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A red bush

Post #1

?.I?m Molly, and maybe by writing about this will get my head straight?.but I doubt it,? it?s really to late and I?m turned on all the time now. ?..I?m divorced, I have a good figure, long red hair and I?m just plain horny all the time it seems. The bar scene just wasn?t cutting it for me. Quickie drunk fucking was only relief. I wanted a hot younger guy, with lots of foreplay. I wanted him to make me so hot, so I would climax like I did with?.

?.well?I?ll just say??a family member?. This person would get me so hot, I became this wonderful exciting animal. He would make me release an inner female in me that made me fuck till I screamed with joy. He taught me how to suck a boner and make it cum real hard. He licked my pussy so damn good, I would almost begged him to stop?but of course?I never did.

?..Yes, he spoiled me bad. We fucked day and night. In the woods, in empty houses and buildings. His van was our little sex room. I could make him cum big while he drove the van, and while he had his fingers in my wet pussy. He sometimes dove me to a secluded place and licked my pussy so good, I would yell my guts out in trembling joy. He would then get his knees on top of me and fuck my mouth, filling it with his hot cum?? god I miss that.
?..Mom never knew any of this as she was to busy fucking her boyfriend all the time. I miss all that I grew up with. Now I had my sites on the teenage kid next door.

?..I had slowly became friends with Justin?s parents and this got me close to him. I saw him slightly eyeballing me. I had to get his attention way better than that. One afternoon I was standing if front of my upstairs bedroom French windowed patio door. It was all glass. I noticed very carefully, him looking out his blinds at me. I pretended not to notice. I put on a show for him by slowly undressing in front of the floor length window. I slowly peeled off my top and bra.

......The gap in his blinds got bigger. I felt my own good sized tits and played with my nipples. I pulled them up and licked my own nipples. I slowly inched down my shorts, then teasingly pulled down my bright blue panties. I could now glance and see his eyes peering out. I was completely naked. I happen to have a big red bush. I ran my fingers through it, and spread my legs. I let my middle finger disappear inside my pussy. It looked like my eyes were closed as I noticed his peering eyes now wide open through the one louver open. I fantasized about him getting a huge hardon and rubbing it while gazing at me.

??I left the window. I wanted to start him thinking about me,?.. and did he ever?..
?..This was on a Tuesday late afternoon. I was home from work and him home from school. Wednesday. Right on time to put on my little show again. I kicked it up a little by fingering my pussy with both hands?just a little. Now he had something stuck in his blinds to hold the one louver open. I could barely see his eyes peering out?.leaving his hands free??I hoped he was wanking while watch me.
?..Thursday. I now laid on my bed and started masturbating myself. I squirmed and lifted my hips up and down. I pointed my pussy right at his window. Now I noticed a pair of binoculars at the window. Just what I wanted.

?.Friday. I took my silver long vibrator and worked it in my pussy, over and over. I really was masturbating, and I fantasized his teenage boner in me. My legs were wide open in front of the window. He was back to just his eyes looking through the blinds. I just knew he was wanking while looking at me. I licked my ?mister silver?, I called it, and gave it a nice wet blow job. I pretended it shot cum in my mouth and I had to lick it all off. I saw the blinds swinging slightly back and forth. I closed my eyes and pictured him shooting his cum because of me. I got a new high feeling in my pussy, and an uncontrolled moan?just came out of my mouth. I could almost feel his dick in me, shooting and pumping in his warm cum.
?.I slowly opened my eyes?.he was gone from the window.

?.I knew how to flirt with men. As a redhead I always got plenty of male attention, but this window thing was new to me. I loved making myself all hot knowing he was watching. I was getting a new turn on from it, and I was becoming driven to get him close to me.

