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Teachers Pet

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Teachers PetEveryone involved in sexual activity in this story is at least 18. Some situations will require you to use 'porn logic', meaning things that wouldn't fly in the real world but they do here. Just a warning. Don't complain in the comments, please.*****My name is Camille Ellis. I am a Health and Physical Ed teacher and coach at Rosemary High, the best all girl private school in the state. I had always wanted to be a teacher - especially of young women - ever since my experiences with my favorite teacher and mentor, Mrs. Esther Mosely.She was the one who introduced me to the wonderful world of sapphic pleasure at the tender age of 18. From that point on, I knew my mission in life was to awaken other girls to this revelation. I combined this newfound passion with my natural affinity for physical fitness and became what I am today - a teacher, a mentor, a coach, and a sort of erotic priestess, if you will.There was no better place to make an impact than Rosemary High. The school had a highly qualified all female staff, various sports, including swimming which I coach, and a unique set of criteria required for admittance. Before being admitted to the school, students must complete a full year of preparatory classes to highlight weaknesses and get them up to speed.This, of course, meant that they graduated a year later than their peers, but were much more prepared for college, evidenced by the fact that our graduates finished college much faster than the national average, and with higher GPAs. So it was well worth the wait. Another consequence of the prep buffer was that all the seniors were at least 18 years old, making them all adults and not much younger than myself.I was only 23 and had been hired the year before, fresh out of college. Usually they required a graduate degree but my predecessor quit abruptly, leaving an opening Principal McKenna was eager to fill. And with Health and Pys Ed not being core subjects, they decided to 'settle' for me. And I was grateful.I awoke on the first day of the school year to the nature sounds that were programmed into my alarm clock. It was more pleasant to rise to birds chirping and leaves rustling than abrasive pop or rock music.I sat on the edge of the bed rubbing the bridge of my nose and my eyes, shaking myself awake from my peaceful, wine-induced slumber. I stood and pushed my panties down to my ankles, stepped out of them and picked them up, lifting the flimsy grey material to my face and inhaling deeply - a daily ritual I picked up from Mrs. Esther.I purred as usual as my aroma filled me with feminine energy. I placed them in the hamper and sprang naked from my room through my appartment into the bathroom to brush my teeth and shower. After getting all clean and applying lotion and other necessities, I stood naked in the mirror admiring myself.I'm 5'7" tall with an average sized, athletic build. I am mixed with White and Black with a light tan skin tone, like a French vanilla cappuccino. I have long, brown silky hair that pours around my pretty, youthful face.I have 34C breasts that feature small areolae and tiny brown nipples that bud generously when aroused. My belly is flat and tight and my legs are fleshy but shapely and fit. My pubic hair is always trimmed but a little differently depending on how I feel. At that time I was shaved completely bare. I have a little bit of a bubble butt, but not quite enough to make it clap. heheMy seniors last year commented that I looked a lot like Teanna Trump. As I examined my body, I realized that they were right - so much so that I briefly wondered if we were related. It felt good to be compared with one of the sexiest models in the adult film industry. I suppose that was one of the added benefits of using pornography to teach sex ed, aside from the obvious educational ones.I got dressed in my knee length black skirt, white button down blouse and heels, grabbed my purse and keys and headed out. When I arrived, I was greeted with the smell of coffee and the familiar sight of hoards of students, all wearing their blue pleated plaid skirts, with or without stockings or knee high socks, and white or light blue blouses with the school logo on them. It was apparent that some of them ordered their skirts a size or even two too small in order to turn the modest clothing into mini skirts.Most of the day consisted of introductions, passing out and explaining the syllabi, and making sure students had books. The first three hours were two 11th grade health classes and a gym class, then lunch and my prep hour, and the last three classes were two Sex Ed classes with another gym class in between, all three senior classes.In the first Sex Ed class (5th hour) I had passed out the syllabi and books, introduced myself and started my intro lecture. "Sex is an extremely important part of our society, as well as it is a natural part of our individual personalities. Sex can be an expression of love shared between two or more people or even an act of self love. Everywhere we look, sex is used to draw our attention. Our society is absolutely inundated with sex. It is ubiquitous."And ironically, this same society that thrives on sex teaches people, especially women, to be ashamed of their sexuality. But no. We should not be ashamed of our sexuality. We should embrace it. We should enjoy it. And we should explore it, both theoretically and practically. And in this class, we will."The class went silent for a moment as they digested my little speech. I continued, "In this class we will learn about topics such as the female anatomy, arousal, masturbation, intercourse, fetishism, and many other exciting erotic topics. At the end of this class you will be able to please any and everyone sexually including yourselves, and even including those sorry excuses for sex toys, men."The class laughed at my jest. It's not that I hated men or that I was sexist. I just was convinced women were better in every way