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Girlfriend's Twin : The After Exam Party

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Girlfriend's Twin : The After Exam PartyMany thanks to all of you who read and enjoyed my first account of my girlfriend?s twin sister. To remind you, A is my girlfriend and K is her twin and this dates back to the summer of 1981.The days after K and I had fucked seemed somewhat surreal. Yes, there was an ounce or more of guilt and the trepidation that A might find out and on top of that were my final two senior exams before the summer holidays and leaving school. My final two exams were just days away and the sisters? exams would be finished very soon too. We then could look forward to the party as suggested by K. Both sisters told me independently that they were looking forward to it immensely.I didn?t see A as often as usual due to the final revision but I did pop around on the Sunday morning to walk her dog with her. She was pleased that the exams were ending at last and looking forward to our fortnight away in the southwest of Cornwall in about a fortnight?s time. Clearly to me, all the way around our walk, she didn?t show any signs of knowing what K and I had enjoyed together and if she did, she certainly didn?t say so. She did say to me that she knew that her sister had difficulties with lads of her own age at college and that A was pleased that K and I got on so well. I?m sure that I may well have blushed at that thought. Anyhow, we got back to their home and K was now up and having a morning coffee. A made one for me whilst I talked to K in the garden. She?d greeted me with her usual tight hug but instead of the kiss on the cheek as she would do if others were around, this was a long and soft lip kiss which I returned deeply, our tongues briefly exploring each others mouths. As we broke apart she cheekily asked me if I had been alright and if I was still happy with what had happened just a few days earlier. I replied extremely positively that I had and she said, ?Good, as I have been thinking of little else,? as she patted my bum through my jeans. K quickly returned to the garden table as A brought our coffees out. We sat and exchanged small talk for a little while and about finishing the exams. K asked if I was still keen for the after exam party and naturally I agreed. ?That?s great,? she remarked, ?but it?ll have to be next week as Mum will be away on her school trip and June will be free too.? A said she was excited to finally let her hair down after the exams had finished and not to have to worry about eternal revision. Deep down I was pleased too that I would get to meet K?s friend June. K had told me a fair bit about her To recap, June was similar in build to the twins, a UK size 10, slim, petite with long brunette hair rather than the twin?s blonde. K went to go and make a phone call. (Remember, this is 1981, so no email or text messaging). She returned a few minutes later with a big smile and asked if Tuesday afternoon/evening the following week was alright. Both A and I agreed which fitted with K saying, ?June said Tuesday too. You never know, it may stretch into Wednesday morning!? and flashed me a cheeky smile and a knowing wink. Sadly the time came to return home to the boredom of exam revision. As I was about to leave, K said that she was pleased about me wanting to come to the party and that she knew that her friend June was keen to meet me. When she said ?keen? she really emphasised the word. How I kept my mind on revision for the next few days I?ll never know?The twins had asked me to buy some wine and beers. They said that their Mum had given them a bottle of champagne for us all to celebrate. I mentioned that to my Mum just out of interest and the next day my own mother gave me a further bottle of champagne. Knowing that K enjoyed the cocktail, ?White Russian? I ensured that I had bought a bottle of vodka and to keep A equally happy, her usual dark rum with a bottle of cola. With all those drinks plus whatever June might bring with her and the party food this was potentially going to be a fabulous evening and late night. I?d told my Mum that I would be staying over which was quite normal and she was fine with it. I didn?t know if June was planning to but I doubted that her parents would want to come out late at night just to collect her. One other thing that the sisters had stipulated was that this should be a classy occasion and that we were all to dress very smartly. I?d not long bought a new suit for the start of my new job later in September so at least I had done my best. I tried in the intervening days to find out what the girls would be wearing but was always met with the same reply. ?You?ll have to wait and see!?The day of the party arrived and off I set looking reasonably spruced up. Arriving at the twins? home I found K in the kitchen listening to music and clearing up after preparing all the party food. I noticed that my girlfriend wasn?t around. K said that she was taking her turn to get ready