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My High School Fucks. Part 1

Post #1

Delaney was a girl that I had never really looked at sexually. She wasn?t a hot girl, she was kinda cute with her girlish smile and her short black hair that only went down to her neck. But she had really narrow eyes that made her look as though she were glaring when she wasn?t smiling. I had (like I said before) never thought of her sexually until one day in ninth grade. We were both freshman and I had only known her for 1 semester we never really got along but that didn?t matter that much that one day. It all started one day second semester when Delaney came to school in a mini-skirt that was very easy to see up. You see while I didn?t see any panties or anything she had great legs ( a bit skinny and really short (just like her) but nice texture and look to them), and she didn?t keep her legs together. I could only stare at her. She also wore a small t-shirt that showed off her tits, however small they were, and boots. All in all very sexy. Now Delaney had a seat across the room from my own and I could check her out easy from where I was. But I wasn?t satisfied looking no, no, I had to touch her to feel her. But I restrained myself. After about an hour I got a detention (But for the life of me I can?t remember why) and so was sulking a lot but then? Delaney got one for talking, and both were on the same day. This was great, I mean I usually believe in karma and so I was wondering what I had done to get this, I also wondered ?who?s cock do I have to suck to fuck her?? that was the thought that ran threw my head then and I remember it even now. So I was hopeful when class ended that I might be getting some pussy the next day. Well of course I didn?t think it would actually happen in detention I thought that it might be able to seduce her in detention and fuck her afterwards.
?Delaney can I talk to you?? the teacher asked. I left not thinking it that important when I heard a phrase which changed my life forever. ?Delaney your grade in this class is an F and you have a detention, now your parents don?t know yet but they will when I send your report card home.? The teacher said sternly. ?Please isn?t there anything I can do to make you change my grade at least?? Delaney begged. ?Well that?s why I wanted to talk to you? Delaney do you know what I want you to do?? ?No how would I know that?? She then seemed to realize. ?Oh God!? She said. ?Don?t worry it will only be once but it will get you a better grade.? Delaney was almost crying stuck between whoring herself off to this man or being grounded and possibly much worse trouble at home. ?Alright? I?ll do it.? She sobbed. ?That?s a good girl now come over here and lift up your skirt.? He said. She obeyed lifting her skirt to reveal very skimpy panties. I was stroking my cock under my pants at t he sight of this. As I had lunch now and no one was allowed down this hall I kept watching with the door popped open just enough for me to hear and see inside. The teacher said ?Now please remove your panties.? Delaney sobbed as she slowly slid her panties down her legs while still holding her skirt up. I could see her fine ass and her shaved dripping pussy. She was still crying and holding her skirt up when she stopped at her boots. ?Very good now sit in my lap it would be nice if you would continue to hold your skirt up.? She did as he told her still crying. He removed his own pants and then lifted her slightly and whipped out his cock while still wearing his underwear. ?HOLY SHIT? I thought still steadily stroking myself as his giant cock was released. I mean I pride myself on having a big cock (about 7 inches) but this guys was huge about ten inches unless I?m mistaken. He slid her panties the rest of the way off and slid them into a desk drawer that had about 20 other pairs in it. ?I?m confiscating these.? He said almost playfully. Delaney was crying even harder now as he slowly stroked his cock along his cunt. She moaned as his cock rubbed her. ?Please no.? She moaned. ?You agreed to this must I remind you.? The teacher said mockingly. ?I changed my mind please no more please stop.? Delaney moaned obviously enjoying the feeling but not wanting to get impaled by a cock. She was unaware to it?s size but I could see that his was going to be a great fuck. Delaney was struggling now trying to get away but the teacher held her. I was stroking myself even harder now and I was about to whip it out and jack off if this got any hotter. It did! The teacher decided that he wanted to be in her and without any warning stabbed his huge cock into her leaking pussy. She screamed. I couldn?t help it my pants were down and I was stroking fast. There it was Delaney in a tiny mini-skirt being fucked by our huge teacher. ?OH GOD OH GOD PLEASE DON?T STOP!? She screamed as he fucked her in and out and in and out. He was being merciless to her virgin cunt and so he was fucking her raw. There was actually blood on his cock but he just kept on fucking. I couldn?t help it I went in the room. Delaney gasped as I walked in she tried to cover her pussy being fucked by the teacher but she couldn?t She noticed my cock was out though, and while she hated the fact that this was almost rape she, loved the feeling of cock in her. She wanted more so when I reached her she just started stroking up and down on my cock. I wanted to go deep inside her like the teacher was doing but I don?t think that she would have liked me fucking her in the ass and if she came and the teacher pulled out of her she might not still be horny enough to let me fuck her. It didn?t matter in the end she jerked me off so well I came within a few minutes. She wasn?t far behind. The teacher slammed back into her and that caused her to cum all over his giant cock and squeeze it, milking it of it?s cum. He shot his load deep into her pussy. I quickly pulled up my pants and left before they both recovered from their orgasms and started to realize that Delaney had hand fucked me. I beat it and didn?t see them again all day.
The next day I was nervous about facing them though I knew neither would confront me publicly, but it didn?t matter. I walked in to class and sat down. The teacher walked in and gave me a knowing wink before sitting at his desk. Ok he wasn?t mad but maybe Delaney might be. As I thought it Delaney walked in? my mouth dropped. She was wearing a even shorter mini-skirt (a pink one that was obviously meant to allure men) and a tight tank top shirt that let you see most of her tits, and left nothing else to the imagination. She wore the same boots as yesterday. She was sexier than before. It was like she was the worlds biggest whore shrunk down to a 14 year old girl, and she wanted to fuck. As she walked by the teacher?s desk she lifted her skirt slightly so that the teacher could see she had no panties on. This obviously made the teacher hard as a rock?a ten inch rock. I was hard to at this site. Almost no one else noticed anything. When the class was dismissed me and Delaney and the teacher stayed behind. Me and the teacher quickly dropped our pants and Delaney lifted her skirt, inviting us in it seemed. I got to her cunt first and so I got to stick my dick into her. She screamed as I entered her, and begged for more. I obliged. I fucked her pussy till she came hard all over my cock, and the feeling of her pussy squeezing me was to much? I came spraying my man juices up into her pussy. She screamed at the feeling, and came a second time again milking my cock which had begun to go soft. I pulled out and she quickly got down on her knees and began to suck my cock. She took the whole thing in her mouth and sucked me dry. She blew me until I had cum at least three more times. I was spent and lay back and watched as the teacher got up behind her and held her down lifted her skirt off her ass and slowly slid his dick into her ass hole. She screamed and begged him to pull out but he kept on fucking her in her tender little brown eye. Soon she stopped struggling and allowed him to have his way with her virgin ass. Delaney was beginning to enjoy the feeling actually and actually came once while being fucked there. She soon was spent like me and just passed out. The teacher finished himself off on her unconscious body. Then we got our pants back on and were about to leave the room when I got an idea. I went over to Delaney, who was still unconscious, and I lifted her skirt and began to lick her pussy. She moaned in her sleep and began to thrust her hips forward. I soon managed to finish her and her body squirted juices all over me. I tasted them and thought they had a rather sweet taste. I loved the taste in fact. I left after covering her pussy. I went and had lunch. And that was the first time I fucked Delaney. She and I did many other things together, we each did sepratly? Maybe I?ll tell you about them later.
08-04-2022, at 01:14 AM

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