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Jake's Magic Remote Part XIX - Tempered in Fi

Post #1

Jake's Magic Remote Part XIX - Tempered in FiCarol held her coffee as though it was the elixir of life. It very well looked like it was, too; in the cafe?s more direct light, Jake could make out dark circles under her eyes that hadn?t been there before.?Are you alright?? Jake asked. ?You look??? hell,? Petra offered.Carol gave that crooked smile again. Something about it was really familiar. ?I?ll be fine. It?s just? really exhausting getting here.?Jake shook his head. ?I don?t get it. Getting here? From where? And why??Carol chuckled. ?You know, my father told me you?d ask that. He said you?d be? ?methodically and relentlessly inquisitive?. I guess he would know.??Would he? Do I know him?? Jake was starting to dislike the number of things about this situation he didn?t know.Carol sipped her coffee again. How she stomached it black and extra-strong like that was beyond him. ?You will,? she said. ?Pretty intimately.?Jake frowned. ?Carol. This is beyond frustrating. I think you owe us an explanation. So let?s start with who you are, and who your father is, or else Petra and I will just have to leave you to it.??Jeez,? Carol said, sighing. ?That brings back memories. You haven?t used that tone since I was nine, Dad.?Jake wasn?t quite sure how to respond to that. Fortunately, Petra was. ?Bullshit,? she said bluntly. ?He?d have been a k** when you were born.?Carol smiled at Petra. ?That?s true, Mom. Or it would be, for any other family.?Jake opened his mouth to protest, but found he couldn?t speak. He stared across the table at Carol as she took another sip of her coffee with those soft-looking lips? lips that curved the same way as his daughter?s. There was a mixture of relief, fatigue, and love in her eyes, and those eyes looked familiar because he?d seen them in the mirror thousands of times before. ?Holy crap,? he finally said.?Holy fucking shit of God,? Petra replied. ?How? well, I know how? when???Carol smiled. ?Soon, actually,? she said. ?I?m younger than I was when we first met, so some things have changed. Which is good, because you both told me that you wished you?d found the family talent a few years sooner. Before what happened with Sarah.?Petra leaned forward. ?family talent? You mean I can stop-? she lowered her voice. ?I can stop things too???Not as well as Dad,? Carol replied. ?You always carried the remote to help. But yes.??So the remote,? Jake broke in, ?You planted it???Yeah? sorry about that. You?d have found it in a few years, anyway. Or rather, sort of accidentally made it. Subconsciously. I don?t really know how it worked. But it just focused a power you already had. One that you both have. I think it?s a recessive gene or something.?Jake raised a brow. ?So then you...??Have two copies, yes. I learned to bend time from a very young age. But by then, Sarah was already? well, let?s just say that she took the news about you two really badly. Oh, and she?s been cheating on you.??That seems far-fetched. She practically hates sex.??No,? Carol said, ?she hates losing control. Think about it. She used sex to control you when you were younger, used it to make you fall in love, to make you marry her? can you name one major life choice that didn?t start with her jumping on you and then making the decision for you??Jake thought about it. As much as he hated to admit it, Carol was right. The wedding, the pregnancy, the house, his job? every time something important was to be done, Sarah slept with him. The only exceptions were lately when he?d used the remote to influence her.?Okay, so she?s a bitch,? Jake said, leaning back. ?I knew that. It?s not an ideal basis for marriage. But that doesn?t mean she?s cheating on me.??Actually,? Petra said sheepishly, ?she has been. I was going to? I don?t know what I was going to do, actually. But I followed her when she went out with- holy shit wait I know you!? She pointed at Carol. ?You?re Cheryl! That girl from mom?s work!?Carol shrugged. ?Yeah. I may have been keeping an eye on things.??You introduced her to Jerome!??Who the hell is Jerome?? Jake asked.?This is Jerome!? Petra shoved her phone under Jake?s nose.Jake took the phone and stared at it. On the screen was a series of images of his wife with a black guy who he?d never met before. She looked to be eagerly kissing, sucking, and fucking him. ?Hang on a minute, how did you get these? And how did ?Cheryl? get involved??Carol sighed. ?Look, I?m only doing what you yourself told me should be done. You said ?If only it?d all happened sooner, and if only the Jerome thing hadn?t gone on so long? so I fixed it.??You fixed it.??Well? almost. I mean if it was fixed I?d leave you alone. But it?s not, yet. I went home and things are still pretty fucked up.??And the pictures???Well,? Petra said sheepishly, ?I have a bit of a confession to make there.?Jake frowned and stared at his daughter. She looked more than a little guilty.?Well, you see, I sort of followed her, and- well, here.? She