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Alternative Reality chapter 1

Post #1

This little number is how two girls from different world become friends and are bond together over similar back stories of sex, rape. One of the girls watches as the other finds serenity in drugs and alcohol to escape her life.

Disclaimer: The author does not indorse or condone the use of any illegal drugs nor is the author responsible for any dumbasses who tries said illegal drugs because of this story. This story is a work of fiction.

Personal note: I hope I don?t offend anyone with my story and hope that you will see it as not more than a sad story. Also I know I not the world best writer and I ask that you not comment on that as it well know to me.
__________________________________________________ _________________________________

You ever had one of those moments when a question was asked and your response was. ?Pull up a chair it going to be a long one.? Well this tale of my is about two young girls that had one. The first girl Becky who?s only fourteen get to school late. Her foster father held her up again but she wasn?t going to tell that. When she entered the main office she found Miss Phoenix the principle of her school talking to a girl about the same age. Miss phoenix looked up. ?oh Becky I glad you?re here would you mind show Miss. Clearstone to her classes today.?

?If I do will I still have Detention today.? She asked with a little edge to her voice. She silently preyed that she would still get detention. While Miss. Phoenix thought it over she looked over at the girl. She noticed then that the girl was watching her and Becky cut her eyes away. She wasn?t sure why but a part of her felt intimidated by this girl. She had long auburn hair with nice hazel eyes that shine with life. Her soft tan skin set her face off with just a hint of mystic. She stand tell at all 5?4? and she was dress in a mini shirt and a halter top.

Becky thought about how she looked and turned even further so the other girl couldn?t see her face. She stood at 5? 6? with an athletic figure. Her light brown hair was in a short pixie cut style. Her shorts and hoody was a dark black color. People thought she was Goth but that wasn?t why she like that color.

She had learned over the passes nine years that blood had a hard time showing on black.

While all this hit Becky the Principle finally made up her mind. ?You can have this week off for doing this.? Her smile was fake as Becky rolled her eyes and head toward the door. As she neared the door she said in a voice barely above a whisper ?Just what I need more damn time at home.? She thought no one could hear her but the girl eyes rose. Once in the hall the girl held her hand out to Becky. ?The name Sherry.? They talked for a way in between classes and at lunch. As school let out Sherry found Becky sitting out front watch the other kids get into cars.

?You don?t want to go home do you.? Becky jumped in surprise not know that she was there. ?When the principle lets someone out of detention they are normally happy, but you my girl looked pissed.? Becky got and started walking away on only stopped when Sherry?s hand grabbed her shoulder lightly pulling her. ?It?s ok I know what it?s like not wanting to go home. Do you know any place nearby where two girls can have a good time without be bothered by anyone?? Becky smiled and waved for her to follow.

Becky lived about three miles from school down a road surrounded by trees on both sides. You know one of those roads that if you get kidnap on no one would know about it. About two years ago she was walking by when she saw a shack set back in the woods about five hundred feet. After checking it out she made it her home away from home. She got light by using battier lanterns and some other basic needs.

?Wow this place is cool.? Sherry said as they walked into the clearing where the shack stood. They when inside and Becky light a few lanterns then pulled a cooler full of Boone?s farm. Sherry took a seat on one of the two chairs in the room and watch as Becky took a small metal can from her school bag. ?That?s weed.? She screeched as she saw the herb. ?That not a problem I hope.? Becky said as she raised a joint and lit it before puffing it a few times. ?Oh no it just I never got why people smoked it. It just never did anything for me.? She took the lit joint from Becky and did her own puffs before handing it back.

Becky let her hand fall back as she took a few more puffs. Then she turned slightly and hand it back as she said. ?Most people do it for the taboo of. You know the trying and quitters. Then the one that sticks with it does so for the fun of it. Then there those like me who just want to be numb.? They kept passing it back and forth before Sherry look over at her. ?What do you mean by numb!? I started to laugh and stared up at the ceiling again. ?Don?t you mean why do i want to be numb.? Becky to a moment then looked into Sherry?s eyes as she did Sherry gave a small nodded. ?Well I hope you don?t have to be home soon because this is a long o?tale.?