imaginable, maybe, just maybe, except for physical strength."But, before we get into the lesson, first things first. I need a teacher's pet. Any volunteers?" I said to the class."Teacher's pet? Like a teacher's assistant?" One of the girls asked confusedly."No. I said what I said. Sure, they will assist me if I need it, but the purpose of a teachers pet is a little different in this class. They will help with all the in-class demonstrations and after you sign up, you have no say in the matter. You must do whatever I say... does anybody in here know what a sub is?"One girl raised her hand, the others seemed clueless. "Could you explain to the class what a sub is, please, Valerie," I said, exasperated that no one wanted to answer. I'm sure more of them knew."Sub is short for submissive and she is the submissive person in a BDSM relationship," Valerie chirped perkily with an unashamed smile."Correct! Thank you Valerie." I said. "In this class, though, we can't get into to much heavy BDSM so there is not much to worry about with respect to physical pain and what not. Mostly you'll just do demonstrations for your classmates. So who wants to be teacher's pet for the semester?"One hand shot up. The same as earlier. "Wow, such a good student. You'll make a great pet, I already know. Out of curiosity, what makes you so eager?" I quizzed."Well, I used to watch your class last year from the door some times and it was really... exciting," she giggled."Oohh ok... such a naughty girl. You'll be a perfect pet, then." I encouraged. And she would be. She was a beautiful girl. She stood around 5'11" with long black hair, and cute a face. Not to mention her voluptuous body - large breasts which were most likely D cups at least, and a very curvaceous core. She had a full and ample figure but not fat, with nice thick thighs and a healthy posterior I would enjoy seeing the rest of the semester.We finished the class with a little exhibit and discussion before I had to rush to the gym in time for my next class, a scheduling conflict I would petition Principal McKenna to change as soon as possible. But in the mean time, I had to change into gym clothes in the middle of the day, twice a day, every day.I began to change as soon as the first bell rang, dismissing the class and taking off my blouse simultaneously. I was pulling off my skirt and changing bras while addressing lingering students. After that I jogged to the gym wearing my two-sizes-too-small gym shorts that hugged to my hips and a matching grey triangle sports bralette that showed a little too much cleavage (If there exists such a thing as too much cleavage).I got to the gym in time for the tardy bell. When I arrived some of the students were still coming out of the locker room, others stood around or were seated on the benches and many of them didn't have their gym uniforms on. As the rest of the girls came out, I instructed them to be seated in their designated floor spaces, or to stand there if they were still wearing the school uniforms."Of everyone who does not have on a gym uniform, how many of you have ordered them already?"All of them raised their hands."Good. How many of you brought an extra bra and pair of panties with you?"All but one girl raised their hands. "Ok," I began to anounce loudly and sternly, "if you have your gym uniform on then you're golden. If you don't have a uniform, though, I can't let you skip out on this important physical fitness. And I can't let you work out in your new skirts and blouses. So, those of you who brought a change of underwear must take off your skirts and blouses and spend the rest of the period in your underwear."And I'm sorry k**do," I said to the only girl who had brought neither change of underwear nor uniform, "you're gonna have to spend the rest of class naked. It's improper for a girl to be rank in class."This was a new policy that I came up with over summer break. Girls needed to know responsibility. If they would have ordered their uniforms by August like I instructed, they'd have them by now. Plus, it was a good way to humiliate these young girls, which is a turn on for me.A look of trepidation weighed little Hannah's face down and she turned bright pink, her eyes filling up quickly. "It's ok, Hannah. You can wear my extra undies if you want." Valerie comforted the much smaller girl."Thank you, Valerie." Hannah said in a small, shaky voice, wrapping her arms around her instant bff. Val then stripped off her bra and panties, smiling right at me the whole time and tossed them on the benches. It was clear she wanted me, and I planned on making her sexy ass work for it."Oh, and any of you who do have your uniforms but didn't bring a change of underwear, you have to take them off so you'll have some fresh ones to put on after you shower." I added with authority.Three uniformed girls went back to the locker room to take off underwear. Eight girls, including Hannah, did gym in underwear, one of which apparently brought panties but no bra because she went topless, and Valerie was happily naked, her beautiful breasts and butt giggling as she stretched and did the exercise drills I had prepared.Every exercise they did, I did as well. It wouldn't be fair of me to expect something of them I wasn't willing to do. I watched Hannah closely most of the time. Her embarrasment didn't seem to lift as much as the other girls', her face flushed the entire period.For the second half of the period I let the girls do what they wanted. Some of them set up the volley ball net and played, others sat on the bleachers and did nothing, and some used exercise machines in the glass-walled weight room. I sat and feasted on the assortment of varying degrees of flesh that my wit made available to me.Valerie waved down at me from the track above the gym floor and later came to sit next to me, huffing and sweating, her intoxicating body aroma turning me on. I held myself together as we chatted about the upcoming school year, occasionally looking down at her crotch which was covered with thick, black hair. Such a shame, I