fished the remote - his remote - out of a pocket and handed it over.Jake felt angry and disappointed at the same time. ?Petra, this? you can?t just steal a thing like this without asking. What else did you do???Well? there was this thing with Jeremy.??What ?thing????This thing where he found out about us and tried to blackmail me into fucking him.?Jake blanched. ?Why didn?t you tell me about that???Because I handled it. He hasn?t so much as looked at me since.??What did you do???I? tricked him? intofucking his mother.?Jake coughed on a sudden urge to laugh. ?What?!??Yeah? she thought it was her husband and he thought it was me, and then I wiped the pictures off his drive.?Jake chuckled. ?That?s brilliant. I shudder to think how that little family discussion went.??So? not mad??Jake leaned over and kissed his daughter. His younger daughter. Or rather his physically younger? this was confusing. ?I can?t stay mad at you, Pet,? he said. ?And clearly you?re responsible with it. Just? you should have talked to me. About this, about Jeremy, and about your mother.?Jake suddenly became aware of Carol smiling across the table at them. ?I?m sorry,? she said, ?it?s just that seeing you two like this? it?s pretty different for me. Where I?m from, you?re both older. Still very much in love, but this is just sweet.?Jake smiled back. ?That?s good to hear, I guess. So, then.. what is it you want to accomplish here??Carol finished her coffee, waved to the barista for another, and started to explain.Some time later, Jake strolled down the darkened sidewalk toward his house. Carol and Petra had gone off together to have some mother-daughter time? or sister-sister time? mothersister-daughtersister? He shook his head. Not worth thinking about too hard. He had enough on his mind regardless.He was so lost in his thoughts that he didn?t even notice Natalia walking out to meet him until she was right in front of him. He stopped short of bumping into her and smiled. ?Hey there,? he said. ?How?s the evening treating you??Natalia returned his smile. ?I?m alright,? she offered. ?I wonder if I could talk to you for a few minutes though.??Sure. What?s on your mind???Not here,? Nat replied, crossing her arms against the cold. In the glow of a nearby streetlight, he could tell that she was cold. He could also tell that she wasn?t wearing a very thick bra under the light shirt she had on. He was tempted to stop time and check under her jeans too, but decided to wait and see what was up. ?Sure,? he said. ?Lead the way.?Natalia turned and started walking toward her house, a half-step ahead of Jake. A memory tugged at him, and he stepped up beside her. ?You know, this reminds me of a dream I had,? he lied.Natalia?s stride faltered for a moment. ?Oh?? she asked, trying to sound relaxed. ?What kind of dream???Well, there was another me, and he kind of interrupted the dream I was having. He said he?d just been over in your dreams and had a message from you, about something that I should do.?Natalia?s face reddened, giving her a sort of glow in the dim light. ?And are you going to do it?? she asked, not making eye contact.Jake chuckled. ?Oh, I don?t think I should,? he said, holding open the gate to her front yard. ?I think Saul would disapprove.?Natalia crossed the yard quickly, opening the door to her house and turning to face him. The lights inside silhouetted her and obscured her face. ?I think you should,? she said, crossing her arms again under her chest. ?Saul is not here. I think that whatever the dream-you said, it?s probably very important that you follow his directions as quickly as possible.? Then she turned, walking into her home.Jake climbed the steps and followed, closing the door behind himself and leaving his shoes on a rack by the door. From there, he walked down the hall and turned, stepping into the living room where he was pretty sure Natalia had gone.He?d been right about her bra. It was very thin, black, made of silk and lace and with panties to match. Jake knew this because it was all Nat was wearing. She was standing in the middle of the room, arms at her sides, waiting for him. She locked eyes with him, revealing a gaze equal parts nervous excitement and feline mischief. Apparently, when she?d told ?dream-Jake? what she wanted, she hadn?t been exaggerating.Jake?s cock sprang to attention immediately. Not being one to make a lady wait, nor one to deny his own desires, Jake crossed the room to Natalia in a few quick strides. He pulled her toward himself, holding her ass in both hands and making sure she could feel his erection, forcefully claiming his lips with his own.Natalia?s nervousness evaporated at his touch. Her lips parted and her tongue eagerly sought his own, playing and dancing in a way that he remembered from their ?dream? encounters. It was the way she behaved when she needed to be fucked. Her hands reached down, going straight for his belt and pants, opening buckle and fly and pushing them down and off with a practised ease. She went down with them, breaking the kiss