?..Ok,?. I said to myself I knew I was becoming obsessed with him and was just letting it happen. My masturbation was taking on a new high by thinking of his young teenage dick slipping in my pussy. That night I went to bed early to have time for a long masturbation time. I lay there with just a night light on, fantasizing Justin feeling my pussy. I was letting it build up when?.
?.. his bedroom light came on. I got a wonderful buzz in my pussy that made me gasp. I could see his shadow on the blinds, as he passed them. Now I was getting a shadow show as he was undressing. Off came his shirt. His lights went almost out. He must have turned on a small night light. I watched his blind slowly come up. There he stood in the low light?naked. I could only see down to his waist. Then he must have stepped on something to raise him higher. He slowly started stroking his nice size dick. I slowly got out of my bed and inched closer to my window?naked. We now both stood there in the low light watching each other.
Justin?s later?. told me his thoughts at the time?.
?.I wanted to fuck you Molly so bad, I couldn?t sleep. Watching your beautiful body through my blinds had me hot, I couldn?t wait that night for another wet dream. When you slowly appeared naked, I thought I was dreaming. I couldn?t take it and had to stroke myself and relive my desire. I don?t know how much you could see, but I splattered that window with my best cum ever. It buckled my knees and I had to lay back on my bed or fall down?..
?..I told him later my memories of that night.
?I was getting myself all hot to masturbate thinking about you and I having hot sex. I saw your light come on and your shadow on the blinds. When I saw your lights go low, and your blind go slowly up?.I had to get closer. My pussy was already wet and hot, so I put my fingers in it from one hand, and massaged my clit with the other. As my eyes adjusted to the low light, there you were, dick in hand stroking. Just as I massaged my clit?I saw the cum shoot on your window. I automatically climaxed and fell back on my bed dizzy. It was wonderful to have a live show of you cuming. I?ll never forget that night?.ever.

?..That Saturday early, Justin knocked on my door. I peeked out and was all ready for him in case he decided to make contact with me. I had on a bright light blue see thru robe thing. Bright red bra, and red panties.

Justin told me much later, what he thought about at the time, this all was happening?

?..I noticed Molly the very first she came over to our house. What a knock out of a woman. The beautiful red hair, and sexy body. I pretended not to stare. I figured I?d never get to fuck a woman like her, but I fantasized about it a lot. I had noticed her out my bedroom window one afternoon after school. As she got undressed I got a big boner. Damn she was sexy looking. Every afternoon she did it again but showed more. I had to wank watching her. I wanted to fuck her real bad. Finally after a few days of this, and that wonderful window cum, I had to find a reason to get close to her. Fuck it, Saturday morning, I just went over and knocked on her door. I?d make up some reason to talk to her?.
?..I opened the door for Justin and said: ?Justin, come on in.? He was shook up and stammered his speech a little. His eyes were wide open checking out my body. He tried not to stare but was failing at it. He said: ?I?.well?my folks are gone for the weekend?and ?I was just going for some breakfast?and wondered if I could bring you ?.maybe something??.
?.I smiled. I almost felt sorry for him, so nervous and looking around the room, and trying not to look at me. ?Breakfast???.?Come with me Justin.? He followed me into my kitchen. I said: ?I was just making breakfast, have a seat.?

?.The kid didn?t stand a chance against my sexy charms. I did sexy wiggles and hummed as I fixed us the food. He looked like he was in a trance watching me. I leaned over as much as I could to show my cleavage. He had a big boner and tried to hide it.
?.After we ate and I had bumped his legs with mine many times, it was time to get some action going. We stood side by side as he helped me to the dishes. I rubbed up against him all I could. His shyness soon left and we joked and bumped each other teasing each other. We had both wanked to each other and I was getting anxious to get him in my bed. I said: ?Oh Justin, while you?re here, I wonder if you could help me move my bed over a little?? He smiled at me and said: ?I would love to get you in your bedroom?Oh?and help?of course.?
?..This big kid, picked me up and carried me up stairs!?My heart was racing and I started having a flashback?.

?it was to my childhood to when my two older brothers use to chase me in the woods. I would try and hide, teasing them and acting sexy to get them to chase me. They always caught me and started tickling me. Soon the chases got into feeling me up. I loved it and giggled and squirmed. The both started slipping their hands in my dress and feeling my bare tits. Next was their hands in my panties and I felt their fingers around and in my pussy. I was so excited, but teased and said I ?might? tell on them. They said they would say they caught me fooling with my boyfriend Tommy in the woods and I would get in trouble. We had a standoff in fun. They had a hiding place they build in the woods, and took me there. Now we really got to playing with sex things. The last time we did this I jacked one of them off sucked the other ones dick, as they licked my pussy. We never had real sex, but I loved them getting me so hot and fingering my pussy to orgasm?.
? I was headed upstairs to my own bedroom for some real full sex?