ruminated, thinking just how badly I wanted to see, touch, and taste her young pussy now.She seemed to know my thoughts and looked at me with a naughty smile. I shook myself out of my lustful dreamstate as Hannah walked up. "Hey, could you... give me those under... things so I can have them ready for the showers?" Hannah asked Valerie bashfully.Valerie stood and lead her to the locker room and I was right behind them, blowing the whistle for the rest of the girls to come shower and get ready for the next class.As I dried off after my shower I encountered Hannah, who had also finished her shower quickly. I sat down next to her, both of us stark naked and dripping wet. She began frantically searching for her towel, still blushing.I grabbed both of her hands and looked her in her beautiful blue eyes, "there is absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about, Hannah. You have a beautiful body," I began, standing her up. "You have a gorgeous and innocent face. People would die for your natural, long, blonde hair. Your fair skin is amazing. Your shape, your cute ass and your little smooth coin slot of a pussy will make wet dreams for every girl in this locker room, including me." I said tenderly, drawing her in with my hypnotic voice.She relaxed and smiled at me. I then released her hands and grabbed her towel, opening it and inviting her in. She submitted to the invitation and I enveloped her into my big white fluffy towel. I dried her off intimately, affectionately, looking her in her eyes when I got to her breasts, butt and her most intimate place.I then grabbed Valeries panties out of her locker - green cotton boy shorts - and examined the tag. "These are probably two sizes too big for you. Would you like to wear mine instead? They're probably only one size up so they'll fit better. We wouldn't want your panties to slip down in the hallways now would we?" I asked her.She complied and I pulled out the bright, neon orange v-shaped thong, held them open infront of her feet and she stepped into them. I then pulled them up her little thighs, up around her hips tight against her crotch. They were not as tight as they were on me but they fit, as this particular pair of panties were designed to fit tightly. She was an A cup so she would have to go braless because neither of our bras would fit her.I finished getting her dressed before she left right at the first bell. I then dried and dressed myself quickly, and speed walked back toward my class, rearranging my damp hair into a pony tail.I didn't too much care for the way Valerie's panties felt against my body. They were pretty loose and kept bunching up under my skirt, causing me to adjust them several times. I reasoned that I'd wear them until the end of the 7th and last hour and give them back to Val.When I finally arrived to my second seniors' Sex Ed class, most of the students were already there, patiently waiting for class to start. A few were still trickling in, including two girls who were arguing about something when I walked past them in the hallway. I didn't bother to interfere since it seemed like normal teen drama.When they walked in I realized that the two girls were the Muños sisters, Aida and Bianca. Aida and Bianca were latina fraternal twins. They were both pretty petite but Bianca was a little taller, at around 5'5", her body was a tad bit fuller, and her skin was a little darker. She actually looked like a black girl, with milk chocolate skin and I was fairly certain the Muñoz's had some percentage of Black in their blood.Aida was 5'3 with a thin, athletic build and light, creamy, tan skin. They both had nice B cup breasts but Bianca had a nice, round, black girl booty, whereas Aida's was smaller but still nice.The girls seemed to be still angry from arguing with each other and entered, sitting on complete opposite sides of the room - I'd have to address that later but for the time, I needed to start the class.I began with the same spiel as last time and ended it by asking for any volunteers for teacher's pet, this time carefully explaining what I meant, correcting my earlier assumption that my students would have prior knowledge. No one volunteered. "If no one volunteers then I guess I'll have to choose someone myself." I announced and waited a few moments."Still no volunteers? Alright, I guess I'll pick." I surveyed the room. I need more of a challenge. Valerie was all too eager to volunteer last class. One of the Muñoz girls? Nah, they're trouble makers - not the kind of challenge I need. Hmmm... Sage? I pondered, looking at the beautiful pale skinned girl in the front row.She wore short ice blonde hair that only almost reached her shoulders. She was covered in tattoos as I had seen in gym class because she was the one who went topless. She also had multiple piercings, three in each ear, a ring in her nose, one in her lip, one in her eye brow, a barbell in her tongue, both nipples and her belly button. I would have guessed she had a clit piercing too.I decided against choosing her, though she was beautiful. All her tattoos would distract from the study of the female form. Besides, I needed someone who I could demonstrate piercings to the class on and she had enough of them already.I looked around the top row of the college lecture hall styled classroom. My eyes landed on my final choice. She was slumped in her seat, obviously trying to avoid my searching eye. "Hannah Ross, you'll be my teacher's pet.""Yes ma'am." She sighed quietly, probably reasoning that she had no say in the matter."Perfect! But before we get started with our first lesson, I have to address another matter. Tamika Collins, I didn't see you in the showers. Neither did I see you even change your underwear in the locker room." I accused the tall, dark chocolate girl in the middle row off to my right."I did shower, Ms. Ellis. You must have just missed me, but I swear I did. And I put on fresh bra and panties. No lie." Tamika exclaimed.I gazed at her in disbelief and disappointment. I had seen her sneak her skirt and top back on and leave the gym