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Victor and "the game" (True Story)

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Victor and "the game" (True Story)Here it is a couple of days before New Years and I have decided to post this story that happen to me a couple of years ago. I've been thinking about Victor very often lately and have decided to post it on here. My girlfriend has no idea about this story of my past.A couple of years ago my company hired Victor to be a purchasing agent for my department. Victor is a happily married man with two k**s. In his early 30's; he stands about 5'8" with a worked out body of 180 lbs. No question about it; one of his best attributes is his handsome face. The only way to describe him is he looks simular to John Stamos with a close trimmed goatee. Throw in a cleft chin with Mario Lopez dimples, when he smiles, and you got the picture. All the ladies at my office say he has "bedroom eyes". He always wore Khaki pants and a dress shirt at the office. His pants always showed off a perfect shapped bubble bottom. Normally I'm not a big "bottom fan" when looking at a guy; but his certainly got my attention in those Khaki pants.After a couple of weeks of working with Victor, I noticed a change in our working relationship. He knew I was straight and had a girlfriend; I knew he was married; but when we were alone, our conversations got rauncy about women in our office and made remarks about pussy etc. While engaging in this talk; both of us would get semi erections and it was perfectly fine to reach down and quickly rub "itch" our dick while talking to each other. This was a "man thing" and we only entertained this behavior when we were alone. As the months went by I pretty much assumed he was a closet bi guy like myself. I assume he figured out the same thing with me. We never spoke about it but it leaded us to change the dynamic of our working relationship as we knew it was "safe" to go further and no one in the office knew.By the 7th month of Victor's employment we were playing a office version of "Gay Chicken" game. The game was not like video alot of you have seen on this web site. The "game" basically was to get the other guy to get an errection in his pants when we were alone. For example, if I walked into his office (he was alone) I would ask about a supplier we need to order from. Victor, sitting in his chair, would grab the supplier's catalog and firmly place it in his lap below his penis. I would stand next to his chair and my dick would be eye level to his face. Both of our cocks would get errect in our pants, while we talked business and there was this unspoken "dare" to take the next step with our hard ons. Another game challenge was, when we were alone in a meeting room, we would start playing "footie" with each other, under the table, until other employees would walk in. The "Game" fethiye escort was played between the two of us, alone, and we never took it to another level (ie. reaching out and rubbbing the other guy's errection). It was simply an office game we played that no one else knew about, to pass the time of a boring work day. In early December I wanted to purchase a cherry entertainment center for my new flat panel TV at my house. I asked Victor if he could reasearch it as he was a buyer and knew all the sourcing talents of a buyer. He found a great entertainment center, at a great price, at a local store. He instructed me not to purchase it until after Christmas, as it would be 1/2 in price and I would save addtional money. This particular year X-ams Eve and New Year Eve fell on Friday, Victor took the week off between the two holidays. I follow his advice and purchased the entertainment center. I assembled it in my dinning room and the thing was too heavy to move into the livingroom with out scrathing the wood floor. My girlfriend and I started arguing about the dammed thing; the next day was New Year's Eve and we were having a party that night at my house. She didn't want the entertainment center in the dinning room and I wanted to take down the X-mas tree to make room for it. Long story short, I would have some friends show up early to help me move the entertainment center into the living room, prior to the party.The next day was New Year Eve, our company closed at 12:00 noon. Surprising me, Victor was at the office. Victor asked about the entertainment center. I told him about the purchase and the fight that occured between me and my girlfriend. I told him about the logistics problem I had with moving it into the livingroom before the party that night. Victor laugh and offered to stop by my house and help move the entertainment center after our office closed at noon. I accepted his offer and at noon we drove over to my house.We got to my house and picked up the entertainment center and moved it into the livingroom. With me pulling and Victor pushing, we manage to squeeze the console between the X-mas tree and wall. I cimbed out from under the tree as Victor, bent over, pushed the console into place along the wall. I was standing directly behind Victor as he finished pushing the console. He was still bent over and I expected him to stand up. Instead, his bubble bottom, in the Khaki pants, pushed up on the front of my Levis. I took a step back and said "Sorry" to allow him to stand upright. Victor said "I'm not" and took another step back, still