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Home Economics Chapter 03 - Finale

Post #1

Home Economics Continued

Given that he was now living 24/7 as a girl, Miss Jordan started teaching him all the housekeeping skills she thought he required. He learned cooking, cleaning, sewing and managing the shopping, the thousand and one skills necessary to manage a modern home. She continued to reward Dave with spankings regularly, and, as a consequence, he did well. The spankings got better and better, he almost passed out from orgasms a couple of times.

She got him a credit card in his name, but she kept it. She ordered all sorts of feminine clothes, shoes and accessories using it and put him on Victoria?s Secret, and other feminine shops mailing list so he got tons of mail addressed to him from various enterprises aimed at female customers. She made sure she ordered from every catalog so they understood he was a shopper, not just a browser. That only bothered him at first, but he got used to it. Just like he got used to being a regular in several women?s departments of department stores, and got to know both sales ladies and gentlemen who were unfailingly polite since he was such a good customer.

She started spanking him in front of the full-length mirror in her bedroom so he could watch himself. She showed him how to lock his knees and put his fanny high in the air, discussed every aspect of the spanking instructing him how to look his cutest. He wasn?t good-looking though, either as a woman, or even particularly in his old male persona. He just had irregular features and that was that. The clothes he wore gave a certain bizarre charm to the spankings, along with the careful poses, which he was satisfied with. Miss Jordan, however, was not.

She explained it to him. She told him frankly that he wasn?t pretty, never would be, but looks were very important for the proper experience. She told him that, therefore, she had decided that he ought to go for as sexy appearance as possible. Clothes were part of it. His legs were ok, especially in stockings and a garter belt, but he needed breasts. Big breasts, big breasts that men would look at when he walked by. He needed big breasts that showed deep cleavage when he was bent over with his hands on his legs. That would complete the picture she was looking for. While she was relating all this, her eyebrows were lowered and she looked at him with a small smile.

He rebelled. She withheld spankings. ?Be careful and don?t go too long, I can wait forever, I get to give spankings several times a week anyway.? was her comment. It seemed like he held out forever, but it was only five days. Five days, and he agreed that she make an appointment with a well-known plastic surgeon who specialized in cosmetic procedures. It hurt for a week or so, but that was how he got his D-cup breasts and began learning a whole new world, both in clothes and in relations with people he encountered in his daily life. Men stared at his breasts instead of him. Women looked disapprovingly. At first he was outraged, but he got used to men opening doors for him, smiling and making little comments and the catty looks of women. He just thanked them when appropriate and ignored them when necessary. Miss Jordan, of course, selected clothes for him to wear which emphasized his tits.

He observed in the mirror he did look oodles cuter when he got his spankings.

Miss Jordan had him make himself a dress with the proper size bodice, which, when finished, made him pretty proud of himself.

He learned to shop, how to select produce, look for bargains, know his way around the store. And, his cooking progressed. When he?d moved in with Miss Jordan, putting a TV dinner in the oven was pretty much the extent of his knowledge of cooking, but soon, under her tutelage, he was able to plan and cleanly execute a whole thanksgiving dinner, which he did for Miss Jordan and himself. Her Home Economics career was back on track, and she was happy. Dave who had a sex life for the first time in his life was happy. They were both well satisfied with their lives as they?d agreed to live them.

Miss Jordan sold her house at a huge profit when a developer needed it for a development of a complex of shops and apartments catering to the wealthy. She was able to live in her old home for one year until the developer needed it. She bought a larger home, originally built 100 years before, in an older area of town that was coming back. The house was three stories, with five bedrooms. Miss Jordan set about immediately modernizing it. There were servant?s quarters in the fairly large back yard. She and Dave went over to the new house every day and more or less supervised the workmen who came and went mostly assuring that what was done was what was requested and that work continued.