upstairs and with that she wrapped her arms around me and we kissed as deeply as ever. Her hands lowered from my back to my waist and to grip my bum pulling me towards her. She pushed her hips towards me and I could feel her gyrating herself against me. ?I?m looking forward to enjoying this again later,? she whispered as her hands found their way to my bulging cock. ?I can tell that you are too judging by him down there!? Whilst I cannot deny that the thought excited me I did ask her how it would be possible with A and June at the party. ?There?s a long evening ahead,? she replied and winked in her now familiar, seductive way. ?Anything is possible if you believe it is!? Oh I believed alright but there was a mix of excitement, anticipation and a little bit of trepidation as to how things may progress. There was no denying that K looked so damn sexy in my arms just wearing her cut off jeans and T shirt. I could see that she was bra-less as her nipples were now very prominent and doing their best to push her white T shirt as far forward as possible. I caressed them both; she allowed a gentle moan to escape her lips but then kissed me once more and cooed, ?Not now Tiger. Plenty of time for that later!? and with that she turned and went to go upstairs to get changed. ?Make yourself at home in the lounge,? she said. As she went up the stairs I heard her call to her sister that I had arrived. What I didn?t know was that June was already there and was waiting upstairs in K?s room. It was probably near on an hour before I heard giggles from the upstairs landing and then the click click of heeled shoes carefully coming down the staircase. Before they came through the door K called out to me to go and stand by the French windows. I said that I had done and in they came, one at a time. Remember that I didn?t know that June had already arrived and was going to ask the twins if she was coming or not.First A, my girlfriend walked in looking just as glorious and classy in her best black, off the shoulder cocktail style dress, cut just above her knees and showing her black, stocking clad legs with her high heels. Her hair was d****d around her shoulders. She looked divine as her dress fitted every part of her petite frame and briefly reminded me why I was so head over heels with her. She was naturally pleased to see me but smiled in her shy way that always looked so sweet, cute and innocent. Her twin K then followed wearing the same style outfit but in a very vivid and vixen-like red. I gulped with sheer delight. They were both a walking wet dream and I could feel increased movement within my trousers. K also smiled to see me again but her smile was always that cheeky style, full of eroticism. K then said, ?Now let me introduce you to my friend June,? and with that in she walked. Dressed equally similarly to the twins but in a sheer white colour, off the shoulder dress, matching white stockings and heels she looked so utterly angelic. Her long, brunette hair was in a similar style to the twins. Her dress accentuated her slim, tight waist and the off the shoulder style displayed a slightly bigger bust and cleavage than the twins possessed. I was utterly taken with this vision of sheer beauty and I must have tried to disguise the look of sheer pleasure. I walked towards June and greeted her politely and took her hand in mine saying how lovely it was to meet her. She said the same, adding ??at last,? to my sentence and responded with a hug for me. As she did I saw K smiling in her usual cheeky and wicked way. June slowly let our hug part but I felt a lingering touch against my hand, almost a little squeeze. Heaven knows what A may have been thinking. I opened the chilled champagne and with a cheer from us all filled our glasses. We toasted each other and that schooldays were now over. We finished the first glasses of champagne quickly and refilled our glasses. K put some music on and the party started. I suppose small talk began and general conversations took place. A and I sat together and kissed longingly as she whispered that she couldn?t wait for our fortnight holiday together. We kissed for a few minutes until K called out, ? Don?t give him all the kisses. Save a few for us,? and promptly laughed. A and I broke our kiss and she was visibly embarrassed. June and K thought it was hilarious. The party continued, food eaten, more wine drunk and after a little while, plenty of dancing together. June suggested we have some cocktails and so I went with K to make them. A had always enjoyed her dark rum and coke but when I returned to the dining room with some ice I noticed that K was putting the top back on to the vodka bottle. I just thought that she had been making her white Russian drink for June and herself. What I didn?t know until later was that K had put a capful into her sister?s drink too. We played some drinking games which began what was to become one of the most surreal and erotic evenings I?d experienced. Both June and K had been pretty proficient at gymnastics at school and were daring