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PASSIONATE fuck in waterfall

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PASSIONATE fuck in waterfallHai all,I am ram , a big fan of iss.Studied in guys school, college and was hungry from women and waiting for my first fuckAll my life until then my life went on watching heroine photos, porn, trying for cam shows until yahoo messenger shut down, then trying for women in Facebook and flopping big time.I am fair enough guy, fit with no tummy, good in profession and always hungry about sexThen my life went on managed to get a girlfriend at college, bad looking, dark fat, but still managed to get naked and roll naked with her on the bed and had an early ejaculation and it was a flop.Then lots of porn and handshakes made me strong and I was waiting to show out my talentThe day came finallyI had gone to shengottai Tamil Nadu for business.All day had work, work was over by 4 pm.Then I decided to go to courtallam.My friends suggested me to go the dam as courtrallam was flooded with people as season time.Then I reached dam area by 5 pm.The place was bit deserted and there were around 4 jeeps.Then I saw women standing behind jeep,An aunty with black transparent saree, ear drops, big bindi, milf women, huge balls seems like, smiled at me, looked fishy for me.Jeep drivers approached me, they said 2000 bucks for private falls, but I did not concentrate on what they were telling and seeing my milf.She was seeing meThe driver noted me seeing and asked if I want any special package.I enquired about it.They said special package 12000 bucks for 1.5 hoursO m gOooh my god, what was there for 10000Then the driver said 1 beer, Manjula massage and service and falls bathO m g o m gDevil inside me started working, already my dick got thicker, it was like dream for any guy, I have not seen this scene in any movie too.I was salivating, I started bargaining, they were not interested and they asked me to decide soon as it was turning dark .Then I decided and went ahead as opportunity knocks the door only once.Then started the journey of my life, I start on the jeep and Manjula sat near me.Jeep started, jeep driver was rugged, a beard local guy, we both were introducing ourself, my milf had a bad voice but that?s ok man, jeep traveled uphill and then came private falls.My goodnessPlace of fantasyLonely deserted falls and green around, a sexy piece women and rugged local fellow.What a scene.Loved it.Then she holds my hands and took me inside.There was a flat rock.She asked me to sit and she asked my tips.I said I already have spent a lot, she winked at me, then I gave her 1000 bucks out of my control.She said she will show me heaven.Then she asked me to remove all my clothes and lie on a rock in underwear.I was my underwear.Jeep driver was smiling and that made me uncomfortable.Then I was lying on my back, she poured oil on over me and massaged me.Then I was lying front side.She removed her pallu,inskirt and blouse in secs.Oh my goodnessWhat the fuccckWhat women, a perfect women milf, a sponge cake, huge boobs, lovely deep navel, she loosened her hair ,she was like a sex bomb, her pussy shape was visible in her jetty.She poured the full bottle on oil on me.And she sat on me with legs wide apart and massage my chest, then, she tore open my underwear, my cock was saluting at her, she laughed why so soon.I said I am weak before a sex bomb like you.She laughed and she massage my cock, I said please stop I will spill off.She said that is okay kanna , then only you will go long the second round, her hands were huge for my cock.She started stroking my cock very harshly, I cum in around 15th stroke with lots of semen , she just drank and licked all of them.Such a nymph milf she was.Then I hugged here and removed her bra and panty.I was not interested in licking as I was scared of std.Then held my hand and took me to the falls.It was all like a dream.We both had wonderful bath, ice chilled water, naked with sounds of birds.Manjula was a hot and wet piece of cake.My dick started to grow again in 10 mins, I went near her and said love you dear just to make her start 2nd round, she smiled and asked so soon ah?Then happened my first femdom fuck, dream sex session.She came near me and made me turn my back in falls and she saidI am going to make you scream \\small boy, are u ready, I said yes.She bit my neck , pulled my hair, patted my bum so hard that I got red marks, then she spread my legs and slowly slide her hands little into my ass, m m m m m m , I was in heaven, never had such a feels,from underneath she hold my dick and massaged my balls, we both were wet and water was pouring on us.My cock grew fully up and it was ready for the next.She said wait for small boy and turned me, licked my chest and bite my chest and hips and started my suck my cock like a lollypop, my dick started to get loaded with cum, I said no stop manjula, she got up and slapped me and kept her huge boobs inside my mouth.They were so huge I could not breathe.Then she kept my hand inside pussy and made herself wet.She bit my cock slightly and left her hands behind and pt inside my asshole ,it was painful and I shouted a a a h and had slight tears, I pleaded her to stop. Then she bent and opened her pussy walls and saidEppo vaaa da , show me if you?re a real guyThen I put my dick inside her huge vagina , it was fleshy and wet, started fucking herShe moaned a little, a a a a a a hhh h h h mmmm,Faster faster fasterMake it fasterEven I shouted Manjula fuck you fuck youI was about to cum , I stopped , I bit her ass to revenge , she smiled, she shouted fuck my small asshole , then I started ramming her again wildly screamingThen I exploded in 5 mins inside herWhat a fuck of my lifeNature fuck with perfect milf , I was in heaven feel.We smiled at each other and dressed up, left the place.Then she asked me to come again.It was a most memorable fuck of my lifePour in your feedback yogitutyy@yahoo.ComWaiting for more and more such fantasy in life.
08-15-2021, at 01:43 AM

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