and falling to her knees to pull down his shorts.?Oh God,? she breathed as his cock sprang forth for her, ?it?s exactly like I imagined??Jake chuckled. ?I don?t think I ever imagined this,? he said. ?But I do recall what the other me said to do.??And what is that?? she asked, looking up at him. Her chest heaved with excited breath.Jake reached down and caressed her cheek once, softly, sliding his fingers around into her hair. ?He told me to take you.?He waited a moment for Natalia to open her mouth to reply, but didn?t give her a chance. As soon as her lips parted, he pulled her in, one hand still behind her head and the other holding his shaft, guiding him into her waiting mouth. She didn?t resist, so he held her head in both hands and began pumping his hips, sliding out and in deeper and deeper.Natalia moaned eagerly, leaning into him, sucking and swallowing each time his dick brushed the back of her throat until he finally started to slide down beyond it. She looked up at him, smiling around his shaft. She looked stunning, with her long dark hair streaming over her shoulders, wanton smoldering eyes, even that little freckle above her lip that he hadn?t really noticed in their previous encounters in darker-lit rooms. Jake smiled at her, moaning in return at the sensation of her lips, tongue, and throat eagerly devouring his cock.Mer own moans had become more urgent, so Jake let Natalia up for air. She gasped loudly and panted, looking up at him still. Then she winked and turned around, slowly bending down to her hands and knees on the soft rug and swaying her hips at him.?Natalia,? Jake warned, ?I don?t have protection.? Not that it had stopped him before in his attempts to breed her, but this wasn?t stopped time, a trick, or a ?dream?. This was, to her, ?real life.?Natalia reached back and pulled her panties down off of her ass slowly to entice him. She moved her hand between her legs, dipping two fingers into her pussy and pumping a few times, moaning again. Then she moved her hand around again, joining it with its twin and laying on her chest with her ass in the air. Jake watched her spread her ass open, rubbing her shining wet fingers against her skin and working first one and then another into the hole there. ?Here,? she said, slowly fingering her ass for him, ?fuck me here.?It would be an understatement to say that Jake was excited. None of his old girlfriends had even suggested anal, and Sarah had been staunchly opposed to it since day one. His cock practically bounced in anticipation. He knelt down, leaning toward her, and she withdrew her fingers to grasp and stroke his shaft, leaning back and shifting until the tip was pressed firmly against the little rosebud between her cheeks.Jake slid his hands up Natalia?s thighs, grabbing her by the hips, and began to push forward. There was a brief moment of resistance, one that reminded him of his first time sliding inside of Petra and how tight that barrier within her had been, and then with a sudden unexpected slide he was inside her. Her hole closed tight around him after the head, pinching like a choking piece of piano wire, but beyond that she felt hot and wet and perfect.?Ooh, yes,? Natalia drawled, ?take me??Jake started pushing forward again, watching as Natalia?s perfect ass slowly swallowed his shaft. He eased into her a little at a time, getting fully halfway down his shaft before a clench and wince showed that he was hurting her, then started to pull back again.Natalia?s ass squeezed even tighter as he pulled back, making him groan in pleasure. He stopped short of the head and pushed in again, just a little faster. This time he got a little deeper inside before her moan turned into a whimper and he had to stop again.No wonder so many guys loved this, he thought as he kept moving, a little deeper each time. It was like fucking a virgin, except with none of the awkwardness or self-doubt. Deeper, tighter, Jake kept pushing into the asshole of his neighbor?s wife. ?Ohgod yes,? she cried, ?keep going! I want it all!?Jake, again, was never one to deny a polite request. He tightened his grip on her hips and pushed harder, sliding his shaft easily inside her. There was resistance on the last inch, but he pulled back and forced his way through it, making Natalia cry out. Finally she relaxed and he felt her push back into him, accepting the entirety of his member and grinding her ass back against him.?Holy shit,? he breathed. ?You feel incredible.?Natalia gasped, shivering and still clenching him tight. ?You are so big,? she said, twisting a little to look back at him. ?I?ve never felt so full before.?Following a hunch, jake stopped time for a minute. He took the opportunity to admire how Natalia looked and to take a picture, because no way was Petra going to believe this. Then he slid carefully out of her ass, trying not to stretch her any wider, and moved down to his hands and knees. Part of the movement was pure curiosity. Natalia?s ass was gaping open in his wake, and the sight was fascinating. But primarily he had