each other to perform little routines. Nothing dramatic but I do recall June saying that she loved doing the inverted ?cat? or ?crab? position. Laying on her back, her hands were placed on the floor above her head and then pushed herself up from her hands and feet. Full marks to her that she could do so, especially wearing her cocktail dress. I can remember that her cleavage was so much more pronounced as she arched her back and afforded me a lingering view. This was now K?s cue to prove that she could do it too. She managed it very well but in laying back down she felt a twinge from her shoulders. She let out a little cry of shock and tried to straighten her back. A immediately asked if she was OK. K replied that she thought she had pulled a muscle and A said that she would need a massage to ease it. June said she?d be pleased to do it, so with June sat on the sofa K sat on the floor with her back to her between her knees and June began to massage her shoulders and upper back. A was a little concerned for her sister but that soon dissipated when she and I started kissing again. I heard June asking K if it was helping and she said that it was but could June try to push deeper. She said that she was trying but wasn?t strong enough. ?Why don?t you ask Ian?? said A. ?He?s always good at giving me a massage!? Well I wasn?t going to turn the chance to massage K?s back deeply again. The last time I had caressed her skin was when we fucked in her bed a fortnight earlier. June suggested that I lower the zip on K?s dress to get to her shoulder blades more easily. With no objection I did so and in as the zip lowered it revealed the back of her strapless, lace black bra. After five or so minutes K said that she felt really good and that my hands were hitting the right spot. June immediately called out asking if she could have one too and in a matter of seconds she and K had changed places with K eagerly unzipping the back of June?s white dress. I gently stroked her hair, gathering it to one side and then slowly stroking, caressing and massaging her back and shoulders. ?Mmmm, that feels really good,? she said.?I told you he was good,? added A. I thought my girlfriend would be feeling quite jealous, but she was sat with her sister, her face glowing from the drinks and a slightly glazed look in her eyes. As June continued to enjoy my massage (and as I was too) she asked the twins if she could have another cocktail. ?Yes, let?s all have some more,? said A and off she went, giggling with her sister to make them. With the twins out of the room I suddenly felt June?s right hand on my right leg as she sat on the floor. She began to gently, casually, stroke up and down. She leaned her head back a little and said, ?Isn?t it good to be finally alone?? Well, yes of course I was in agreement but before I could say anything she leaned her head back further against me and I felt the back of her head rub against my cock, now straining for freedom from my trousers. She moved her head from side to side and I couldn?t help but respond by pushing myself forward a little. ?Mmmm what do we have here?? she whispered. She turned around from where she sat, knelt in front of me, placed her arms around my neck and pulled me closer to her before we kissed. Her tongue was immediately searching out mine. She lowered her left hand down my back and then around the front of me to my crotch and lightly traced the outline of my hard cock. ?Mmmm, K said you were big. I had to check for myself!? I realised then that K had perhaps confided in June the secret of our encounter in her bed a fortnight earlier. ? I hope I get to play with him soon,? she said in the same wicked and seductive way that K used with me. Before any more could be said and indeed revealed, we heard the twins coming back and resumed the massage position. A said nothing and K winked cheekily at me as if to say that she knew what was going on. ?Are we ready for the horror film treat?? said June. It was mid 1981 and ?Alien? was still pretty popular and scary. We all said why not though A was always a little reticent as horror wasn?t her favourite genre. Then again, she was looking quite glazed and sleepy whereas K and June were very eager. K placed it into the video player and on it went. About twenty minutes into the film A said she wanted another drink and K went to top it up for her. I was surprised and beginning to wonder how she was coping with the drinks as she wasn?t that great with alcohol. I held her close in my arms on the armchair as June and K sat together on the sofa. I think I was certainly paying more attention to the two of them rather than the film. I could see them holding hands, leaning into each other and sharing an occasional leg stroke. I couldn?t be certain but at one stage I thought I saw June?s right hand straying higher and higher up K?s legs. The look on K?s face, the closing of her eyes and the ever so quiet sigh from her open mouth probably gave it away. I was desperately hard. It wasn?t long with the film before A said she didn?t