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TRUE: My first gay experiences with myself.

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TRUE: My first gay experiences with myself.**This is a true story**The first time I even thought about being gay was also the first time I tried anal playw ith myself. Me and my family were on a vacation, and we had 1 room and 2 beds, so I had a bed to myself but it was right next to my parents. They went to sleep at 9 or so, and made me cut the lights and TV off, but I couldnt sleep, and after an hour of laying there I got horny ass hell. I started rubbing my cock, but from fear of waking up my parents, I couldnt go very fast, so I just slowly rubbed it, making me very irritated because I knew I wouldnt not cum this way, and was itching to shoot my load. Without noticing, somehow my index finger had moved around and poking at my anal entrance. My mind went racing, I was strait, never had gay thoughts before in my life, but I could not deny the pleasure I already felt with just my finger rubbing the outside of my ass hole. The more I rubbed my cock, the hornier I got, and the more I opened to it. I liked some precum off my finger, and it tasted good, I liked my finger to get it really wet and worked the tip of my finger at my hole. It felt really good, like rubbing the tip of my cock, but at my ass. I liked my finger again to find, my ass didnt taste too bad, I actually kind of liked the taste, so I licked the taste off, and got it wet again. This time I stuck it all the way in, totally clueless as to what I would feel. My rim felt like it was on fire with pleasure as I worked my finger in and out, and when I pushed with my ass, I could feel the back of my ass, and when I wiggled my finger to rub it around, it felt like I was going to cum. I grabbed my cock and rubbed the tip like I was trying to polish it, and quickly came harder than I ever had in my life, filling my hand, and it dripping all over my cock and balls. I had to quickly go wash up. When I laid back down I started feeling very ashamed of what I had just done in disbelief, feeling horrible about myself, swearing to never do it again.Two weeks later, back home, my parents were out of the house, and I was watching a little white girl, barely 18, taking a massive black cock. I began watching the cock more and more, then as he was giving it to her doggy, from his point of view camera, I started thinkingmore and more gay like "that could just as easily be a guy taking that cock" thinking about the black cock in a little tight white boys ass, like mine, and the other cock just flopping around, yumm. I quickly went and found a porn I liked, it was of a little emo boy, shaved body and legs, long black emo hair, hung pretty well. He was bending over a couch, taking a black cock bigger than his in his sweet, shaved, sexy ass, lubed up for the big cock. I could not believe I was getting off to gay porn. I licked my finger and rammed it up my ass, without having to be quiet, I quickly rammed it in and out, hearing the sweet sounds of my the quishing of my finger going in and out got me hornier. But after only a couple minutes, I wanted an object in me. The first thing that I found was a sharpie, working it around I found my prostate, it felt like the moment when I blow my load, but with this, I didnt blow my load, I just got pleasure like I did. I wanted more tho. I went on the hunt, searching my house, finding two handles of different objects one was yellow, about as thick as a broomstick, with kind of ribs on it, for grip, but looked like it would feel good. The other thing was blue and about the same thickness, but at the end, it bulged to be about as big as a tin can, unsure if it would fit, I figured I would start with the yellow toy. It was long enough to where I could lay on my back on my bed, ass tward the wall, the good end in my ass, the other against the wall, and my feet holding it, and against the wall. So I could push with my legs and make this toy ram me, while I rocked back and fourth on the bed. It went deep poking at the back of my ass, making my me moan, as the ribs on the yellow handle massaged my rim, and also rolled over my prostate, making my cock throb as it flopped around. I went on for an hour and a half like this, I know how long it was because I was watching a hour and a half long porn while riding this thing. The porn was just a little white boy, fucking and sucking about 6 big black cocks, all of the black guys talked like thugs and the white boy talked like a little gay k**. By the time it was over, my cock and balls were soaked with precum, that was running onto my toy and in my ass.I got up and relaxed a bit, searching through more porn, watching a few short videos. Then finding a really sexy one, it was of a guy in his 20s, buz cut, very muscular, naked in a toolbelt and a rather large cock. A older black guy with a larger cock in his ass, and his boss, who was about 40, face fucking him, all of this outside in the dirt. It ended with him on his knees in the mud, blowing them both to a nice cumshot, and him jerking off all over his chest. The next one was of a thug black k**, getting put in his place by a older, white big cock cop that was not going to arrest him for a good fuck. While watching this extremely hot porn, I took the blue toy, and slowly sunk it into my ass, and as it reached the peak of its bulg, it made my ass hurt, but I liked the pain, so I pushed it all the way in, then furiously started fucking, pulling it all the way out, then shoving it in to the bulge, past it to the thinner part, the back out to start over. The extreme opening and closing of my ass made me loose my hard on for a second but one the pain stopped, I gained it right back, and it came back harder than before. Now at my desk my precum was making a puddle, I just let it get bigger and bigger so I could lick it up. I started sucking the yellow toy that had just been in my ass, licking my ass off of it. My as was getting sore, so I licked up the desk, then I moved the keyboard, rammed the toy in and out of me with fury, rubbed my cock for about 10 seconds before exploding. It went all over the monitor, and the desk, I quickly licked it up, and took a shower to clean up.After just one time with the big blue toy, it was broken off of something, so it was thrown away. But the yellow one stayed with me for a while.Please rate and comment
04-06-2021, at 11:35 PM

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