze from his crotch and looked up at his face. Paul was looking at me and smiling as he took a step.

My disappointment turned to surprise when instead of going to the bathroom he took two steps and closed the gap between our beds. I froze. My gaze was on his cock standing straight out of his crotch as he stood over me. All I could do was stare at his cock less than a foot in front of me. His hand was around the base and he slowly stroked it. The head was swollen and purple. The veins running its length were standing out. I could see the pre-cum forming a droplet as it leaked from the tip. I couldn't move. I had a hard time wrapping my head around what was happening. Then Paul spoke and made it all real.

?Tom, I know you have been watching me stroke my cock. I can tell you are really enjoying it too. How would you like to take this to the next level? If you will let me I would really like to suck your dick and get you off. What do you say, man? You game??

Although his words shocked me I didn't recoil from him. Looking back I guess my thinking was being done by my little head at that point. I lay there speechless, my mind reeling. Was Paul reading my mind? He had to know how turned on I was. I was amazed by how turned on I was. The thought of letting him suck my dick was making me even hotter.

My gaze was locked on his cock. He was right. I was very aroused. This certainly qualified as ?Something new to spice up your sex life?. Before I realized it I heard myself say, ?Okay, yes. You can suck me off. I think I would like that.?

Paul sighed as he sat down beside me. He laid down on his stomach and rested his upper body on his left arm. It's hard to explain the thrill I felt when he wrapped his right hand around my dick.

He stroked my dick several times before he leaned over and put it in his mouth. The feeling was strange at first. I had had my dick sucked by several women, but this was the first man. I closed my eyes and enjoyed his hot mouth on my dick. The strangeness disappeared as he sucked and my arousal increased.

I felt Paul change positions. I opened my eyes to find Paul laying on his side now. His cock was inches from my face. The head of it was shiny with the pre-cum leaking from the tip. I could see the veiny shaft pulse as it expanded and contracted. I could smell a muskiness emanating from him. Staring at his cock just inches away from my face my instinct was telling me I should recoil, but I didn't.

Paul was patient. He didn't try to force himself on me. I knew what he wanted. I didn't think I could do it so instead I reached for his hard shaft. As my hand closed around the shaft I shuddered. I was touching a grown man's dick for the first time in my adult life. It felt different than mine. His skin was hot under my hand as I slowly stroked him.

I knew my passion was out of control when I found myself wondering what it would be like to put my mouth on his cock. How would it feel? I wondered if I could make him feel how he was making me feel. I had a strong urge to take him in my mouth.

Almost compulsively and without another thought about what I was doing; the line I was crossing, I opened my mouth and took the head of his cock in. It was hot on my tongue. When I closed my lips around it I tasted his pre-cum. It was strangely sweet and slick. Not a bad taste at all. The sensuous feeling of the soft skin of his cock head as it filled my mouth was like nothing I had ever experienced.

As I took more of him in my mouth I heard myself moan. I had never considered having a homosexual encounter before, but this was overwhelmingly erotic. The sexual tension within me melted away my inhibitions. I sucked Paul's cock with abandon.

When Paul felt my mouth close around his cock he started sucking me with purpose. He was taking almost all of me in his mouth and he was fondling my balls as he did it. I copied what he was doing. Paul took me out of his mouth and said, ?That's it, Tom. Suck my cock.?

It shocked me that hearing Paul tell me to suck his cock excited me. I was stunned by how quick this had happened. Not only was I was letting my friend suck my dick, I was sucking his too; and enjoying it.

Paul rolled over and straddled my head. It was indescribable how it felt to feel his mouth on my dick as I felt his dick in my mine. I felt my orgasm building rapidly.

As he continued to suck me I could feel myself getting closer to cumming. Suddenly the dam burst. I moaned loudly and thrust my hips up trying to get my dick in deeper as I started to cum in his warm mouth. My cum blasted out of my dick and Paul eagerly swallowed it. He sucked me until my balls were drained, then let my dick slip from his mouth.

The last vestiges of my orgasm were still washing over me and I was feeling totally relaxed as I sucked his dick. There was no diminishing of my arousal. In fact it was turning me on feeling the head of his cock rub across my tongue and the roof of my mouth. I had no explanation for it.