want to watch anymore and suggested that we both go upstairs. K winked at me as we left the room and I followed my girlfriend up the stairs. She was quite unsteady and swayed a little from side to side, giggling and gently slurring her words. I could hear K and June giggling together in the lounge and it wasn?t from the film!A stood close to me in her room and we kissed deeply. ?Have you been enjoying yourself?? she purred. ?Of course I said. It?s been a lovely evening. So long as the three of you have too,? I replied. She took hold of me and pulled me to her bed holding her arms open for me. Here?s my girlfriend, somewhat the worse for drink but looking so sexy and inviting in her sheer cocktail dress. I?m not going to refuse and we kissed longingly and tenderly but I could hear her words becoming more slurred as she began to fall asleep in my arms. Well, disappointed somewhat but I knew that I was staying over and we shared her bed always. I didn?t want her to sleep in her dress and naturally eased her out of it. She looked so arousing and innocently sexy in her black lingerie but she quietly said, ?I?m really sorry. Do you mind if we just sleep for now. I?m really tired and dizzy but don?t want to spoil your party. It?s as much your night as everyone?s so if you want you can go and watch the rest of the film,? and without a further word she nodded off. I wrapped her in her duvet and initially sat there wondering what I would do. Well, a few drinks inside me and two sexy girls downstairs, what do you think I would do? Ensuring that A seemed deeply asleep I made my way downstairs to the lounge. ?What took you so long?? said K. ?I thought you would be down sooner. Is my sis asleep?? ?Yes, she?s out for the count,? I replied.?You sound upset,? said June, ?but don?t worry, the night is still young, the film has ages to go and we?re still here with you!? I sat with the two of them on the sofa and asked K if her back was alright. ?Never better,? she said, ?there was never anything wrong with it in the first place. I just wanted to feel your hands upon me again!? and leaned towards me and kissed me. It hit me then that this whole thing had been a ploy by K and June to get me alone. ?I know my sis can?t take her drinks. Why do you think I made her them?? This was a huge revelation but nothing that I could do about it now. As K and I kissed I saw June stand up and she reached out for K, taking her by the hand. ?Just sit back and watch,? said June and, as if on cue, the two of them held each other close and began to kiss. For an extremely hormone ridden and horny 18 year old this sight was something else and only ever seen before on old VHS porn films. I sat there transfixed and rather speechless as June and K kissed and caressed and moved their bodies against each other. June then broke away from K, turning her back to her but looking directly at me. ?K, unzip me,? she whispered and with that, K lowered the zip to June?s cocktail dress. June wriggled a little and her dress fell to the floor. She stood there in her white strapless bra, white panties and lace top stockings. ?Your turn K,? she said and she did the same to K. Her dress fell to the floor revealing her matching black underwear. So here?s my girlfriend?s twin sister and June standing in their lingerie together holding each other close and kissing, looking right at me. ?Come here,? said June and uttering words that left me speechless. ?Your turn!? I stood up and the two of them began to unbutton my shirt, easing it off me before both sinking to their knees and taking my trousers off me. As I stood out of them I saw the two girls wink and they began to caress their hands up and up my legs, past my knees, across my thighs and then reach into my shorts. I had to concentrate damned hard not to cum right then as their hands and fingers caressed my rock hard cock. It was K that lowered my shorts and I noticed that she leaned back a little seeming to allow first explore to June. She accepted quickly and fondled my cock lovingly, taking in the sight with her pretty eyes before placing a kiss upon the tip of it. ?Give him your mouth June,? urged K and with that she opened her pretty mouth wide and took me in, just the top to begin with but gradually getting deeper and deeper. This was utterly incredible and any rational thoughts had left me. My hands held June?s head gently and I stroked her soft brunette hair. As she bobbed back and forth I looked to K who was sighing gently both at the sight before her but also as one of her hands was down the front of her knickers stroking and teasing her pussy. She looked right at me as she withdrew her teasing hand and fingers, moved them up to her lips and sucked them into her mouth. ?Enjoy,? she purred. That seemed to be the signal for June to gently release me and stand up. The girls swapped over and K began to suck me. ?I?ve missed this,? she mumbled though my attention was directly on June who was teasing herself through her own knickers. June then stepped forward, took K?s hand and they both