?..Justin whispered quietly in my ear as he carried up: ?Molly, I think you the hottest looking, most beautiful woman I?ve ever seen. Sorry if that startles you but??
?.I just started kissing him. I?d waited long enough. We slowly settled on my bed, and the very hot kissing began. He lay on top of me and I felt that hidden boner push against my pussy. We helped each other off with our clothes. We breathlessly said how our windows made us so hot, day after day. The talking stopped as we gasp our breathing and back to kissing us all over began. Finally I was getting what I wanted. He took his time feeling, kissing and massaging me. I was squirming as I began to get noisy. I had always been a moaner and loud. Out it came as his hands felt my tits and rubbed my waiting pussy. He dived for my red bush like a released anxious man. Oh my god, he knew just where to lick me so good. I let him do it, but just waited to turn and get that big boner of his in between my lips.

Justin?s thoughts?..
?.I had seen this bright red bush through my window, and now I was tasting it?I had found myself attracted to ?true? redheads. Some porn sites said?.?Redhead? does this or that?but?by seeing the pubic hair told me if it was a true redhead. Those stunning copper colored bushes turned me on big time. This was my first redhead to play with and I was loving it. Her pure white skin was awesome. Lots of pink at her pussy?.wow?.I was in heaven. She slowly began to turn me so she could have my boner to play with.

I was in 69 glory now. I couldn?t get enough of her and that smooth snow white skin. ?..She made me feel aggressive and I ate her pussy all over. I held her legs and hips tight. Her sweet hands were feeling my balls and my body as she got my boner so wet and slick. I could feel my balls churning getting ready to inject her sweet mouth with a big load. I zeroed in on her bright pink clit and attacked it with my lips and tongue. She was a moaner and let me know what turned her on. I was doing my own moaning as her tongue teased the head of my full, rock hard boner?? more dreaming about eating her red haired pussy?I was doing it! She moved her pussy and hips so hot with every lick of her clit. Lick, jump and moan I did to her, over and over and now faster. She pushed her pussy hard into my tongue and held it?..trembled real hard?.and yelled a moan that gave me a ultimate high?my cum raced out of my boner and shot in her waiting mouth?.she never stopped moaning now. Shot after shot of cum filler her mouth. She was shocked and couldn?t swallow it fast enough. It seemed like it lasted forever for a while as my body twitched with hers. Our breathing was like that of a drowning person?.gasp after gasp as our sexual high jolted us like an electric shock.
?.We neither one expected this and just quietly moaned until sleep took us away?..
?.I slowly opened my eyes, feeling so content and mellow. Justin was gone. I was covered up with a sheet. I snuggled up to relive my little dream that came true again and again. I wanted a lot more of this and soon, plans raced through my mind to get what I wanted. He said his parents were gone for the weekend?..I had an urge to tie him to my bed for the time left.
?.. My thoughts started expanding beyond my old limits as I started thinking about?..I shuddered with a hot flash?..
?.Where were these thoughts coming from? I dared to think about?.Oh damn? I can?t even take the new urges I was getting?I actually wanted?.?. to have Justin and another teen friend, both fucking me?.that thought sent like a electric shock to my pussy.
?.I thought?.the thought will pass, it?s just to crazy.
It didn?t pass, but only got more intense.
?.. I thought more?.slowly the deep suppressed thoughts came to me?.now I get it?.oh god yes, that?s it!

??Just like my two brothers both feeling me when I was young, I wanted that again and more. I never had full sex with my brothers, but now I saw the good possibility of getting that double fuck I had always wanted?. but kept suppressed. My heart was racing and new good feelings came to my now wet pussy. I lay there with a new excitement giving me hot flashes.
?. I got up and headed for the shower. I had to masturbate.
?..It was the best fingering climax I?d ever had so far as I fantasized about four hands feeling me and two cocks shooting cum. I weakly got out of the shower?..