I increased my efforts trying to get him to orgasm. Paul pulled his hips away from me causing his cock to slip from my mouth. He sat up on the edge of the bed, his feet on the floor. ?That's enough Tom. Don't feel like you have to finish me. I'm happy that you were even willing to put me in your mouth, but it might be too much for me to cum.?

My disappointment surprised me. I didn't understand it. I wanted to give him the same pleasure he had just given me. Even though my orgasm had completely subsided I still wanted to suck his cock and make him cum. I quickly got out of the bed and kneeled in front of him. My hands on his knees.

My voice sounded like I was pleading, but I didn't care. ?But I want to, Paul. I was getting into it when you stopped me. Let me get you off and repay the favor. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I really want to do this.?

Paul was smiling. ?OK, but you need to know that if you start sucking me again I am going to cum in your mouth and I expect you to swallow all of it. If you think you can do that go ahead.?

I was dizzy from the excitement. I don't think I had ever been so sexually aroused. I didn't know what had come over me, but I really wanted to do this and experience him cumming in my mouth. Maybe it was the events of the evening or maybe Paul had awakened something in me. Whatever it was I had an irresistible urge to suck Paul's cock and drink his cum.

My heart was racing as I pushed his knees apart. His cock was standing straight out of his crotch. I put my hand around the thick shaft and fondled his heavy balls as I slowly stroked him from top to bottom. His sack was soft and pliable in my hand. The feeling of his nuts moving under my fingers was so erotic.

I was amazed at how aroused I was kneeling in front of him so submissively. I was about to voluntarily suck my friend's cock and let him cum in my mouth. My dick was hard again thinking about that. I continued to give Paul a hand job as I enjoyed the feeling of his cock in my hand. I watched as a bead of pre-cum formed on the tip.

Whatever inhibitions I had, if there ever were any, were gone now as I leaned forward and used my tongue to gather the pearl of cum. I tasted the sweetness of it again and it made me shiver. I ran my tongue around the head of Paul's cock and put pressure on the base of the glans.

Paul moaned. ?Yeah,that's it, Tom. Suck my dick and make me cum for you, buddy. I got a big load just for you.?

Instead of his words repelling me they increased my desire to give him the best blow job I could. I let my tongue slide down the shaft to the base and licked back to the top like it was a lollipop. Paul moaned. I tongued and kissed his cock all over before dropping to his nut sack. My hand was pressing his cock into his belly as I tried to take his balls in my mouth but they were too big. I had to take them in one at a time. Marge did that to me and I loved it. I was hoping Paul liked it too.

?So this is what it is like to be giving rather than receiving,? I thought.

I sucked gently on his nut and pulled, stretching his sack. That caused Paul to moan louder. I stopped sucking his nuts and mouthed my way back up the underside his shaft. At the top I engulfed the head and sucked hard. I tasted more pre-cum. Paul put his hands on my head and held me still as he pumped his hips, fucking my mouth. He pushed deeper into my mouth and I choked. He shortened his stroke. My jaw ached slightly from his girth. I reached between my legs and stroked my own dick. It was rock hard.

Paul was humping his cock in and out of my mouth when suddenly, without warning he started cumming. I felt the head of his cock expand just before the first stream splashed against my throat almost choking me. Paul held my head still with just the head of his cock between my lips as he shot several streams of hot cum into my mouth. After the second spurt I had to swallow. I took three more before he finished. I swallowed that and sucked the head trying to get more.

The taste was slightly salty and a little pungent. I was surprised how much I liked the silky texture of it on my tongue and in my mouth. In fact I was surprised how much I had enjoyed the whole experience. I continued to suck him until he was completely flaccid before I let him slip from my mouth. I looked up. Paul was looking down at me and smiling.

?That was a very good blow job, Tom. You're a natural cock sucker.?

?I don't know about being a natural. I just did what I like done to me. Once I started I got into it. Don't take this wrong, Paul, but I didn't know you were gay.?