abruptly. I decided to make an example of her. "Ok, I believe you. But would you stand up and come here please, Tamika," I coaxed.She stood up and began to descend the wide steps toward the front of the class, her confident walk complimenting her model-esque, 5'10" frame. Her cute eyes and smile shined underneath her long, straight, black hair as she approached me.I directed her to turn toward the class and stand beside me. "Now, take off your bra." I ordered. She gasped and looked wide-eyed at me for a few moments. I gave her a solemn death stare, then she turned around and began to jostle about, untucking her shirt. I grabbed her shoulders and gently turned her around to face the class again. She shot a look of disdain at me as she reached underneath her shirt, unclasped the front of her plain black bra and pulled it from under her blouse and handed it to me.I looked at the tag. "34B, nice." I pulled the damp bra to my face and gave it a whiff. "Hmm... this sweaty bra smells like someone was running on a treadmill for a half hour in it. But it couldn't have been Tamika because she's all showered and changed." I quipped facetiously."Tell me, does this feel and smell like the bra of someone who recently showered to you guys?" I asked with sarcasm as I passed Tamika's bra around the classroom, her classmates laughing while they played with her clothes."Ok. I'm sorry, Ms. Ellis. I just-" the girl began to apologize, overwhelmed with embarrassment before I interrupted."Now the Panties," I said holding my hand out, looking straight forward, ignoring her plea."Come on, Miss Ellis..." Tamika pleaded, beginning to tear up, "I'm sorry! I'll do whatever you say. I swear!""First you didn't shower or even change clothes, then you snuck out of class early, then you swore and lied to my face about it. Now you swear you'll do what I say now? Well prove it! I say, give. Me. Your. Panties." I chided.The young woman sobbed and bent down to reach beneath her short skirt, tears rolling down her pretty face. She slid her panties down to her ankles then sat on my desk to untangle them from her shoes. She stood again and handed me the low cut black bikini panties that were soiled with sweat."Hmmm... these smell like sweaty teenage cunt to me. Hey, Tamika, whose sweaty teenage cunt do these smell like?" I asked mockingly, holding the panties to her nose, forcing her to sniff."Mine," She answered defeatedly, with tears still on her face."What was that, Tamika? Full sentences, please." I said."These panties smell like my sweaty teenage cunt." She sighed finally."That's right," I said and then turned to her, softening my tone, "I know you're embarrassed and I'm sorry for that but a lesson needed to be learned here. Us girls are to be fresh and clean. We can't wear the same stinky underwear from gym like boys do. And I disciplined you because I care about you. Do you understand?""Yes, Mr. Ellis," Tamika agreed. Then I wiped her tears with her panties, kissed her on the forehead and sent her to her seat. I then gathered her perspiry undergarments and put them in my desk drawer.I then called Hannah up to begin the first demonstration. "Today, we are going to have a brief examination of the female body. Hannah, would you remove your top and bra, please... Or rather, remove all your clothes. We're gonna have to move through this quickly since we're short on time.""But-"Hannah began to protest but I quickly interrupted. "We don't have time to argue. This is what you signed up for, Hannah. No 'buts'. Except yours. Naked. Now." I charged flatly. She reluctantly but quickly got undressed. It seemed she was starting to come around, not showing as much embarrassment as before but not as open as Valerie."Now," I started, pointing to Hannah's little breasts, "these, of course, are breasts. Hannah doesn't have the most bountiful bosom, but our focus is not so much on the mammaries and their function of producing milk, but on the areolae," I said pointing with my laser pointer, "and the nipples."I then began to massage her little nips until they budded. "And as you can see, when the female body becomes sexually aroused, the nipples begin to harden to a point." I said, surprised my pet hadn't died of humiliation.I then instructed her to lie back on the padded table with her knees up and feet flat. She complied, beginning to blush and squeeze her knees together in a futile effort to maintain a some level of modesty. She let out a gasp and shut her eyes tight as I spread her knees apart, exposing her tender sex.I continued the lesson, pointing with my laser pointer as I went, "This area is called the mons pubis. It is a layer of fat and skin and is usually covered in pubic hair. Hannah here has decided to shave hers off, leaving it nice and smooth, as do I."And this is Hannah's clitoris, which is covered with a thin layer of skin called a hood. When a woman is aroused, as you can see, the clitoris becomes engorged and the hood receedes. The clitoris, or clit for short, can be a source of tremendous pleasure when having sex or masturnating. This is the labia majora, the outer lips of the vagina."I then had Hannah roll slightly back onto her shoulder blades and spread her butt cheeks. "And this cute little pink star is the anus. Many people don't consider the anus relevant to sex, but it can be a source of pleasure from analingus, also known as rimming, or penetration, both of which will be discussed and demonstrated later this semester."Hannah's eyes went from tightly shut to wide open as she stared at me in horror from between her spread thighs. I ignored her trepidation and continued with the lesson, letting her lay flat again.I instructed the other students to come closer so they could see better. They all (about 20) gathered together, standing close together with curiosity as I spread Hannah's lips apart. "And here we have the labia minora, the pink inner lips that lead to the entrance of Hannah's vagina. And as you may be able to tell, when a woman is aroused the vagina secretes liquid that lubricates it for intercourse."And..." I