?.Four PM, and Justin is back knocking on my door again. I looked for any neighbors looking as I let him in?all clear. Like two magnets we were kissing and feeling us all over. I had just gotten out of the shower and had on my white robe with a big white towel on my head for my wet hair. He was shaking he wanted me so bad. Now was the time to arrange for my double fuck.
?.This was no easy task. I wanted him too, but I had to start the action for our threesome. I walked him over to the couch. By now he had one hand in my panties, and one under my bra. I loved it, and tried to keep my head on my goal. I got hot and weak as he knew just how to make me so hot.
?I slowly pulled his hands out and held them. I slid my lips off his and whispered in his ear, breathlessly?.(??we have to talk, Justin?)

Justin?s thoughts at the time?.
?.Oh shit, here it comes. ??we can?t do this anymore???it?s just wrong???can?t we just be friends???kind of talk. Oh?It was not like that at all. Instead I got hotter as she told me her desires?.

?I ask Justin who his BFF was.(best friend forever). He immediately said: ?Tony?, his best buddy. In fact, Tony was coming over later to watch some porn with Justin. Justin needed to call him to cancel, if my evening was clear to be with him.
? I grabbed the opportunity?.
I began telling Justin my desire to be with two guys and why?.he just interrupted me and said: ?It?s a done deal. Tony will go for it tonight if you want. I know Tony, and believe me, he?ll be real glad to ?help out? with your desire!? I smiled big and attacked him on the couch. We stopped short from fucking so I could get them both tonight?damn, this was making me wet!
?I led him to the door as we both panted and kissed, looking forward to tonight. Tonight at 9pm, they would quietly come over?.
?.I had to sit down and take a breath?I was dizzy with excitement.

?.By 9 I had the house darkened down as I waited for them. I had on a sheer turquoise full length night gown on. I had a bright orange bra and matching panties. I waited?.finally I heard the front door slowly open, and then close. I jumped out from the hallway and said: ?If you guy want me, you?ll have to catch me?, and took off up stairs. I wanted them to chase me just like my brothers use to.

.....I ran around giggling and finally let them catch me. I giggled and pushed their hands away as they both were feeling me up. Tony was a good looking kid, with wide eyes at what was happening. They both had big hardons in their jeans. I was in heaven. I could hardly catch my breath as Justin, and then Tony started kissing me all over. I said: ? You guys better leave me alone, or just ?maybe? ?I?ll tell your parents.? They smiled and said they would say I ?raped? them and then both giggled. I undressed them as they undressed me. I laid on my bed and let them play and play with my body. I had tingles like never before. Two guys licking my pussy and feeling my tits?it was?..awesome! I wanted Justin to fuck me, while I sucked on Tony. I moved them just where I wanted to. It was like having two little love slaves, pleasing a queen. I let the make me hotter and hotter.

..... I knew they would cum quick at this point. I moved Tony?s dick in my mouth as I felt Justin?s dick slide in my pussy. I sucked on Tony and could tell he was about to cum. I stopped. I had them switch. I sucked on Justin as Tony went crazy fucking my pussy. There was no stopping now as I was building up a big climax myself. I worked Tony?s hips fast in me and moaned out loud, my pleasure feelings. ?.Timing was everything. When I knew I was peeking I squeezed my pussy around Tony?s dick, and jacked Justin as fast as I could. I had no choice but to yell loud my euphoria as I felt Tony?s hot cum shooting and flooding my pussy. Justin bucked like a horse as he shot a huge load in the back of my throat. The room began to spin for me?.I lost it in another world of pure ecstasy?.. I had never had two guys at once. I had never had that much cum filling my mouth and pussy?.I savored it as they both just kept pumping all their cum in me?.I passed out in pleasure?.
?.I feel kind of guilty watching the guys wash my car, mow my lawn and clean my house now.

?.. I opened my bedroom drapes. I?m fully dressed. Now I see several faces in Justin?s bedroom window, including Justin?s dad?... I slowly start taking off all my clothes. Piece by piece, feeling myself up all the way. I lay back on my bed naked. I spread my legs wide and with both hands? begin rubbing my bright red bush?.
?..ahhhh?life is good?.
04-07-2021, at 02:48 PM

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