?When I was five my mom died, a drunk driver slammed into her car and Frank my fa?? She took a deep calming breath trying to slow her heart. ?My father become depressed and started to pull away from everyone. So I had to learn to take care of myself. Then when I was ten I had got home from school one day to find him in a really bad mood. I don?t even remember what it was about.? Unaware in doing so Becky hand slowly started to rub the right side of her face. ?His finally calmed down when he slapped me across face.?

Sherry noticed for the first time how sad and dead Becky light green eyes looked as she took a moment to calm her breathing. She could see the pain the story caused Becky as she talked but it seem like now that she had she couldn?t stop if she wanted to. When a tear slid down her left cheek Sherry pulled a tissue and hand it to her.

?He didn?t knock me down but I did stagger a few steps back. I truly don?t believe that he had
indented to hit me because he was as shock as I was. He then left and I didn?t see him again until later that night. He came into my room and I was scared that he was going to hit me again. He sat down next to me on the bed and slowly reached out to rub my face. ?Baby I?m so sorry for what I did early. I never meant to take my anger out on you.? He said as he pulled me into his arms which felt nice seeing as it was the first hug he had give me in over five years. Then I felt his hand started to squeezing my ass, which at first didn?t bother me until he started hurting me. ?Daddy stop, that hurts? but all he did was shove me onto my back and he got on top of me pinning me to the bed.?

Becky laughed as she grabbed a bottles and opened and tilting it back taking a good fourth of the bottle. ?So there I was ten years old pinned down by my father. He leaned down and kissed my lips softly. I was so shocked that I didn?t do anything then?I don?t I responded and started kissing him back. ?Come with me.? he suddenly said as he jerked me up pulling me towards his room. He pulled me into his arms and started kissing me again as we neared his bed. It was so nice to finally be given so much attention that I kissed him back without even thinking about it. Then he pulled off my nightgown and when I tried to cover up he pulled me into his arm and slowly ran his hands up and down my back again cupping my ass.?

Becky then reached back into her bag pulling out a pack of cigarettes. ?Sorry I only have on left or I would offer.? She said as she lit it up. ?So the first man I had every kiss or got groped by was my father. I really started liking kissing him when I felt his thumbs hook my panties trying to work them down. ?Dad no stop.? He pushed away from then slapped me again yelling ?slut you will do what I want.? The he pushed me on the bed and yanked of my underwear and then I felt something pushing again me. I was crying and begged for him to stop but then I felt I had been ripped open. Sharp pains shot up from my crotch and it only got worst as I felt him slowly forcing into me.?

?Then I felt him hit something inside of me and before I could do anything he pulled back and slammed his crotch against mine and pain beyond anything I had ever felt hit me. I scream so loud and begged for him to stop but he didn?t until I felt it inside. I didn?t know what it was but it shooting from him. Then he pulled out and I whimpered.?

?It was the first and last time he ever touched me like that.? Sherry eyes rose as she leaned forward in her chair. ?You told on him.? Becky took another deep breath and shook her head. ?No the next morning he got mad at me again and he threw me down the stairs. I had two broken bones in my arm and a fractured knee cap. I also had a bad Concussion. When the doctor looked me over he started asking me questions and I told him what happen. After that my father was in jail and I was sent off to a foster home that was worst then my home.? She looked up as she finished her bottle.

?I think that way I never told on my dad.? Sherry said quietly but it till caught Becky. ?You dad does it to you.? Sherry looked over at me and thought for a moment. ?My dad has sex with me but he never hurts me like yours did.? Becky leaned forward in her chair. ?Well I shared a little of my history so let her you beginning.?

To Be Continued
In the next Chapter Sherry tells her story.
08-04-2022, at 01:14 AM

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