The new home gave Dave plenty of work, and cut into the sex life he had come to enjoy, but he didn?t mind. He still got spanked and he learned more and more. The first floor was finished first, with a living room, kitchen, bathroom, an old-fashioned parlor and dining room. The contractor immediately started tackling the second floor which when finished would house three bedrooms, and a bathroom, which had to be installed, since the old house had facilities on the first floor only. He and Miss Jordan moved out of her old house and into the third floor bedrooms that had not been renovated in forty years. They played mostly in the parlor, which had a couple of large mirrors and shared the downstairs bathroom.

Workmen were constantly entering and leaving the house in all day and Miss Jordan loved picking out Dave?s clothes every day. She had him wear short shorts, go bare legged, and spaghetti tops. She loved watching the workmen as they evaluated Dave and she constantly teased him about ?keeping the workers fired up?, which she found amusing. Her soliloquies when spanking him changed. Instead of threatening to out him to department store sales staff she delighted in telling him how lasciviously the construction workers looked at him when they could. She began to mention that it would certainly be an entertaining show if he gave a blowjob to this one or that who?d admired him that day. When she did this, just as she had when she threatened to expose him in public, he couldn?t control his erections. They gave him away to anyone watching, and Miss Jordan was a very careful observer.

Miss Jordan installed camcorders on the third floor overlooking the front and the other the back yard, and she hired a landscape crew to redo the yards, first the front, then the back. Miss Jordan sent him out with lemonade or iced water for them every day and sometimes to relay her instructions, dressed provocatively. They were a little more forward than the inside workmen, and Miss Jordan got it all in living color with sound. They believed, as the inside workers did, that Miss Jordan was Dave?s mother, and they carefully were very respectful when she was around. Dave complained to Miss Jordan about the comments, but she just waved him off, told him to smile, and, if the comment warranted it, say ?thank you?. Dave and Miss Jordan watched his interactions with the crew all the time in the evening, her laughing, him embarrassed but alert. She spoke fairly good Spanish so was able to accompany the ?movies? with a running commentary, which she didn?t mind exaggerating to embarrass Dave. He and Miss Jordan constantly talked about what went on and how Dave didn?t particularly like it, and he was disgusted at the comments the crew made about him. But she was unconcerned, and, in this way, taught Dave how to flirt with rough boys. She loved it, and, truth be told, after a while, Dave didn?t mind it. He even ventured to embarrass one of the shyer members of the crew, and give him big smiles, which, after he left, the other members of his crew relentlessly teased him about.

Miss Jordan was thrilled. ?Has my little girl in training picked out the boy she is going to give her first blowjob to? Not a bad choice, not a bad choice at all.? Dave reddened and explained, no, he was just giving some of the teasing he got back, and was being friendly.

After the landscaping company finished the major landscaping, that same company got the contract to maintain the yard. They came back every week or so, sometimes to just mow, sometimes to do other maintenance tasks. Miss Jordan waited.

Work inside the house continued progressing, and another crew started on the servant?s quarters that didn?t require the extensive work since the previous owner had kept them reasonably updated as he rented the area out as an apartment to local college students. It was swiftly completed and ready for whatever Miss Jordan had in mind, once she?d installed hidden camcorders in all the rooms, controlled in a closet in the main house that was built for the purpose of controlling all the security cameras on the property.

Miss Jordan ramped up the pressure on Dave. They still went shopping, and she started commenting, ?Oh you?ll look cute blowing your little boyfriend in this?, ?Let?s find one that really shows your cleavage while you?re sucking?, and more, all of which embarrassed Dave. His spankings decreased but she started trying to elicit that Dave wanted to blow Santiago, couldn?t wait to do it and was looking forward to seeing what cum felt shooting to the back of his throat. His orgasms got even more intense, something that was not lost on him, or Miss Jordan.

Her opportunity came when the second floor was full of workers, the day was hot and Santiago came over by himself simply to mow the lawn. Miss Jordan had picked out a little skirt and tube top for Dave, and sandals. She called him to the kitchen. When he got there she pointed to Santiago in the yard, mowing, by himself.