moved to give her a reward for being so eager and brave.The angle was awkward, but Jake craned his neck a little and was easily able to slide his tongue along Nat?s dripping wet pussy. Well, not dripping currently, but the light shining on her thighs showed that it had been when the world was still moving. He licked there, too, cleaning the sweet fluids from her skin. Up and down along her slit he ran his tongue, until his mouth felt full of her juices. Then, moving up again, he carefully spit the lubricating fluid into her ass. It stopped moving after leaving his lips, forming a sort of plug there.rearing up again, Jake slid his cock back into Natalia?s ass. It was much easier than before, partly because of the lack of resistance between seconds and partly because of the spit coating her inside. He reached around her hips and rubbed at her, finding and teasing her clit a little, then shifted just a little until he felt her pussy?s warmth against his balls. Then he started time again.Natalia?s body shivered as she came. Her ass squeezed and rippled around him, and her sudden cry of ecstasy echoed off the walls. Jake moaned along with her, holding her hips firmly in place and throbbing inside her.?Holy f- god, don?t stop,? she said, panting. ?Fuck me!?Jake did as she asked. With the extra lubrication it was easier now to pull back and push into her, and he did so, gliding smoothly in and out of Natalia?s tightest hole. Her back arched and soon he was truly fucking her, pushing in over and over while she moaned and grasped at the soft fur of Saul?s decorative rug for purchase.Jake pushed in deep and stopped time again, this time pulling out and sliding himself into Natalia?s pussy. He wedged himself in deep and started time, but only for an instant, just long enough to feel her tighten around him. Then he pulled back and returned to her ass, easing his way into a passage that had already started to close in his absence. He resumed his rhythmic thrusting as time resumed.Natalia screamed in a mixture of confusion, pain, and pleasure. Her legs shook weakly and Jake rode her down, straddling her thighs as she lay on the floor. He leaned back and kept fucking her ass as she lay prone, moaning at the sensation of reaching new depths within her. He removed her bra in between moments, correctly guessing that she would not notice its departure, only the sensations of the rug brushing against her stomach and breasts as Jake kept thrusting down into her ass.Natalia screamed, muffled by something. Jake leaned forward and realized she was biting her own arm. He also realized that she was cumming; her ass was gripping and pulling at his cock so hard he thought it was going to pull off of him. The sensation was incredible, and it drove him to the edge.?Fuck,? he breathed, ?Nat, I?m close-??Fuck me,? Natalia begged him. ?Do whatever you want, whatever you- ngh- need to cum for me!?Jake might have thought twice about that request if he?d been at any other state of mind, but he didn?t now. He simply grabbed her by the shoulders and sped up, fucking her harder, faster, stretching her deep again and again. Natalia screamed once more, although it wasn?t obvious if it was in pleasure or in pain.Jake stopped time again as he felt his climax nearing. He swiftly moved and shoved himself into Natalia?s pussy, pumping furiously until she was loosened too much for his pleasure, then buried himself in her asshole and started time once more. The ensuing orgasm that ripped through Natalia was intense, and she clamped down so hard that Jake had no choice in the matter; on his next thrust, he added his raised voice to hers and started shooting her ass full of his seed.Natalia moaned in response, shuddering and clenching, milking him and pulling at him. Jake held still, hips flattening her ass, hands white-knuckled and gripping her shoulders, as he pumped shot after shot of hot sticky lust inside of her.After a long moment, Jake eased his cock back out of Natalia?s ass. She squeezed tight, almost as if she wanted to keep him inside all night, but did not protest. He slid off of her and she turned on her side, cuddling back into him like a lover.?Shit,? Jake breathed, wrapping an arm around her and holding her to him. ?That was amazing.?Natalia was panting for breath. ?Yes,? the managed after a few seconds. ?Incredible. I needed that.?Jake slid his hand up to squeeze her breast, rolling the nipple against his fingers. ?What brought this on?? he asked.?I don?t know,? she said. ?I?ve just been looking at you lately, and? wanting.?Jake frowned. ?What about??Natalia turned to face him. He was intensely aware of her moist pussy pressed against his hips and her full, firm breasts on his chest. ?I love my husband,? she said, looking him in the eye. ?I?m not leaving him, and I don?t want to change things between me and him. But I wanted to fuck you.? She shifted, rubbing her thigh against his cock. ?I still want to, in fact.?Jake smiled. ?Well, then,? he said, leaning in to kiss her softly, ?it can just be our little