bent over, and starting rubbing his butt up and down on my cock through my Levis. I thought to my self oh we are going to play the "game". I decided to up the escort fethiye mark, to freak him out, and grabbed his waist. I pulled his butt close to me and started rubbing my semi-hard cock up and down his butt crack between our two pairs of jeans. I figured he would stand up and walk away from contact. To my surprise, Victor did not. He was still bent over, looking straight ahead, and said "Yeah that's it. Feels warm and good. I like it".I was grinding my hard on in his crack and his butt cheecks were now around my cock with two layers of jeans seprating us. I realized that this game was going beyond the boundary we have set. I looked down and could see a wet spot delveloping on my jeans were my cock head was rubbing. I then said "Well if you like that; you are going to love this". I took my right hand and moved it to the front of his pants and started grabbing his errection. Victor, still bent over, started rubbing his butt faster over my cock. His breathing started to get heavier as I groped his cock through his jeans. "Oh yeah, don't stop, jack my cock" Victor said. As soon as I heard him say that, my heart started pounding. I knew this was the point of no return and the game was over.I told Victory "Well if you like that you are really enjoy wants next". With Victor, still bent over, my right hand found the zipper to his jeans. I pulled the zipper down and pushed my hand into his fly. I felt his cock head, strained against his briefs, brush against the back side of my hand. All my fingers got caught in his pubic hair. My fingers found the waistband of his briefs and I slid my hand in his underware. There was intense heat as my hand found his hairy, thick cock. I grabbed his cock and discovered, to my delight, he had foreskin. His cock was about 5 inches and it was very thick. The palm of my hand went over his cock head. I felt my palm get wet and I moved his foreskin back over the head of his penis and precum leaking from the tip.Victor moaned out loud. Stood up. He grabbed my hand and pulled it out of his pants. He turned around quickly. For a second, I thought he was going to punch me. Instead, he grabbed the back of my head and forced is tounge in my mouth. I felt his goatee against my lips and he reached down and unzip my pants fly. He released the back of my head and yanked down my jeans and boxers in one tug. I felt my cock spring into the air, free. Victor dropped to his knees and started sucking my cock at a fevered pitch. I started thrusting in his warm mouth as my sack rubbed against his goatee. I said something like "Suck it buddy".He pulled down his pants and I finally got to see his cock. The dark brown hair he had encompus his uncut penis. His foreskin was slightly revealing the fethiye escort bayan head of his cock and pearly drops was all over the skin. We got into a 69 position and I started sucking his thick cock. It felt great as he thusted into my mouth. I worked my tounge down to his ball sack. His thick hair was like a pelt on his sack and I worked his balls in my mouth. I felt Victor do the same thing to me.Victor in a gasping voice asked "You got condoms?" I dropped his wet sack out of my mouth and said "No-she is on the pill". "Oh too bad" Victor said "Are you sure? I want you to fuck me BAD". I went back to his ball sack and starting licking behind it. Victor continued to suck on my cock and I could feel I was starting to get close. I spread his butt cheecks and found his tight hairy hole. With one hard thrust I shoved my tounge as deep as I could, up his hole. Victor moan loud and said "Yeah Do it". I could feel my cum starting to build as Victor continued to suck. I could tell the end was near and we both would be ejaculating soon.I wet my middle finger and starting pushing it in Victors hole. My mouth went back to his dripping cock. I felt my finger start sliding up Victors tube. Victor started moaning loudly, like a bitch in heat. The tip of my finger past his second ring and started tapping on his prostate. I felt his cock start trobbing in my mouth as he began to ejaculate. Tap, tap, tap my finger went against his prostate. I felt his tube grip hard around my finger and his cock started ejaculating. The first two spurts shot and hit the back of my throat; missing my tounge and tastebuds. I started swollowing as following spurts shot across my tounge and I could taste his salty load. Victor moaned loudly as I grabbed the back of his head and thusted my own cock down his throat as I came.We went way beyond the game on this day. Victor's cock went soft in my mouth. When I let his cock go out of my mouth, a couple of drops hit the carpet on the floor leaving a spot to this day. We both got up quick and pulled up our pants. I asked Victor if he wanted to take a shower before going home. He said no; it was ok. We both agreed we would not tell anyone about it and it was the greatest sex we ever had. He said he should go. I told him I would see him on Monday; Victor gave me kind of a weird look and said sure. "That was great; I'll never forget it" Victor said. "Me too" I said. We gave each other a quick kiss and strong hug- See Ya and Victor left.The following Monday I went to the office and figured that Victor
11-07-2021, at 05:56 PM

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