Paul laughed. ?I'm not gay, Tom, I'm Bi-sexual. I like sex with a man or a woman. If I'm attracted to a person I don't see anything wrong with enjoying sex with them. I like eating pussy as much as I like sucking dick.?

?But what made you think that I would be open to this? We've never really hung out together.?

?Well, I have always been attracted to you Tom. The opportunity just never came up to approach you in that way. When we found out Friday that we would be working together out of town for a week I hoped that I could find a perfect time to find out if you would be open to my advances.

Knowing how aroused you were from the action in the lounge tonight, I decided to stage that little show earlier hoping it would turn out how it did. I know you didn't notice, but I was checking you out the whole time. I could tell you were getting excited as you watched me masturbate so I decided to take a chance. What I didn't expect is how enthusiastically you would reciprocate.?

?Well, to tell the truth, Paul, it did excite me watching you masturbate. I can't explain it, but it made me have thoughts I never would have imagined before tonight. I didn't expect my reaction to your advances either, but I'm glad you took a chance that I wouldn't freak out. To my amazement I enjoyed the whole experience. I actually want do this again while we are here this week.?

?Well, I'm glad to hear you say that, Tom. We have all week long to explore our desires. There are other things I would like for you to experience too.?

I had been sitting on the floor between his spread legs, my arms resting on his thighs. My hand had been lightly gripping his cock and now I felt it expanding. I looked at the purplish head with a pearl of cum beaded on the tip. It was too inviting.

I leaned in and stroked the tip of his cock with my tongue, collecting the pearl. I loved the taste. As I closed my lips around the head of Paul's cock he moaned. That gave me encouragement to suck him again. I released him and said, ?I want to suck your cock, Paul.? He smiled and lay back on the bed.

This time I took my time and savored every moment. I felt him harden in my mouth as I sucked. I enjoyed the thought that it was me that had caused his cock to get hard. I loved the feeling as his cock head rubbed across the roof of my mouth. Before tonight I could have never imagined kneeling before a man and sucking his cock. Paul had certainly expanded my sexual horizons.

I was anticipating Paul filling my mouth with another load of cum when I heard him say, ?Tom, I think you should stop. We have to get up early tomorrow and we sure don't want to be late to meet with the project manager.?

I opened my eyes and removed his cock from my mouth. ?Are you serious? You want me to stop right now? I know you must be close. Let me get you off. You don't have to reciprocate.?

?Okay. If you really want to finish me, then go for it. You really do like sucking cock don't you??

Without embarrassment I said, ?Well, I like sucking this cock for sure.? I put him in my mouth and sucked him until he spewed his load of delicious cum as he orgasmed. I released his cock and got up on the bed beside him. ?I can't believe that I had sex with a man tonight and loved every bit of it. I think I just found out that I am Bi too.?

?Well Tom, it's possible, but it could be just the situation and tomorrow you will feel differently about it.?

?Not a chance, Paul. You have turned me on to a whole new side of sex I never had a clue about. I won't be changing my mind tomorrow; believe me. I loved every thing about tonight.?

?I'm glad you liked having sex with me. I have wanted this for a long time buddy, but I think we are done for the night. It's late now and we need to get some sleep so we can get this job started tomorrow. Do you want to sleep with me or in separate beds??

?I would love to sleep with you, Paul, but first I need to go pee.

I got up and went to the bathroom. My dick was hard and I couldn't piss. I had to pound out a quick orgasm before I could relive my bladder. When I came out of the bathroom I found Paul softly snoring. I crawled up behind him and embraced him. I reached around and took his flaccid cock in my hand.

It was a while before I went to sleep. My mind was reeling with thoughts about what had just happened. Up until that very night I had never thought about having sex with another man. I had never even considered letting a man suck my dick. Much less me sucking his. Now, my sexual life had expanded in one short evening. Was Paul right when he said I might look at things differently in the morning? I didn't think so because I was feeling no guilt about what I had done with him. The only guilt I was feeling was about the realization that I had cheated on my wife.

That was my last troubling thought as I drifted off to sleep; my semi hard dick pressing into Paul's ass crack..... to be continued.
08-04-2022, at 01:14 AM

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