secret.?Natalia seemed pleased with that idea. ?I want more,? she said. ?Not today. Tomorrow, perhaps, or the next day. Today, you might kill me. I already know I won?t be sitting down for a day or so.?Jake chuckled, but she went on.?Of course, that might change too,? she said, shifting her leg again. ?I may let you do the other thing, the thing I really wanted, very soon.?Jake raised a brow. ?Is that so?? he asked. ?What about-??Natalia smiled excitedly. ?That?s just it,? she said. ?I?m buying a test tomorrow, but I think it finally worked.??Wait, you mean???I think I?m finally pregnant.?Natalia insisted that Jake shower with her before going home. ?To remove the evidence,? she?d said, although he suspected there was more reason to it. He especially suspected this when she insisted on soaping and cleaning his cock, first by hand and then on her knees with it between her soapy breasts. Just as he was getting hard again, however, she stood up and kissed him. pressing her body against his. ?To remember me by,? she purred, turning around and brushing the curve of her ass against his dick before stepping out and wrapping herself in a towel. ?Take your revenge the next time that we are alone together.?Jake walked into his own house, kicked off his shoes, and left his coat in the closet. He smiled at Sarah, who was reading on the couch and looked to have been for a while. ?Evening, pretty lady,? he said.Sarah looked up from the book and smiled. ?Hey. Have a good walk? Petra came home and went to bed, she said you were out enjoying the air.?Jake sat down and put his hand on her leg, giving her thigh a squeeze and a rub. ?Yeah, it?s beautiful out there. Beautiful in here, too.?Sarah scoffed. ?Ham.?Jake sighed internally. There?d been a time when his wife would have flirted back, even if she didn?t want sex. Flirting was fun, it was silly, and it made a person feel wanted. But after tonight, a lot of things were making more sense to him. Still, she was his wife and he still loved her. He leaned over and kissed her. She kissed him back, then turned to look at her book again.?Hey,? Jake said, staring at her.?Hm?? Sarah turned her head once more.Jake cupped her cheek and kissed her again, stroking higher on her thigh and pressing in toward her. And for a moment, she responded, pressing in toward him, parting her lips. Only a moment, and then her hand was on his chest and she was pulling away.?Not tonight,? she said simply, flipping a page in her book.Jake nodded and stood up. ?Alright. I?m going to go get some sleep.?Sarah?s dismissive grunt as he turned his back was like an arrow through his heart.Petra had been dreaming of something. It had seemed important, but she couldn?t quite grasp what it was. It was on the tip of her tongue. Of course it would be easier to think if that motion wasn?t shoving her into the pillow like that.She was laying on her front in bed, and something was pushing her. And pushing into her. There was a familiar weight pinning her down, and oh there it was, the pleasure sensors in her pelvis were afire because her Daddy was fucking her.?Ah-mmnh Daddy?? she managed, pushing her pillow away from her face.Her father gave a little growl of possessive acknowledgment in her ear, then kissed her neck, still thrusting into her. ?Hello, Pet,? he said. ?Where?s our daughter??Petra was having trouble thinking straight, so it took a few thrusts? worth of time before she could respond. ?Ho-hotel,? she said, moaning again. ?Meeting up tomorrow.?Jake seemed to accept that response. ?You?ll never believe what I did on the way home,? he said, reaching to pin one of her hands above her head on the bed and lacing his fingers with hers.?Wha-what did you do, Daddy?? Petra asked, trying to twist a little to look back up at him.Jake kept her pinned down, controlling her and denying her movement. ?I fucked Natalia in the ass,? he said. ?She begged me to do it. Right on her living room floor, Just? like? this.? Each word was punctuated by a savage thrust against her womb. ?But she teased me, and your mother rejected me. So here I am.?Here you a-are???Yes.? Jake kissed Petra?s earlobe, a tender gesture at odds with the way he was using her pussy. ?Here I am, fucking my favorite person in the world. The one I?ll spend my life with. I love you, my pet. I fucking... ? he slammed down into her again.?...Love?? Petra cried out as he father drove into her cervix, flooding her brain with pain and pleasure.?...You!?Distantly, beyond the sensation of being full and used, past the flood of emotions of her father and lover declaring himself for her, Petra was aware of a heat, a pressure, as her father filled her womb with cum. A tiny, crazy, analytical part of her mind took the moment to wonder if this was how Carol would happen, if today was the day that her pill would decide not to work.As the pressure eased up and her father rested atop her, sheltering her in his arms, Petra realized another thing, too.She realized she was totally fine with it.
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