gasped, "wow, I can't believe what I'm seeing. Hannah, I knew I wouldn't regret choosing you! Girls, gather around and look closely. This..." I said, gently opening Hannah's pussy a little wider, "is an intact hymen. Hannah here is still a virgin!" I exclaimed excitedly. "Too bad she won't have that by the end of the next couple weeks." Hannah winced in shame."Can I touch it, Ms. Ellis?" Tamika asked."What? No!" Hannah protested, her red face peeking from behind her hands.I looked at Hannah for a moment, silently scolding, then back to Tamika, "yes you may."Tamika, with ginuine curiosity on her face, reached out and lightly placed her finger tips on Hannah's pubic mound. "It's so soft," Tamika whispered, beginning to rub gently. She then bent slightly to see as she slid her thumb up and down Hannah's wet slit. Hannah kept her face covered as she let out a groan of protest that could easily be mistaken as a moan of pleasure."Such a pretty pussy." Sage sighed, then bit the corner of her lip. "Can I touch it too Ms. Ellis?""Absolutely! I love you guys' curiosity. Anyone else who wants to feel Hannah's body can do so until class is over. Just don't go inside her ass or pussy just yet - we'll do all that once we get to those lessons. Other than that, Hannah, let your classmates have their way." I announced as I moved out of the way and sat at my desk adjacent to Hannah's table."Yes, Miss Ellis." Hannah agreed with a shaky voice muffled by her hands.A few girls began to move closer to Hannah and grope her as the rest watched. Sage moved to the other side of the table to remove Hannah's hands from her face and placed them at her sides. She was still flushed as she gazed up at Sage, pleasure and trepidation mixed on her face as her classmates explored her innocent pussy.Sage began to squeeze and roll Hannah's nipples between her fingers, smiling as Hannah reacted to every touch. She squirmed on the table as her senses were attacked from so many different angles. Tamika toying at her lips, Sage happily twisting and teasing her pink nipples, and the other girls taking turns rubbing her clit, labia and the surface of her ass hole.Sage then placed a finger at Hannah's pursed lips, continuing her ministrations with the other hand. Then, surprisingly, Hannah grasped Sage's hand with both of hers and pulled two fingers into her mouth. She desperately sucked on Sage's fingers hard with her eyes closed, humming loudly as if she just loved the taste. Hannah was nearing her much needed first orgasm as she moaned and writhed on the table...Then the bell rang. All the girls stopped their torturous exploration and grabbed their things and started walking toward the door. "I need to see Bianca, Aida, and Tamika after class, please." I announced.Hannah lay on the table panting in teenage girl induced lust, eyes closed, one hand wrapped around her throat, the other tucked tightly between her thighs as if she was struggling to fight the urge to make herself cum - if she even knew how.Sage still stood behind her running her fingers through her pretty blonde hair until Hannah came to her senses. After she regained control of her mind and body, she got up off the table and quickly put on her skirt and blouse, desperate to cover as much of her body as she could after being exposed and violated so long.Hannah then grabbed the panties she borrowed from me and I watched as she put them on. I waited for her to gather the rest of her things and straighten up befpre walking right outside my door before I called to her, "Hannah," she turned around and looked at me, "I believe you have something that belongs to me."Hannah turned around and walked back into the classroom and stood close me. "Can I keep them for today Ms. Ellis, please? I'll wash them and bring them back to you first thing tomorrow morning." Hannah whispered, trying not to be heard by the other girls who were waiting after class for me."Well, the panties that I got from Valerie are really uncomfortable, and I had planned on giving them back to her today. So I'm going to need my panties back now sweety. I'm sorry." I explained sweetly.Hannah sighed in defeat and pulled her skirt up and yanked her panties down in front of me. She picked the delicate orange material up from the floor and handed them to me. "Now what do you say, young lady?""Thank you for letting me wear your panties, Ms. Ellis." Hannah responded obediently."You're very welcome Hannah, see you tomorrow. Oh, and if you see Val tell her to come see me too." I said as I placed the orange thong on my desk. I noticed a large wet spot right in the middle and smirked to myself. My plan had worked and Hannah's wetness had soaked through the panties. They'd make a perfect trophy for a lesbian genius such as I.Hannah turned and left and I turned my attention to Tamika. "So, curious about the female anatomy are we?" I said as I opened my drawer to fetch Tamikas underwear."Not really... I just... yeah but... Just for academic reasons." Tamika stammered."Well it looked like you were doing more salivating than learning, not that I mind." I chuckled."No! I'm not gay! I don't like girls. I got a boyfriend. A big black football playing one too!" Tamika argued."All girls like girls, Tamika. Most of them just don't know it yet." I said simply."Well I don't. I like dick too much to be a lesbian so..." Tamika said flatly, grabbing her underwear and turning to leave the room."Well, that wasn't a dick you were oh so eager to touch today. 'Oooh, it's sooooo sooooft'" I mocked, giggling as she exited the classroom, leaving me alone with Sage and the sisters.The next order of business was to see what the twins' problem was. They came in arguing and barely participated in class today. I needed them to patch up whatever the problem was so they could get the most out of class."So, what is it with you two? You guys are sisters and you're treating each other like strangers today. Why?" I asked the girls standing in front of my desk at which I sat.Bianca stayed silent, refusing to even look at Aida. Then Aida sighed and began to speak, "She's just jealous because I kissed a boy she likes." "Marc is not a boy I like, he's my fucking boyfriend!" Bianca snapped angrily."Well, if he's your boyfriend he doesn't know it! He kissed me." Aida stated."And you let him. Whore!" Bianca insulted."