?Here?s your chance. After this, I?ll bet he contrives some way to come over by himself.? She smiled conspiratorially. ?It?s hot. Take him some lemonade, and a glass for you. Suggest you duck in the servant?s quarters to get out of the sun. Sit down on the sofa and let him kiss you and fondle your tits if he wants. When he gets friskier, put your hand in his crotch, take out his dick and simply suck it until he comes. No muss, no fuss. OK??

Dave swallowed and looked back at Miss Jordan who was getting the pitcher of lemonade from the refrigerator. Mesmerized, he watched her pour the two glasses of lemonade, took them from her when she handed them to him, and left the kitchen for the backyard to Miss Jordan?s whisper ?Remember, swallow if you can. We?ll watch it tonight, this is going to be so much fun.?

He didn?t have to do it, he was thinking as he walked up to Santiago with the lemonade and a smile, ?How are you today? It?s hot isn?t it? I thought you might like some lemonade.? He felt like he was chattering nervously.

?Yes miss, I would.? He?d taken his shirt off and Dave noticed his muscles.

?Let?s get out of this sun? and Dave started walking to the servant?s quarters and waited at the door until Santiago followed after the slightest hesitation.

?Let?s leave this door open, so people won?t talk.? He smiled and went over to the couch and sat down. Santiago followed appraising the situation. They took a sip of their lemonade and Dave put his down on the coffee table and turned to Santiago and put his hand on his shoulder. He was hard, was the thought Dave had. His shoulders were hard. Santiago took another sip of his lemonade, shrugged his shoulders and leaned over and kissed Dave full on the mouth, forcing his tongue down Dave?s throat. Dave grunted when Santiago grabbed a boob as he kept kissing. Dave almost panicked, but remembered what Miss Jordan had said and unzipped Santiago?s fly. Santiago?s dick was hard and he had to squirm to allow Dave to free it. When it was out, Dave almost quit again, he actually didn?t know why he didn?t quit, but he paused and began lightly stroking Santiago?s dick while he marveled at how velvety it felt. Santiago didn?t really give him a chance to make another decision. He put both his hands on the back of Dave?s head and forced it down to his crotch. Dave didn?t resist, and, without further hesitation, put his lips on the head. Santiago pushed his dick up and Dave?s head down. The dick filled his mouth and Dave started to rise, but after a couple of inches, Santiago pushed his head back down, ?Santiago knows what you want, you American bitch, today you?re going to get what you wanted. You are going to suck Santiago?s dick real good. You?ll like it, it?s better than the others.?

Dave?s head began bobbing up and down, and he wasn?t really thinking about anything other than the new situation and how it was too late to do anything else. After a couple of minutes Santiago shot his cum to the back of Dave?s throat, and, even though this caused further panic, Dave managed to start swallowing. He remembered thinking that there was so much of it. He kept sucking and swallowing until Santiago quit ejaculating. Santiago released Dave?s head and he lifted his head up to see Santiago leaning on his arm smiling. ?I told you it would be good, I told you.?

Dave didn?t know what to say, so he took a sip of his lemonade and smoothed his skirt. He looked back at Santiago, still grinning on the bed. ?American bitches like to suck Santiago?s penny, good huh??

Dave started to say something, thought better of it, and just smiled. ?You?d better finish your lemonade and get back to work before you?re missed, Santiago.? He waited and while Santiago took his glass and gulped the lemonade down, and then they both headed out the open door, with Santiago following with that big grin. Dave couldn?t blame him really once he considered everything. He gave him his best smile as he headed back into the house, ?I hope that makes the afternoon go better.?

?Gracias!? Santiago said, and went back to his mowing with a smile.

?Oh my God, that was so great!? Miss Jordan met him at the door. ?I watched it all and got the movie.?