were standing before me. ?Sit down,? they both said and I did as I was commanded. In front of me these two 18 year old sexy girls began to take each others lingerie off. They were quickly naked except for their stockings. K was just as she was a fortnight ago with her pussy freshly trimmed. June was a revelation to me as, although though she had a similar figure, those slightly larger breasts were more accentuated and even more of a thrill, her pussy was fully shaved. That was something I had never seen before. I immediately got up and knelt before her placing my first kiss upon her smooth pussy. K moved around the back of me and pushed her pussy against my head. I could hear the sounds of the two of them kissing and June?s pussy was becoming wetter with every lick and kiss that I could give it. Briefly both girls pulled away from each other and me and we lay on the rug together, me on my back and these two sexy girls sensuously kissing their way all over me before finally concentrating all their attentions upon my cock. I did briefly wonder what A would think if she was to enter the room but with the concerted attentions of K and June it was the merest and briefest of thoughts. I heard the two girls make a few whispers and seductive giggles before K said, ?Let me get him ready for you,? and with that lowered her mouth to my cock and engulfed me with the sensuality she had done a fortnight before. She knew exactly what she was doing. Her vacuuming of my cock and liberal use of her tongue were sending me skywards. She sensed as much and slowed down. Turning herself around she lowered her pussy to my mouth and resumed sucking me. The most erotic ?69ing? especially with June moving closer to my face giving me an obscured view of her fingering her pussy. ?When is it my turn?? June wanted to know.?Don?t worry,? K murmured, ?you can wait a little!? My tongue pushed up into K and her pussy pushed hard down onto my lips. I could feel her tongue really swirling around in her mouth against my cock. She suddenly shuddered deeply and let out a soft whimper of pleasure. ?Go on then,? she reluctantly said to June, ?You turn to enjoy yourself.??I fully intend to like I told you yesterday? replied June. I watched as the girls sensuously kissed each other, my hands stroking both their legs feeling how soft the stockings felt on them. June turned towards me and we kissed deeply, both our hands exploring each other. Her body was as lithe and taut as K?s, her kisses as sweet and her tongue as inquisitive. I could feel her smooth pussy rubbing itself against my left leg almost humping herself against me. I could feel her wetness from her pussy gliding upon me before she slowly and seductively moved her body up and up, lowering her hips to my face and my tongue to her pussy. She knelt upright like that for a few moments riding my mouth gently. I was able to reach around her and cup her slightly larger breasts but equally harder nipples. My touch upon them was as electrifying for her as it had been for K when we had fucked. The deepest moan and sigh combined came from her sweet mouth and she leaned forward to take my cock into her mouth. The sensations were as good as K had been and I wondered somehow if they had taught each other. After a moment or two she slowly turned herself around, straddled me, took hold of my cock, looked me deep in my eyes and said, ?Fuck me. I NEED your cock now,? and without waiting for a reply sank herself down, down and down onto my length groaning and murmuring to herself as she did so. K took this as a cue and positioned herself over my face, lowering her pussy to my mouth and leaning closer to June. I could hear them kissing lovingly. Their hands over each other as I similarly played with them. June was beginning to ride me harder and as deep as K had done and I knew that I really couldn?t hold on. K sensed this too and moved from me. June leaned down to kiss me as she rode me and our tongues explored each others mouths. She thrust back with as much might as I was doing to push up into her. It was then that I felt something slightly unfamiliar which were K?s busy little fingers stroking my balls and teasing my bum. ?Come on June, fuck him. Let him fill you!? and with a long and deep groan of utter orgasmic pleasure I felt June begin to shake and shudder upon me. It was all that I could take and couldn?t hold back the flood of love now pumping upwards through my loins and into June?s wet pussy. On and on she rode sighing in pleasure as she leaned towards me kissing me deeply. I could feel one of K?s fingers alongside my cock in June?s pussy before withdrawing it and licking it clean. Rather than lay in my ,June rolled off me onto her back and I was bewitched with the sight of K diving for her friend?s soaking pussy licking away at her. This drove June over the edge again. One hand held K?s head against her pussy as her other hand held mine gripping me tightly. Ever so slowly as June subsided K kissed her way up her friend?s soaking body and they kissed deeply, their tongues