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Grandpa's Treat Part 4

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Grandpa's Treat Part 4I wondered how long it would be before I had the visit from Sue for the evaluation on Tristan, hopefully she will allow me to recover and produce a bit of yogurt for her.I slipped my shorts back on and sat and finished reading the paper, unaware of the time ticking by. The doorbell rang and I jumped out my seat and rushed to let Sue in, I was greeted with a radiant smile by Sue, still dressed smartly in her skirt and blouse. ?Hi Frank? she said and gave me a kiss. We walked into the lounge and sat down, Sue was opposite me on the sofa and I had a nice view of her legs. ?What did you think of Tristan?? she asked. I told her he was a good lad, very accommodating and eager to learn, I felt like he applied himself very well. Sue smiled at my comments and duly made notes, her knees had parted slightly and I did get a nice peek at her white panties.?That?s good Frank, I think Mary and Tristan will fit in well, they are a good team? she said which got me thinking exactly how close they were. As Sue spoke her legs widened, ?Are you looking up my skirt?? she asked, I had to be honest as I had been caught, ?Um Yes? I replied. I had to confess my love of panties at this point which Sue took in her stride, ?Really, let me help then? she said and stood up and removed her skirt, ?Wow!? I said as she stood in front of me in just her blouse and a skimpy white thong, as she turned round in a twirl I saw the perfect arse with the back of her thong tight up her crack, back to the front view and they were tight, a few pubic hairs were escaping top and sides but that all added to the sexiness that was in front of me. I was on my knees and I could smell the sweetness between her legs, my tongue itching to get started, I pushed her back on the sofa and spread her legs wide which was a very inviting sight, Sue looked down in anticipation and pulled my head down for me to get to work. My tongue was now buried in her pantie clad thatch, licking and tasting her juices through the thin material. ?Take them off and wear them Frank, I want you to fuck me wearing my panties? She demanded and I pulled her panties slowly down her legs, giving her bare pussy a quick kiss.I removed my shorts and my stiff rod shot out and slowly pulled on Sues white lace panties, they were tight and I was so hard but I pulled them up and tucked them under balls, my cock was at the ready and Sue let out an almighty moan as I slowly entered her gaping hole, as I pushed further in I could hear her squirm. The feeling of the fabric of her panties on me turned me on more and I soon built up a good rhythm pounding Sues wet pussy, she moaned loudly as she reached orgasm and I knew I wasn?t far behind her, my knees started to shake as my hot load shot into Sues stomach, she pulled me closer squeezing every last drop of spunk from my body.As I got up, my cock now limp and hanging Sue asked me to put the panties on properly which I duly did, she looked at her cock clad panties on me and said ?Wonderful? and lent forward and started to kiss my cock through the fabric, my cock was still leaking a bit of cum which was now showing and she duly licked up the excess seeping through. As she got up and reached for her skirt, she said ?you can keep them Frank, I will get home without them? she winked at me and I was so happy to be able to add to my collection.I made some coffee and we sat chatting, I was still in Sues panties, they felt so good. The talk got round to the relationship that Sue and I had, albeit mostly sexual but we did hit it off quite well. We then talked about Mary and now Tristan and how well they had taken to me and enjoyed their visits, then the bombshell hit.Sue proceeded to tell me how this was her second marriage, her husband was never at home and they were breaking up, OK I thought, it happens which would explain why she has been a little minx with me. She continued to tell me that Mary and Tristan were in fact twins, OK I thought, I knew that they were quite close but the ?twins? comment was a bit of a surprise.Then the penny dropped and I knew what was coming next, Mary and Tristan were Sues from her first marriage. Now that was a surprise and I sat there in total shock, it was only the sight of Sue sitting with legs apart and seeing her glistening pussy that brought me to my senses.?Are you mad Frank?? she asked, well how the hell can I be mad, I respected her honesty, she was nice and we had great sex and what?s more she has given me her panties, and she asks if I am mad!I beckoned her up and held her close, I could feel myself getting hard and poking her in the stomach, we kissed and hugged which made my erection even worse and it was now straining at the edges of Sues panties, she responded by getting on her knees and freeing the monster from captivity.Sue went to work on me in expert fashion, slowly wanking me while licking the tip and eating all the pre-cum, I stood proud and as sue slowly run her tongue up and down the shaft it was a struggle to hold back but I did for a while longer.While sucking my cock and one hand fondling my balls her other hand found the opening to my man cave, with her finger rubbing the back of her thong against the entrance my knees started shaking and before she could penetrate my I was shooting another hot load straight into her mouth. I kept pumping it out and Sue slurped up every drop of yogurt I was producing.Sue has a high sex drive and her husband couldn?t or wouldn?t satisfy her so she needed to find elsewhere, I had no issues with that and hoped that our meetings would continue. I knew that I would be looking at Mary and Triston in a different light, maybe a better light now.
09-01-2021, at 07:45 PM

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