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a long day for sj33

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a long day for sj33Bella spent all day bossing s by phone and text. ordering him to tie his cock and balls tightly for work, telling him when to touch himself and when to stop. edging him for a while then making him cum repeatedly through the afternoon and evening. and he was such a good sub. he obeyed n played nicely even though he was in such pain. and then last thing at night She sent this and let him read it for a while and then phoned and listened as he made himself cum one last painful time for her....."I walk into the house. you're exhausted after a hard day's subbing. I say s, you've cum so many times and now i'm telling you you have to cum more. I'm going to bring you to your knees, I want you begging me to stop. You say you can't make yourself cum again. So I reply it's fine, I'll make you cum.I tie your bakırköy escort wrists to your desk chair arms and even though you're knackered, you smile and squirm a little in your seat. I straddle you and go to work on your nipples, kissing them, licking them. u know it's not going to be this vanilla but you let yourself enjoy it, waiting for the pain to start. I produce a blindfold and gag and tie you up tight. Not being able to see or speak is a whole new set of sensations and I let you get used to it, sitting back on your lap and just touching your nipples lightly every so often. When you relax and your breathing slows down I quickly and harshly clamp your nipples tight. You buck and moan, and try to move away from the clamps but you're trapped. and you love beşiktaş escort it. I climb off your lap and kneel. Your poor cock is looking sore and red but is hard and wanting more. I start to lick and kiss and gently suck. It feels so good to soothe your pain but we both know that's not what really turns me on. I get some ribbon and carefully and beautifully wrap your balls and cock in tight painful constriction, squeezing them and biting as I do it. Then I start back on your cock, this time running my teeth up and down your beautiful shaft, biting at the head, sucking hard enough to hurt. I slip two fingers into your ass and finger fuck you hard. I know you're gonna cum so quickly and love how horny you are even though you've already cum so much and are in pain. beylikdüzü escort Skippy wants to fuck you but that would be about her pleasure and this is about your pain. She can vanilla you to bits later. All your sensations are high because of the pain and soreness but are even more heightened by not being able to see what's coming. Not being able to talk makes you feel panicky and a bit like your breathing is restricted. All of it is soo fucking intense.Your balls have gone so hard and your body is rigid, you're cumming already so I drag my teeth down your cock one last time and hold it painfully hard at the base and start to slap you over and over. Smacking your cock backwards and fowards, slapping your load out of you. Oh fuck s, you've cum everywhere, you're shooting cum over my face and tits. you are sooo gonna hve to clean this up...... You lick me clean, you think u taste perfect. therel still b a few more cums yet baby but afterwards Skippy will kiss you and bathe you and hold you and gently fuck you to sleep. Think it might just be the best sleep you ever had...." _________________________________________Comments
11-08-2021, at 10:58 AM

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