¡Puta!" Aida shouted."¡Coña!"¡Pendeja!"They went back and forth and eventually began arguing in Spanish faster than I could catch or translate. "Ok! Girls! Enough!" I shouted. They went silent and stared at me. "You mean to tell me you're letting a boy come between you two? You guys have know each other your whole lives. You grew up together. Hell, you even shared a womb together.They softened, listening intently as I continued, "don't let some useless excuse for a dildo come between you two. You're better than that. Boys are for everybody, they come and go but sisterhood is valuable and precious and lasts a lifetime. And since you two broke your bond over a kiss, I say it should be repaired with one.""What? What do you mean, Ms. Ellis?" Aida asked, both girls looking bewildered."Before we leave this classroom, you're going to kiss your sister just like you kissed her boyfriend." I resolved.They stared at eachother for a second then Aida shrugged and gave her sister a kiss on the lips, holding for a few seconds then releasing. They looked again at eachother, this time with a slight smile on their faces. It seemed like they were going to start getting along but I had to be sure."Is that how you kissed what's his face?" I asked."Marc," Bianca corrected. "Is that how you kissed Marc, Aida?" She asked turning to her sister."Well, no... there was more... ummm... tongue... I guess." Aida admitted."Show me." I said.Aida stared at her sister, who had folded her arms and looked away in disinterest. Aida then placed her hand on Bianca's hips then turned to me and said, "it was more like this." She leaned and presses her lips to the taller brown skinned Latina again, this time with more fervor. Bianca began to loosen up, unfolding her arms and wrapping them around her sister as she kissed back.I watched, pussy beginning to tingle, as these two beauties' soft lips and tongues played together. Aida, though smaller, was definitely more dominant, sticking her wet tongue into her sister's mouth, as Bianca sucked readily on it. Aida's hand slipped down to grip Bianca's ass causing her to gasp into her sister's mouth.They devoured eachother passionately for a while, caressing eachother's ass, hips and and necks softly and squeezing their bodies together. Aida released her sister, adding three or four more kisses and licks for good measure before she backed off. "Yeah, it was more like that." She said smiling brightly.I quickly removed my hand from my crotch as the sisters ended their kiss and looked to me for approval. My sneaky hand must have wandered there of its own accord as I watched the girls love eachother. I'm not sure if the sisters caught me but Sage was looking right at me seated in the chair behind the teacher's pet table. She snickered behind her hand as she witnessed my perverted behavior."Well, are you girls all made up now or is this boy still more important?" I asked.They looked at each other and smiled, then turned back to me, "Nosotros somos hermanas", Bianca affirmed."Good! And do you have any... palabras por su hermana?" I asked, my three semesters of Spanish coming in handy."I'm sorry I called you a whore... and coña," Bianca said softly."And I'm sorry I kissed Marc and called you puta y pendeja, Aida returned.Then the duo walked out of the classroom hand in hand - it was beautiful. "That was fucking beautiful, Ms. Ellis," Sage said giggling and giving me a not-so-sincere standing ovation. "All of it! That shit was stroke of pure sapphic genius, seriously" she praised, walking up to me and then sitting on my desk, legs spread right in front of me. She picked up the orange thong that Hannah had taken off, balled them and took a deep whiff. "Mmm, so nice.""I take it you like girls too..." I stated the obvious, taken aback by her boldness."You could say I beat around the bush," she laughed, "but I play around the pole too if you know what I mean," she said raising her eyebrows twice."Half breed!" I mocked. "Well, I used to do boys too but lately I haven't met any worth my time.""So instead you prey on teenage girls? I'm flattered on their behalf." Sage joked, her big, green eyes glowing beautifully when she laughed."Well, it's harder than it would be with a room full of guys. You flash one tit and they've already got a hard on." I said."Yeah, pull out the other and they cum right I'm their pants." Sage agreed and we both cackled loudly."They're just so thirsty, doesn't take much to seduce them. Girls are much harder." I stated finally."Yeah, but there's an exception to every rule." Sage said, nodding her head to her right toward the door, where Valerie stood with jealousy displaying on her face. Sage casually leaned back onto her hands and crossed her legs, staring at Valerie."Oh... uhhh... Hannah said that... uh... she told me you have my... uh..." Valerie stuttered staring back and forth between me and Sage. We both muffled our chuckles."You're here to get your panties back. Here." I said nonchalantly as I stood and reached underneath my skirt to pull Valerie's sticky panties from my crotch. I had been so turned on this past hour and a half, I was almost embarrassed to give Valerie her panties saturated with my juices. Not that I was generally shy about my sexuality but they would belie the poker face I wanted to show toward Val.I gave her the sodden panties and stood to watch as she examined them with a big smile. Then, staring past me, looking Sage right in the eye, she stuck her tongue out and licked the crotch of the panties slowly. "Mmm, You taste so yummy, Ms. Ellis." She said sexily, still staring stage down.I couldn't allow her to have the upper hand on Sage, that would mean she had the upper hand on me. I thought quickly while Val pulled the panties on under her skirt. "Sage, would you be a dear and