glistening together, a mix of my cum and June?s orgasm. They then rolled towards me and the three of us shared the most erotic kisses I have ever to this day experienced. We lay like that for what seemed some time, our hands gently roaming across each other. K whispered to June, ?Do you think he?s ready for me now?? and with a caress of my hardening cock June agreed that I was. Upon lowering her tight pussy onto me just as we had done a fortnight earlier she rode me with the same vigour and sexual need as she could. June straddled my legs behind K and humped herself against my legs at the same time as kissing K?s neck and caressing her pert breasts and hard nipples. It was too much for K and for me too and we both exploded together. I felt utterly drained but in such heaven. As we lay there the three of us on the rug I did ask how much this had been planned. ?Every bit of it,? they replied together. After about a quarter of an hour of caressing and kissing and giggling, the heat from our bodies was cooling and a light shiver went through us. ?I suppose we had better go to bed,? said June to K. I was keen to go with them even if it was to just to sleep, drained as I was but they said not to as we still had to be aware of A. ?Perhaps another time,? said K which was followed with ?For certain,? from June.?You?d better get up to my sister,?said K. ?We?ll stay here a while,? with a cheeky look on both their faces. Blowing me kisses each I reluctantly collected my clothes and made my way up to my girlfriend?s bedroom. Extremely quietly I let myself into the room. She was still asleep, very deeply in fact and made no sound at all as I slid under the duvet with her. I didn?t take long to fall asleep but before I did so I replayed every moment in my mind. Once again. K had completely surprised me and with their words of ?For certain? from June playing on my mind I finally fell asleep.I cannot finish this account at this stage as what happened next morning would set the scene for further playing. A woke fairly early, somewhat groggy and her mind somewhat forgetful of the previous evening. She did remember the games and the dancing as well as watching the first part of the horror film. She couldn?t remember coming up the stairs or how she got into bed. I said that I had taken her up and remained with her. In itself that was partly true. I had stayed with her but for perhaps no more than fifteen minutes. She seemed happy thinking I had remained with her all night. She had sobered enough to know that we hadn?t made love and we began to kiss and caress each other. I was somewhat concerned that if she went down on me as she often did at first she may detect the scent of her sister and June but I need not have worried as A pulled me deep into her pussy and we fucked with the morning light coming through the window onto us. We both fell asleep again and I think it must have been sometime after 1030 that we emerged from her room and went downstairs. K and June were sat there wearing dressing gowns. We all chatted over a coffee how lovely the evening had been. A was apologetic that she hadn?t felt well and K said that she shouldn?t worry as it hadn?t spoiled the evening at all. As she said it I could feel her legs stretch out under the table and rub my lower leg. June was sat to my left and had lowered her hand to my upper thigh stroking me carefully, the fold of the table cloth disguising what was happening underneath. ?It?s been lovely meeting you,? she said to me, ?and thank you girls for organising and hosting a wonderful party.? K grinned to herself and winked at me. I innocently asked them both of they had slept well and they both replied, ?Oh yes!?I remained with the girls till around lunchtime helping them clear up and make the house presentable again. A reminded me that we were meeting for lunch the next day. She then went through to the kitchen. I made my farewells to K and June as we sat in the lounge. As usual K gave me a long hug and kissed me. June equally gave me a hug and long kiss before she whispered, ?Come see me soon. I want you again!? and allowing her hands to again remain a little longer upon me. I kissed them both back and we all had a joint threeway hug and final kiss. Sadly letting go I walked through to the kitchen where A was drying a few dishes. We both kissed and hugged before I drove home.Apologies readers that this has been such a long account but it has been cut down. There really wasn?t anything of the fun that I could ignore for you. Editing the earlier draft all the background stuff made far more sense to omit. What I?ll say for now is that A and I would be away on our fortnight?s holiday in Cornwall the following Sunday. June wanting to see me again on the other hand was in my mind but I was expecting that to be well after my holiday. I hadn?t been planning or expecting for her wanting to see me just two days later. That?s for the next account to follow soon. Thank you for reading. It is greatly appreciated.
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