When the last of the workmen left that day, Miss Jordan paddled Dave in his five-inch heels, with his little skirt lifted over his back, his panties pulled down and his bodice elastic pulled down below his bare tits. He liked the image in the mirror and had orgasm after orgasm. Miss Jordan didn?t say anything other than, ?That?s for being such a good girl? and then laughing, over and over as he came.

They watched the tape of Dave?s first blowjob on the TV and she stopped it and rewound it and kept a running commentary. Dave was more thoughtful, but he did remember how he felt at each step, and it kept a smile on his face.

They went shopping the next day, and got him the prettiest little dress, with gold sequins, several inches above the knee, and spaghetti straps and a low, low neckline. They ordered some shiny gold 5-inch open-toed heels to go with it from Frederick?s, in just his size. The only downside was it would be a month before they were delivered. They also bought him some gold hoop earrings, Miss Jordan assuring him he?d look cute wearing them while he blew Santiago.

Santiago came to work the next week, this time with a co-worker. Dave took them their lemonade, smiled and chatted with them in his gold hoop earrings while he waited for them to finish their glasses before returning to the house. The week after that, Santiago came alone again. He was duly rewarded.

The days passed, as they do in life, too quickly, since they were so enjoyable. The workmen finished the second floor, Dave and Miss Jordan moved down to it, and work began on the third, and final, floor. Santiago came every week in the summer, but Dave only blew him when he showed up to work alone, though he did, a couple of times, look at him with a secret smile while he brought drinks for the whole crew. After the leaves were raked in the fall, Santiago came by once a week only to check on the place during the winter. Thus Dave gave him a blowjob every week over the winter, but resisted all entreaties to go out with him, explaining that Miss Jordan wouldn?t like it at all and might fire Santiago?s company, and he liked Santiago coming over. Dave?s smile softened the news.

?Have you ever thought about giving a spanking?? Miss Jordan inquired one day. She still had a couple of clients that she saw regularly and she explained that she thought it might be fun for Dave to start too. ?It?s a profession you can always fall back on.? She smirked as she said it. Dave had great orgasms that session, too. So, they formulated an ad for the underground paper, ?Female Dominant gives spankings, only. If you want a spanking, call 555-555-1212.?

Like Miss Jordan?s first ad, it worked. They had followed the successful template and, after a month or so, Dave had his own clientele. He worked differently than Miss Jordan. He dressed as spectacularly as possible wearing black thigh-high boots, a black latex dress and made up in blood red polish and lipstick. He didn?t look particularly good, but one look at him gave an instant accurate impression of what he, at least, seemed to be. It was exhilarating. He knew how to do it, from getting so many. He knew what his clients were feeling, and enjoying, from feeling and enjoying Miss Jordan?s spankings. He enjoyed giving the spanking more than he?d thought, but not nearly as much as getting one.

Spring returned and the trysts with Santiago became irregular again. Befoe summer, the house was finished and they were completely settled in. Miss Jordan said, one day, ?You?ve really graduated from my Home Economics course. We need a new student. We need to start looking. This next one, you can spank, he can be your protégé.? She smiled as she said it and her grin was so erotic Dave?s knees got weak.

They started examining boys that came by their house, delivery boys, boys looking for work, boys at loose ends. They went through three candidates before they settled on a redheaded, freckled lad just out of high school, with an outgoing personality. He worked out. He loved Dave?s spankings.

Nowadays they almost always have a nice boy working on Home Economics. Over the years, they?ve lost a couple, but the supply is endless. It seems like a certain percentage of boys just like to be spanked and turned into girls. It?s good for them it?s good for us, and it?s good for the economy. It?s Modern Home Economics, not exactly like the old, but in its own way, as useful.

Santiago? He?s Santiago. The first time Dave?s protégé went out there, he hesitated in a minute but went to the Servant?s quarters with him anyway. Heck, now the thought is an English Butler could be sent out there with white gloves, a tray, everything, ?Does Mr. Santiago desire to take his lemonade in the Quarters? Very good, sir, follow me, sir.?
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