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New Job

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New JobMy wife lost her job as a waitress when her place of work suddenly closed down, she tried all over for jobs but nothing turned up until a friend of hers gave her the phone number of someone hiring waitresses, she phoned up and got an interview, the interview was to take place at our house which seemed odd to me but she was keen so I went along with it. The day of the interview she was getting all dressed up in her usual work clothes for the interview, she is not very tall but has a lovely figure and nice legs especially with high heels on, it gave me a hard on when she was bent over choosing her shoes to wear, I couldn't see her panty line so took it she had a G string on. I was sent out into the garden under strict instructions to keep out of the way until called for, the door bell rang and I was pushed out into the garden, good job it was a warm summer day so I slumped into the deck chair.After ten minutes or so I got nosey and crept back into the house, I could hear them talking, my wife asking about the job, I peeked through the door, they were both facing away from me so I had a good view of them both, he was a well built man in his thirties, my wife is in her late 40's but looks younger, he was saying the job was at different venues mainly for parties or company functions and that the waitresses clothes were supplied by the company as each function was different, he had brought some with him for her to try on, he explained that she would have to be broad minded as he handed her a skirt and see through blouse to try on, she protested that she was too old for the clothes and he reassured her that she would be fine and to try them on and show him what she looked like, off she went to the bedroom to try them on, me darting into a cupboard to hide, I heard her return and I could see her putting her head around the door talking to him, saying she couldn't possibly wear these, I could see her from the back, in a short skirt with a split up the side and a see through blouse, I grabbed my cock and rubbed it up and down watching her, I got on my knees so I could see up her skirt, and there was her tiny G string barely covering her shaven pussy I could see her lips pushing out either side of the skimpy material, he talked her into going into the room her hands trying to cover herself up, I was back at the doorway watching, he was telling her she was perfect for the job but she wasn't having it, until he showed her a pay slip of one of the other waitresses, she gasped, that's a lot of money, to which he said yes now try these on, and gave her a pair of shorts and another blouse, as she took them he said you only wear these and your high heels, nothing else, she looked at him and glanced at the payslip then went to get changed, I darted for the cupboard. My wife returned to the doorway leaning her head around saying the shorts are too revealing and there are no buttons on the blouse so had tied it at the bottom, I looked out of the crack of the door, her legs were apart with one slightly raised as she leant around the doorway, I could see her pussy as clear as anything, her lips looked swollen and wet, she vanished into the room and I returned to the doorway, my wife sat opposite him as he reassured her how perfect she was for the job, being mature and gorgeous, she had relaxed while talking to him and her legs parted slightly giving him a clear view of her pussy, he stood up and I hadn't realised he had shorts on with a collar and tie, he approached my wife and said I need you for this job you are perfect, look at the effect you have, he pointed to his cock which was erect and trying to get out of his shorts, he was right in front of my wife as he took her hand and wrapped it around his cock, moving it up and down, she lightly protested saying she was married but he pulled his cock out and kept her hand around it and wanking his cock, it was about ten inches long and as thick as her wrist, he picked her up under her arms lifting her high and kissed her tummy, he pulled her in close and slid her down pulling her legs apart on the way down, his cock was waiting for her pussy as she slid down, he pushed up into her as he entered her wet cunt, she closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around his neck as she slid halfway down his cock, he took her to the sofa still on his cock, laid her down and drove the rest of his cock into her, she cried out as he rode her hard, after a couple of minutes he pulled out of her wet cunt, pushed her over the back of the sofa, ripped her shorts off and tore her blouse off, removed his shorts, pushed her legs apart and drove his cock ball deep into her cunt in one thrust, he grabbed her hair with one hand and her tits with the other fucking her hard and after two or three minutes he shot his cum right up her cunt. He was getting dressed and telling her she did well and he would be back next week with the paperwork for her to sign, she lay on the sofa, legs apart and dripping with cum, he shoved an envelope into her hand saying here is an advance, then left. I was sitting in the deck chair as my wife calmly said there's a cup of tea for you, shouting from the back door. I cant wait till next week.
06-25-2021, at 01:22 AM

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