help me get into my panties, please?" I said walking to the girl sitting on my desk. Val looked up in shock."Sure thing Ms. Ellis," Sage said, immediately reading the situation.I pulled my skirt all the way up, exposing my bare ass to Val and my shaved pussy to Sage, who hopped off the desk panties in hand, then knelt and held the panties open down at my feet, her head an inch from my pussy. I placed my hand on her head and lifted my left leg to step in before turning to look at Val over my shoulder. Her eyes were big with anticipation. I had her."Is there anything else you need, Valerie?" I asked, frozen in the same position."Uh... no, Ms. Ellis." She stammered."Then leave the room, please." I said politely. Valerie pouted like a little girl who was not allowed to eat her Halloween candy, then turned around and walked out the door. Sage and I roared in laughter, our antics producing the desired effect of pissing Valerie off (which I'd make up to her soon enough)."Did you see her face!" Sage chuckled merrily, rising from her kneeling position and sitting in my chair, my panties still in her grasp. As our laughter died down, I straightened my skirt and hopped onto my desk and sat as Sage was sitting, legs wide open.I grabbed Sage's hands and pulled her and the rolling chair close to the me, placing her hands on my knees. She caressed my soft thighs under my skirt, looking up at me with those beautiful green eyes and bright smile. "If I didn't know any better I'd say that you were trying to seduce me, Ms. Ellis." She said coyly."Well, that's an inappropriate assumption for you to make about your teacher," I said innocently as I slid her hands further up my skirt. I reached my pussy with her fingers and she began to slide one along my slippery slit as I leaned back on one hand, and placed my feet on the arms of the chair."Shit... I'm gonna hate myself for what I do next." Sage sighed regretfully, an emotion I was too turned on to interpret at the moment."What are you going to do with me?" I responded dreamily before taking her hand off my drooling cunt and placing a finger on my tongue, making a show of licking then sucking my feminine essence off it."Oh my gaawwd!" She whined, whipping her head back slowly and then placing it on my knee, kissing it softly and then she murmured, "unfortunately, I have to go. I have a situation at home that needs tending to."I looked puzzled. "What could possibly be more important than your beautiful teacher making you cum... on her face... multiple times?" I enticed."Well, you know that pole I said I like to play around with? I kind of have him handcuffed to my headboard right now. He's been there all day since this morning and I would rather not keep him waiting any longer. I promised I'd be back right after school." Sage explained, sounding rather apologetic."Wow, so you have a boy pet. Nice." I complimented. "But, doesn't he go to school? And what about his parents? And yours for that matter?""Well, he's twenty two and I moved out of my parents' place two months after I turned eighteen in January. I started a website that ended up being pretty lucrative so I saved some money and split. Landon and I had been good friends for a while so I let him move in with me." She divulged.From that point I began to look at Sage as a peer rather than a student. She and I were really alike and she was much more mature than her classmates. She made me respect her rather than see her as another girl to be controlled and conquered. She was a woman, not a girl, and we were equals."Well, since he lives with you, and no one will be looking for him, can't he wait another hour? I promise to have you back before dark." I offered, trying not to let on how desperate I was to finally cum after being teased all day by teenage pussy."Trust me miss Ellis, if we started down that road right now it would be tomorrow night before I could pry my tongue out of your tight pussy. Trust me, I'm as horny as you are but I have to keep my promise to my boy toy. That's how you keep your pets in line - treat them like shit, then reward them for taking it. Makes 'em willing to take even more shit next time." Sage lectured."Damn. That's diabolical. I love it!" I exclaimed. I really respected her genius. "You and I might be excellent partners in crime y'know.""For sure! The sapphic genius and the bisexual siren. Sounds like a wet dream team." She giggled and stood between my still spread knees.I put my arms around her slim waist, palming her small, round ass and squeezing tightly as she leaned in and pressed her soft lips to mine. We simultaneously opened our mouths and our slippery tongues met in the middle. I sighed into her mouth as my desire kindled, sucking her tongue and giving her mine to return the favor. She pressed her body to mine and I pressed back even harder, desperate to feel as much of her body on me as possible.The feeling of our breasts squishing together, our silky tongues playing with one another, her hands underneath my shirt on my bare skin, mine pulling up her little schoolgirl skirt, fondling her ass through her panties, I was absolutely on fire. I thought my pussy would explode if I kept neglecting it.I brought my hand around and cupped Sage's soaked panty clad pussy between our affixed bodies. Full of desire, I spread my legs even wider, causing my skirt to ride up my thighs. With my other hand I brought hers around to my bare pussy and we both began rubbing the other's pussy as we continued moaning and panting through our passionate kiss."Fuck, miss Ellis! I have to go!" Sage cried as she pulled her mouth off of mine, both of us still massaging each other's pussy."You're gonna have to walk away from me. I don't care if Landon starves to death!" I panted selfishly.She then took a deep breath and removed her hand from my sloppy pussy, using it to stop me from stimulating hers. She put her head on my shoulder then whispered, "discipline... dis-ci-pline..." I'm not sure if she was talking to me or herself but I'm sure we both needed it at that moment. I held her there for minute before she picked her head up and gave me a quick but passionate kiss on the lips, making that gratifying smacking sound I love. And then again. And then one more time."Ok. I'm leaving now." She said definitively, gathering herself as she turned to go."Do I at least get a consolation prize?" I said as she began to walk away.She stopped, turned back and smiled before bending over to remover the red low-waisted cotton panties with white trim from underneath her skirt. She walked back to me and handed me her sullied panties, "just make sure you bring them back to me clean..." She said pausing and turning to walk away, "or completely defiled with your delicious cum. Whichever one."Her words almost made my knees weak. "Oh my god. If you keep talking like that you're gonna make me snatch you up and take advantage of you," I said half joking. Half.She kept walking and then stopped in the doorway, turning to look at me, "Did I tell you about my lesbian **** fantasies?" She asked, smiling sweetly and then walked out the door and down the hall.I smiled at her ability to tease me into a frenzy and be so sweet at the same time. I looked down at the red panties in my hands noting the large dark spot that was nestled tightly against her sweet sex, absorbing her excitement. My own excitement began to bubble up as I raised her panties to my nose, engulfing myself in her feminine desire. I could feel my inner thighs getting slick as my hungry pussy wept, demanding titillation. And it was not in my power to deny my body what it needed.I knew just the place to have my cum session. I quickly slipped Sage's panties up my thighs and around my hips and ass, pulling them tight against my pussy, savoring the feeling of our essence mixed against my own cunt. They fit just how I liked them, a size too small so that I could feel them squeezing my tight ass and pussy. I then snatched my orange thong off my desk, pulling them on as well and hurried out the door.I traversed the hallways at a light jog, allowing today's events to flood my dirty mind. My students and I had thoroughly explored both Valerie's and Hannah's perfect female forms. Forcing the young girls in gym class to bare their sweaty bodies as I watched them jump and stretch and jiggle. Meeting Hannah in the locker room, both of us stark naked and dripping wet, and then drying her off intimately. The panty trading. The twins' passionate kiss. Sage!I drove myself mad with lust as I arrived at my destination, pushing the double doors open and entering my favorite room in the building - the auditorium. It was my fantasy location. I had often daydreamed of being on stage masturbating or being taken by another woman while I was being watched by an audience of students, teachers, and even family members and strangers. All adoring me as I performed for them, and for my mistress.It was the only fantasy I had that I wasn't brave enough to realize, the terror of being seen like that by so many was a little too much. The closest I could get was this - a dressed (or undressed rather) rehearsal. As always, no one was there and there was no reason for anyone to come there after school, but the possibility of someone coming in and seeing me was an exciting prospect.I started down the middle isle unbuttoning and removing my blouse, leaving it behind as I made my way to the stage. Next were my bra, skirt and heels, leaving a trail that lead from the back of the auditorium to the stage where I sat at the center near the edge in just my two pairs of panties.I laid on my back and lifted my bottom to remove the first pair of panties, the orange thong I lent to Hannah. They were still damp with her involuntary arousal. I spread my thighs and pressed the gusset of Hannah's panties to Sage's and began to rub my pussy through both. I let out a deep sigh at the feeling and the thought of the two girls' femininity colliding with mine, bringing me much needed pleasure.I began to caress my full breasts as I continued to tease my lips and clit with the panties. I pulled hard on my tiny, hard nipples and arched my back in pleasure, rubbing my pussy faster and faster. Panting and moaning and needing to feel more stimulation, I shoved my hands down the front of my panties, with the other panties in hand, placed my middle and ring fingers on either side of my clit and began to massage in a circular motion.I whimpered and squirmed on the stage in ecstacy as my orgasm bubbled inside my center, rubbing my pussy with vigor, devouring every electric sensation that shot through my very being. I reached down from my tits and snatched the orange panties from my cunt while continuing to massage my clit and brought them to my face, sniffing Hannah's and my essence before stuffing them into my mouth.As my orgasm burst open, I thrashed and cried out, my voice echoing through the large empty hall. My body radiated with intense pleasure and I plunged two fingers deep inside my flooding hole, biting down on Hannah's panties and twisting one of my nipples until it was painful. I rode my orgasm to the limit, two fingers fucking my cunt slowly and thumbing at my clit until I was spent.I took Hannah's panties out of my mouth and replaced them with my gooey middle and ring fingers. I sucked off all the sweet juices and returned the hand to my center, where I drew another dollop of my savory cum and sucked it down. I repeated the action several times and laid there panting, becoming aware that my body was glistening with sweat. Satiated, I lay there for several minutes splayed in front of my imaginary audience.I then sat up and let out a satisfied sighed as I slipped the wet orange thong over the very wet red and white panties. I collected my trail of clothes and donned them before exiting my favorite room. I felt so yummy on my way home and the rest of the night, having had an amazing orgasm and looking forward to the rest of the school year. After a shower and glass of wine, I drifted off to sleep with a mind full fantasies of teenage girls.
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